Chapter 7...

Goku looked over had his now awake son and smiled, boy I don't know why I was so worried that boy can take a lick and keep on ticking. He looked down at the still out cold Vegeta and frowned, they would be at capsule corp any minute now and he just hoped what ever Bulma had planned would work.

Goku didn't notice that Vegeta slowly opened his eyes only it wasn't Vegeta anymore it was they chaotic version of Bulma that had taken over his mind. Bulma glanced up to see Goku staring off into the distance, she smiled it felt good to be in full control now.

Goku started to say something to Trunks when he heard Vegeta stir, he looked down only to have a punch slam into his face, goku dropped vegeta as he plummeted downward at extreme speeds and slammed into the ground making the mountains shake in the distance.

Trunks gasped and took off towards goku with goten in tow, he reached the ground and walked to the edge of the giant crater created by goku's impact, "Goku are you ok?" Trunks yelled. He didn't hear nothing, this can't be right he told himself even though my dad punched goku he shouldn't have been able to hurt him that bad, my dads strong but I know right now goku's stronger. Trunks turned his attention back to his father who was floating in the air staring at them with a wicked smile.

Bulma smiled at the feeling of power so much power and it was all hers, and she had single taken goku out with just one punch she let out a sadistic laugh. And looked towards Vegeta's son and smiled and started towards him but at the moment she got an idea, an idea so cleaver and evil that she decided to leave trunks for later. But first she wanted to make a statement "Trunks!" She yelled. The boy turned towards his dad but made no sign of moving. "I am no longer your father, I have taken over his body and from so forth I shall be called Bumgeta and once I do what I gotta do I will be ruler of the universe and now with my biggest threat out of the way I will succeed." She said and with that she roared in laugher before turning and blasted off.

Trunks stared after his father or what was once his father and shook his head, if what he was saying was true than there was no way of stopping him, I mean he took out goku with one punch just like that, what are we going to do. Goten who up till this moment had been keeping silent decided to speak "We have to help my dad." He said. Both boys hopped down into the hole and began there search for Goku.

Bumgeta was enjoying the feeling of flying doing circles, loops, and dives, it felt so good to be free at last. She stopped and looked around she spotted one of her targets on the ground and slowly flew towards the ground. She bent and picked it up and smiled her plan would be the undoing of this world.

Bulma looked at the clock and realized that two hours had gone by and still no word from Goku, she was getting very worried now, what evers wrong with vegeta might have spread more by now. She sighed and looked at her completed decided it resembled a long plastic straw only difference was that you can fit a person inside. She decided to go grab a bite to eat and call chi-chi.

Gohan stopped inflight and turned east, he felt his fathers ki' drop greatly and the others he knew were goten and trunks but the last one he couldn't tell what or who it was, he only knew he had to help his father and with that he blasted off towards them.

Trunks and Goten were digging through piles of rocks looking for Goku when at last they found him but he wasn't moving. "Dad!" Goten screamed. Goku moaned and opened his eyes "Man, what happened?" He mumbled. "It was dad... well he's calling himself Bumgeta now." Trunks said. "Bumgeta? Oh no the evil version of Bulma in his head has taken over completely now." Goku explained. "What are we going to do dad?" Goten asked. Goku looked at his son for a moment before saying "We have to get to capsule corp. first, Bulma was working on something that may be able to save Vegeta but we have to hurry its no telling what Bumgeta is up to now." Goku said.

Goku's head shot up and he looked around, someone was coming. Trunks and Goten looked around they to felt someone coming. Goku started to power up but relaxed once he realized that it was his son.

Gohan landed beside the 3 saiyans and walked over to his dad. "Dad what happened here, I felt you Ki drop big time I thought you were in major trouble." He said. "It was Trunk's dad." Goten butted in. "Shut up, you heard Goku it was Bumgeta." Trunks yelled back. "Vegeta, Bumgeta, what in the Kami is going on?" Gohan asked. "I'll explain it as soon as we get to capsule corp." he said.

Bumgeta smiled to herself as she landed on a small rock in the ocean, she reached around in one of the many holes on the rock and pulled out the small round shape she smiled, it wouldn't be long now before she became supreme ruler of the universe. I mean she could have what ever she wanted now that she had the dragonballs she only had to get four more and she could make her wish.

Authors note: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, it's a little cheesy I know but I haven't been able to write for a week my mother-in-law was staying in the computer room for a week, but anyway add a comment if you don't mind I like comments and suggestions, thank you all.