Two hours later, my entire world is a lie. I stand at the edge of the, apparently flying, ship staring out at the sea of clouds below me. All the Greek and Roman myths are true. I am a demigod, along with everyone else on this ship. My father was a god. We don't know who yet, but he should have claimed me years ago. He hasn't. I should be dead by now, or at least have been attacked. I haven't been attacked.

They came and kidnapped me for my own safety. I was unsafe there, with my adoptive family. Of course, I knew that, but according to Percy and his friends it was a different kind of danger. The kind that could kill you.

I know, I must sound insane. I mean seriously? The Greek gods are real? But then I looked at the walls. When I did, the forest had come to life. Forest nymphs were there, dancing, singing, talking, interacting with each other. Nymphs! I used to think all that was the stuff of fairy tales my mom used to tell me. I guess, now I know why she did. She fell in love with a god.

"Hey," A voice breaks through my pondering. I turn, and come face to face with him. Leo, the boy that kidnapped me. His hair is still a curly mess, and he still wears that tool belt.

"Hello." My voice holds that cold monotony that took so long to master. Now I don't even have to think about using it.

"I wanted to apologize... for, you know..." Leo rubs the back of his neck nervously, a strange rooked smile on his face.

"What, knocking me out and kidnapping me away from my family?" My voice sounds harsher than I meant it to, and I can see on Leo's face that it also surprises him.

"Yeah, that." His arm falls and so does his smile. He looks offended. I give him a death glare and wait for him to leave. He doesn't. "You know-" He is cut off as the ship shudders.

I clutch the guardrail as the ship shudders again. "What's going on!?" I ask Leo. But he is lost in his own thoughts as he turns and runs. I looks out over the rolling sea of clouds. they have darkened to almost black. Weren't they just white a few minutes ago?

Then I see the first of them. A horse, made of clouds and lightning is charging right for me. I watch, entranced, as the beast barrels down on me. It is so beautiful, so strange, so unknown. then a hand grabs the back of my shirt and pulls me down. Jason stands in front of me, holding up his hand. the beast nickers and stops.

The son of Zeus looks back to me. "Run!" He cries. I scramble to my feet and look around the deck. The storm horses are everywhere, the other half bloods fighting.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of bronze. I turn towards it and see a spirit disintegrate under Percy's sword. Another spirit rears up behind Percy, and I scream for him to turn. But he is to slow, and the creature begins it's descent. then a flash of white and Annabeth is there, clutching an ivory knife.

I looks around again. Jason said run, but where to? I spot a door, and make a dash towards it. But before I can make it, I hear another neigh, right behind me. I turn just in time to see the hooves as they come crashing to my head.

I collapse instantly, and feel my eyelids growing heavier. this is where I die. after all of this, i'm going to die right here. The others are way too distracted. Before I slip into unconsciousness, I see a glint of a precious stone in front of me, an emerald, I think. then darkness descends and I don't know if I'll wake up again.