Welp, I'm just throwing this into the world to see how it goes. I have little to no experience with fan fictions but I do like writing some so I figured I should try. I hope this is enjoyable but even if it's not, I'm glad I tried.

Letting the door swing shut, I jumped into my bed and pulled a pillow over my face. With more than my usual energy I let out a muffled shout that immediately began to cool me down from my embarrassment in the previous class. As I lay there the pillow was pulled out of my hands only to be blinded by Yang and her brightly colored hair. No doubt she's here to make me feel better but some things are hard to buff out with some sister to sister chit-chat.

"Are you doing any better, Ruby?" Yang wasting no time as usual.
"You should know, you were in class with me the whole time!" I was calmer but it's going to be awhile before others will forget my actions.
"Yea I know, that book didn't hide much. Don't worry though, you were only daydreaming. Everyone does it." Yang's smile half sincere, half laughing.
"True, but not while they stare at another person while mumbling their name." The sentence becoming quieter as it went on.
"Weiss probably took it as a complement. It's not everyday someone gets an admirer."

With some rather loud laughter Yang leaves, waving her good-byes and closing the door behind her. I was tempted to throw something at her but it was no use. No amount of arguing was going to help me. I was only trying to figure out how Weiss always kept a slightly cold look to her. It was never bad enough that others would avoid her but you could always tell she wanted to avoid most of the conversation. I couldn't help the fact that I wandered off in my own mind thinking about it.

I was just imagining a conversation with her. We were in our room talking and she was putting up a cold front as per usual. I was offering cookies and talking in my usual pace. Weiss was becoming easy in my presence and I could feel her barrier dropping. I went over and sat down next her trying to get her to try the cookies I made for her. She had finally agreed to one and I gently put one in her mouth. I could see her face turn slightly pink in the process but she took a bite.

"Weiss…" And then I shook my head. It happened again but thankfully I wasn't within earshot of anyone this time. My cheeks felt a bit warm but I didn't feel like figuring out why at the time. A walk seemed like the best option for me to clear my head. I doubt Weiss is out roaming near the forest so I guess that is where my path is. I wash my face, put my cloak back on, and walk out the door.

Almost immediately that plan fails and I run into Weiss. I just keep walking past hoping to avoid her icy tongue right now.

"Ruby hold on!" Weiss calls out.
"Sorry, I've got a..uh… tree to.. inspect?" Smooth as butter Ruby, good job. I'll have to remember to smack my head on said tree later.

I hear a sigh and the closing of a door behind me. The truth is I do want to talk but my head isn't clear enough for it. It takes a lot more concentration for me to talk to Weiss and now is not the time to try. Either way, I'll have to come back anyway. I just hope that the future knot on my head from hitting trees will make it easier.

The doorknob turns and I brace myself for the worse. I peek into the door crack and see Blake pass by and Weiss sitting on her bed doing homework I'm guessing. No Yang but I'm betting she is also on her bed trying to relax. I had been gone for a couple hours so the sun had gone down behind the trees and no one was outside anymore. I admittedly was bored and wanted to interact with people but maybe this was a bit to much.

"Gotcha!" Yang yells as the door gets yanked back and pulls me into the room.
"Ow Yang, you know I hate that! My arm almost is always nearly dislocated because of it." I rub my arm to add to the effect.
"Sorry Ruby but I can't resist. Your face always ends up looking funny when I do it." She jumps into her bed and looks at me.

Weiss breaks in. "Glad to see you're back. Now we can settle some business that you ignored earlier. And may I say... THAT WAS INCREDIBLY RUDE OF YOU!"
I could feel myself fall back and sink into Blake's bed. "Sorry, but I needed to clear my head. I didn't mean to brush you off like that..." My pleas nothing more than a mumble.
"Inspecting a tree!? That's not brushing me off, that's flat out avoiding me!" She wasn't yelling but it felt like ice shards cutting into my skin.

Yang and Blake are just standing by the door saying nothing to stop whatever might happen. I look at Yang for help but she shrugs and proceeds to sneak out the door with Blake. I thought even Blake might help but it seems like I'm stuck to deal with whatever emotion Weiss is ready to throw at me. I wish she did more than just stare at me though.

"I didn't mean to stare at you Weiss. I was just daydreaming and... and..." I stammer and try to think of the next thing to say.
"And you just so happen to look directly at me while mumbling my name." Weiss has it pretty much nailed.
"You just always seem so cold with others, and I was trying to think of a way to break that with you. I'm sorry that it manifested itself like that but I didn't mean anything by it." I struggle to maintain eye contact with her.
She dropped her gaze for a second but it came back up with more strength. "I'm happy that you care but I doubt that the problem you're talking about is a real thing. My people skills are excellent."

I get up off the bed and go sit right next to her. She obviously stiffens and as much as she wants me to believe her, I doubt she has dealt with people as well as most others. I can see her slowly breathing like she is trying to keep herself calm. It's almost like she has had to deal with this problem before.

"Weiss, you're not fooling me even a little. You put up a straight face and a calm look but you are obviously not used to people being this close."
"I don't know what you mean by that. It's odd you got into my personal space but I'm fine." A breath is barely heard just after her last sentence. "I'm flattered by your interest but I don't want a repeat of today. People talk and I don't want to be their subject of interest."
"You mean you don't want 'US' being the subject. It was me who was saying your name." The memory of class flashing in my head.
"Don't even joke like that!" A little tinge of red in her cheeks. "People talking about me is enough."
"It's not as bad as you think, it's just proof that someone cares about." I place my hand on her knee for comfort. My head slightly clouded by my daydream.
Weiss's hand covers mine. "I guess it's comforting to know that. I'm not exactly used to the attention." She finally relaxes her body much to my relief.
"I know, that's why I'm trying to help you. I care and want you to feel better here." I feel light headed and like I'm about to pass out but it's a nice feeling.
"Ruby, thank you, I hadn't expected this much interest from someone for a couple of years." Hers eyes are down and it looks like a she's about to cry.
"Oh Weiss, I didn't mean to make you cry! Is there anyth..." My sentence was cut short by Weiss as she quickly brings her lips to mine. I'm confused for a second but I let it happen and closed my eyes for however long she decides.

When she finally pulls away from me, I see a single tear on her cheek but she smiles anyway. I wipe it away only to have her grab my hand. She sits for a second looking at it and then uses it to pull me into a hug. She is no longer stiff and her breathing is calmer than when I walked in. My mind is pushing against my skull like it's trying to figure out whats happening but it is being overrun by my emotions.

"Thank you Ruby..." Weiss's voice is barely audible against the buzzing in my brain. "Please don't hate me.."
"I don't think I ever could Weiss, you're a kind person when needed. I'm staying right here, you'll be fine." I feel her soften even more against me, like she was holding her breath waiting for my answer.

I lean back and put my head on her pillow, letting her rest against me. We lay there saying nothing to each other, neither one of us wanting to break the perfect silence. Eventually, I feel her fall asleep as her chest rises and falls smoothly. I brush some hair out of her face and close my eyes, wondering how this all happened. I don't feel the need to look to far back and just let myself drift off to dream land. I guess we'll see what happens in the morning. Until then, I pull Weiss closer and hope this isn't just another day dream.