Chapter 1

Morgan had just arrived home after a long day of work at the BAU. Making himself a light dinner, Morgan found his way towards the couch. Sandwich in hand, and beer in the other, Morgan sat down and placed his food next to him. Reaching for the remote he turned on the tv. Just as the tv clicked on, the all too familiar sound of a cocking gun could be heard right next to his ear.

"Stand up slowly with your hands up." A deep voice growled.

"Can I finish my beer first?" Morgan said sarcastically.

The man hit his gun against Morgans temple, causing a slight abrasion.

Morgan obeyed grudgingly and glared at the man, now holding him hostage.

"Don't move, or I swear I'll shoot." The man said as he pulled out a syringe and thrust it into Morgans neck.

Morgan fell limply to the floor with a thud.

Emily was headed to her car, finally the day was over and Emily was craving her bed. She couldn't wait to climb in and fall into a deep sleep. Her thoughts were short lived as she felt a prick in her neck, her hand whipped to the left side of her neck, clutching a syringe protruding from her now aching neck. Blackness began to take over and her vision got spotty. Just before darkness completely took over, a small eery whisper could be heard.

"Sweet dreams."

Reid was already in bed, enjoying a good book. He had already read it thrice before, but it was too good to not read again. He whipped through pages, faster than anyone thought possible, and he wasn't ashamed of it. As he began flipping through the last pages, a feeling of unease settled above his body. Reid almost made the move to grab his gun, but thought he was being too paranoid. He continued reading, the odd anxious feeling never leaving. His worries were confirmed when a man with a gun entered his room. The gun was trained on his head, Reid gulped and started to process what was happening.

"Hello Dr. Reid." A eery voice chilled Spencer's bones. "Stand up and put on something, that is not your pajamas." The voice commanded.

Reid did so quickly.

"Don't move or it will hurt more." The man ordered as he began walking closer to the shaking agent.

A syringe was pulled from the mans coat pocket and plunged into Reid's neck, unconsciousness took over, taking Reid to the floor with it.

Rossi sat at his computer unmoving, and trying to process the information before him. It was crazy how many different phone types there were in this world. Earlier in the week, Rossi had somehow managed to crack his phone screen and needed a new one, tonight was the first night he had time to actually look for the needed item. Just as he was about to purchase, a cocking gun from across the room sounded. Rossi stood up with his hands above his head.

"Who are you?" Rossi inquired.

"You'll know in due time." The voice whispered.

Rossi could hear the footsteps as the man got closer to Rossi's position. The gun never leaving his head.

"Don't move."

The man pushed the syringe into Rossi's neck, darkness took over as the drug carried out its required job.

Garcia was leaving work late, her computers had desperately needed cleaning. She was packing up her stuff and making her way out to her desired car. Once inside the car, Garcia reached for her keys to start the engine, but they couldn't be found. A dangling could be heard from the back seat of her car.

"Looking for these?"

Garcia gasped in horror, but couldn't stop the syringe from making its way into her neck and plunging her into darkness.

It was date night for the lovely JJ and Hotch. They had been dating for several months now and they had become master manipulators. Keeping their relationship from the team hadn't been easy, but they were managing and doing very well from it. As JJ settled onto the couch next to Hotch, their scary movie started. It was kind of ironic with what they did for a living and they were still coming home to watch scary movies that were completely inaccurate on what real unsubs actually do, however the couple enjoyed it anyway.

JJ leaned into Hotchs embrace and laid her head on his chest. The touch was comforting to both of them, and both were glad they had each other to share their Friday nights with.

As JJ was cuddling in Hotchs arms, and giving their full attention to the scary movie before them, neither heard the sound of the door lock being picked, or the sound of someone entering. The only thing they heard other than the screams from the movie, was the gun cocking, right next to JJ's head. Their captor stood behind the couch, his gun firmly pressed against the back of JJ's head.

"Stand up with your hands up, or I'll blow her brains out." The man threatened.

The pair did as told and stood up, turned around and kept their hands in the air. The gun never left JJ's head. The man handed JJ a syringe.

"Put it in his neck." The man ordered.

"No." JJ answered defiantly and dropped the syringe. The man swung his arm and hit JJ in the cheek bone, she fell to the floor at the force and with a cry of pain.

"Don't hurt her." Hotch growled.

"I wouldn't, if she'd do what I say." The man retorted.

"JJ, do what he says." Hotch said.

JJ stood up, grudgingly grabbed the syringe and put it in Hotchs neck. He immediately fell to the floor unconscious.

"Good girl." The man rumbled as he plunged another syringe into her neck, she fell next to Hotch in darkness.

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