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"You're the only one,

I'd be with till the end

When I come undone

You bring me back again."

Avril Lavigne, "Fall to Pieces"


Bruce stands in the doorway, trying to keep the grimace off his face. In his hands, he's got Jane's chart as well as the few pictures he'd gotten from the MRI. Without the information from S.H.I.E.L.D. though, the pictures are pretty much useless. He has no other lead and nothing to compare her chart to.

Jane, for her part, is stable now. Her heart restarted and though she's still unconscious, her pulse is good and steady. She should awaken at any moment. Then again, who knows what is going on in her body right now? Her body could be shutting down and he's powerless to do anything about it. Bruce doesn't know how the Aether works, let alone how its essence might damage a human's body.

"She still sleeps." Thor murmurs, his thumb pushing a strand out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. The God's brows are furrowed as he takes in his lover's pale face. "Will she awaken?" His cerulean eyes lock onto Banner's now and there is a sea of worry there, enough to almost drown Bruce in it.

"Any moment now." Bruce reassures him, though he truly doesn't know when or if Jane will wake up. Still, he comes into the room and takes a glance at the monitor, confirming that everything is normal.

"Why did her heart stop?" Thor questions, voice unnervingly soft. It's so unlike him, enough to disconcert Bruce. This quiet, worried, scared God is not the one that Bruce came to know in New York. Honestly, if Bruce had met Thor now, he'd have no idea at how jovially the God normally was.

"A lot of things maybe." Bruce runs a hand through his hair, sighing softly. "I can't make a definite diagnosis. Tony is going to get me some files from S.H.I.E.L.D. and then I'll hopefully have something similar enough to Jane's to compare it to." He adjusts a few settings on the monitor, making the alarm louder than normal. He wants to be sure that if Jane's heart stops again, he'll be the first to know. Then, glancing back at Thor he adds, "You don't suppose Asgard has anything?"

Thor reflects on this for a moment, then gravely states, "No. The Aether is ancient and it has never before been a host to a human."

"Then, all we can do is wait and see." He moves back towards the doorway. "Let me know if anything changes." Thor doesn't say anything and Bruce sighs as he makes his way down the hallway and back to the office he's taken over. He sits down before his computer and checks his email. He's got one email from Tony and eagerly, he opens it.

Surprisingly, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't have too many records similar to Jane's. I'm still digging but here's what I've got so far. Let me know if you need anything else.

Opening the attachments, Bruce scans the various x-rays and medical records. A few had suffered heart arrhythmia after some intense training exercises, though the problem resolved in time. One agent had MRI's close to Jane's after an accidental electrocution, but he'd died shortly after, the energy just too much—not too promising giving Jane's current condition.

"What am I going to do?" He whispers, leaning back in his chair. He had nothing to help Jane—no diagnosis, no treatment, nothing at all. Jane's body was shutting down now that the Aether was gone. Putting it back in her is out of the question—Thor had explained how it was safely stored away off-realm somewhere—and he has no way to help her body snap back to her normal reality.

He's stuck.

Jane blinks a few times as she comes back to reality.

The first thing she is aware of is soreness in her chest. She winces as she takes a breath in, but slowly, the burn goes away as her lungs seemingly become adjusted to expanding once more.


"Thor?" She turns her head a bit too fast. It dizzies her and she sighs softly. "What happened?" She tries to sit up, but he immediately pushes her back down to the bed.

"Jane, please," His eyes are misting and that alerts her that something is seriously wrong. Maybe the world is ending, maybe his father is dead, or perhaps, the Avengers are in trouble? She gives all of these situations a few moments of her time before he finally continues. "Jane, your heart stopped. For a few moments, I thought . . ." His voice is clogged and he has to clear his throat.

"Hey." She reaches for his hand, holding it securely within hers. She's never seen him like this, so scared and vulnerable. It strikes her, seeing him like this. He doesn't want to lose her and she doesn't want to leave him. Maybe . . . maybe their relationship is futile. He's a God and she, a mere mortal. The odds have always been stacked against them. Maybe this is the end?

She hopes not.

For in this moment, she knows that without a doubt, that she loves him. He's her one an only, as cheesy as that sounds. She wants nothing more than to reassure him that she will be okay, that he won't lose her. Truth is, she doesn't know that.

"Thor, it's okay." She lies softly. She manages a smile onto her tired lips. "I'm going to be okay."

"I know." He presses a kiss to her hand and he too manages a grin, though it doesn't reach his eyes. He can tell she's lying, she's sure, but for the moment is buying the lie. "I should tell Dr. Banner you're awake." He begins to rise from the chair beside her bed, but she tugs at his hand. He hesitates mid-rise and asks, "Jane?"

She blushes immediately, embarrassed at her actions. She lets go and curls up on the bed.

"Sorry." She chirps and Thor regards her curiously, one eyebrow raised.

"Jane?" He presses, leaning in.

"I just . . ." She sighs, aggravated. It must be the medicine running through her veins making her feel like this. She's not needy, not at all. She's a strong, independent woman. She doesn't need someone to comfort her. But . . .

"I shan't leave you should you wish it." He assures her, sitting back in the chair. "Dr. Banner shall return, I am sure."

"Thor, you don't have to—" She starts to shake her head, but he simply interjects,

"All is well, Jane." He grins at her now, posture relaxed and easy. "Rest easy."

"Thor, I—" She starts.

"Jane, what the fuck!" Darcy shouts as she storms into the room, Ian trailing behind her. Her intern's intern gives her a sheepish wave and Darcy places her hands on her hips. "You get admitted to the hospital and you don't think to call?"

"Darcy, we should probably be quiet—" Ian tries to reason with her, placing a hand on her shoulder, but she quickly shrugs it off.

"Screw that!" Her intern exclaims. Her beady gaze rests on Jane's. "Do you have nothing to say for yourself?"

"Um . . ." It amazes her just how matronly Darcy can be when she's truly pissed off. In a flash, the younger woman can go from absolutely carefree to full of righteous fury. "Sorry?"

"Jane has been through quite the ordeal—" Thor tries to defend her, but Darcy glowers at him, clearly having none of it.

"And you!" She spins around to face him. "Have you forgotten how to use a phone? Why did I have to find out for myself that Jane was here?"

"What is going on in here?" Dr. Banner walks in and quickly takes in Darcy and Ian. "Darcy?"

"Hey, Doc Banner," She drawls, eyes now locked on Jane's face. "You figure out how to fix her yet?"

"Uh, no." He coughs softly, eyes downcast. "I'm still waiting on a few things."

"Bruce?" Thor questions, seemingly sensing there's something more to his teammate's behavior than the good doctor was letting on.

"I'd like to keep Jane overnight." Bruce says instead, ignoring Thor's perplexed look. "After the incident today—"

"Incident?" Darcy interrupts. "What incident?"

"Darcy, please." Jane reaches for her hand and tries to soothe her rattled intern.

"I just want to observe her." Bruce admits softly.

"Okay," Jane replies, trying to sound somewhat confident. "That's fine. It's just one night so—"

"Ian." Darcy commands and her intern quickly jumps to attention. "Go get some blankets and pillows."

"Darcy?" Jane questions.

"What?" Her intern snaps. "You thought you were just going stay here alone?"

"I am going to remain here—" Thor interjects, but the brunette quickly shakes her head, ignoring him completely.

"I can't count on either of you two to keep me informed." She sighs. Then, to Ian, "Go."

He quickly scurries away and Darcy sits on the edge, before nudging her boss to move over.

"Seriously?" Jane sighs, shifting to make room. Soon, she and Darcy are sharing the bed and the astrophysicist can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Her intern is acting like a child, but she can't help but admit that it does feel nice to have someone so close to her. It reminds her that she isn't alone.

"So?" Darcy glances at Banner.

"I'm not sure." He confesses and Darcy nods.

"Well then, I guess we just have to do what we do best." She smirks at Jane. "We'll have to figure it out."

And for the first time in what feels like forever, Jane laughs.

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