I hadn't realised it when we were just friends, but James was the type of person that liked to rush into things. And now, as his girlfriend I got to experience the full extent of it because he was rushing to get a ring on my finger. I couldn't see the point of rushing into a marriage so quickly, especially at such a young age but James had insisted that getting married young was the norm in the wizarding world. I wasn't going to fall for his rubbish and had told him as much. But James being James, didn't listen to me and had pulled a ring out of his pocket.

So I resorted to avoiding him. I was hiding out in the muggle world until he managed to gain some sense. If it seemed to be taking too long, I could always have Remus talk some sense into James for me. After graduating from Hogwarts I was living with my parents still and had blocked the floo so James wouldn't be able to find me.

Pulling my legs up under me, I read through the research paper in front of me, making notes on a piece of paper as I went. I clicked the pen as I looked over the paper – I could never understand why Hogwarts insisted on the use of quills and inkwells when using a pen was so much more practical. The doorbell rang, making me rise to my feet and head into the hallway.

"I'll get it mum," I called out, hearing her move around upstairs.

Opening the front door, I stared, wide eyed, at the woman standing on my doorstep. My eyes drifted to her son standing behind her and I narrowed my eyes at him. Looking back at the woman, I cleared my throat.

"Mrs Potter-"

"Hello dear," she greeted with a smile as I stepped aside to let her into the house.

She smiled warmly at me and James followed after her, grinning widely at me as I shut the door behind him. Mrs Potter slipped out of her coat as she explained, "My husband is busy at work or else he'd be here."

I nodded slowly, not quite understanding why she was here. Instead of voicing my thoughts, I led the pair of them into the living room. Mum walked down the stairs in time to see the two Potters and she smiled, approaching the older Mrs Potter. The two women talked between themselves and I excused myself to go and make some tea. Giving James a look, I silently ordered him to follow after me. He rose to his feet and followed me into the kitchen.

Filling the kettle with water, I switched it on and rounded on my boyfriend only to find him staring at everything with avid fascination. I cleared my throat, making him look at me.

"What exactly are you doing here?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, leaning against the counter.

"You blocked the floo," he said in explanation, pushing his glasses further up his nose. "So I thought we'd come and see you the muggle way."

"Let me rephrase my question," I said with a sigh, pulling some mugs out of the cupboard, "Why are you here? I asked you to give me some time James."

"I can't give you that time."

It was the grave way that he'd said those words that made me stop what I was doing, looking up at him cautiously. "What do you mean by that?"

"Mum and Dad went to see the healer and they've been diagnosed with early staged dragon pox." He let out a deep sigh, rubbing a hand across his face. "It doesn't look good."

"James," I said quietly, closing the distance between the pair of us and wrapping my arms around him. I hugged him tight, leaning my cheek against his chest and felt him hold me close like he needed the comfort. "Isn't there a cure of some sort?"

"There's a potion and they've taken it already but it doesn't seem to have worked." He sucked in a deep breath and I rubbed his back soothingly. "They're putting on a brave front but they're worried about leaving me alone."

"You won't be alone James." I pulled back from him to smile up at him, "You've still got me."

"I do," he said with a small smile. He glanced away from me before he admitted, "I don't know what to do and I'm so incredibly scared."

"That's understandable James." I waited for him to look back at me before I added, "You don't need to be brave all the time."

The kettle finished boiling, letting out a loud whistle that shattered the moment and I stepped away from him. Pouring the hot water into each of the cups, I kept my back to him and asked, "So what's this got to do with the whole proposal thing then, James?"

"They brought it up the other day at dinner," he admitted and I listened attentively, still not looking at him. "It's their last wish to see me getting married."

I was silent, thinking the entire situation through. The main reason that I didn't want to marry James right now, wasn't because I wasn't ready to or because I didn't want to, it was because I felt that we were too young. But there didn't need to be a set age for everything.

"Let's do it then," I suggested quietly. "Let's get married."

"Are you being serious?"

I turned to face him with a smile and nodded my head. "I love you James and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you."

James grinned, his smile so wide that it threatened to split his face in half. He fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a ring box. In his haste to get the ring out, he almost dropped it on the floor and caught it in the last minute thanks to his quidditch reflexes. He smiled sheepishly at me as he slipped the ring onto my finger.

"Let's go and tell mum," he said excitedly and I turned to pick up the slightly cooler cups of tea. Casting a quick warming charm on the mugs, I followed James into the living room.

I sat down beside him, fidgeting with my fingers as the two women spoke between themselves. James added something to the conversation and that something made my mum laugh as he reached out to hold my hand. The diamond on the ring twinkled in the light, catching Mrs Potter's eyes. She glanced down at my hand, smiling widely as she turned back to her conversation with mum.