A.N. Last chapter was crap… this one may end up that way too, as I'm not really feeling it anymore, but I want to finish this off so meh :P Allons-y and let's just skip the silly disclaimer.

Shouting was what woke Hawke up, along with someone frantically shaking her. Hawke's eyes snapped open to see the grim, almost angry face of the urchin. The she heard the shout. "Come on you lowlifes! Which one wants to say hello to Bianca next!?" Hawke threw herself out of the platform in a heartbeat, her staff across her back. The bars flew under her hands, and she was on the latter within the blink of an eye. She climbed up to see a gang of about 10 or so carta circling Varric. Knowing the carta, there were more in the shadows, lurking and waiting. Fury roared through her and she rose, magic searing through her. All that faltered when she saw an arrow lodge itself in Varric's shoulder. Instantly a barrier was up around the kneeling dwarf, shielding him from the barrage and drawing attention to the very pissed off mage. She saw him and the other dwarves look at her, all shocked.

"Hawke?" Varric rasped, confused. "You. Hurt. My. Dwarf." Hawke ground out, ignoring Varric. "May the Maker take pity on your souls, and may you rest in peace with your ancestors." She snarled before throwing her hands into the air with a roar. Wind roared suddenly, knocking the unprepared carta onto their arses, bolts of lightning slamming into the ground where they had stood, singing the cobblestone. Varric worked the arrow out of his shoulder, hissing in pain when he managed to rip it free. Bastards had managed to rip a hold in his duster too, that couldn't go unpunished. He attempted to raised Bianca to help Hawke, only to have the pain in his shoulder stop him.

It was likely for the better, as fire soon rained from the sky as well, roots growing from the ground and binding the victims of Hawke's wrath, to the ground. They howled in agony as they burnt to death, or were struck by lightning. Ice flew by Varric's head to lodge itself in archer's chests, a barrier coming up in front of the furious elemental mage to protect her from any assassins. It didn't take long for her to slaughter the poor sods, and it was only when Varric was positive that they were alone that he attempted to holster Bianca. He hissed in pain as he raised her, only to be surrounded in light. Blinking as he was healed, he smiled and turned to thank Hawke, only to find her face first on the ground.

"Hawke!" He cried, running to her and sliding to his knees once he was beside her. She was pale and sweaty, a couple of viles of mana potion lying broken beside her, some of the shards cutting her skin. "Oh Hawke…" He murmured before scooping her up and into his arms.

He managed to make it the hanged man, and slipped past the sleeping regulars. Nodding at Coriff he made his way into his suit. He gently set Hawke on his bed and brushed her hair from her face. Unable to resist he pressed a kiss to her forehead before turning around to move away. A slender hand stopped him.

"I finished your book." Varric's heart rose into his throat. He tried to swallowed it down as he turned to her, trying to look nonchalant. "Well that's good, how did you like it." Her eyes bored into his and he knew he couldn't keep the act up any longer. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his face with his hands wearily. "I'm sorry Hawke." He ground out. He heard cloth rustling, then her frame draping itself over his shoulders as she hugged him from behind.

"I'll forgive you on one condition." She murmured into his ear. The dwarf half turned, wary and hopeful. "And what might this condition be, Hawke?" "I want to reenact the scene." "What scene?" His mouth was dry – he knew which scene she meant. But he couldn't – not with her. He wouldn't let her sell herself short with him.

"Don't be coy Varric, you know." "I can't." He rasped, all finesse gone. It was so unlike him that she drew back, startled. "I can't let you sell yourself short… literally." His chuckle was dark. She shook her head, concerned. This wasn't her Varric, not her usual one.

"You know, I think I might have made a mistake." She murmured, causing the dwarf's heart to clench. "I thought I was in Varric Tethras's room, my apologies." She murmured and stood, and moved to walk away. Varric blinked.

"You are in my room, Hawke." Had she hit her head on the cement when she fell? "You're wrong, ser dwarf. You see, Varric wouldn't say such stupid things." The dwarf blinked. "He'd realize I don't care about height, race or whatever difference the two of us have. I just love him." She shrugged. "The heart wants what it wants, why make love more complicated by involving differences and similarities? The heart'll win out anyways." Varric grinned despite himself and stood.

"Sorry about that Hawke. I stepped out for a moment. My angsty twin shouldn't visit anymore. Bloody bugger's such a downer." She was right and he knew it. So, no time like the present.

"Now, about that reenactment…"