Rose Tyler woke up with start and pinched her self just to make she was still awake.

After all that was a really weird dream she had. But she saw him, her doctor and the others who were him. He was so confused about the whole thing.

She rubbed her eyes, she blinked when she saw a ring on her finger. It was the same ring John gave her when she got married along ago. She saw up on her well warm bed on one side. It was years ago when John died in accident at his work in Torchwood. He was helping the new ones for a class when well she didn't remember what happen.

She was helping Johnny with his friend Jenny and her husband Daivd. Tony her brother worked at the local rescurant as a cook and she was glad he was doing something. But besides that she was along. Her Mother and Father were gone and Tony had his own family to worry about.

Rose would often spent days writing in her books of the doctor. She didn't know why but she just couldn't forget about him even through she tried everything to move on. And she did move on She loved John so much but part of her always will love the Doctor. She knew the Doctor would always love her.

The was something coming. She could feel it, she didn't know how but the feeling got worse and she knew today mgiht be her last so to speak.

She got out a notebook and got her favorite pen and started to write. She didn't know why and if the doctor would see what she was about to write but she did it anways.

Dear Doctor,

I miss much. I moved on, I didn't have kids we got married. Tony is married now and so much as changed. Doctor I'm getting old and I tried to get out of here to see you but there was nothing torchwood could do.

So here I am, on my deathbed okay not death bed but I feel death would be near. So I want to say I love you...I loved you well i always will love you. No matter how long or far we are from each other that is the truth.

Rose stop writing as she heard something well a voice of something she was dreading. She got up and swallowed putting something in front of door and went back to writing. She knew there was nothing she could really do but write but she did it anyways

.I know this letter may never reach you and thats okay but at least I got to say goodbye one last time. I want you to know i never forgot about you there wasn't a day when I didn't think about you.

I hoped you moved on, maybe fell inlove or just wasn't alone. Don't be alone doctor because you can't be alone. You always need someone with you. Find person who fits you, because I know what it was like to be alone in group of people when you really weren't alone.

She heard a smash and bang as they grew closer. She knew she had to finsh the letter there was no time.

If this box gets to you doctor please read them. There diars of things i think you should know. You thought i was safe here i wasn't. They are getting stronger doctor they are...

BANG the dresser that she put in front of the door was gone and she stuff the letter on teh box and quickly put it under the bed as the machine drew nearer. She heard her its voice as the object pointed laster at her.


"Doctor I..."