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What's Wrong With Vegeta?!

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Vegeta awoke, he sat up and looked out the window, usually he would get up, shower, and go train, today was a different day, he sat up and looked for his mate, his wife. He saw that she had already gotten up, he did so as well, he got dressed, in blue jeans and a T-Shirt. He would stop and stare at the clothes as he put them on, he had never worn these garments before, he didn't know why he was wearing them now, but for the first time, he didn't want to bother putting his Saiyan Suit on, he considered this for a minute, it wasn't like him. Bulma was sitting in the kitchen when Vegeta came in wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans, Bulma's mind did a double take, is he really wearing clothes I picked out for him. "Vegeta, Are you ok?" She asked. He nodded and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a box of cereal and milk, than grabbed a huge bowl from the Cupboard and poured the whole box of cereal in the bowl, than poured the milk in and started chowing down. Bulma sighed, well at least he still eats normally. Vegeta ate, and continued to think, something wasn't right about him today, he felt unusually, what's the word, he was trying to think of what the word was when his daughter and son came bounding into the room. "DADDY!" She squealed. He barely had time to turn as she jumped into his lap hugging him tight. Bulma watched and waited as she expected Vegeta to do the usual and push the their little girl off and fuss at her not to bother him while eating, but he did something totally unexpected. Vegeta looked down at his daughter, who was staring up at him with her beautiful eyes, at this his heart melt, and he hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. He heard coughing and looked up to see Bulma had spit out her Coffee at what Vegeta just did. Bra looked at her daddy and told him she loved him and hopped down and tore off to find something to play with. Bulma looked at Vegeta, did she just really see what she thought she saw, no it couldn't be, Vegeta would never do that, what's he up to?.

Vegeta got up and put his empty bowl in the sink and started washing it, he could feel Bulma's eyes staring at him, he turned and walked over to her, he picked her up and kissed her deeply, and told her he loved her. Bulma was to shocked to speak, who was this man and where was her Vegeta?. She wanted to know, because the Vegeta she knew would never say or do anything, that he's done this morning so far. Vegeta let go of her, he looked at her and smiled, this seem to make Bulma jump, and than he frowned which made Bulma scared. He kissed her once more and told her he was gonna go watch some TV, than he was going to take Trunks and Bra to the park as soon as Trunks got home from School. Bulma couldn't speak, she stared at Vegeta's back as he went into the living room. Something was totally wrong with him, she decided she'd call Goku and see if he could come over and take a look at Vegeta and see if he knew what was wrong.

Bulma was in the kitchen when Goku suddenly appeared, no matter how many times he did it, she figured she'd never get used to him doing that. "Hey Bulma what's up, Chi-Chi said you needed my help, that something was wrong with Vegeta" Goku said. Bulma nodded. "He's acting very strange" Bulma said. "Strange how, like he wants to take over the world again, or a different strange" Goku said scratching his head. "He's acting nice, like caring and stuff." Bulma said. Goku gave her a puzzled look and shrugged, "Well lets go take a look at him" Goku said. Bulma followed him as they walked through the house to the living room, both heard crying. They stopped outside the room and peered in, both was struck with shock at the sight before them, Vegeta was on the couch with a box of tissues crying his eyes out while watching a soap opera. Bulma and Goku leaned back into the hallway, "See I told you something was wrong with him." Bulma said. Goku nodded in agreement. "What do you think is wrong with him." Bulma asked. Goku shook his head, he obviously had no idea what was wrong with Vegeta. Bulma sighed, she didn't know what to do, just see if this is a faze he's going through. "Let's go talk to him Goku" Bulma said. "Um Bulma, are you sure that's a good idea, I mean you know how Vegeta is, he might get mad and threaten to destroy me and the world" Goku said. Bulma frowned "Goku look in their and tell me honestly what do you think he would say" Bulma said pointing. Goku looked around the corner to see Vegeta crying his eyes out at a baby commercial. Goku leaned back in and looked at Bulma "Your right Bulma." Goku said.

Both walked into the living room, Vegeta was now crying at a Peanut Butter Commercial. Even Bulma had trouble understanding that one, both came up to Vegeta. "Vegeta, we need to talk." Bulma said. Vegeta looked up to see Bulma and Goku looking down at him, Vegeta looked at Goku and jumped up, he glared at Goku. Goku took a step back, Vegeta jumped onto Goku hugging him, Goku wasn't prepared for this and toppled backwards landing on the Coffee table and crashing right through it with Vegeta on top of it. Vegeta slowly stood up and helped Goku up "Sorry Goku, I just got so excited to see you." Vegeta said smiling. Goku looked absolutely terrified, Bulma shook her head and sighed heavy. She prayed to Dende that they would find out what was wrong with him soon.

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