A/N: This story comes from my imagination and therefore it has its own logic:

1. They are some mix of werewolves and shifters. Living in their pack deep in the forest of my own imagined world.

2. When they change from wolf to human, they aren't naked. Guys have pants and girls are in a top and shorts, or a light dress. They may be wild, but not entirely animal.

3. They can speak human language and with yips, growls and howls like wolves would.

4. They can eat raw and cooked game (yes, they can cook). That's really is just a question of preference.

5. They don't like to go near humans, only when necessary, you can guess three times why.

If you don't like my logic, well, sucks for you. XD

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It started as any day before in the deep forest that the Iwatobi pack called their home. It was the middle of spring, trees started to crack their green leaf buds, flowers greeted the slowly rising sun, that turned a warmer look at the earth with every day that passed by. Birds had returned from their journey to the south, again filling the slightly frozen forest with songs and life.

A long and sleepy yawn echoed through the clearing, joined in with three others, making it a small cacophony of its own. A cluster of maroon red fur rolled over the newly grown grass, followed by a dark and light brown, and finally one, quite reluctant, black one.

"Hey, Rin." Makoto's small yip caught the red furred pup's attention and he turned his head to look at his friend. "You sure we should do this?"

"Don't be such a wuss, Makoto! We are wolves! And we will go look at rabbits… We eat them, you know! There is nothing to be afraid of." Rin called over his shoulder and kept running, occasionally sliding over the still frozen ground.

"I'm not scared of the rabbits, but of my mom when she finds out…" Makoto looked back at the coal black pup that slowly padded after the group. Haruka wouldn't have the fear the dark brown youth felt, but maybe he could talk some sense into Rin. They crashed with each other more than needed, true, but somehow their rivalry made them like supper aware of the others thoughts. It was like watching fire and water fight. Too much of the water would smother the fire, where too much of the fire would dry up the water into vapor. So they tried to always stay in a balance, but still wouldn't give in fully to the other.

"Haru-chan, do you think we should go?" Makoto asked the black pup when he slowly had padded up to his friend. The small wolf's brilliant blue eyes flashed with annoyance.

"Don't add –chan! And I don't really mind." A passive yip slid over the black furred pup's lips and he gave out a small yawn.

"Come on, you two!" Nagisa yipped happily, jumping up and down with excitement. "Rin-chan will leave us behind!" And the dark brown and black wolf pups quickened their pace.

When they had caught up Rin already was hiding behind a fallen tree, attentively watching a suspicious hill before it. A darker patch of earth around a hole, hidden with tree roots, showed that it was recently dug. The three pups slowed their pace and slowly inched close to their friend.

"This one is new." Rin let out a soft growl, not turning his eyes to the other three as they joined him.

"Do you think there are pups?" Nagisa asked his red furred friend. Rin frowned and took his eyes from the hole, meeting the pinkish eyes of the light brown pup with his burning purple.

"I don't think they are called 'pups' when its rabbits, Nagisa. But I want to check it out." He flashed a toothy smile and inched closer to the hole.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Makoto sighed. Haruka watched the happenings with a bored look on his face, while Nagisa was on the edge with excitement.

Rin took two more steps closer and lifted his nose to sniff in some air. It did smell of rabbit… but something else was mixed into the scent. One of the red pup's ears bent to a side as his mind went through the smells he had already registered in his memory.

"Rin-chan what is it?" The light brown wolf's voice and pinkish eyes staring into his own had surprised Rin and the pup almost yelped stepping back.

"Damn it, Nagisa!" a growl left the red pup, before his eyes went wide as the shock had made his mind click and he remembered what the other scent was. At that very moment a ginger and white colored fur slid out from the hole and a full grown fox was looking down on the two pups before its newfound home.

"Run!" Rin shouted and nipped Nagisa's side, to make the confused light brown pup move, as he had not yet noticed the danger behind him. The red furred pup growled as intimidating as he could and ducked under the white paw that was coming at him, rolling away from the sharp teeth that fallowed. Getting back to his feet the pup darted to the way where they had entered the forest; the other three had already grasped the situation and waited for their friend to join them at the small clearing.

Catching up to his friends, while the fox had lost interest to the little rascals that had interrupted its morning, Rin jumped and caught Haruka and Makoto, making them both roll with him down the newly grown grass and the red furred pup laughed throughout it all. Nagisa run around the cluster of mixed fur and yipped, joining in the fun.

"That was awesome!" Rin shouted finally entangling himself from the others and sitting up. Makoto looked at the red furred pup with a questioning look, but the laughter caught him, making the dark brown pup chuckle. Haruka rolled his eyes, but a shadow of a smile was on his lips as well.

The sun had risen to its highest point in the spring sky. The pack had a deer for breakfast and now the hunters where getting ready to hunt the lunch. The grown male group stood around their Alpha.

"Tachibana, is everyone ready?" The dark red haired Alpha asked his Beta.

"Yes, Matsuoka. The omega's saw a herd of deer's just past the river." The Beta answered and nodded to the group to get ready to shift and take position.

"Good. Let's not let the hungry mouths wait. We have to get at last two of them, or my wife will skin me to feed our daughter." The man laughed and turned into his bulky, but lean burgundy colored wolf form.

Howling a call to hunt the group left the small clearing by a rocky mountain that the pack had made their home.

Rin sat up at the top of the rocks, crossing his legs Indian style, hands pressing down on his bare feet, while a bright smile was plastered on the boy's lips. One day I will be like him, howling the hunters together to lead them… An Alpha. The boy thought, while his eyes followed his father and the retreating figures, sliding through the forest with smooth movements.

That night the storm outside felt like a gentle breeze compared to the turmoil boiling in the small boy's chest. Rin whined softly in the corner of the cave his family called home. His mother was taking care of his sister, trying to calm the small girl, so the red haired boy was left alone with his sadness.

"I wonder if she knows…" Rin murmured under his breath listening to his sister's cry. She was just barely two years old, but she did have wolf's blood in her, right? She could feel the grief that filled their home.

"An Alpha is the best hunter in the pack. He is witty and strong." The boy sniffed quietly while reciting the rules. "An Alpha always thinks of his pack. He is as strong, as the weakest of them. When an Alpha dies… when he dies… The Beta takes over." The boy rolled up in a small ball, wondering how he got from being the Alpha's son to a mere son of a wolf who died in a matter of seconds.

The next day came with a cloudless blue sky and sunshine so bright and warm that Rin thought the world was mocking him. The redhead glared up at the beautiful morning sky before growling in annoyance and slowly walking to the clearing. Three young boys, almost the same age as he, stood already there and waited for the red haired boy to join them as every morning.

This morning though, none of them were smiling. All their eyes were clouded with red which mad Rin slightly touched and in the same time angry. Why would they need to cry? It was his dad who died. The others shouldn't feel anything, much less cry because of it.

Rin swallowed and choked out a smile on his face. Putting his hands on his hips he let a quick look slide over the three before letting a small laugh come over his lips.

"Who took and buried your favorite bone? Guys you look awful." He said with joyful mockery in his voice. The three boys looked at each other and a sniff echoed between them, when Nagisa let his tears fall, wiping on his pinkish eyes that had become almost as red as were Rin's.

"Woah! Easy with the water work there, Nagisa. Cheer up! Hey…" Whatever Rin was about to say next got stuck in the boys throat as the smaller boy wrapped himself around his waist, almost squeezing the breath out of the redhead, while his tears left a small wet patch on his bare chest. The maroon haired boy was about to peal his friend off him when two more strong hands settled around him. Rin's eyebrows pulled together. When Nagisa's cry-hug was somewhat bearable, then Makoto hugging him made an inexplicable irritation bubble up in him.

The redhead turned to Haruka for help of getting their friends off, knowing the black haired boy wouldn't indulge himself in such emotional outburst, but his mind was thrown down a drain when Haruka too slowly joined his hands with Rin's lean waist. The boy almost snarled.

"Get off me!" The boy shook his entire body like a dog out of water, flinging his friends off him. "What's wrong with you?! That felt so creepy…" The boy shuddered slightly theatrical and brushed his chest where Nagisa's tears had made a wet spot.

"You act like the world had ended… Geez! If you act like that, then I'm not playing with you guys today." Rin made a small pout appear on his face, effectively hiding the sadness that had resurfaced feeling his friends' attempt of comfort. He absolutely refused to show his weakness.

The three looked at each other in silence again. Rin sighed.

"Fine. Do whatever you guys want, I'm off to watch the hunters…" He gave a knowing smirk to his friends and turned, slowly pacing away. Rin didn't go even ten feet, when he heard the hurried steps behind him.

"You… you know where they hunt?" Nagisa slid his hands around Rin's elbow, lightly hanging onto the boy. A toothy smile was plastered on the redhead's face and he nodded. Turning his head slightly he looked back and saw the faint spark of excitement in the other two boys eyes as well. Sliding from the light grasp on his hand Rin shifted and the red furred pup yipped at his friends before running off to the edge of the trees. The three followed suite and all four young wolves disappeared in the shadows of the forest.

"Wow! Look at the herd! They are so many!" Nagisa exclaimed noticeably awestruck. The smaller boy looked at the three others and was pleased that they had almost as excited faces as he, safe for Haruka, but the black haired boy had a spark in his brilliant blue eyes that worked almost as good.

"I want to hunt them too." Rin said with a grin on his lips, the purple eyes sparkling.

"When we grow up we could all make a hunt group together! We would be the best, right Haru-chan?!" Nagisa lightly pulled at the black haired boys arm earning himself an annoyed stare, probably more bothered by the added 'chan' to the boys name, than the question itself.

The conversation dropped though, when the group of hunters had surrounded one of the deer and were slowly closing in on it, gaining full attention of the four young wolves. Then one of the muscular wolves leapt at the deer's neck, sinking sharp canines into the soft flesh. Makoto shivered while Nagisa gasped. Only Rin and Haruka didn't make any sound or movement seeing the scene. They felt mesmerized, thought for different reasons than the other.

"You shouldn't be here, kids." A husky voice suddenly appeared behind the small group of boy and they turned their heads in an almost synchronized manner. A man with fiery red hair and yellow eyes looked down on them, a faint smirk on his face. "The young shouldn't wander off from their home. It's dangerous."

Nagisa stepped back, slightly hiding himself behind Makoto, who had grasped Haruka's hand for a mental support. The black hair along with Rin gave the man a suspicious look.

"Easy there! No need to twist your fur in a knot there!" The man laughed. "The Alpha knows me, okay. I'm Mikoshiba, from the pack across the river." He nodded to the direction where the river was, making a bow at the valley and going back to the mountains where it originally came from.

A mountain wolf?! Rin's purple eyes went wide as the thought surfaced in his mind.

"I came here to see, if I could get some recruits for my hunter group…" Mikoshiba scratched his head. "But looks like they are already well coordinated there." The man's yellow eyes slid over the hunting group just down the hill, that were about to take their pray home.

"I will go." Rin stepped forward, earning confused and surprised looks from his friends and the man before him, but the boy's determination lit in his purple eyes.

"Huh? Matsuoka's kid, ain't ya? He was a great hunter." The man scratched his chin. Rin's purple eyes were shooting sparkles now. He knew dad?! The redhead nodded. "That would be a hard training, pup, but if you are up to it…"

"Rin..?" A hand was suddenly on the boy's forearm and he looked to his side to meet brilliant blue eyes asking silent questions. Rin gave his friend a bright toothy smile and walked toward the fiery-red haired man without a word.

"It's settled then, pup. We get the permission from your Alpha and in the first rays of the sun setting off for the mountains." The man laughed and put a hand on the red haired boy's head. The picture of their friend retreating back left as the last memory for the three young boy's standing at the edge of the hunting grounds of Iwatobi pack.

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