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~Chapter 1: New World~

"Naruto." Itachi called quietly as he dragged his heavily damaged body into an attack position.

"Itachi." Naruto acknowledged, sending over a silent confirmation. 'It's done.'

'Very well. I doubt either of us will survive this, but… we are bringing you down. Obito…' Itachi steeled himself. Naruto channeled high amounts of whatever chakra he had left along with Kurama's into the intricate seal that decorated the battle floor.

"So here you two are. Forfeit quietly. The Kyubi will be mine and everything will be over!" shouted Obito, as the seal began to light up quickly, piece by piece. "You think a seal can stop me?" he demanded as he rushed toward Naruto, who only gave him a blank look that held a tint of desperation. Itachi went to intercept him so Naruto could finish.

"It's done. Fuin!" Naruto yelled.

The Uchiha screamed in pain and fury as the Juubi's chakra was forcefully ripped from him and sucked into the seal. A void opened up underneath them.

"This is the end… for all three of us." Naruto stated solemnly, as they fell into the freezing depths of darkness.

Itachi smiled slightly. "It was nice to work with you Naruto. Everything will be fine now."

The two locked eyes and disappeared into the void, anticipating the cold arms of death.


'My body feels heavy… it's dark… so peaceful…' Naruto thought as he floated in the endless void. Doing nothing, just resting… something he hadn't been able to do in a long time. 'Is this how death feels like? Then… I rather like this…'

Darkness had been his friend even before his birth. After all, the womb is dark, and that was the last place he was truly safe ad accepted, wrapped in his mother's love. To be a ninja means to walk alongside that darkness and work with it. If you can't embrace and accept it… then it shall be your executioner. A ninja's life is harsh, never knowing if one is going to live or die the next day, walking on that thin line named Life… and Death…

"Kit. It's time to wake up. We're quite proud, by the way." Kurama's deep voice came from within the darkness.

'Kurama… Wait… we? Is it not my end yet? I remember me and Itachi…' Naruto thought softly to himself and Kurama chuckled, along with another purring laughter.

"It's me! Nibi no Matabi here! Why don't you just open your eyes and have a fun adventure for the rest of your life with your Uchiha friend? You certainly deserve it!" she purred and he slowly woke up to the sound of someone calling his name.

"-ruto. Naruto." He opened his foxlike eyes and squinted at the harsh sunlight that shone into his eyes.

"Itachi?" he mumbled softly and he heard a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad you're awake. We are in a situation that leaves much to be desired," he muttered in his monotone voice, something the two both held.

Naruto blinked as his eyes adjusted to the sunlight and he was momentary stunned. However his face held the same blankness it usually did, the only thing that changed was the minuscule widening of his eyes. Otherwise, it looked like he wasn't even surprised.

"…Where are we?" he asked Itachi as he took in his surroundings. The first thing that made them sure that they weren't in the Elemental Nations was the nature, just brimming with life. In their war-torn lands, most of the scenery was destroyed in some way, most covered in battle marks and yet… this place was completely untouched and he couldn't identify some of the more… odd looking plants.

"I do not know. When I woke up, we were here. That's odd, considering I was sure that at least I would die when I was sucked into the void." Itachi crossed his arms, clearly alert, as they scanned their surroundings thoroughly for any signs of danger. "We need to find more information," he stated and Naruto looked at him with blank eyes that said, 'Isn't it obvious?'

"Which way do you want to go? Shinobi or henge?" Naruto asked him as he picked himself off the ground. He brushed off the dirt and checked out his attire. It was, to put it mildly, completely trashed, bloody and ripped. Itachi was in no better shape as he answered. "Shinobi. We don't know anything, and information is a shinobi's life." He summoned two Akatsuki cloaks and handed one over to Naruto who nodded his thanks and covered himself up.

He took off the Fox mask he still had on his belt and put it on, while Itachi did the same with his Crow mask.

"Meet up here?"

Itachi nodded. "Three hours should be sufficient." And the two disappeared in their own ways. Itachi in a flock of crows, and Naruto in a silent Shushin.


3 Hours later…

"How did your scouting go?" Naruto asked Itachi once they settled down on a tall tree, out of sight.

"I borrowed some books on this world; however… we can't read them until we learn their language," he told him as he unsealed some books and a dictionary he'd manage to acquire.

Naruto nodded. "I figured as much. The chakra here didn't feel right, so I confronted the Tailed-Beasts about it." He crossed his arms and sighed. "Kurama said we were lucky that, instead of dying, we landed in another world. The chances of doing that is one in a million."

"Hn." Itachi grunted as he thought it over, before coming to a conclusion. "Since we are in a different world, we might as well live it. But before that," he held up the thick dictionary. "We need to learn about this world's customs and language," Itachi stated as his Sharingan manifested, much to Naruto's annoyance.

"Not everyone has a bloodline that allows them to copy and memorize everything they see with a glance," he complained dully.

"Not everyone enough chakra to make millions of Kage Bunshins." Itachi countered and the two sighed in mutual defeat.


Fairy Tail's Guildhall…

Makarov sighed as he sipped his beer. The dark guilds were being much more active than usual for some reason. He flipped through the day's newspaper and his eyes were drawn to a particular article.

[News – Year X775]

[Sorcerer Magazine – Hot NEWS!]

[Hello, this is JASON! The dark guild Hells Mans were found this morning, defeated! We have managed to acquire a recording of what happened to the dark guild! And it was just amazing! Two mages, who were both dressed in identical cloaks that have red clouds decorated on it along with mask, have appeared!]

[One of them had a Crow like mask along with long black hair from what can be seen from the recording! The other had long spiky blond hair and a Fox like mask! Their genders are unknown, but the most probable guess from what we have seen is male! They both use unknown magic and are strong without a doubt, since neither of them were injured and took down the guild with relative ease!]

[The one that shall be currently known as 'Crow' was shown using high illusion magic! However, there were no incantations when used! Nor magic circles! The other has the ability to duplicate themselves and was shown having high combat ability! They are the current unknown mages being featured.]

[If more information on them is found, please report it! We shall provide more news on these two new figures when we get it!]

[Crow] [Fox] And two images were provided on the two. They looked dark and intimidating as they sliced through the guild like butter.

Makarov felt his eyebrows rise at the news. Two new mages that took down a dark guild by themselves? And using unknown magics to boot. Maybe they could tone down the recently rising population of dark guilds.


"Yo Master! I'm back!" Gildarts called as he walked through the now broken door.

Makarov turned his head back to greet the trouble making ace as he walked over to the Third. "Welcome back. How was the quest?"

Gildarts cracked his neck as he plopped down next to the Master and took a look at the news. He whistled in astonishment. "These two must be quite strong. And about my quest… well, I finished it." He answered with a slight pause, which Makarov noticed.

The old man sighed. "What did you do this time? I already have enough paperwork without you adding to it, you know?" He gave a pointed look at the ace, who laughed sheepishly and changed the topic onto something safer.

"To be truthful, I think I saw these two sometime ago. Maybe a day? They were shopping for supplies under an illusion, so I don't know about their appearances, but they didn't appear to harbor any malicious intentions," he told him seriously as he cocked his head. "Think they would be good additions if I can find them again?"

Makarov snorted. "Do whatever you want as long as you don't cause any more paper to find its way to my desk."

"I'm the stronger one! You piece of iron!"

"You? Yeah right princess, I'm the stronger one! Why don't you go do your nails or something?"

The two sighed as their usual two members got into a shouting match that would soon elevate into a magic fighting match.


Year X777…

"Igneel! Igneel!" A young Natsu called for his dragon parent over and over again. He took a deep breath to try again. "IGNEEL! Igneel…" he sniffled. Where did his father go? What would he do now? A hand-made its way to the top of his head and ruffled his hair.

He bristled and turned around, finding himself face to face with an eerie looking fox mask.

"Who the hell are you?! Have you seen Igneel? He's a fire Dragon!" he demanded from the odd stranger and he soon found himself being carried by his shirt like a cat would do to its kittens.

"Hey!" he struggled to get down. "Let go of me! I have to find Igneel! LET GO OF ME!" he demanded fiercely, but it was all ruined by a loud exclamation from his stomach.


He stopped struggling and patted his stomach. "I'm hungry."

Naruto nodded at him in agreement.

"Where are you taking me, anyway?" he asked as he crossed his arms with a slightly excited look. He had never seen the city before!

Naruto gestured vaguely towards the north and Natsu got pissed.






"Damn you." Natsu cursed weakly as Naruto continued to carry him by his shirt.