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Percy stormed out of his cabin away from the daughter of Athena. He couldn't believe she slapped Nico. And just because they were kissing! It wasn't even like he and Annabeth were together anymore.

Percy guessed that Nico shadow traveled to his cabin, because if he had gone anywhere else, people would see that he had been slapped. Percy slowly entered the Hades cabin and spotted Nico's back facing his way while he was staring at something he was holding.

Percy snuck behind the male demigod quietly before wrapping his arms around Nico's lithe waist. Nico suddenly tensed up and Percy found a Stygian Iron sword at this throat and a glare at his face. When he saw it was just Percy, Nico immediately lowered his sword and pulled him into a tight hug.

Percy traced the red mark across Nico's cheek and received a flinch from the demigod.

"I'm sorry," Percy whispered in Nico's collarbone.

Nico visibly shivered before he actually gave a sincere smile when looking up into sea green eyes, "It's not your fault."

"Sometimes I just don't understand her. She was the one who broke up with me because she felt too pressured. Now she acts like she wants to get back together and be a jealous bitch," Percy sighed in exasperation.

Nico chuckled nervously at Percy words.

"You're not going to, are you?" His voice trembled slightly; he was afraid of the answer.

"I would never, I love someone else."

"Now who might that be?" Nico teased, knowing now that it was him.

Nico didn't wait for an answer, instead pushing Percy against the wall roughly. He kissed him slowly, however, wanting to savor the feel of his lips and the taste of his tongue. Percy kissed him just as softly, running his hands up Nico's shirt to feel his skin and receiving a light shudder and moan in response. Nico nibbled Percy's bottom lip before pulling back and breaking their kiss.

Percy dragged Nico to bed and pushed the son of Hades down on the mattress before crawling on top of him. Nico leaned up and kissed soft lips. He felt his love for Percy swell up inside him, and he quickly flipped them so he was on top. His Sea Prince spread his legs so Nico could easily fit between them and Nico propped himself up so only his lower half was settled on the son of Poseidon. Nico leaned down, kissing Percy roughly and grinding their hips together subtly. He moaned into Percy's mouth, unable to contain himself.

Nico slowly lifted up Percy's shirt before it was tossed into one of the corners of the cabin. Percy also slid Nico's shirt up but kept his hands placed firmly on his back.

"Gods Nico, you're so hot," Percy mumbled roughly earning a cheeky smirk from the other teen.

Somehow in the process of making out, Nico's shirt ended up on the ground, exposing his flawless olive skin.

"Nico, Gods, you need to fuck me right now," Percy's voice was rough with arousal, and it made Nico's cock twitch.

"Are you sure you're ready for that, my Sea Prince?" he murmured back, gripping at Percy's ass.

Percy moaned.

"Yes, Nico, Gods yes, I want it so much, I need it,"

Nico was a little hesitant, not exactly sure if his ears were deceiving him and he had to know if Percy was truly ready for this. However, when Percy started to unbuckle his pants with hands shaking from arousal, Nico's doubts were quickly swept away. Percy pulled his pants down, which left him in his black boxers, successfully making Percy mouth water with drool. With trembling fingers, Nico removed Percy's belt and pants so that they both only were wearing boxers.

Nico licked his lips in anticipation before he finally maneuvered Percy out of his boxers; he couldn't stop staring. Percy was delectable. Nico snapped back into reality when he felt Percy grasp his own waist and slide his boxers to the floor. He blushed profusely at the thought that Percy was staring at him just like he had been doing moments before.

"You're beautiful," Percy murmured into Nico's neck before sucking and nipping at the skin under his mouth, no doubt leaving a hickey.

Nico took that chance to move Percy into his lap and kiss him hard. He couldn't help himself from exploring Percy's body, first with fingers then with tongue. Percy let out soft moans when his mouth reached one of his nipples. Nico nipped at one, laving it with his tongue, while he rolled the other between his fingers; the sounds Percy made were beautiful. Percy's breath soon got heavier as his mouth moved lower, down his stomach and across his hipbones. When he lapped at the base of his erection, Percy shuddered and moaned. Nico grinned, loving how easy it was to tease Percy, and got a shiver in return for following a vein with the tip of his tongue. When he swiped the head, Percy nearly lost it, but Nico quickly pulled back, not ready to stop teasing yet. Soon Percy was shuddering and whimpering beneath him, eyes heavy and dark with arousal. Nico gripped Percy's waist before he finally sucked his cock into his mouth. If Nico hadn't been holding Percy in a death grip he probably would have knocked his head against the headboard. Nico sucked harder, taking several more inches into his mouth, and it wasn't long before Percy was coming in his mouth. Nico swallowed it all greedily, savoring the salty taste that fit Percy perfectly.

"Ti amo amore," Nico whispered hotly in Percy's hair when Percy finally pushed him off, shaking from overstimulation.

Wrapping his arms around Percy's neck and legs around his waist, Nico kissed him again.

After their kiss broke, Nico asked again to make sure, "Are you sure about this? We don't have to rush anything."

"I'll be fine and I do want this Nico. There is no other person I would do this with but you,"

"Don't go sappy on me," Nico said sternly.

Nico was looking at Percy, and Percy stared defiantly back. It was like trying to win a losing battle when his sea green eyes were sparkling with emotion and residual lust and his bottom lip was puffed out in the slightest pout. He tried to hold to his resolve, but there wasn't a single person that could resist the look Percy was giving him.

"How can anyone ever resist you?" Nico sighed before he finally gave in.

Knowing that he won Percy grabbed Nico's hand, winking mischievously before sucking three fingers into his mouth. Nico moaned, the things Percy was doing with his tongue making him think of other ways he could put that mouth to use.

"Just relax, I'll make sure you feel amazing," Nico whispered hotly into Percy's ear.

Nico slowly traced Percy's entrance with his middle finger before pushing in. Feeling him tense slightly, he hoisted his leg over his shoulder and held still until he relaxed. He was incredibly tight and Nico stretched him as much as he could before carefully inserting another and started to slowly scissor not wanting to cause him any pain. When he pushed in a third finger, Percy let out a pained whimper before their lips reattached so he would focus more on the pleasure than the pain. The pain turned to pleasure and he started to moan when Nico soon found his prostate while teasing it unmercifully. Nico did not want Percy to feel any pain if possible. Only when Percy was reduced to a whimpering mess did Nico deem him ready and remove his fingers.

"It might hurt a bit, so please relax. I don't want to hurt you," Nico said, not wanting to cause his Sea Prince any pain.

After receiving a nod he slowly started to enter Percy. He stopped every time he heard a pained whimper and kissed him to forget about the pain before continuing. Once he was seated fully he let Percy adjust, rubbing circles on his thighs in comfort. He wanted this to be special since it was their first time.

"I'm fine, please just move," Percy said, looking into the brown orbs of Nico's eyes.

He kissed him slowly before he slowly gave each thrust. It only became faster when the pained gasps turned into moans. He got a long and loud moan for when he directly hit Percy's prostate at a particular hard thrust. It was when they were near did Nico start to slow down while cradling his head before pulling his sea prince into a deep kiss. Percy had started clenching the bed sheets in an effort to hold onto something before moved to Nico's hair. Percy screwed his eyes shut when he finally came, not able to hold on any longer, and it almost caused him to lose consciousness. Nico let out a moan of his own when feeling Percy's insides tightening around his cock before he released inside his Sea Prince with a yell sprouting from his lips.

Both were breathing heavily after Nico pulled out and falling into the unconsciousness of sleep that lured them.