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It's a calm evening. The sun is retiring and the cool breeze dances along the deep woods, making the green and brown leaves shake and sing.

The waves lazily push water onto the shore where there is nobody to see it, except Edward.

He stands with his bare feet in the cold sand of this gloomy beach he has hated for so many years. The high cliffs above him are mocking him, calling him a coward, but he doesn't have the guts to tell them they're wrong. He doesn't let his toes touch the water and steps back anytime it seems it'll reach him. His eyes can't find the end of the ocean and it makes him anxious.

It always has.

Not knowing how something ends and knowing he is too weak to ever find out fills him with fear. He hates it. It has always made him feel cowardly, even when he was a young boy. He would obsess with the idea that he would never know how the ocean looked on the other end.

Maybe he will find her there. There, on the other side of the water she'll be. She will raise an eyebrow at him as if questioning his presence and grumble a few curse words making him chuckle.

He thinks about her sometimes.

Actually, he thinks of her all the time.

It doesn't make sense.

They weren't friends. Though there are so many things he wishes he would have done or said differently back then, he can't change the past and in the past, he wasn't her friend and she wasn't his.

He wonders where she is and if she's doing okay. He wonders if she's on her own and if she needs any help, then again she really was on her own since the day she was born.

He can almost see her when he closes his eyes. It's been years, but he can still remember her messy brown hair blowing in the wind and her lack of giving a damn clearly painted on her face. He can see her boy clothes, much too large on her small and frail looking body and that stupid baseball cap she would wear or hang from her jean's belt loops.

He winces as he notices that once again, she wears a black eye and bloody lip with pride. Someone has pissed her off. She probably lost the fight, she was never a good fighter, but knowing her she probably walked away with her head held high while holding back girly tears as the other girl celebrated her victory over Isabella "Tommy" Swan, the ugly tomboy with a grumpy face.

They were all wrong.

Her brown eyes were always full of sorrow, not anger, even though she would argue and say she was mad as hell because being mad was better than being sad and weak. Even though she acted like some tough "dude" and cursed like a sailor whenever she did speak, there was always something that comforted Edward. The blush on her cheeks and the smile that would sometimes appear on her pink lips showed her real age and youth. It all guaranteed him that deep in her heart, she still held onto her innocence and hope that every girl her age should have.

But he was a fool. She wasn't like any girl he knew. She grew up too fast and that wasn't her fault, but he didn't know. Nobody did. It's not like they tried to see it anyway.

They chose to ignore the signs.

He was too busy mourning his loss. He remembers that back then, all he could think about was his own pain. She was there to see it too, but he didn't look at hers.

Nobody did.

Nobody at all.

They were all just kids. Just a bunch of stupid kids and he was one of them too and that's what hurts the most.

He wishes he could say he was the one that finally gave her a break and extended a hand. He wishes he could repay her for what she did. He wishes he could have called himself her friend.

But he didn't do any of that. If he ever did, he took it back and broke it all at once that day at La Push.

He remembers darkly at how angry he was when he realized he owed Tomboy Tommy. He never wanted to owe anybody anything, especially her. But there he stood in front of her, unknowingly for the very last time, and didn't even say a word of appreciation. He didn't even look at her in the eyes. She trembled from the cold ocean water, but didn't complain or whine. She made him promise to deny he ever saw her and walked away, never to be seen again.

Now he wishes he would have ran after her so he could thank her. He owes her his life and he will for the rest of his existence, even if she doesn't care. He wishes he could have told her that he finally understood who she was even though nobody in this town ever did. He wishes he could have apologized for failing her.

He failed in such devastation.

He hates the way he fights himself when someone mentions her in town. When someone in Cora's Diner starts another lie or someone outside church tells a story full of holes and exaggerated theories about Tommy, the girl who disappeared. He fights the urge to tell them all to go to hell and leave Tommy alone.

But he doesn't.

"You better act right, kids, or you'll end up like Tommy."

"Girls, you better put on them dresses and make-up and don't act or play like a boy or you'll end like Tommy."

His jaw tenses and his eyes glare at the ground.

He wonders if anybody worries about her.

No, that was never her luck.

Some people ignore the "Tommy Legends" and move on as if she never existed. Some think she died and some even think that it's better that way. "She never did anybody any good," they say.

She isn't dead. She can't be.

The small girl, who looked like a kitten, but had the roar of a lion couldn't have died. She couldn't have. It's impossible.

Completely and utterly impossible.

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