A/N: I'm not letting myself go to bed until I've written this just because omg I have to, you guys don't understand. CHRISTMASSY FIC, WOO!

Fitz knew Simmons liked him. He couldn't quite believe it yet, but he knew the feelings were there. He'd admitted it first after a mission death scare. She'd immediately replied saying that she felt the same, but before he could throw his arms around her and kiss her senseless, Coulson had walked into the lab, asking them to go into his office for debriefing.

It'd been a week since then. They'd shared a few hugs since then and whenever their hands touched they'd share a look that made Fitz's stomach do back flips, but there was work to be done and he couldn't have his first kiss with her in a lab that was currently being used to examine alien DNA. He'd told himself every day after then, that after work he'd get things cleared up, but it just so happens that 'everyone on this plane is a bloody cockblock' he'd heard Simmons mutter once. It'd made him chuckle at the time but it seemed fairly true at this point, and they hadn't gotten a single moment together.

But he had a plan, of course.

Jemma was cuddled up against Leo on the sofa in the main area and it was the closest they'd been in the whole week, she was practically sat on his lap and their hands were threaded together. They were watching Nightmare Before Christmas on TV (the only Christmassy thing they'd recorded so far, and that was only because they had it left over from Halloween). They weren't quite alone together yet unfortunately, Skye was on her laptop in the other chair and Ward was in and out every now and then, but at this point neither would really care, they could practically feel the tension seeping into each other as they shuffled even closer together.

Jemma heard a faint buzzing about her and she looked up and almost fell off Leo's lap in surprise. Above her head was one of the DWARFS, and attached to it was a small piece of mistletoe. She looked back to Fitz to see him grinning like a complete idiot beside her; the fact that he'd planned this was evident from his face.

Before she had time to ask what was going on, Fitz leaned in and gave her a light peck on the lips. When she opened her eyes to look at him, he was grinning down at his hands, his cheeks bright red.

"You… you are just adorable Leo Fitz." Simmons laughed lightly. She moved her hand to his chin, tilting his head back up to look at her and kissing him again, for a little while longer this time. "And I've been waiting all week to do that."

"Tell me about it." He huffed, before proceeding to pull her back onto his lap and shower her in kisses.