Jeb, Bo, and Luke sat at the kitchen table while Jesse stood off to the side, explaining what had occurred. Luke felt terrible, like he had let down everyone of his marine friends by getting put on probation just after he got home. On the up side, he wouldn't have to watch his younger two cousins go to jail. Jeb was horrified. He had moved to Uncle Jesse's home so that he could grow up surrounded by family. Now he had to go to another county to serve his probation, and he didn't even know how he would explain this to his parents. Bo was probably the worst off. He blamed himself for the whole mess and couldn't even bring himself to face anyone. He got Luke arrested and now his uncle would have to give up the family tradition that he knew and loved, something that had been a big part of his youth, because he made a mistake. The thing that upset him the most was that no one was mad at him, no one had yelled at him or blamed him. They all looked at him just the same as before, and didn't tease him or mock him. He wanted them to at least yell at him once, but it never happened. "I see." Luke said when Jesse was finished explaining. He had no idea of what else to say. Bo and Jeb didn't either. Jesse watched his nephews and realized they needed to do something to get their mind off of things.

"Tell you boys what. I need some tractor parts, why don't you go see if Cooter's got 'em yet?" he offered. The three boys looked at each other, then Luke nodded. Jesse pulled out his truck keys and tossed them at Bo, who caught them in surprise. "You drive Bo, but be careful. Rosco's bound to have a few speed traps up by now." he warned. Bo nodded carefully. He was surprised, wondering why his uncle had trusted him to drive after what had happened, then he realized. His uncle trusted him! He still trusted Bo! It made Bo smile a little, knowing he could always count on them to have his back, even when he's messed up. Luke and Jeb smiled too, amazed that such a small thing as a set of car keys would make their little cousin happy. However, it only reminded Jeb that he wouldn't be able to see that happy grin until they were off of probation again, seeing as how Chickasaw County wasn't about to give him permission to just go into Hazzard. The Sheriff in Chickasaw wasn't too pleasant either. When he was little he saw Sheriff Little tear a car apart with a railroad spike. The man was terrifying.

"I'll be careful Uncle Jesse!" Bo promised, and the three boys went outside. Bo ran over to the drivers side and jumped in. Luke shook his head with a smirk and opened the passenger side door, letting Jeb in first before getting in himself. Bo headed out to the town of Hazzard.


J.D. had it. He glared at Dewey, who stood in front of him without a single look of regret or remorse on his features. "Why did you do it? At least explain that." the man fumed at his nephew. Dewey just smirked. He really had no reason, he just wanted to see both his uncle and the Dukes fall. Although, having Hazzard county wouldn't have been anything he would have turned down. J.D. lost his temper. He grabbed his nephew by the ear and pulled him outside. Daisy and Cooter heard the yelling from Cooter's garage and looked over to investigate as J.D. shoved his nephew toward his car. "That's it Dewey! I want you out of my county, and I don't want to see you ever step foot in Hazzard again! I mean it!" he screamed. Betraying others was one thing, but you should never betray blood! For his own nephew to sell him out like that and nearly get him looked away, it was unforgivable. And to hurt Jesse, his old friend like that...well that was another matter entirely. Dewey laughed.

"Now Uncle J.D., you wouldn't really though your own nephew out of your county would you?" he asked. J.D. nodded.

"Not just out of the county! Out of my will and out of my life as well!" he yelled. Daisy and Cooter looked at each other in surprise. They had no love for Dewey, and certainly wouldn't miss him after all the trouble he's caused for them over the years; but they never figured J.D. would actually cut ties with a family member! Dewey seemed to realize that his uncle was serious as well at the mention of the will. After all, if there was anything his uncle truly loved, it was Lulu and money. He scoffed.

"Alright then, but I'll be back, and when I do, I'll take this whole county." he snarled. He got into his car and drove away. J.D. looked satisfied with himself and went into the house. The two friends stood watching the empty street, still stunned at what had happened.

"Hey y'all, what's up?" Enos asked, coming over.

"I think old Dewey Hogg just got tossed out of the county." Cooter said. Enos looked surprised.

"Really? Mr. Hogg got that mad over it!" he said. Enos could understand that, and in all honesty he had no love for Dewey either. If he had to be honest with himself, he was glad the man was gone too. Daisy nodded.

"And good ridden. No telling what someone like that would do." she hissed, bitter about her family braking up. The idea of her family never being fully whole again made her want to cry. They heard an engine coming up and she turned to see Jesse's pickup. At that she smiled, realizing the boys had come out.

"Hey guys, you'll never believe it! Old Dewey Hogg is finally leaving Hazzard for good!" Cooter said. Bo and Jeb looked surprised, but Luke didn't seem all that shocked. He figured it may end like this. He nodded to show that he understood.

"Yeah, after trying to get his uncle locked away for years, I'm sure he wanted to make sure it couldn't happen again." he said. Cooter looked down, remembering the situation at hand.

"So, y'all know what's gonna happen yet?" he asked. Bo and Jeb looked at Luke.

"Yeah, Uncle Jesse is agreeing to never make or transport moonshine again and we're all getting probation. Jeb has to go serve it in his home county, and me and Bo are serving ours in Hazzard." Luke said. Cooter brightened up.

"Well that's not so bad! As long as you boys stay out of trouble you have no problems!" Cooter said with a grin. Luke nodded, it wasn't bad at all. Only Bo and Jeb were still upset. Luke gave them both an encouraging smile.

"I told you guys it would be alright." he said. Bo gave him a guilty look.

"But Luke..." he started, this time though it was Jeb who sighed in annoyance.

"Bo, it was an accident, the only one to blame is Dewey Hogg! You did everything you could!" Jeb said firmly. Bo looked from his two cousins, to Daisy, to Cooter, then back to Luke. Luke nodded to show he agreed with Jeb. "It's only probation. I'll come to see you guys, it's not like we're separated forever." Jeb said. Luke nodded as did Daisy and Cooter. Bo smiled.


Jeb tied the last of the straps down on his motorcycle. "Promise you'll call every week." Jesse said. Jeb nodded with a laugh.

"Of course Uncle Jesse, can't leave Daisy and Bo without checking up on them all the time." Jeb said with a laugh, making Bo pout and Luke smirk. Jeb hugged their uncle before hugging Daisy, then Bo. "Promise you'll watch over them Luke?" he asked turning to the oldest of all the cousins. Luke nodded with a grin.

"Couldn't do anything else." he promised his young cousin. Jeb nodded and hugged him as well.

"Be careful." Daisy said. Jeb laughed.

"Do I do anything but?" he asked as he climbed onto his bike, then he started the engine and the Dukes stood together, watching him drive off. Bo wiped his eyes and Luke smirked. He put an arm around Bo's shoulders.

"We should probably get to work on that engine. I hear J.D. Hogg has his annual race coming up. It'd be great if the engine is ready in time." Luke said. Bo nodded. The two boys headed out to the barn, Daisy heading into the house. Jesse stood watching them. He was a family man, though and through. He loved these kids more than life itself. He wished their parents could be here, but he was glad that he had the opportunity to watch them grow. With the boys on probation, it was going to be a bit harder, but he knew they'd be fine. They were a family! Luke was home, and Jeb, Coy, and Vance were only a phone call away. Daisy and Bo were becoming fine adults. There was nothing else an old man could ask for.

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