AN: This idea kind of came to me in a dream. I'm really just focusing on Percy and Nico. Just know Annabeth is really just making Nico absolutely miserable.


"I don't see the reason Percy hangs out with you, your just a worthless son of Hades that nobody wants but has to deal with," Annabeth says with a smug smile before walking away.

Nico's eyes started to water with tears at her words, these were the same words he always thought of himself. Nico knew Percy would never say that to him unlike Annabeth even if hurt that someone thought that of him.

Nico somehow wound up in the Poseidon cabin thinking of Annabeth's words, it hurt worse than being an outcast there at camp. So he just huddled and silently crying out his frustrations of what he was put through.

Percy had just walked through the door and at Nico's side instantly when he saw his state.

"Go away Percy. You and Annabeth have already caused enough damage," Nico said not looking up

"What did she do to you?" Percy's voice was calm where you couldn't argue.

"No body wants me here. All I am is a worthless son of Hades. It's worth than being an outcast here." Nico said.

Nico stood up and started to gather the shadows before it happened .

Percy had then just grabbed Nico's wrist before he could even try to shadow travel and pushed him against the wall in Poseidon's cabin. Nico frozen in shock at what Percy just did and the place he was now in. Sure Nico really liked Percy and was head over heels for him so he just wasn't sure what to think about the situation.

Percy had Nico's wrist pinned above his head before sliding a knee between his legs to get closer to him. Nico's breath shuttered in disbelief and delight before Percy leaned in and had his lips against Nico's in a kiss. First it was just Percy kissing the son of Hades who was now in a stupor before he finally got the brain cells to kiss back. After breaking apart was Nico trying to gasp for air and completely lost why Percy would like him.

"How? Why me?" Nico asked once he had his breath back.

"I've seen the looks you gave me. At first I didn't notice it like the seaweed brain I am." Nico chuckled and Percy smiled at that. "I noticed when I started being around you more and actually realized what it was when I really started to like you," Percy continued.

"What about Annabeth?" Nico asked, not wanting to get on the bad side of that daughter of Athena.

"We broke up. Though I'm a bit mad at her for the way she's been treating you the way she has," Percy said with slight anger in his tone.

Percy released Nico's wrists and pulled him closer to his chest, Nico was just staring into his stormy Sea-Green eyes, getting lost in them.

Cupping Nico's face before Percy kissed him on the lips again. Soon Nico had Percy pinned to the wall this time around in the same place where Nico was moments before when Percy first kissed him. Nico had a wicked glint in his eyes and smirking with his lips, making Percy gulp at what was going on in the son of Hades' mind. Leaning in before roughly kissing Percy with a passion that he didn't realize he had, Nico was a force to be reckoned with but that was the reason Percy started falling for him and for now he let Nico attack his lips. Percy's eyes soon glazed over and started to moan when Nico started sucking on his neck; lifting up Percy shirt before sucking and nibbling on one of Percy's nibbles. This just made Percy moan all the louder in pleasure before Nico when back to his lips, kissing with the same passion while wrapping his arms around his neck. Percy returned the kiss with the same enthusiasm but his arms went around Nico's slim waist and pulling as close as they could possibly get.

Annabeth then walked in on them during that kiss with her mind-set on getting Percy back when she saw.

"WHAT THE HADES!" Annabeth yelled at them. Pulling Nico off Percy and slapping Nico as hard as she could across the face.

Nico's eyes narrowed in rage and the aura of fear that he always carried around him grew stronger that screamed death. Nico looked at Percy, whose face showed he was furious at what just happened. Nico then disappeared into the shadows leaving Percy to deal with Annabeth.

"Why did you slap Nico?" Spoke Percy with a calmness that would terrify anyone which caught her off guard.

"He was kissing you!" She screamed.

"I can't believe you Chase. You broke up with me, so I think I have the right to kiss and love him as I please. You had no right to slap him and just stay away from us. You are lucky Nico didn't kill you for the way you treated him."