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~Chapter 3: Eggs and Troubles~

Naruto stared at the kunai in his hand. He had gotten it when he'd pickpocketed a ninja that ran by him in a hurry. Now people would call him thief but he was an orphan, so give him a break! Not to mention that he was also Kyubi's container, which didn't make anything easier what with how the majority of his village hated his guts, but alas.

He met the Kyubi by accident when he fell off a cliff and survived, albeit barely. There were perks to being a container, and while he was still a child and he didn't really understand a lot of things, he understood the reason for Jiji to not tell him about the fox he affectionately nicknamed 'Orange-chan'. If you were in his place, you'd either have to be mature enough to think rationally or die a sad death. Plenty have already died because they didn't have the capability.

The reason he had pickpocketed the ninja was because he wanted a kunai, and no sane or 'demon-hating' shopkeeper would sell something dangerous to a child that was five years old, and the Jinchuuriki no less. So he resorted to stealing, it was just one kunai, the man wouldn't even miss it!

But now, he had a problem…

He had spied on plenty of ninjas to see how they threw it and it was a wonderful display that he wanted to mimic. However, no matter how hard he tried, it wouldn't go like the way they threw it, it only sailed for a short distance before tumbling ungracefully to the floor. He was getting frustrated at his failed attempts. A voice behind him startled him and he whipped his head around as he tried to hide the kunai, unsuccessfully as it was already seen.

"Hello, would you like me to show you how to hold it properly?"

Itachi had to wonder what Naruto was doing, and where he had acquired the kunai. He had watched the failed attempts for a while, and decided that a small piece of advice on how to hold it would be fine, he was a lot like Sasuke.

Naruto stammered at the dark-haired ninja. He was found out! And did he just ask if he wanted to learn? "Err, what? Who are you, mister?"

"My name is Uchiha Itachi, it's nice to meet you. I watched you trying to use a kunai that you shouldn't be having, but a child can have a few secrets here and there." Itachi's lips twitched slightly before settling back into place.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He introduced himself, and was slightly surprised when the stranger didn't seem disgusted with him or anything like the general public.

Itachi, noticing the slightly surprised look explained. "Not everybody thinks the same way, I'm one of those that thank you for your sacrifice. Think of me teaching you how to hold a kunai and throwing it as payback."

Naruto nodded silently and perked up as he listened to him.

30 minutes later…

"Thank you." Naruto thanked, and Itachi knew that it wasn't just about the lesson. He was also thanking him for seeing him as a person, not the Kyubi. For taking his time to do something for him when most wouldn't even spare him a glance.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun." He replied and Naruto paused at the –kun.

"Can you not add the –kun to my name? It sounds creepy when you say it."

"Very well… Naruto."

And that was how they first met… the first to acknowledge him, teaching him something and not lecturing to him on his wrongdoings, another person was added to his small circle of trusted people and dare he say it… friends.


"Naruto, do you not have some seals that can make a house without us physically doing it?" Itachi called from the top of the tree they were going to build in as he hammered away at a plank.

"I do not. Are you getting lazy? I've never heard you complain about something like this before." Naruto replied back from around the nails had in his mouth as he also hammered away.

"But you do have to think about it. We are Shinobi's, not builders and have never built a house before. I believe that the house will fall apart quite fast since we know next to nothing about building. Maybe we should take up certain crafts for own benefits. It would be useful in the future," suggested the Uchiha as he placed the hammer he'd acquired down on the branch he was standing on.

Naruto also paused as he placed the nails and hammer on the branch and sighed. "That's true, and we can't risk hiring someone. Let's hold off on the house and I'll go experiment with mixing water and earth charka to hopefully be able to create a seal that will convert it into wood, and make a house. Why don't you go hunt and maybe get some books while you're at it?" he proposed as he jumped away to a clearing to do his project.

Itachi headed the other way to hunt for meat, other herbs and plants. Perhaps he should start stocking up so they didn't have to hunt every day, the storage scroll could keep the food fresh anyway. With that in mind, he made a couple of clones to expand his area of hunting.


Naruto cursed and jumped away from the flashing seal that was about to blow up on him. Again.


He and his clones weren't making much progress at all. Either it was too little water chakra, too much of earth chakra or the other way around, the seal couldn't support it. He already had over a hundred failed experiments, and if it weren't for the sound barrier he put up, he would be having people investigating the area about all the explosions.

His mood went up when one of his clones made more progress and dispelled itself. Now that the ratio of chakra was known, all they had to do was the seal part, and that was the easier part for him as an Uzumaki.


He turned toward the source of the sound and found… two odd eggs? Apparently they had fallen out of their nests due to all the quakes made by his failures and he went over to pick them up. It was odd; the two eggs were stuck to one another by a thin strand of chakra, kind of like twins. They were a light clear blue, like water and were about the size of his hands. The pattern of the shells was akin to scales.

'Maybe some odd fish eggs of this world. Wonder if they are edible, I should go get a book on eggs.' And he left his clones to work on the seal as he placed the eggs in his cloak.


"I'm back." Itachi announced as he entered their camp to see Naruto hovering over something. He glanced away from his book to motion him over. "What do you think about these eggs? Do they look edible to you?" Naruto motioned to the eggs he had been comparing to the ones in the book. The eggs matched nothing in the many pages and he was seriously questioning if they were edible. If they weren't… should they hatch it and see?

"They do not look edible to me, but this world is odd, so I do not know. Speaking of eggs, I too, found an egg. However, it is far bigger than those two and looks more edible besides the size." He unsealed the egg that was about half the size of a person with black and white dots.

Naruto was speechless. It did look more edible but… the size made it a bit hard to even think about cooking and eating it. Really, a person would definitely want to know what it is. And he doubted that he read about it in his book either since he would definitely remember something like this.

"…Where did you find it?"

"A cave," came the simple answer.

"I… see." Naruto got up and sniffed the egg a few times. The smell was slightly familiar… like a mixture of birds and… that dragon, Igneel's reptilian smell. Now he really wanted to know.

"It smells like that dragon, well- species wise, not his offspring or anything. It also smells like birds, for some reason. I'm definitely not eating it. We can hatch it and see about it then." Naruto gave his analyze of the mystery egg as he plopped back down to start lunch.

"The more I learn about this world, the odder I think it is."

Itachi could only nod in agreement.


Fairy Tail…

"I found an egg!" Natsu exclaimed as he ran into the guild excitedly. "A dragon egg!"

"Really? I doubt it's a dragon egg though!" Macao remarked as he smoked with the other kids crowding around Natsu to take a look.

"We can cook it!" someone joked and Natsu froze. He held the egg defensively as he snapped. "No way! I'm hatching it! We're not going to cook it!"

"We can hatch it together. Natsu!" Lisanna suggested since the clueless boy would probably kill the egg by accident. Mirajane watched from the side jealously as Natsu effortless took her sister away from her.

Damn the brat!

"Waahh! Natsu! You'll kill it!" Lisanna cried as she stopped Natsu from burning the egg. The egg had to sweat-drop: would he be killed before he even hatched?

"Here! I'll show you!" And Lisanna did her animal-soul take-over as she demonstrated to the clueless dragonslayer.

'At least the kid is fitting in now. Lisanna can befriend anybody!' Makarov thought silently as he watched his younger members interact with one another.


'How did we get into this situation?' Naruto questioned himself as he dodged a blast of fire that some odd turtle-like animal was firing. For a turtle, it was darn fast! He flipped a few pages in the beast book he gotten.

"Should we kill it? Maybe it is sellable. We need to read up on the currency of this world. So much to do… and more adding onto the list." Itachi mumbled to himself as they dodged the attacks.

"Apparently this is some kind of magical animal. It has a really hard shell, but if it can be defeated with the shell intact, then it can be sold. Not much information on this turtle since there aren't enough high leveled mages who are in this area of research…" Naruto read out loud before he closed the book with a snap. "This seems like an interesting area. Want to go hunting some of these for our own personal database? We have nothing important to do, anyways."

"Indeed. I'm slightly interested in blacksmithing since we are bound to make our own weapons from now on since this world doesn't make our foreign weapons." He aimed a kunai that sliced the artery of the turtle before it could have hid in its shell. It collapsed and died slowly from the blood loss. Itachi touched the shell and he was surprised. "No wonder this turtle has such a high defense." He mused.


"Apparently it has metal properties in the shell that enhanced its defense. This world has enough surprises for us to never be bored." He took a plate of the shell off with a grunt and threw it over to Naruto who bent it and played around with it.

"What an odd world."


They tensed as the scream pierced the air. Where had it come from? It sounded young, like a small girl and the voice held traces of fear. Without exchanging words, they disappeared to track down the source of the noise. They stopped at a clearing to see a small blue haired girl along with another blue haired boy fighting off another beast as he tried to protect the smaller girl.

"Wendy! Stay back!" the boy called and the girl nodded fearfully as she tried to hide.