Glinda Upland loathed being alone. And yet, here she was in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny inn named The Moonlight Inn and Bar. Alone, dirty, and broken. Looking over at the clock on the wall for the seventeenth time in four minutes, she noted the time was on thirty am. She was sure it had already been one thirty several hours ago, but the lack of sleep was making her slightly insane. The tattered grey curtains fluttered about the dusty glass window like great moths as a slight breeze blew in. The silvery moonlight cast pools of milky light on the bare boards that were in great need of sweeping. With each creek she imagined getting a splinter from the bare rough hewn pieces of wood. She cringed as the sound of what was probably a mouse scuttled across them. She turned onto her side trying to ignore the chill from the night penetrating her thin blankets on an even thinner mattress. Her blonde hair fell across her face making her eyes tear up as she remembered. She remembered when her hair fell like that when she had seen Elphaba for the last time. It's time to move on…forget…keep living. Sitting up and fixing the strap on her bubblegum pink night gown, Glinda flicked on the bedside light. Her hair was probably the dirtiest it had ever been, her face with a surprising lack of makeup. The pleasant glow threw shadows into their hiding places casting whimsical silhouettes across the floor and walls and ceilings. Her nine suitcases in various sizes and a multitude of pink hues were still stacked in the corner, yet to be unpacked. Something about her felt broken. Good news… she thought, But was it? She hadn't done anything wrong.
"Elphaba," she whispered, allowing the name to linger on her lips. The gaunt outline of the hat, the very one Elphaba had worn, was atop them. The black peak seemed to laugh at the orderly set of outrageously pink suitcases as it cast a mountainous shadow. She swung her feet over the bed and letting them delicately rest on the floor. She sat up perfectly straight as her hands came to rest in a folded position on her lap. Breathing in and out Glinda listened to the sound of herself. Padding slowly across the floor, hardly daring to breath she approached it. Letting her fingers linger on the smooth fabric, memories came flooding back. She bent to pick it up. The Ozian princess clutched the piece to her breast, bowing her head into it. She breathed in the scent, a whiff of wind and rain and otherness. Tears welled up in her lashes. This wasn't who she wanted to be. She wanted to be…to be…with Elphaba. She ambled to the window and threw it ajar with some effort. The ancient hinges whined with disuse. A light cold breeze caressed her face. Look to the western sky. The window faced the west, challenging a new day to slide its golden rays between the panes of glass.
"Who can say if I've been changed for the better…" her voice caught, choked with emotion as tears now freely ran down her face. "But because I knew you… "
"Because I knew you…" a voice crooned, soft and sweet and otherworldly.
"I have been changed…for good." They spoke in soft unison. Glinda Uplands recognized that voice. But it couldn't be; she was dead.
"Elphie?" she whispered, hardly daring to trust herself.