Anna Lightwood Age 16 ^ Lily Lightwood Age 6^

Hey my name is Anna Lightwood. I am 16 years old and I live on my own. My parents are dead. They were killed in an office shooting when I was 5. I was at the skate park with my older brother when it happened. He was teaching me how to skateboard. A friend of my dad's came to pick us up at the skate park and told us are parents were dead. He took us to an orphanage. After a year of living in the orphanage my brother was adopted. They only took my brother, not me. I haven't seen him since. The owner of the orphanage treated me like a slave after my brother left. I work day and night for her, but even though I did everything she asked I was hit and kicked and abused constantly. When I was 10, 5 years after coming to the orphanage, a man adopted me. He wasn't a nice man. He abused me even worse that the orphanage lady. The first night at the house he rapped me. I don't live with him anymore. I ran away 4 months later after finding out I was pregnant. I took money from his dresser drawer while he was out with friends of his and ran to an airport. I bought a ticket to Japan, one of the farthest places away. Upon arriving in Japan I lived out on the streets for a month living off the man's money. My baby bump was noticeable by then. One day a woman walked by me while I was sitting on a bench holding my stomach. She stopped and asked me what was wrong. I told her my stomach hurt. She asked if I knew why it hurt. My response was that I was pregnant. She was appalled by this and asked my how old I was and where my family was. I told her I was ten and my parents were dead and my brother was taken away from me. She hugged me. "Sweetie," She said "What happened to you?" After hearing her ask this I poured all my feelings out, crying for the first time in ten years. She took me home with her that night saying she always wanted a daughter and has been raising me since. Her name was Yuki Cross. 3 months after taking me in my baby was born. We named her Lilt Lightwood after my mother. Cross has been helping me raise her. Sadly Ms. Cross died last year when I was 15. My baby has grown into a healthy young girl and has been going to Ouran Public School. This year I applied to Ouran Academy on an athletic scholarship. I was accepted. Starting tomorrow I will be going to Ouran Academy.