The monotone voice of the teacher drones in my head. I hate this class. Mythology. She's talking about the Greeks right now. Some god named Poseidon. I rest my head on my palm, and try to listen. I'm already failing this class, and Julie would kill me if I didn't get my grade up. He was the god of the sea, one of the big three, brother of Zeus and Hades. I try to list the facts in my mind, but they dissipate. I can't focus.

The sea makes me think of my mother. and that is one subject i'd rather not think of. I close my eyes for a second, warding off the thoughts. Unfortunately, my teacher takes that second to look at me. "Sira. Hypnos got you?" The tall man raps his fist on my desk. I open my eyes, and shoot him a glare. My carefully rehearsed glare does the trick, and the teacher moves away.

I return to my paper, blank, like always. I can't pay attention. My mind wanders too often. Just another flaw to add to the list. The teacher is now talking about another god, Artemis, virgin goddess, goddess of the hunt and associated with the moon. Once again, my list strategy fails me. The moon. I love the moon. Or, at least, I used to. Before... No. I push the thoughts away. I can't think about that night.

Luckily, the bell breaks my reverie. I shove my notebook in my bag, and sling it over one shoulder before rushing out. Dodging the bodies of other students, I make my way down the hall. Time to go home. My heart quickens at the thought, betraying my fear. I can't be afraid.

"Hey! Sira, right?" A voice breaks through my thoughts. I look up into a pair of chocolate brown eyes. A boy stand in front of me, with curly black hair and a goofy smile plastered onto his face. He wears an odd tool belt around his waist. "Hi, My name is Leo. I'm with the paper, I was wondering if I could interview you maybe?" His voice is shaky and weak, like he's nervous.

I do the thing I've always done. I turn my gaze icy, and make my voice as monotone and annoyed as possible as I say, "No." And turn. But the boy grabs my arm. I flinch away from his touch unconsciously. The boy pulls his hand away the second I flinch. Damn. He noticed.

"S-sorry..." He says quickly, and rushes away from me. I curse under my breath before moving forward again, this time at a slower pace. No need to rush. It's not like i'm excited for home anymore. As i break free of the crowd, I notice the boy again. He is talking to a group of other teens. They act peculiar, like they don't belong here. I shrug it off, and continue moving.

As I walk down the street towards home, I shove my hands into my pockets. The fall chill is setting in, and here in Seattle, it's chill is noticeable. The sky is cloudy, as per usual. I turn and face my house.

No one has ever been here besides me, but if they had, they would call us rich. It is a huge home, built in with three floors, and a tower that goes up to five. When I was brought here, the tower's fifth floor was used for storage. But, I managed to clear it out, and made it my bedroom. It is a small round room. Whe I arrived, my family had bought me nice furniture, customized to be round edged, so it fit the room. Back when they actually wanted me.

I hunch my shoulders as I walk up to the gargantuan home. Lily and Nick will be home by now. Those are Jodie's real children. Nick is twelve while Lily is six. They are both perfect, blonde haired, blue eyed children. So different from me. I stick out in a family of blondes, with tan skin. I have pale skin that only burns, and my eyes are pale blue, not kind like theirs, but icy. My hair is flat, black, and straight as a board. My body is thin, willowy, of course that may be due to undernourishment.

As I open the door, I am assaulted with heat. The the screams of a certain little girl. She comes running out of the kitchen, screaming her head off. "Close the door!Close the door! Cold!" I oblige, prepared for Lily's usual antics.

The spoiled girl crosses her arms, and attempts to glare at me. "Mommy says you're late, and to come to the kitchen." The little girls flashes a smile, "You are gonna get it." then she disappears up the stairs.

With a sigh, I make my way to the kitchen. I blame the boy. I would have been fine if he hadn't stopped me. Not that it matters. Jodie would ave gotten mad for some reason before too long. As I enter, she is cooking. I eye the knife, willing her to put it down. As I enterm she says, "Sira." Without turning to look at me.

"Hello, Jodie." I reply, mimicking her cold tone.

"Where were you?"


"Why were you late?"

"None of your business" I don't know why I don't just tell her. I'm just asking for more. But I don't. Slowly, the larger woman turns. Her face may look calm, but I am trained to see her anger. In her eyes, in the way she balls up her fists. I spike of fear fills me.

"Sira. I have spent all day working, so you can eat and go to school, and live here. I made it home on time. Why can't you?" I meet her gaze. I don't back down anymore. Instead I face the woman.

"I said, it's non of your business." I see her anger flare, but somehow, I am spared the full extent.

"Go." The woman points in front of her. "To your room." I turn and walk out of the room, heading for the main spiral stair. but for some reason Jodie follows me. As I climb the stairs, I hear her footsteps follow. Then, when I enter my room, she closes it.

When i hear the jingling of keys in a lock, I understand. This is an old home, and the lock on this particular door can be locked from the outside. She is locking me in.

"You will remain here until your father gets home. Then he will deal with you." I hear Jodie say from the other side of the door. She can't do this. Se can't.

Something i me cracks, and I want to get at her, in any way I can. so I run to the door, and scream, "He will never be my father! and you will never be my mother!" All I hear is her footsteps, going down the stairs.