Chapter 1: Attracted

"Asari. Human. I am surrounded by primitives."

Those had been his first words directed towards her, and she hadn't really thought much about it, until he kept calling her "woman" during missions.

Sheila had never been attracted to any man in her life, and not because she hadn't seen some. Even Garrus was a hot shot, but he stroke her as the protecting big brother. Same with Vega.

But Javik…

Now that was something else.

Broad shoulders, way too many eyes, exotic features and his mouth… damn, she didn't knew one could get so attracted to such a small area. And the way he looked at people when angry, that constant steady stare; she was sold.

She hadn't been dreaming about him, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious about him, and maybe in another way than other people. But she never really had the courage to ask him. After all, it might just seem a little inappropriate to stroll in there and implying she had a thing for him, when he had just discovered his entire species was gone, but the Reapers still existed.

Better to keep quiet and wait for it. If it ever came…