Flower 花 Chinese (Hua) Japanese (Hana)

"I'm so glad you decided to come," said Jinora.

"I decided it was time for me to meet her. I know she's not Korra, but I need to know if her legacy is in the right hands."

"I think you'll like her. You have a brother for an earthbender."

"Is Bolin already here?"

"No, he'll be here in a couple of hours. Something about a burst pipe in his home."

"So what is she like?"

"She's stubborn, but she's an attentive student. She used to be very shy, but I think firebending training has made her a little more assertive."

"How's her spiritual side?"

"She's made friends with some of the forest spirits near Omashu, but that's about it. She's quite nervous about visiting the Spirit World, but she has made contact with Korra before." Jinora saw Mako tense up, but did not mention anything further.

"How did you find her, with all those years of false reports?" After Korra's death, he made an extra effort to ignore any rumors about her reincarnation. He always knew Jinora would be one of the first to know and she would confirm it to him in person.

"Her parents own a restaurant in Omashu. It was raining one night and thieves broke in. It didn't take long before reports of an earthbender freezing three men in solid ice came to the White Lotus."

"She never showed potential in the other elements before?"

"No, she was already fourteen when we found her. Her parents said she was a prodigy in earthbending, taught herself metalbending when she was still a child. Even then, she was terrified of being separated from her parents and more terrified of being responsible for both worlds."

"I don't blame her, Korra once told me she almost regretted being discovered so young."

"We decided to relocate her to Liang's home in the Fire Nation when she turned sixteen. White Lotus sentries were sent to Omashu for her family's protection. Kairi, Liang, and I made occasional visits to her. Liang gave her introductory firebending lessons, nothing too strenuous or dangerous. After her fifteenth birthday, she wanted to explore her potential and decided to move early."

"You'll be her spiritual advisor as well?"

"Yes, I will still be with her when she travels to the South Pole to learn waterbending from Kairi."

"So both of her children will train Hana."

"That was theirs and Korra's mutual decision. Korra wanted her successor to be with people who would genuinely care about the Avatar as a person and who he or she could trust. It was ultimately up to Hana though, but they bonded pretty quickly. I expect it will be the same for you."

"I'm only here to see her just this one time."

"So you say." A boat was now approaching the port. "She's here."

"I'll stay behind."

Jinora nodded her head and went ahead. When the ship docked, Mako could hear a young girl's voice. "Land! Sweet, sweet land, oh how I've missed you!"

"Hello, Hana," Jinora laughed.

"Master Jinora, can I get an Air Bison so I never have to be on a boat again?"

"Master airbending first and we'll talk."

"Is that your way of avoiding the question?" Hana raised her eyebrow.

"Never mind that, come over here, I haven't seen you in months." Hana rushed over and gave her a hug. "I have someone I want you to meet."

The girl was dressed in typical Earth Kingdom attire, a light green dress with gold trimming. She had a fair complexion and her dark brown hair was gathered in a bun pinned at the top of her head. He knew she wasn't Korra, but he couldn't help feeling disheartened when he saw emerald green eyes instead of blue. When she was closer, Mako could make out the design of her hairpin: a white and blue kite-shaped spirit. Raava.

"Hana, this is-"

"Mako," Hana whispered. She stood in front of him and solemnly bowed. "She said I would meet you one day."

"Korra… spoke to you about me?"

"I've only spoken to her during the solstices. I was so scared and miserable when I found out I was the Avatar, but she told me my friends would become part of my family and I would never be alone. You were part of that and you meant so much to her."

His throat welled up with emotion, "Th-thank you."

Jinora placed a hand on her shoulder, "Hana, let's get you settled in."

"Okay." She turned back to Mako, "I promise I'll do my best to use the light within Raava and I to maintain peace and balance as Korra did."

"I'm sure you will."

She bowed again and headed for her room.

"She'll start training tomorrow," said Jinora before she went off to follow her student.


She stopped in her tracks, "Yes?"

"I'll stop by tomorrow."

"Very well then." He didn't notice a small smile on her face when she turned around.

When he was alone, he pulled out the letter from his pocket.

My end is only just the beginning though.

"I'll help watch over her for you, Korra. She is family."