A/N Welcome all. Although this fic will primarily be composed of the reactions of the entire surviving cast to watching Code Geass, with the obvious exceptions of Lelouch and CC, this story will contain some of its own original plot. This chapter, for example, is nothing more than the set up for the store that is to come. I considered waiting until I had finished writing the first chapter to post this and then post both at the same time but I decided that as this was already written I might as well just post it now. So while I recognize that this is relatively short and does not contain all that much I hope you enjoy!


"Let me explain this carefully so it penetrates your thick skull. No, for the hundredth time this week, I will not go out with you! Have I made myself clear?"

"Oh come on, Kallen, it could be fun. Wait don't tell me, no wonder you turn me down every time, you've got the hots for some other guy, don't you? Come on, admit!" "No I don't!"

"Then why won't you go out with me?" "Gino, no matter how many times you ask me that question I'm going to keep giving you the same answer." "Which is?" "Like I've said before, I don't date!"

"Sure, right, a pretty girl like you? Not to mention an internationally famous one?" "I don't, now drop it!"

"You don't date hu? Are you trying to tell me that a pretty girl like you hasn't even had her first kiss yet?" "I didn't say that, and whether I have or not it isn't any of your business anyway!"

"So where did you get your first kiss, if you don't date?" "Like I said, none of your business!"

Gino grinned, "so you have kissed someone! So who was it?"

"Gino, more than half the girls in the school have crushes on you that are bigger then Tamaki's ego. Why can't you chase after one of them for a change?"

"But most of them would make even worse Knightmare Pilots he is. Seriously, Kallen, you're not like all the others. I mean how many of them could pilot the Gurn? Forget pilot it, Kallen you're the only girl who has ever beaten me in Knighmare combat!" "Then clearly you've never faced off against Anya."

"Ouch, okay point taken, but really why won't you go out with me? Something to do with this boy you kissed?" "Gino!"

"So it is, isn't it! So who was it?" "Like I said, it's nun of your god dam_"

"Sorry to interrupt you two love birds but_" "Rivalz!"

Kallen turned to glare at him from where she sat at the table in the student council room. "Yikes! Um a Kallen, there's someone on the phone for you." Rivalz shoved the phone into her hand and retreated a few steps, trying to get out of range of her glare. Kallen raised her eyebrows, slightly surprised. Who could be trying to reach her on the school phone? If her mom wanted her she'd just call her cell phone, the same went for the Black Knights. So who could it be?

Kallen held the phone up to her ear. "Hello?" "There's something important we need to discuss." The voice was female, clear, emotionless, and very familiar. "You!" Kallen nearly dropped the phone in shock. This was the last voice she'd ever expected to here again, well maybe the second to last…" Meet me in an hour, you know where, and make sure you bring an extra large pizza." "Meet you!? Meet you!? Why after everything that happened I'm going to_" click "dammit, don't you go hanging up on me, you damned Witch!" Kallen glared down at the phone. "Wow, that's some strong language you're using. Who was that? Your ex-boyfriend?" "Can it Gino!" As Kallen stomped out of the room however, her mind was filled with emotions that had nothing to do with irritation. What could she want? What could we have to say to each other now? Now that the only thing we both cared about is dead.

By the time Kallen reached the rundown construction site in the Shinjuku Ghetto dusk was falling. Kallen stared at the place. The last time she'd been there had been eight months before. Nothing had changed really in all that time. No one had disturbed the old metal pipes or the junk lying around everywhere. Last time, however, the place had not been empty. Last time he had bin here. Now however the place was deserted.

As if in answer to that thought a figure moved in the shadows. "You're late." "Kallen rolled her eyes. "There was a line at Pizza Hut. Now what do you want Witch?" CC stepped out of the shadows and held out her hand, in it she held a thin black plastic disc box. "What's that?" "I'm offering you a trade, that pizza as well as a credit account that allows me to buy pizza with your money for the next month." "Oh yeah, and why should I do that?" "I'm offering you the truth." CC didn't say what truth and Kallen didn't need to ask. There was only one truth that Kallen desired, and both she and CC new it.

Kallen wanted to snatch the box from the Witch's hand, but after that she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Part of her wanted to clutch it to her chest, this final gift from him, from the Demon who had saved the world. The other part of her wanted to throw it as far away from her as possible. After everything she had gone through she couldn't face more lies and more disappointment. Instead of doing either of these things she found herself spilling forth both her hopes and fears to the emotionless girl before her. "How do I know it's the real truth this time? How do I know it's not more lies? What's on here? Is this part of his plan? Is it a message or_" "everything. This is everything. The entire truth and evidence to support it." "Evidence? You mean…" The green haired girl nodded. "I thought you deserved the truth, there are some who have that right." Kallen nodded, "I understand."

Kallen fished around in her pocket and pulled out a credit card. "I'm warning you now I'm reporting this stolen after a month so don't even think about using it longer than that." "Right right, I understand, now hurry up, I don't like cold pizza." Kallen sighed, some people never change. She put the credit card on top of the pizza box and held it out to CC who took it and handed Kallen the disc box. Kallen looked down at the box for a long minute, an odd mixture of awe, excitement, and fear welled up inside her at the thought of what she held and what she was now going to do. She looked back up "CC, what if…" She trailed off, blinking a couple times in surprise for The Witch was gone.

Kallen took a deep breath, she knew what she had to do. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed the number. The phone rang a couple of times before someone picked up. "Yes?" "Zero, it's Kallen, I need a favor…"