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"I will never, ever, forgive you for this," Artemis seethed to her brother.

Apollo walked casually through the halls of a private high school in the middle of New York City. His twin sister, Artemis stomped beside him, clearly upset. He was enjoying his surroundings, eyeing all the pretty young people around him. He could not help but smile at the whispers and flushed cheeks he knew were over him. After all, he was a very good looking god. He winked at his sister, who groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Come, on, this isn't the worst punishment we've ever gotten. Do you remember that one time I had to work on the farm for a year?" Apollo said congenially.

"No, brother, this may not be the worst punishment you have ever received, but this is the only one I have received, EVER! If you did not insist on me dating-"

"I bet a lot of that tension would ease up if you had a boyfriend!" he teased her. "Being around nothing but the same sex for 3,000 years must be exhausting," Apollo remarked as he wrapped an arm around his sister's shoulders, giving her a quick squeeze. Artemis shoved him away, scowling in his direction.

"It's only two years? What's two years?" He scoffed.

Artemis rounded on him, a hateful glare in her eyes. Apollo stopped, a little apprehension running through him. He loved his sister a whole lot, and he knew better than to push her beyond her limits. From what he could now tell, he was dangerously close to doing so, which would not be good for all the mortals in the hallway. Her eyes, as silver as the moon, glowed just a little with her anger. She put a finger in his face, and Apollo almost crossed his eyes looking at it.

"I swear on the river Styx, if you do anything to embarrass me or make this worse than it already is, I will make sure you can never date anyone ever again, do you understand me?"

Her threat hung in the air, and Apollo sighed. He moved his sister's finger out of his face, and took a deep breath.

"Chill," he remarked, holding his hands up in surrender. "I'll behave, okay? See you after school, at the char- I mean car?"

"I've got to go meet with a teacher to get my classes approved and then, yes, I suppose I will," she grumbled.

Artemis gave him one last glare, and then headed into the classroom behind her. Artemis, being the nerd she always was, was taking all AP classes. Apollo did not have time for that. His first class was home economics, which he was only taking for one reason. What use was two boring years stuck in the mortal world if you could not have a few distractions? For the first time in forever, he could enjoy mortal food! He ran his hand through his hair, sighing aloud. A few girls across the hall were swooning and giggling in his direction, and he offered them a playful wink.

High School was going to be fun.

Okay, maybe he was wrong.

High school was not going to be fun.

Apollo was in his last class of the day, Ancient History. This was an absolute joke of a class. He picked it so it would be the least work possible. Artemis had been avoiding him, and he was already bored. Even teasing the girls and a couple of boys who looked in his direction were not satisfying him like it usually did. He glanced around him and noticed a girl reading a few seats up and over from him.

She had long, dark hair, black as the sky at midnight. It had a bright purple steak running through it and hung in soft waves down her back. She had a slim and lithe build, like a runner. Apollo glanced at the title of the book, surprise arching through him. It was the Iliad. She was reading a book about him. The door slammed and everyone looked up to see a teacher stride in. He looked like your typical professor, with salt and pepper hair and the tweed jacket. His glasses made his eyes look larger than they really were, and Apollo could not help but think that this is what Hermes would look like if he ever got old.

"I'm Professor Turner, and this is Ancient History. Did anyone actually bothering reading the Iliad over the break besides Cas?" he sighed looking around the classroom. His eyes landed on the girl with the purple streak who had stopped reading the book. "You too?" he groaned.

"No, this is my fourth time," she muttered quietly.

"NERD!" someone screamed from behind Apollo. The class began to snicker, and Apollo could see her knuckles whiten against the desk she was gripping.

"Have you gotten into a school yet, Brad? Oh wait, I forgot, you enjoy dropping French fries too much," she snapped without looking back.

There was a course of ooos and ahhs from the class, and the Professor managed to settle everyone down.

"All right, calm down. I assume everyone consulted Sparknotes or Wikipedia instead?"

The whole class tentatively nodded, and Professor Turner ran his hand through his head. "That's what I thought."

There was a tentative knock at the door, and he walked over to open it. A girl, who looked around seventeen or so, stepped in. She had short auburn red hair, with startling grey eyes behind a pair of wire rimmed glasses. She was quite pretty, but looked a little stern. Her eyes scanned the room, looking for something. Her eyes locked with Apollo's and a pang of recognition flashed through him. He knew those eyes…

"Class, we actually have a couple of new students today. This is Athena, a transfer from Chicago, and we also have…" he started gesturing towards the back of the room.

"Apollo, from Dallas," he said, running a hand through his hair. That was the story that Artemis and he had some up with before they started school. No need to terrify the mortals just yet. The whole class looked back, including the girl with the purple steak. Her expression was overly blank for some reason, and she was gorgeous. Her skin was pale and clear, and her eyes were the most startling shade of amethyst he had ever seen. Their shape was somewhat angular, and he face had regality to it that reminded him of the royalty of long ago. She turned quickly around, her hands reaching for her bag. Apollo noticed a charm hanging from her neck, and curiosity flared through him. He had not been curious about a mortal in quite some time.

The girl with the red hair made her way through the desks, choosing the desk that was right next to Apollo's.

"Named for the Greek gods, I suppose?" The professor questioned them both. They both nodded their heads and Apollo cut his eyes at Athena. "How appropriate," he chortled. "Now we begin out discussion of the Iliad. Let's start from the basics since I know you didn't read the book." The professor had turned back around and began lecturing and writing on the board, doing a brief history of Apollo's family. He was ignoring the lecture. After all, what could this teacher tell him that he didn't already know?

Apollo looked at Athena questioningly, but she shook her head. What in Zeus's name was she doing here?

As class ended, Cas shot up and practically ran out of the classroom. Apollo thought that was a little strange, but he blew it off. He noticed Athena was staring after her as well, the same expression on her face he was sure was on his own. She shook her head, and then turned in Apollo's direction. She gestured at him to follow her, and he did so without question. Athena grabbed his arm, and began dragging him through the halls.

"What in Tartarus are you doing here?!" he snapped at her. "And where are we going?"

"We have a problem," she muttered back to him.

Of course we have a problem, he thought to himself. Having two gods around mortals was enough, three was just asking for trouble.

"What kind of problem?"

"I'm trying to show you," she huffed as she pulled him outside. School was done for the day, and the various sports teams were practicing in a warehouse behind the school. The football and archery team was practicing in the same area, dividing up the space in the building. A boy stood in front of a target releasing arrow after arrow into it. He was very good, and he was hitting close to the bulls-eye every single time. Apollo's hands itched to pick up a bow and shoot it. Maybe he should join the archery team!

"Look familiar?" Athena said irritated.

"What?" Apollo said distractedly.

"The boy shooting the arrows!" Athena growled. Apollo turned towards her, and he could see how aggravated and annoyed she was. She was even starting to glow just a little bit, and he could see her form start to flicker back into her older self.

"Calm down," he replied, rolling his eyes. He turned back towards the boy, examining his features. He had tan skin that stretched over taut muscles. He was obviously athletic. The compound bow he was using undoubtedly had a high test on it. His eyes were the color of cinnamon, and his hair was a warm shade of brown, just a tad darker than his eyes. A spark of recognition flared in Apollo though he couldn't pin point it down.

"Sure, he looks familiar, but I don't see-"

"Ry, come here for a minute!" someone shouted. The boy stopped shooting, and turned towards the voice. Ry… that had to be short for something….

"That is Orion," Athena explained.

"Okay, that's nice to know, but I don't-"

"THE Orion," she interrupted her tone a bit sheepish. Shock ran through Apollo as he stared at the boy in disbelief. He did look eerily similar to the boy he had met once before, ages ago.

"Like the Hunter that was killed by Scorpio, Orion? As in, the only guy my sister had ever been obsessed with, Orion?"

Athena nodded her head, and bit her lip. Rage filled him, and he grabbed Athena's arm. Apollo pulled her to the parking lot, to where his chariot was parked. Right now it was in the form of a red Camero. He thought that it would be more practical than driving a Maserati.

"We have a few minutes before Artemis meets us. You are going to explain everything," he commanded as he opened up the passenger door. Athena's head dropped, but she nodded expectantly as she climbed in. Apollo shut the passenger door and walked around to get in on the other side.

Athena had a lot of explaining to do. No one messed with his sister.

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