Chapter Thirty: Sins of the father.

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Five blurs shot through the trees at high speed. Leaping from branch to branch as they traversed the marshlands that signalled their entrance to the Land of Marshes, the second last checkpoint for the team before their final camp out.

After the Land of Marshes was the Land of Hills and then finally…

….the Land of Rice, home to the ruins of Orochimaru's Hidden Sound Village.


Knock Knock

"Come in."

Sasuke raised a brow at the familiar voice before opening the door to the Uzukage's office, "Naruto? I thought….oh." Sasuke said in realisation as his Sharingan rested on the man behind the desk, "You're a Clone right?"

'Naruto' smirked, "You can tell? Interesting, even the Byakugan can't tell, only Temari and Ino since apparently my skin feels different." he said before going back to his paperwork.

Sasuke smirked and nodded before walking past the Clone, dropping a single sheet of paper in front of it as he moved to the window, "Just a heads up," he said as sat on the sill, "The tunnel is officially finished and a functioning security system has been implemented. I need the location of Mikado so that he can apply those seals you two made."

The Clone nodded, "Umm, as far as I know he should be in his office underneath the Village Greenhouse. You know the way?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yep, behind Yamanakas right?" he asked rhetorically as he stood with a sigh, "Y'know… when you get back I wanna have a real spar, no dojutsu, no Ninjutsu, just taijutsu. I bet I can win against you then."

The Clone chuckled, "Yeah but if we did Dojutsu but no Ninjutsu you'd win easy too, I just don't know enough about my own eyes yet." it said.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "And if we allowed Ninjutsu you could just gravity-slam me into space or something, easiest win in history," he retorted, causing the Clone to smirk back at him, "Anyway, I better head off to Mikado then."

The Clone nodded, "Cool, after that could you get him to see Tsunade? She seemed interested in his help for a way to make some certain Basic Medical Jutsu into a Seal so that anyone can have instant first aid out in the field."

Sasuke smirked and stood, "Now that sounds like a handy trick to have…" he said as he walked towards the door, turning for one last word, "By the way, any word yet?" Sasuke asked.

The Clone shook it's head, forcing it's thoughts to stay on task instead of thinking about his son… 'Gaara-chan… I'm coming to get you.' the Clone thought seriously before refocussing, only just realising that Sasuke had already left.


Mikoto Uzumaki sighed as she finished assigning missions for the day from her office, 'At least the vast majority of the in-village missions are done… though I guess that makes us technically at our weakest point right now since most of our strongest shinobi are out-of-village on their own missions...'

Mikoto chuckled as she looked up in thought, remembering Naruto's eyes as they flashed with the Rinnegan, 'Then again, you could say the same thing just cause he's out after Orochimaru...'

Mikoto's hands paused in their shuffling of her files as she sat up straight, suddenly feeling like she had missed something obvious. After a few moments, her brow furrowed in thought, 'With Jiraiya being the one who knows the location and Naruto being the main reason for the mission that makes our two sages gone… this would be the perfect time to attack the village.' she thought with a frown as she suddenly put down her pen and looked out the large window on the other side of her office.

Mikoto shook her head, 'Most people don't even know the village is back yet, and since Naruto will be going after the one man who did appear to know our location… I probably have nothing to worry about.' she thought before shaking her head and lifting her pen again, 'I need to stop-' Mikoto paused as she looked down at her hand.

The hand that had been holding her pen was shaking violently, causing the woman to scowl as she squeezed her fist tight, 'The last time I began to get tremors was just before we were attacked in the invasion...' she thought before standing, 'Maybe I should go check in the shoal of the Kraaken, they'll know if anything odd is coming across the water.'

Mikoto stood and walked to the middle of the room, standing atop what appeared to be a sewer grate. She looked down and took a deep breath before she sent chakra to her feet.

The grate dropped, allowing Mikoto to fall three storeys and plunge into an underwater cavern, her momentum taking her down through a massive tube to come out next to one of the thirty other tubes similar to her's spread throughout the village that lead from the surface down to the shoal of the Kraaken.

In less then a heartbeat a long tentacle was there for her to stick to with chakra before it retracted, bringing her to the air pocket in the cavern that looked like an underground beach.

Mikoto was placed on the beach which she walked up, tapping lightly on the tiny looking jar situated atop a pillar of rocks.

A tiny squid popped up inside the jar, removing it's surprisingly human-like glasses and closing it's miniature and deceptively water proof book before facing Mikoto.

Mikoto smiled, "Great Ocean Mage, I need your assistance..."




Mei Terumi slammed her hands on her desk as she was once more given a painfully familiar scroll, "Just make them do it!"

Ao sighed, "Ma'am… we can't force anyone to do it..."

"WHY NOT?!" Mei shouted angrily, "Why won't anyone else take this Mission?!" she demanded.

Ao sighed, "Because we already know he's dead ma'am. The Sand Village gave us evidence that Utakata has died. I'm sorry, but your lo- umm, cousin…. he's gone Terumi-sama."

Mei glared at Ao with unshed tears in her eyes.

Twenty two years she had been trying to find someone to love and the moment she had, she had to keep it a secret because they were from the same clan… that and the whole civil war thing.

"Just leave me alone..." she mumbled.

Ao kept his face blank as he watched the Mizukage, 'This woman… she just won't give up on him, but if she doesn't then our village might suffer for it...' he thought silently before turning to leave the office as per her orders.

Ao's hand rested on the door handle for a moment before it came off and he instead locked the door, activating a Silencing Seal on the room and causing Mei to raise her head, "I said leave me alone Ao!" Mei shouted.

Ao turned to his leader and took a knee, "Ma'am, you are currently in a compromised state of mind and I can only think of one way for you to clear your head before this war between the Cloud and Sand reaches us." he humbly suggested.

Mei frowned at Ao, looking as though she was about to throw the damned 'Locate Utakata' mission scroll at Ao, "You think I'm compromised?" she asked.

Ao nodded, "By your own standards; 'A Shinobi whose emotions compromise the mission or the village is to be removed until they are back at acceptable capacity.'" Ao said softly, still not raising his gaze to meet hers.

Mei's frown turned into a scowl as Ao basically said she was failing as Mizukage, "Then what's this 'one way' you can think of?"

Ao took a breath of relief before standing tall, "Just like before when you were needed on a mission, Chojuro and I were able to cover you for a few days," he said before gesturing to the Mission Scroll, "That mission takes two to five days. Take it yourself and find the answers you need, but if you can't find anything in five days, you have to admit the truth about Utakata."

Mei's glare faltered as she thought over Ao's words. There was a tense silence for a few minutes before she sighed and stood, turning her back to Ao as she hoisted her Kage cloak from a nearby stand to put it on along with her Mizukage Hat, "Ao… thank you." she said as she grabbed the scroll and seemed to burst into mist.

Ao waited until the mist dissipated and sighed as his hidden Byakugan kept track of Mei on her way out, allowing him to look out the window of the Mizukage's office, seeing the long river that split the upper level of the village from the lower level and then the civilian sector located on the land surrounding the bay.

Less then five minutes later, Ao stopped using his Byakugan to keep track of his Mizukage, "Good luck Terumi-sama."


Konohagakure ruins….


The Land of Wind, located at the south western most sector of the Elemental Nations before heading into the Land of This, the bordering nation to the very edge of the Elemental Nations.

The Land of Lightning, located at the north eastern most sector of the Elemental Nations before connecting to the ocean reaching towards the Land of Snow and the furthest islands of the Nation.

Both held Hidden Villages who were at war, but that didn't mean the war was taking place at home.

The mid-point between the Hidden Sand Village and the Hidden Cloud Village was right in the center of the Land of Fire, atop what was once known as the 'Hokage Mountain' from the once great Hidden Leaf Village.

But now… it was barely more then a warzone.

"LIGHTNING STYLE: BLACK PANTHER!" Darui of the Storm Release shouted as he appeared from hiding, causing a sudden swath of both his enemies and allies to reveal themselves and attack the opposing army.


All of those from the Hidden Sand who could ducked at the shout, leaving Darui's entire squad of twenty men including himself to be decapitated by a single invisible Wind Blade that swept through them all in an instant.

Light stood atop what remained of the Head of the First Hokage, glaring down at the six battalions standing in the crater that was once Konoha, "...We shouldn't be fighting here! Enough people have lost their lives at this place, just leave the Land of Fire in peace!" Light shouted angrily.

Cee gritted his teeth as his teammate and the Raikage's 'Right Hand' was killed like it was nothing. Then again, the Cloud Shinobi had thought that it would be easy to press the advantage after fighting their way into the Land of Fire, and they thought they had the enemy on the run.

According to the one Cloud Ninja that was allowed to live and reported to Cee, all of those three hundred Sand Shinobi they had fought on their way to the Konoha Ruins flew up into the air on Chakra strings to reveal that they were nothing more than puppets in the same second that the strike force of over six hundred Cloud Ninja were shredded by Sand and Wind combination techniques.

By the time other Cloud shinobi caught up, the area was empty of any trace of Sand shinobi… but the Kumo Ninja's corpses had been piled higher then even the trees surrounding them.

Cloud held off their main battalion after their entire strike force was obliterated on the first day of the counter attack. But after no retaliation other then cutting off trade routes, the Raikage had ordered his men move to make Konoha the halfway point as well as a potential stronghold for some of the Hidden Cloud's Army.

That was a mistake.

Apparently Light had wanted to preserve the memory of the once great village and the resting place of all of those who were lost in the Akatsuki Attack.

After seeing Naruto in action… Light was determined to preserve the Will of Fire.

Light clapped his hands together as his shinobi moved to stand on the monument behind him, leaving him to face the thousands of shinobi in the crater… and directly in his line of sight, "HURRICANE STYLE: FORCEFUL EVACUATION!" Light shouted, his voice echoing across the ruins.

From one side of the crater to the other, wind began to pick up and swirl, making all of those who hadn't heard Light's shout wary, but not safe.

Light smirked as storm clouds began to brew and wisps of a whirlwind before suddenly his storm kicked into high gear, "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE A!" Light's voice carried throughout the hurricane that had lifted almost all of his enemies and most of their equipment high into the sky while leaving the ruins in a mostly undamaged state.

After a few minutes of letting his enemies be beaten against one another in the unstoppable show of Wind Manipulation that was his hurricane, Light felt a hand on his shoulder, prompting him to close his eyes as a single tear fell, "...Now, go." Light said softly as he aimed his palms at the hurricane.

Ebizo smiled gently from his place next to Light, watching the hurricane's 'evacuation' of the Hidden Cloud Shinobi, "Where will you drop them?" Ebizo asked gently.

Light kept his eyes closed for a moment before clenching his fists, making his hurricane move faster away from the ruins, "It'll dissipate off the eastern coast, might even damage any other shinobi he has in that direction since it's all his land, but they won't be killed. Well, at least they shouldn't die from it, some might." Light said evenly, not betraying the intense hatred he felt for the Raikage and his underhanded schemes.

Ebizo nodded, "We shall set up a barrier seal. Kumo may have some great sealing experts, but we from Suna know the truest form of sealing."

Light sighed and shook his head, "No, Mikado knew Suna's truest form of Sealing. Right now… it might be time to contact our 'hidden ally'."

Ebizo nodded, "Yes… but you do see what this is doing right? This war you and A have started… it benefits Akatsuki to have you fighting one another."

Light shrugged, "Akatsuki is after the Jinchuuriki, since we of the Sand no longer have one, we'll only think about Akatsuki once it's actually our ally's concern."

Ebizo sighed, "...the Cloud Village was our ally Light..."

Light sighed, "I know… but I value Uzushio more and for the Sand's relationship to prosper with Uzushio… I can't let the Hidden Cloud form schemes against them." he said before leaping off the Hokage Mountain, the air becoming solid around him to hold him in the air as he flew back towards his village's Puppet Battalion.

Ebizo looked out over the wartorn remains of the Leaf Village and sighed, 'This war must end before either side takes too much damage...' he thought before his Sensory Skills alerted him to a new massive chakra level in the area.

"Light-kun!" Ebizo said somewhat loudly, causing the Kazekage to turn to him as he pointed towards the east, "Area sweep!"

Light sighed before floating with his arms extended out in a t-shape, a pulse of wind sweeping towards him from the direction Ebizo had pointed. A moment later, Light raised a brow, "Hold back! I know this person!" Light said as he flew towards the edge of the Konoha Ruins, landing on what remained of the eastern wall as he looked out into the forest.

A few minutes later, an angry redhead burned through the earth on her way to the Sand's army. Though as she arrived at the village, the Lava River she had been using to traverse at enhanced speeds began to solidify into solid rock. Mei Terumi leaped down into the ruins and looked up at Light with a stern expression, "Two options little man! You tell me what really happened with Utakata or I'll join in this little farce myself on the Raikage's side!"

Light smiled at Mei as he lowered himself to ground level, "I could easily kill you right now Mei, all it takes is a flicker of silence and your lungs will compress completely. So why do you threaten me so stupidly?" Light asked honestly, trying his best not to be intimidating while reaffirming the fact that with Light's specific power set, he could kill almost anyone with a single technique.

Mei rolled her eyes, "Actually, if you tried that with me you'd be enveloping the area in acidic mist and die in the process, now how about we stop with these power-threats and just get down to it." Mei said as she reached into her Kage robe.

Light lowered his stance warily, but stopped when he saw she had pulled out the copy of the Sand's folder on Utakata's false whereabouts, "Why do you want him so much? Why is this one man so important?"

For just a moment, the hard façade of Mizukage faded and Mei's eyes shimmered with unshed tears, "Utakata is… very important to me," Mei said softly, looking around to ensure no one else was around, "Please… I need him." she begged so quietly that Light barely heard her.

Light frowned. He knew logically that revealing Naruto's village and Utakata's location was a bad idea, but everything in his body was screaming at him to tell her the truth. After a few moments of silence, Light sighed, "Go to the Land of Waves and find a man named Tazuna. Tell him I sent you. Tell him the codeword; Revival."

Mei blinked in surprise and confusion at the odd set of instructions, "Tazuna? This Tazuna knows where Utakata is being kept?"

Light chuckled, "He's not being kept somewhere like a prisoner. Just… go and find your loved one. Tazuna will take you to where he's hiding out during his recovery."

Mei nodded slowly, "Land of Waves, Tazuna, Revival…" she repeated before smiling up at Light, "Thank you for this Light-dono, I owe you big time." she said before turning and running towards the south, her feet beginning to turn the earth it stepped on into lava so that with each step she glided an extra ten meters.

Light watched her disappear into the distance before turning to look over the Hidden Leaf Ruins, seeing his village's sealers moving around the destroyed village to set up all the points for a barrier technique, 'Not sure if that was the best decision, but I'm sure Naruto can handle her if it goes bad.'


"There it is." Jiraiya said as he crouched behind a bush. He turned to Naruto, the blonde glaring harshly at the four Sound Shinobi that were sitting around the clearing with tents and all, making it look as though they were just camping out.

Naruto nodded and faded away in a Stealth Shunshin, appearing opposite Jiraiya at the other side of the field. He stepped behind a large spruce tree as he put his hand on the ground and his Rinnegan flashed, "ANIMAL PATH: SUMMONING JUTSU." he whispered.

Hinata, Sakura and Temari appeared in a plume of smoke around the tree, the three of them immediately removing the corresponding seals on the back of their hands. The burst of chakra from the summoning notified the four in the clearing to at least one active chakra signature, while covering up Jiraiya's chakra so that he could activate his earth jutsu without any of the enemies knowing until it was too late.

"EARTH STYLE: TOAD CANNON BLAST!" Jiraiya shouted with a grin.

The four Sound ninjas stood, but froze as a toad made of stone rose from the ground in the middle of the campfire and span, beginning to spit out mud balls in a continuous barrage, managing to take out the first two Shinobi and throw them from the clearing while the other two countered by using their own sound-based Ninjutsu to blast the toad to small stones.


A swathe of wind blades raced through the clearing, forcing the two remaining Shinobi to separate while the wind blades continued on and bisected the two muddied and trapped enemies.

Temari appeared and swung her fan again, forcing the two remaining ninja to separate as one of them screamed at Temari, sending out a sound wave that destroyed the oncoming wind attacks and continued towards the blonde.

"SKY PALM!" Hinata shouted as her technique disrupted the one heading towards Temari before sending two more Sky Palm attacks at the screaming enemy's chest.

The other remaining enemy had dodged and pulled up his sleeves, revealing two gauntlets that seemed to be a more enhanced version of the Sound Gauntlets Naruto had faced in the past against Dosu. But before he could take action, Naruto's voice rang out, "BANSHO TENNIN!"

The gauntlet wearing Shinobi barely had time to stand before he was yanked off his feet towards the edge of the clearing, directly at the grinning Jiraiya as the man simply held up a Rasengan for the flying enemy to hit chest-first, sending him flying back the way he came with a hole in his torso.

Naruto walked into the clearing and looked over to the enemy that Hinata and Temari's combined techniques backed up against a bush. Suddenly, Sakura leaped from the bush and reared her fist back, knocking the enemy out with a single blow to the neck.

Naruto waved his hand through the air, pulling their one remaining Sound Ninja towards him with gravity so that he caught the captive by his head, "HUMAN PATH!" Naruto exclaimed, causing the body of the captive to fall limply as Naruo held the Soul hostage.

Naruto closed his hand, causing the soul to shatter and flow into him. Naruto opened his now normal eyes a few moments later and nodded, "Alright, I know how to get in." Naruto explained to the others before moving over to the fire pit and forming three hand seals. The fire went out in a wisp of chakra before the wood leftover seemed to fold downwards, showing a seal that Naruto put his hand on and activated.

At the edge of the clearing, a boulder rolled aside to show a stairwell going down underground, "Alright guys," Jiraiya said sternly, "Remember the plan, since Orochimaru is gone, whoever his right hand is will be the one running this place. We all have separate jobs so lets move out." he said before Temari, Hinata, Sakura and Naruto darted inside, leaving Jiraiya to stay at the bottom of the stairs as he kept watch.


"Next intersection, one left and four right." Hinata said as her Byakugan showed the area around her.

Sakura came around the corner and turned left, her fist immediately burying into her target's face before his head exploded. Naruto was the one to turn right, blurring through the hallway all the way to the end before he came back in a blur of wind and chakra. As he rejoined the group at the intersection, his four targets suddenly fell to their knees with black Chakra Rods lodged through their chests.

"I see him!" Hinata exclaimed as she paused at their next hallway intersection, "Down one floor, six hundred meters down this way… but no way to actually get to a flight of stairs or something..." Hinata said as she pointed to their left.

Naruto nodded, "Temari, Hinata. I'll leave him to you, I think I know where the remaining Shinobi are." he said as his Rinnegan picked up a blur of multiple chakra essences directly in front of them.

Hinata focussed her sight forward before gasping, "About one hundred Rock Shinobi? No wait… all their headbands are slashed through… And there's the stairwell behind them!"

"Could it be that they reached out to Orochimaru once the Hidden Rock nearly gave up the war completely?" Sakura theorised.

Temari sighed, "So… there's a battalion of missing Iwa ninja between us and Gaara-chan?" she asked sadly.

Naruto stepped to the front of the group, "No, there won't be." he said as he unsealed his scythe with a click of his fingers.

"Naruto-kun," Temari asked as she put a hand on his shoulder, "What exactly are you going to do?"

I Think she means what're we gonna do?

Naruto smirked at Ryuk's voice and sent chakra to the seal on his chest, causing Ryuk to pull in Nature Chakra so that Naruto entered Sage Mode, "I'm going to clear a way for you three to go get our son, then get back to me so we can leave."

Sakura blew out a nervous breath, "Naruto… I know you're strong now but do you really think that you can fight them all off by yourself?"

Naruto turned back to look at Sakura, his eyes radiating power and confidence, "If it gets me to my son, I can do it. I will do it." Naruto promised before facing ahead, "Give me thirty seconds before you move through. Hinata, be ready for defence, Temari, be ready to blow a clear way through. Sakura, get to my son and make sure he's healthy and safe."

Before any of the three of them could protest, Naruto dashed forward in a blur of wind down the hallway, only slowing to pull out a single Shinigami Shuriken before he threw it through the doorway of the large room, "SHINIGAMI SHURIKEN STORM!" Naruto shouted as he stepped into the room.

As the one black shuriken became many, Naruto surveyed the massive hall he stood in, seeing the reptilian designs all around the room being destroyed by his initial strike while the vast majority of the enemy Shinobi used rock walls and earthen defences to shield themselves from the strike of one hundred shuriken that obliterated their defences but didn't damage the enemy much other then a few lucky shuriken that managed to seal away part of an enemy or two into the Reverse Tetragram Seal, leaving most of a corpse to fall to the ground dead throughout their formation.

Naruto planted his feet and slid to a stop, glaring at the first six Shinobi who were sprinting towards him, "You're between me and my son!" Naruto shouted as he readied his scythe, "So if you don't leave now I'm going to kill all of you!"

The six men charging him didn't slow down as they began to form hand seals and launch fire and earth jutsu towards Naruto.

Naruto's Rinnegan flashed, "SHINRA TENSEI!" he shouted as he blast their attacks away from him. He formed two Shadow Clones who charged forward with their scythe copies.

Naruto allowed his clones to attack four of the six before he unleashed his next Ninjutsu, showing that the clones were just a distraction, "WIND STYLE: ABSOLUTE WIND SCYTHE JUTSU!" Naruto exclaimed as he racked his scythe through the air, creating a wind stream so sharp and long that it cut through his clones and their enemies before it continued towards those in the distance, leaving two charging at him from those that remained within reach.

Naruto stepped forward, sending a tendril from his left palm at the closer Shinobi who leaped up over it and pulled out a kunai. The second Shinobi charged at Naruto with a battle cry, doing his best to distract Naruto from the man who had suddenly popped up out of the ground behind Naruto.

Naruto's tendril hit the ground, placing a Flying Thunder God Seal there before the tendril shattered, allowing Naruto to form a Rasengan and wait until the very last moment to flash to the seal and dodge all the strikes from the three ex-iwa nin. He turned to face the three of them as they tried to deal with their sudden lack of target and sight, "GALE RASENGAN!" Naruto shouted as his wind chakra pushed the rasengan through the air to slam one of the three into the others, all of them sprawling as Naruto turned to face the main enemy force once more.

Naruto took in the vast numbers of his enemies as they circled around him, row upon row upon row. The blonde sighed and sealed away his scythe, "This is gonna get ugly." Naruto mumbled as he pulled on his Demonic Chakra.


Hinata stared through the mass of Shinobi with her Byakugan as Naruto killed everyone who came close to him, 'Naruto...' she thought in concern as she took in his emotionless gaze as one of his eyes morphed into the Eternal Mangekyou, allowing him to randomly summon black flames with Amaterasu which he used his Wind Chakra to throw around at the people who separated them from his son.

"Okay," Sakura said, gaining Hinata's attention, "We're ready to go. You just tell us when there's a shot."

Hinata nodded and focussed on the task at hand, after a few seconds she pointed dead ahead, "Five, four, three… two… one, Now!" Hinata said.

Temari swung her readied fan as hard as she could, "WIND STYLE: TORNADO TUNNEL JUTSU!" she shouted as she stepped forward past Hinata, creating a horizontal tornado that would last only a very short time while creating a defended opening for Hinata and Sakura to race through with their high level chakra control propelling them forth.

Temari swung her fan a few more times to extend the tunnel through the fight, allowing Hinata to see Naruto use the opportunity to throw some of his enemies into the tornado wall and be slammed into the ground.

Sakura leaped in front of Hinata at the end of the tunnel, slamming her fist into the door and opening it forcefully, destroying the locking mechanism and allowing the two of them through the room safely.

Temari stopped swinging her fan and panted as she looked out the tunnel, seeing that some of the enemy's numbers were moving towards her, 'Bring it on assholes.' she thought darkly as she placed her hand on a seal on her fan.


The one large fan was reshaped thanks to the seal, becoming two half-sized fans with the spare metal being used to create a chain connecting the two fans.

Temari took a geisha stance as her first enemies approached her, 'FIRST DANCE: WIND BLADE COMBO!' she thought as she span and waved her arms, sending out invisible blades of wind that were completely undetectable until they were slicing into their target.


"So… the Six Tails is here as well?" Orochimaru asked his Akatsuki associate and personal subordinate.

Using his Edo Tensei, Orochimaru had brought back his late associate; Sasori, "You know damn well that I wouldn't get this wrong, so why don't you tell me why I'm doing this?"

Orochimaru chuckled, "Really? Sasori of the Red Sands is wondering why I'm using him to attack?"

Sasori's eyes widened, "...My Red Secret Technique?"

Orochimaru grinned cruelly, "Yesss, one thousand should suffice," he said before turning to one of his followers and waving him forward, giving a scroll to Sasori, "Once you died I continued your studies. Your old puppets and a few more have been added and restored. Now, attack." Orochimaru ordered.

Orochimaru's subordinate flicked the Puppet Scroll open, causing Sasori's eyes to flash as he got to work under Orochimaru's orders, "RED SECRET TECHNIQUE: PUPPET BATTALION: ONE THOUSAND PUPPETS!"


Mikoto burst from the water near the new docks of Uzushio, landing on the beach and startling the Naruto Clone that was discussing something with one of the members of the relocated Aburame Clan, "Sorry to interrupt Naruto-dono, Shino-san. I need your assistance." Mikoto said as the water from her clothes seemed to slowly pull itself off her.

Shino nodded in acknowledgement at her statement, "I sense much turmoil in you."

Mikoto nodded seriously, "I need Naruto to know that the Great Ocean Mage senses a disturbance in the waves. This could mean that the animals are sensing a danger near our shores or the currents are being interrupted by something massive."

The Clone frowned, "Something massive? Such as?"

Mikoto turned to look out over the water, "A Tailed Beast or a group of smaller beings that take up the same size."

Shino raised a brow, "With the amount of Kikaichu now on this island we of the Aburame would have noticed Demonic Chakra Use. Logically, I will send out a scouting party to inform us of anything just in case." he said as he adjusted his glasses.

The Naruto Clone looked up in thought for a moment, "Thanks Shino, you do that. Afterwards I give you clearance for your Insect Training Program."

Shino nodded, "Thank you Uzukage."

The Clone smiled lightly, "Just call me Naruto. Come on, I don't need it from you too."

Shino merely shrugged as he took his hands out of his pockets and aimed his left pointer towards the largest tree in the distance, a single tiny insect shot off at high speed like a bullet. A few seconds later, a noticeable cloud of Kikaichu began to spread over the island from the tree.

The Clone formed a hand seal of his own, "The Technique Ero-Sennin and I set up is still in place, no disturbances there..." it muttered before opening it's eyes and looking to Mikoto, "I'll inform the boss. Could you have someone check out the Entrance Tunnel? Maybe find a Hyuuga to take with them to check anyone who enters or exits subtly."

Mikoto nodded, "Hai Uzukage-dono."

The Clone rolled it's eyes before looking to Shino, "Report to my clone at the office."


Shino nodded as the cloud of smoke dissipated, "Mikoto-san, my insects seem to be moving faster towards the south. I believe they've noticed a significant Chakra Signature."

Mikoto nodded and formed hand seals, forming a Water Clone that began to talk as the real Mikoto left, "We shall go see what they're reacting to."


Naruto span so fast he looked like a demonic spinning top, hacking through a line of Shinobi before stopping between the open doorway Sakura and Hinata had left through. He glared through the enemies with his Rinnegan, seeing there were less then thirty men left all of whom had just taken some kind of Blue Soldier Pill.


Naruto's eyes snapped to the right, seeing Temari had managed to fight off almost every enemy that came her way until a well launched Earth Bullet to slam into her leg, causing a snap to echo throughout the room.

Naruto threw his scythe up overhead before forming hand seals and slamming his hand on the ground, "ADVANCED SEALING ART: KRAAKEN STYLE: TENDRIL FIELD!"

Three tendrils for each of his enemies reached out of the ground around them, having burrowed from where Naruto's Seal released them. They flicked around the room at high speed until every single enemy was being held up in the air. Naruto sent another burst of Chakra into his seal, causing the Tendrils to shoot through the ceiling above them and high into the sky two floors up.


Jiraiya looked up out of the entryway as Naruto's attack lifted the enemy into the air and exploded in a singular massive black sphere. Jiraiya smirked at the display of power, 'The little brat sure has grown up.'


Naruto appeared behind Temari in a flash, putting a hand on her leg as his Rinnegan flashed, "Just rest Temari-chan, I'll get you fixed up and then we can go check on the others."

Temari shook her head, "No, just leave me a clone and have it take me to Jiraiya. We'll follow his instructions."

Naruto's eyes widened, "But Temari-chan-"

"Naruto-kun," she said as she held his face, making him look into her eyes, "Go save our son."

Naruto nodded seriously as he stood, a Shadow Clone appearing immediately supporting her, "I'll have Gaara-kun soon."

Temari watched Naruto blur away with Demonic and Nature Chakra pushing him ahead.


Shino stood with a frown on his mostly hidden face as he stood at the edge of the protection seal around Uzushio. Just a few centimeters from his face it was pouring rain, so it was hard for him to see through it.

Shino's brow furrowed, "Mikoto-san. My insects have found only two new signatures in the distance and they appear to not be moving at all. I have no idea of their intentions."

The Water Clone of Mikoto's nodded, "I don't like this."

The two were silent as they watched the rain fall and looked for any sign of someone coming across the water…


Shino and the Mikoto Clone turned in surprise as three mechanical puppets burst from the water behind them. One of them instantly spewing Senbon from it's mouth to dispel Mikoto's Clone.

One of the other two puppets separated into fifty small pieces while the final puppet's chest cavity opened and it flew at Shino.

Shino's eyes widened behind his shades as he was swallowed up by the Cage Puppet. It locked closed as the puppet that had separated began to cut through the Cage puppet with Shino inside it, only for insects to pour from the holes they had entered through and devour the puppet holding the fake Shino.

The Real Shino appeared from a Camouflage Genjutsu and punched his insect covered hand through the head of the Senbon Throwing Puppet, "INSECT ART: EXPLOSIVE BEETLE!"

Shino leaped away from the puppet trio as the first one exploded and took the others with it. Shino stood tall once more and looked around as ten more puppets floated up to the surface, 'A Puppet Army? Is the Sand attacking Uzushio?' he thought with a frown as he brought his hands up by his sides.

"My my, I thought the Aburame Clan were only good at spying."

Shino glanced over his shoulder as Sasori stepped out of the rain and through the protection barrier, his body rippling at it was attacked by the barrier but put together instantly thanks to the Edo-Tensei.

Shino waited quietly as Sasori continued to bring hundreds and hundreds of puppets either through the rain or from the water below.

Sasori smirked, "Just so you know, Orochimaru made me do this. I care not for this little village nor do I care about his plans… but this second chance at showing my art to the world," he said with a slowly darkening grin, "Now who could pass that up?"

Shino merely stayed with his arms spread out by his sides, "Any decent human being. If you had any respect for life, you'd understand that cheating death is wrong."

Sasori chuckled, "You don't get it, my art is eternal, it's-"

"Nothing but rotten wood and the corpses of your enemies," Shino said, cutting him off, "Nothing is eternal, not even your supposed vision of what passes for art."

Sasori gritted his teeth, "You dare mock my puppets? it's you against all of us."

Shino's hands suddenly made two fists, "No, your puppets are an extension of you. Therefore it's you..." Shino began a the sky began to get dark.

Sasori looked up, his eyes widening as every hive that Shino had called upon earlier to search Uzushio had gathered above the massive group, 'Damn… everyone on his island would have seen that, looks like the element of surprise is gone.' Sasori thought as he frowned.

"...Against all of us." Shino said darkly as his clapped his balled fists together.

Sasori dove underwater as many of his puppets followed him, leaving just under a hundred defensive puppets to protect them during their retreat.

Shino smirked as some of his insects lifted him into he air and back towards Uzushio. He looked over his shoulder to see his Aburame Style: Insect Hail Barrage technique forcing Sasori and all of his puppets to be stalled.

Shino began to flee back towards land while reaching into his cloak and pressing his Chakra-laced fingers against a seal.


Mikado the Lawless and Choji looked up in surprise as a mass of insects began to form giant spheres and fly off-coast, "What do you think that means?" Choji asked.

Mikado shrugged, "I don't know. But since I'm done with the sealwork here I'll go take a look. You contact Mikoto-sama and inform her of a disturbance."

Choji nodded and dashed away at high speed, leaving Mikado to turn towards Shino's battle and clap his hands together, causing a corresponding set of seals to appear on each palm and on the bottom of his feet, his shoes burst off in an explosion of Chakra.

Then, he was gone.


"You have a visitor Tazuna-sama."

Tazuna looked up from his desk and smiled to his assistant, "Alright, let them in."

Tazuna's eyes widened as a very famous woman, the first female Mizukage, stepped into his office.

The Mizukage stormed into the room and slammed her scroll onto his desk, "Light-sama, the Kazekage, he told me to find you and say Revival?" she asked in an obvious hurry.

Tazuna's smile stayed still as his hand moved to a seal underneath his desk and placed the back end of his pen against it, causing a corresponding seal to send a pulse of Chakra throughout the room.

Mei looked around in noticeable surprise before she began to look Tazuna up and down, 'He has no real Chakra network yet he activated an A-rank defensive seal? What is going on?!' she thought as she bit her lip, honestly unsure whether or not she was just tricked into a trap.

Tazuna reached over to his lamp and turned it off, causing Mei to realise the only source of light in the room was coming through a glass ceiling… one that appeared to double as an aquatic tank for the fish inside.

"Tazuna-san?" Mei asked as she looked up at the fish.

Tazuna smiled softly before pointing up, causing her to focus on the large school of black coy fish, "There, follow her."

Mei raised a brow as a single white and orange coy began to swim down towards the glass facing them. Mei's eyes focussed on the fish as it faded through the glass and appeared like a hologram, allowing it to swim towards the door of Tazuna's office.

Mei stared between the flying ghost-fish and Tazuna, "Genjutsu?"

Tazuna smirked, "One of the top Mapping Genjutsu of a special Shinobi under the employ of the Uzukage, leader of the land of New Whirlpool."

Mei's eyes widened, "N-new Whirlpool?!"

Tazuna nodded, "Follow the fish or you'll miss you opportunity, and don't worry about others seeing it, the Genjutsu only affects those in this room at the time it's activated."

Mei turned and began to follow the ghost-fish, turning to bow in thanks before she left through the doorway.

Tazuna frowned in thought for a moment before another ghost-fish swam from the wall behind him, "Swim into the notification seal at the tunnel, the Uzukage has a visitor."


"We have him!"

Naruto appeared between the girls and the last of their enemy, slicing them into two clean halves before turning hopefully. Hinata picked up little Gaara carefully and turned to Sakura as the pinkette began to check her for wounds or signs of sickness. Naruto's hard appearance faded into a soft smile as he softly stroked his sleeping son's cheek lovingly.

"Naruto, wait a sec." Sakura said.

Naruto stepped back, his eyes widening in horror as he saw blood on his son. But before he could say anything he realised the smear of blood was from his own hand. Naruto looked down at himself as he saw that he was covered from head to toe in his enemies blood.

"Temari is ready to go," Hinata said, calling Naruto's attention to her, "Naruto-kun and I will go ahead, Sakura-chan, stay back and out of sight."

Naruto clicked his fingers, causing a Shadow Clone of himself to appear and form hand seals, covering Sakura Gaara and itself in the ANBU's Transparent Escape Technique, "Lead the way Hinata-chan." Naruto said weakly.

Hinata and Naruto began to sprint down the hallways before coming up to a staircase. They came to the top to see Temari step out of the shadows with a hopeful expression as her copy of Naruto disappeared in a plume of smoke, "Where is he?"

Naruto's clone dropped the technique, having Temari swap places with Sakura as the pinkette finished her scan of the boy. Hinata and Naruto moved quietly ahead as they heard the sound of fighting, leaving the hidden Sakura and Temari to follow in secret.

"It's Jiraiya-sama!" Hinata suddenly exclaimed, "He's fighting off a Reanimated Shinobi!"

Naruto's gaze hardened.


Naruto appeared in a white flash above Jiraiya thanks to the seal hidden on his Oil Headband and thrust a Gale Palm at the enemy currently facing them.

The robed Shinobi dove out of the way, letting Naruto's Ninjutsu tear off the robe and reveal a face that Naruto hadn't seen in a long, long time.

Gaara no Sabaku, the Fifth Kazekage and deceased Jinchuuriki of the One Tailed Demon, rose his arms with a blank expression as a layer of sand burst from the ground and formed lances that shot at Naruto and Jiraiya.

Jiraiya smirked, "Let's do it!" he shouted as he slammed his hand on the ground.

Naruto mirrored the move as a green wall rose in front of them, ""SECRET TOAD STYLE: SEALING ART: BUNGEE GUM!""

The sand lances stuck to the wall and instead of losing form was sucked into the green goop that formed from the Bungee Gum Wall.

Naruto threw a flurry of Shinigami Shuriken as he jumped over the wall, forcing Gaara's Sand Defence to catch the Shuriken and move as far away from Gaara as it could, causing most of the sand to be sealed away inside the Reverse Tetragram Seals.

Gaara looked ahead as his remaining sand stopped Jiraiya's normal Rasengan before it suddenly sparked, lighting up Jiraiya's grin as he shouted, "FLAME RASENGAN!"

Jiraiya's technique threw away the sand and allowed him to grind the technique into Gaara's chest. The reanimated Kazekage merely looked down as the Sand Armour was torn from his chest and the Flame Rasengan continued to tear through his flesh.


Gaara was thrown from Jiraiya in two halves, only for his lower half to turn into dust and reform attached to his torso. Naruto and Jiraiya stood side by side as more sand began to swirl up out of the ground, "Into the wall?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya looked around before nodding, "Yeah, this time I'll open him up and-"

"No worries," Naruto said as he put a hand on Jiraiya's shoulder.


Hinata, Temari and Sakura looked up in surprise upon their exit from Orochimaru's base, seeing Naruto and Jiraiya appear in front of them behind the Bungee Gum Wall.

Hinata raised a brow as Naruto raised his arm, "Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smirked as Jiraiya looked at him in confusion, "BANSHO TEN'NIN!"

Jiraiya smirked as the Reanimated Gaara was pulled through the air and into the Bungee Gum Wall, causing him to stick to it and give Jiraiya time to form a few hand seals, "SECRET TOAD STYLE: SUMMONING: BUNGEE GUM STORAGE!"

A small toad appeared in midair facing the Bungee Gum Wall from behind and opened it's mouth, causing it's pink gum-like tongue to reach out and touch the wall before the toad swallowed it, Gaara and some sand inside it.

Jiraiya and Naruto smirked to eachother as Gaara was cut off from all outside Chakra before the toad croaked and dispelled, going back to Myubokuzen to add it's captive to the mountain's 'Jelly Storage.'


Naruto and Jiraiya turned to the girls as they all appeared from the Camouflage Technique, allowing Naruto to smile and embrace Temari from behind as he looked over her shoulder at their child, "He's safe..." Naruto mumbled.

Temari nodded, "Yeah he is… but Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan found a seal on his belly..." she said with a forced smile.

Naruto used a finger to pull the blanket down to see the child's belly, causing his eyes to widen at the familiar seal, one that mirrored his own…

… the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style's Four Symbols Seal.


Chapter End.

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