Jack swiped his Torchwood card and opened the files to the Cullen family. After they left, Bella worried for days about what would happen. So, to reassure her, he went back to Torchwood to gather some information as to what the Cullens currently knew; and when he asked some of his best agents, his heart fell to his feet.

Maybe he shouldn't have reassured Bella.

"Martha," he called as she passed by. The girl stopped and smiled at Jack.


"Are these files completely up-to-date?"

"Yeah, they are. We sent in Mick's team to set up some cameras while the vampires were hunting, and they were recently talking about the vampire's girlfriend."

"Vampire's girlfriend? Bella?" Jack asked.

"That's the one. Oh, by the way, we came up with some new technology. You want to take it out for a test drive?"

"No, thanks. Actually, Marth, yeah. Could I bring some with me?"

"Bring some with you?" Martha raised an eyebrow. "Um, sure, I suppose. Why?"

"Vampire's girlfriend," he said with a smirk. "But I have a plan to change that."


The Doctor felt a sharp pain in his hand. "What was that?"

"There," Jack said to himself, smirking in satisfaction. He was currently cloaked by the TARDIS, who had decided to side with him. With some easy manipulation, he'd be able to get what he wanted. After all, morons would be morons, especially if said moron was a vampire or Time Lord. Bella probably wouldn't do anything, and neither would the Doctor unless Jack gave them a little nudge. Or a big nudge.

But first, why not make some extra profit out of this? He knew one person in particular who didn't think any spark would happen between his two friends. One person in particular who loved to bet. And one person in particular who would do anything just to spite him...

Ever yelped as her quarters were filled with white light. She dropped the book that she was reading, tightened her bathrobe, and curiously walked up to the figure that had appeared, and yelped again when he turned around. Then she scowled and raised her book to smack him.

"Jack!" she yelled as the book made contact. Jack squawked, glad that she had been reading a paperback. "How dare you? Has your judgement failed you once more?"

"Actually, drama queen, I'm here to make a little bet with you."

Ever looked at him suspiciously. "Of what sort?"

"What do you think, Your Highness?"

Bella chucked another rock into space.

"I'm pretty sure that one went farther."

"What? No it didn't!"

"Yeah... it did."

The Doctor's mouth flopped childishly before he scowled, grabbed another floating rock, and hurled it as far as he cold. It still didn't make it anywhere near Bella's.

The TARDIS was floating next to a supernova, one full of colors that Bella had never seen before. Her and the Doctor's feet dangled lazily over the edge; Bella was had changed into her night-shorts and a tank top, while the Doctor had just taken his jacket off. She was tired, and cranky, and a tingling sensation on her left hand was bothering her. Fortunately, the Doctor came to the rescue and took her to this dying star, which, apparently, was the only one in her galaxy with new colors able to be seen with the naked eye.

She set her elbows against her knees and her chin on her hands. With a pout, she flexed her fingers. All of time and space, everything that was and ever could be, anywhere on any planet; she'd fought Autons and Daleks and Cybermen and Slitheen, but here she was. Making space junk more spacey.

She rolled over with a dramatic sigh. She was almost tempted to claim that her existence was a pit of despair, but decided that would be a bit drama queen-ish.

"Alright, Swan?" the Doctor asked.

She nodded, her eyes closed. She sat up again and watched the colors of the supernova reflect off of her shimmering skin. She realized how funny she must have looked to her friend right now, almost like a glistening rainbow sitting on the edge of his time machine.

"How do I look?" she asked, striking a theatrical pose. "Have I transformed into a crayon box? A bowl of Skittles?"

The Doctor chuckled. "You look beautiful, I suppose."

Bella smacked him. "You suppose?"

"Okay, scratch the last bit."

"No, keep the last bit. It's a bit awkward, you calling me beautiful."


They sat like that for a while. Bella looked into the control room suspiciously. "Something's wrong."


"I said, something's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong. If there was someone in there doing something they weren't supposed to, the TARDIS would spit them out."

"Seriously," Bella said. "Something's wrong. I can sense it."

The Doctor waited for her to finish giving the room a quick once-over. Finally, she looked up. "Don't you think it's a bit weird that Jack left?"


"Without any explanation?"


"And has been gone for the past eighteen hours?"

The Doctor scratched his head with his sonic and was currently making a face like he agreed with her (somewhat), but he knew that Jack could sometimes get the coordinates on his Vortex Manipulator wrong, or perhaps he was out with a boy or girl or Silurian or whatever.

He looked at Bella, who was looking at him, waiting for an answer. Then their faces smashed together.

"Not so quickly!" Ever hissed. "You'll ruin everything."

"Sorry!" Jack said. "I can't get a hang on this new technology."

"Well, you best master it before you suffocate them both."

"Really, Miss Queen? I'll have you know that we're lucky Marth let me use these things. They're still pending."

"...Give them to me."




Jack thrust the Torchwood devices at Ever, who immediately regretted her decision. The mechanisms were intimidating things: large, metal gloves that beeped and were much too big for the queen's small hands. Still, refusing to let Jack have all the fun, she slipped on the gloves and promptly fell forward, her hands landing on the floor with a thud that she was lucky didn't alert her friends of their presence. However, Jack and she had the misfortune of the gloves "pending", causing them to break as they hit the floor. The two of them watched helplessly for a moment, before Jack let out a whispered, "Damn..." and looking up wearily to make sure Bella and the Doctor hadn't noticed.

If Bella had a heart, it probably would have sped up. After the initial jolt, she made a slight squawking noise into the Doctor's mouth. Then she relaxed, and let her instincts take over (and that was the best decision she had ever made).

The Doctor was surprised, too. He never expected Bella to kiss him. How long had he wanted her to? He felt her calm down a bit, and maybe even start moving her lips a little. He joined her in the dance, hesitantly at first, but warming up to it a little bit.

She pulled away, to his disappointment. She looked at him for a while, calculating, then firmly pressed her cold lips to his again.

"Did you do that?" Jack asked.

"No... I thought you may have had a spare in your pocket, my friend," Ever said uncertainly.

"If you didn't do that, and I didn't do that, then does that mean...?"

"I believe it does."

Bella tasted like vanilla, the Doctor noted. Strange.

Their movements were clumsy. The Doctor resting his hand on her shoulder, Bella tugging a little bit on the back of his suspenders. Graceless, rough, but oh, how awkward it would be if they were flowed together like water. It seemed the only places they were synchronized were their mouths; her top lip between his, his bottom lip between hers.

Again, Bella was the one to pull away. She had a soft smile on her face.

"Well, then."

The Doctor coughed a bit nervously. "Yes. Well, then, that was... something... different, I suppose."

Bella was laughing now, laughing lightly enough to ease the atmosphere. The Doctor chuckled, then a sharp pain in his palm made him jump. He looked at his hand in surprise. "What...?"

"Delayed reaction," they heard a faint voice. "The gauntlet just broke, so the capsule should be removing itself now."

One look at each other and they both knew whose voice that was. They knew why they'd kissed so suddenly, and why the other seemed surprised as if they hadn't initiated it.

"Lift cloaking," the Doctor said. And like a curtain rising, Jack and Ever stood atop the stairs of the control room.

"Ever?" Bella exclaimed. Ever curtsied regally.

"So, that was you?" the Doctor asked in amusement.

"Hehe," Jack laughed nervously. "Yes."

"Do I even want to ask how?"



"Not complicated, really. Torchwood was developing these gauntlets as a last resort in case we captured something... or something. See, I injected that capsule into you so I could control you if I needed to. These gauntlets can basically control you without changing your mindset."

"So... you mean to tell me that you did that?"

"Sorry, Bells," Jack said, grinning. "It does mean that I won my bet with Ever, though."

Ever grumbled something under her breath.

Bella didn't know whether to be annoyed, hurt, or grateful. Annoyed that her friends had gone to that length, hurt that the Doctor's kiss wasn't real, or grateful that Jack and Ever did what they did. However, hadn't she kissed him again? And hadn't he kissed back? It would have inevitably happened, anyway, what with the both of them being generally immortal.

Looking at Jack's and Ever's sincere faces made her grudgingly settle on the last emotion. She folded her arms. "You should have just let it happen."

"You did kiss again, though," Jack said.

Bella scowled. "Don't think you won't get off of this scot-free. Next chance I have, you're going to be getting more cozy with the Time Vortex."

Jack shivered while the Doctor rubbed his temples and sighed. "I'm going to sleep. Obviously, this has been a very, very eventful day and I need to sort out some things."

He trudged up the steps. Jack looked at Ever. "You staying tonight?"

Ever sighed. "I am enervated, as well. I do believe I shall take one room or another and return to Alnetia on the morrow."

"I'll show you to mine."

"Put a recess to your coquetry."

"Well, stop using big words," Jack said as he led Ever up the stairs and into the hallway. He threw an apologetic, but playful glance and wink at Bella as he and Ever disappeared, one's playful banter and the other's straightforward snubs fading out as Bella was left there to let the events that had just unfolded replay in her mind.

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