Chapter 7: Unbreakable

Arthas and Vyara had been flying for close to an hour now. The Prince couldn't help but feel annoyed at how far away this Black Temple was. For some reason, he had been under the impression that it was close to the Sanctum.

Hell it was practically within sight, but the building appeared to be a city in and of itself. As he focused closer on the horizon, he could finally see a massive structure above all others. It was shaped in a bizarre architectural pattern, much to his interest.

The closest thing Arthas could compare it to would be a massive pyramid. Its very pinnacle reached high into the colorful skies. However, the colorful energies surrounding this temple looked quite ominous. He had almost grown used to the unusual energy spiraling through the sky, but even a foreigner to Outland such as himself could tell that there was something wrong about this Black Temple.

"So…this was Illidan's palace?" Arthas asked aloud. He spoke more to himself than Vyara, but the battlemage was quick to reply.

"Of course it was…everybody knows that," the woman answered a bit cockily. She had been unusually quiet for the better part of their trip. He had a feeling that she was likely uncomfortable. The man couldn't blame her, but nevertheless he didn't really care.

Arthas waved to his nearby Val'kyr giving them a command to land. The winged women followed suit immediately and took a swift nosedive to the outside wall of the temple. Vyara turned her head around and looked at Arthas curiously as they landed, "Why are we stopping all the way back here? Don't you want to go to that forge?"

"First of all…I want to know who are these people in the temple now?" Arthas asked curiously.

Vyara shot him a strange look, "Oh yeah…the Ashtongue Deathsworn. They shouldn't even be a problem if we sneak past them."

"Are these idiots going to try and stop us?" Arthas asked knowing the answer already.

As he expected, Vyara nodded her head, "Yes…they probably will. But…you're good at getting past people. Maybe you can just knock a few guys out. Hmmm…or you could try talking to Akama if all else fails."

"You're terrible at this…you haven't even come up with a plan yet?" Arthas sighed in disapproval.

The blonde shook her head, "No, it's not like I don't have a plan…I just didn't think that we'd have to deal with them. There is a backdoor into the temple…it leads from the underground and can take us to the Reliquary of Souls."

"Well I guess a few people are just going to have to die," he said casually. The woman frowned at his comment.

"So this Reliquary of Souls…is that where this soul forge is? Where in the temple is it?" Arthas asked. His face had a stern 'get things done' look plastered on it.

The battlemage crossed her arms as she turned back to look at him, "I don't know the full details…but it's near the deeper part of the Temple. The backdoor we're looking for should be on the south end of the temple."

"Hmmm…are the occupants aware of this hidden entrance?" the man continued to question.

Vyara simply shrugged, "I doubt it…that entrance was originally put there by Illidan from what we've been able to discover."

"So you have no idea where we're even going? What a well thought out and thorough lot you people are…" Arthas stated sarcastically.

Vyara sighed, "Well, I'm sure we'll be able to find it."

He simply shook his head, "I'm having second thoughts about bringing you here…I'm not about to drag you inside if you're going to end up getting in the way. Plus, I have a distinct feeling that we're not just going to be able to sneak into a soul forge. Do you have any idea how much noise they make?"

The woman's eyes shot open with surprise, "Wha? What?! What do you mean by that? So wait…then you aren't going to even try sneaking in?"

"I'll figure it out as I go. Anyways, I appreciate the information, and the help from earlier, but I can handle things from here. You'd be better suited keeping an eye on the incoming traffic to Shadowmoon Valley," Arthas stated in a somewhat sincere tone.

Vyara seemed to be in a state of disbelief, "You're not just going to leave me here are you? You don't even know what you're looking for in there!"

"Neither do you from what I can tell…you don't even know anything about this door your people are looking for. You're not going to be able to go inside. Hell I don't even want you anywhere near it when I do," Arthas responded with a serious tone.

The woman glared at the death knight icily, "Hey, you can't just dump me off here! I mean the least you can do is let me take you there!"

Arthas immediately pushed her off Invincible and shook his head, "I don't want you getting mixed up in this. You're pretty naïve and I doubt you have the self-control to restrain yourself from getting into trouble."

The battlemage glanced up at him with utter disbelief, "Did you just push me off?! That's not nice! Why did you bring me all the way out here if you had no intention of taking me with you?!"

"I needed to know where I was going first. Listen, Vyara, you'll thank me later." he replied calmly.

The woman jumped to her feet and angrily ran to him. Several Val'kyr raised their weapons and instantly stopped her before she could reach Arthas. "You need me in there! I can help!" the woman yelled in disapproval as Invincible slowly began to trot away.

The man's silver hair twirled in the howling hot wind as he turned his head, "I have no intention of taking you with me in there. To be honest, I'm really tired of people trying to tag along with me. The whole reason I agreed to do this is so that you people didn't have to."

"I said I wasn't afraid to die! Why are you being such an ass!? What are you just too proud to accept help from people, or are you just getting uncomfortable since I'm actually starting to like you? You're selfish…" Vyara said bitterly.

Arthas let out a heavy sigh as he shook his head, "You and your brother have noble intentions, but you really have no idea what you're getting into. You're better off just staying out of this mess. I never said I was doing this FOR you anyways."

"Screw you! You wouldn't have even known about this place if we hadn't told you! You can't just toss us out of the loop now!" Vyara yelled disapprovingly.

The man angrily dismounted Invincible and walked over towards her menacingly. The blonde fearfully gulped as Arthas directed a terrifying gaze towards her, "You stupid girl…that place isn't some vault of hidden power, or a long lost super weapon that can save you! You're playing with powers you won't be able to handle…believe me, because I've experienced something similar firsthand. Now get out of here!"

The woman trembled fearfully as Arthas' voice echoed. It greatly resembled the infamous tone of the Lich King. The Val'kyr surrounding the two were all beaming with excitement.

"This is important to me! I just want to do something to help…" the woman pleaded.

Arthas simply narrowed his brow and shook his head, "Whatever it is that you THINK you know about that place…you're wrong. The only reason you and your little friends asked me for help is because I'm the only person capable of opening the door."

"Th-that's not true! We're not trying to use you, Arthas. I thought we were past this already. Please just give me the benefit of the doubt," The woman responded carefully. He could tell that Vyara was trying her best to not anger him further.

The death knight sent her a tough, somewhat condescending look, "I'm not going to tell you again…go away now."

"Or what? You're going to kill me?" Vyara demanded.

Arthas stared at the woman intently for a moment.

After a long silence had passed, Vyara spoke up, "You won't though will you? Because you're not like that…look, I don't know what's going through your head right now, but please just trust me, okay? I want to be there with you. I'm not afraid to die. I'm not afraid of whatever's on the other side of that portal either."

'You should be…even I'm worried about what's over there,' Arthas thought to himself. He couldn't bring himself to speak his thoughts aloud and just continued to stare at her fiercely.

After a brief silence he sighed, "If you really want to help, can I ask a favor then? Go get an attunement portal to Northrend for me."

"What? Are you kidding me? That would take days! A week at most…why the hell would you want me to do that?" She demanded.

He shook his head annoyed, "Never mind then…this is going nowhere fast."

"I'm going with you, and you can't stop me," She announced. Taking an opportunity, she ran past the Val'kyr holding her back and straight to Arthas. As the woman got within range of him, she immediately felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

Vyara gasped for air as she fell to her knees. Arthas had just kneed her in the gut. She looked up at him disbelievingly, "Arthas, did you just hit m-"

A loud thud sounded as the man's gloved fist knocked her to the ground unconscious. Arthas simply shook his head and sighed, "Figures I'd have to do that…one of you, drop her off at the Sanctum." Arthas ordered a nearby Val'kyr to take Vyara back.

The unlucky Val'kyr let out an audible groan of displeasure as she took off at high speed with the unconscious Vyara in grip.

"Master…why didn't you kill her?" Olrun asked curiously as the man walked back towards Invincible.

He simply shrugged, "She's not an enemy…just a liability. Plus, where we're going…she can't follow. I don't want her to be in that temple by herself once we're gone."

"Master…what is on the other side of the veil? We have never been to the land of the dead," The Val'kyr began.

Arthas sighed, "Neither have I. Death is eternal, but so is life…there is no telling what we'll see."

The Val'kyr all frowned and began to converse in their native tongue. Olrun shook her head, "You're the death god…it is your realm is it not? You're the Lich King…you were born there."

"I wasn't the first Lich King…I simply became the new one. Surely you must have realized by now that I'm a human. Not to mention, the Lich King is only a pawn on a much larger field of battle. I mean just compare me to things like that creature in Ulduar…" Arthas began.

During his reign as Lich King, he had been well aware of Yogg-Saron's presence. The Old God was a being that even he had a hard time understanding. His conjoined knowledge with Ner'zhul however, had led him to temporarily overlook the monster. It never seemed to interfere with anything he did, so he chose to let it be. He only occasionally heard its whispers over the years. This Old God, Yogg-Saron, had referred to itself as the God of Death, yet the Vrykul believed that Arthas was the death god.

Looking back on it now, Arthas wished he spent more time investigating the subject. He did not have any definitive information about these monsters.

Ner'zhul had once told him about these "old gods." He said they were seeds of darkness planted throughout the world. Beings of immense size and power…creatures of nightmares and horrors unspoken. Yet what could that imply to one such as him? Where did these seeds come from? How many more of them were there?

For reasons unknown, Yogg-Saron never once tried to speak to him directly during his reign as Lich King. Did this being fear him? He could hear the occasional echoes from it, but never a direct contact. Arthas thought for a moment, 'What did he mean by 'No King rules forever. Only death is eternal?' Did he predict I would lose? Hmm…but maybe there's a deeper meaning behind it all. Frostmourne is undoubtedly a relic of death…maybe Frostmourne shielded me from Yogg-Saron? Or…could he have been controlling it? Damn I need answers…'

"How much do you know about the titans and the old gods?" Arthas asked out the blue.

His question greatly surprised many of the Val'kyr. They nervously exchanged looks of worry due to Arthas' concerned expression.

"The titans…they are the masters and progenitors of Vrykul and our gods. We simply know them as the makers. You would know more of them than us my king for you are one of the Aesir are you not?" Olrun spoke first.

Arthas gave the winged woman a skeptical stare, "What lead you to that conclusion if you don't mind me asking?"

Olrun quickly knelt and bowed her head, "Your very name is a combination of ancient runic translations. Ar is a rune and a word of power in our tongue. It means 'twilight' in reference to death. While thas is an ancient elvish word for 'king'"

"What does Kael mean if you don't mind me asking?" Arthas interrupted.

The Val'kyr leader looked at him curiously, "It means 'sun'"

'I thought as much…hmm that's quite unusual. I wonder if my parents knew something about that? Wait a second…Twilight King? That's ironic since I defeated the Sun King's father. What's with this weird symbolism?' Arthas thought to himself.

After a moment of silence had passed, he shook his head, "So you think just because my name means 'Twilight King' that I'm some kind of god? I suggest you elaborate further, and don't spare me the details."

"Forgive me master," Olrun bowed, "I should not have been condescending. It was wrong of me to misinterpret your test. Despite your mortal form, your spirit is clearly the manifestation of powers beyond our understanding. We understand that you are an Eternal."

'They think this is a test? For real? What the hell is an Eternal? Wait…isn't that what the night elves call their gods? This is just getting crazier and crazier the more I think about it. I mean, I was willing to go along with this whole death god thing before, but they seriously think I'm a god? Hmmm…' Arthas had a thoughtful expression etched across his features. This look did not go unnoticed by the now nervous looking Val'kyr.

"Tell me everything you know about the titans and the old gods," Arthas replied with an inquisitive tone.

Olrun looked around nervously as if she had just offended him and slowly spoke, "We know that there was once seven among the original pantheon of the makers. Two of them no longer serve the Pantheon. And one replaced the traitor."

"Go on…" Arthas nodded.

Olrun continued, "We have many names for them, but the most common are the ones used by the keepers and the dwarves. They know them as: Aman'thul, highfather of the titans; Eonar, mother of all life; Norgannon, keeper of knowledge and magic; Golganneth, the starlight thunderer; Khaz'goroth, the earthshaper; Sargeras, the primordial flame; and the final one's name is long forgotten by time. The keepers simply know it as the Abysswalker."

The Val'kyr took a moment's pause before continuing, "The lost titan fell from the roots of the tree into the abyss. There it wandered the great dark beyond and eventually fell into madness and was forgotten by many. The legend is preserved by the keepers. Another maker, the one the other races call, Sargeras…he betrayed the pantheon for reasons unknown. Our people know him as Surtur…the lord of fire and demons. He is undoubtedly behind this demon army you are hunting. The keepers say that his seat in the pantheon was replaced by his second, Aggramar."

Arthas thought for a moment, "What about that one who, 'fell from the roots?' What the hell does that mean?"

Another Val'kyr answered, "He was the guardian of the twisting nether…but he wandered too far from the light and fell into darkness. As for the old gods, we know very little of them. Only the keepers were trusted with the knowledge of guarding Yogg-Saron. We know nothing of them other than what the dwarves have theorized. Please forgive us for our poorly educated answers."

The man sighed deeply, "No…I'm the one who lacks any knowledge about this. I was the Lich King, but all this talk of gods and titans is a bit much for me. Understand that I am just a human…a powerful one, but simply a human."

"You are more than human, my king. Even we can tell…you're the incarnation of deific power. King Ymiron would never have bowed to a southerner had it not been so. It is without question my king…you're surely of Vrykul descent, based on your stature and your demeanor, and the seers have foretold the day that a new eternal would be born. None among us have ever questioned your divinity," one of the other Val'kyr added.

"Hildana, speaks truly…for only a god could wield the Key of Death. No mortal, no matter what race is capable of commanding the powers of Frostmourne." another Val'kyr spoke up.

Hildana Deathstealer raised her mace high in approval, "Well said, Geirrvif…I would expect no less from a former seer. You and Olrun have a better way with words than the rest of us."

"My king," Geirrvif began, "the ancient prophecies speak of your arrival from the south…that in the end of days, when the makers cover the world in fire…the god of death would come to claim the worthy and lead us to the land of the dead. There we would await the armies of fire in a final glorious battle…Ragnarok."

Arthas turned to her curiously and held up his broken sword, "Keep talking…what else do you know about this prophecy?"

The Val'kyr all traded looks of uncertainly with one another. A brief silence passed before Olrun spoke, "There is an old saga of our people depicting Frostmourne…and you as well."

"How old?" Arthas interrupted interested.

The woman looked away briefly, "We are uncertain master. It has been passed down for generations."

"Can I hear it?" he asked.

Olrun bowed her head without a second of hesitation:

"As faint as deepest sleeper's breath, an echo comes as cold as death;

Long are the paths of shadows made, where no foot's print is ever laid;

An azure lord of ashen gold, heralds the dusk for days of old;

When winter comes and twilight calls, the king will rise…his foes shall fall;

His reign invokes glory and might, darkness rises to welcome night;

Of silver grey his crown is wrought, the starlight in his banners caught;

Atop a spire of frost and bone, he sits upon his frozen throne;

With the key of death in his hand, the Lich King comes to claim the land."

Arthas couldn't help but be awed by the poem Olrun had just uttered. The man held his head down and contemplated it for a moment, "How old is that poem exactly? Is that a literal translation from your language?"

"It has been passed down for generations, master. Only the keepers of Ulduar could truly answer your question…though your language has roots in ours. It translates pretty much the same." another Val'kyr answered.

'Hmm…yet conveniently it even rhymed…for something like that to translate so well between our tongues seems odd. Are humans somehow related to Vrykul? I should look into that if I ever get a chance,' Arthas thought to himself.

"You mentioned that this story referenced Frostmourne since the time of the titans…Frostmourne wasn't even on Azeroth back then," Arthas said aloud. He wasn't entirely certain of this fact, but the man couldn't help but find the new information both fascinating and disturbing.

"It is a prophecy of your arrival," one of the winged harbingers announced.

"Where does me getting dethroned fit into it?" Arthas asked curiously.

Olrun sighed, "It means nothing my King…for you were not defeated. You lead us to the land of death. You seek to reforge the key. Nothing can change the fate that has been preordained."

'There's been a tale about me since before I was born?! Is this more than coincidence? I've never been much of a believer in fate, but this is definitely not by chance. Frostmourne…just how powerful is it really? Even during my reign, I barely scratched the surface of its potential…but how did the Ashbringer break it then? Hmm…' Arthas was deep in thought. He couldn't get his mind off the strange situation.

Finally he pushed his thoughts aside, "Well that is enough of that for now…we have work to do. Val'kyr fan out and search the southern wall. We're looking for some sort of opening. Keep a low profile. If anybody sees you make sure they disappear."

Several minutes passed as Arthas flew around searching for the hidden entrance. Much to his approval, one of his Val'kyr was quick to locate it. He and his winged followers congregated around the entrance for a moment as he looked inside.

'I wonder how many of these Ashtongue guys are in there?' He wondered.

Without a second thought, the prince walked inside with his minions closely behind. Several were quick to fly ahead and scout the branching pathways. They continued onwards for close to another hour before finally coming upon a grand underground (presumably) hallway.

The interior architecture could only be described as alien to him. Even the Val'kyr were getting quite an eyeful of this bizarre hallway. The walls were made of stone, yet they glowed an eerie darkness. After his initial interest subsided, Arthas immediately looked around for some sort of staircase or ramp way.

He was quick to spot a ramp way past a massive set of double doors which conveniently sat open. 'This seems too good to be true…' Arthas thought to himself as he slowly approached it.

As his suspicions proved true, a plethora of warriors with strange scythe like weapons tried to ambush them. His Val'kyr made extremely quick work of them slaughtering the warriors without mercy. "Master should we raise them from the dead?" Geirrvif asked him as the man casually strolled up the large ramp way.

He simply shrugged, "Don't bother…we don't need ghouls to get through here."

"As you wish," the winged undead Vrykul replied. They followed behind him up the stone ramp further inside the temple. Much to Arthas' annoyance, they simply came upon another grand hallway.

He let out an audible sigh as he waved his minions ahead to scout for a path. They didn't make it far however as practically half the temple's inhabitants began to swarm into the large hallway.

Arthas and his several dozen val'kyr were quickly surrounded by this horde of deformed looking creatures. They resembled what he could only imagine a mutant draenei would look like.

They were all terrified by the man's presence and shouted back in forth in an unknown language, undoubtedly trying to figure out who he was and why he was there. Arthas didn't even bother acknowledging them as he walked towards the crowd.

Like a torch to roaches, they parted in both directions as he and his minions walked past. Many were visibly shaking at the sight of him. The man couldn't help but be confused by their silence however. It was obvious these beings sensed his power…but what were they exactly?

Finally, upon reaching the center of the immaculate hallway chamber, Arthas stopped in his tracks. He looked around for a brief moment and spoke calmly, "I'm looking for something called the Reliquary of Souls…I need a soul forge, and I heard there's one here."

They began to whisper amongst each other in fear and bewilderment at his laid back demeanor. Arthas did not take these people seriously due to their skittish behavior. It was obvious already due to his easy infiltration that he was not somebody they wanted to mingle with.

"By all that is holy…I never thought I would see the day another dark spirit would roam these halls," A voice spoke across the room. Arthas turned around slowly and examined the source of the voice.

One of the creatures, visibly larger than the rest and wielding some sort of sickle like scythes was approaching him. He eyed the being up and down and quickly recollected what Vyara had told him, "So, you must be Akama…am I right?"

"How do you know of my name dark spirit? This temple is no place for one such as you," Akama spoke sternly. Despite the creature's tone, Arthas couldn't help but question its non-hostile attitude.

"It doesn't matter…now will you point me in the direction of this soul forge? I'd hate to have to kill all of you over such a meager misunderstanding," Arthas threatened darkly.

Akama eyed him uncertainly as his eyes locked onto Frostmourne, "You wield Frostmourne?! But…the blade is broken?!"

The Lich King sighed and nodded his head, "Yes, it's broken…and I'm here to fix it. So I'm going to ask you again, Akama, where is the Reliquary of Souls?"

"Such a thing…it cannot be possible. Even Illidan fell to that blade's power. Then you must be…the Lich King?!" Akama stated incredulously.

The crowd seemed to break into near panic as everybody visibly took several steps back and gasped with fright. Arthas looked at them carelessly and chuckled, "I didn't realize I was so famous out here too…"

Finally summoning a bulge of courage, one of the nearby warriors spoke defiantly, "Be gone from these holy halls! The light will purge evils such as you!"

Arthas shot the warrior a threatening gaze, "Oh? Is that right? So tell me, little would be hero…is your precious light going to stop me from ripping your spine out of your body? Is it going to stop me from razing this temple to the ground?"

"You have no power here, fiend! What do you intend to do with a broken sword?!" Another warrior demanded.

Arthas' brow visibly twitched as he exhaled an annoyed growl, "I'll shove the jagged edge of this broken blade through your gut and slice out your entrails. Then I'm going to wrap them around that pillar right over there with you still attached to them. Now I suggest you don't ever speak to me again!"

Every Ashtongue Deathsworn warrior in the room dropped to their knees trembling uncontrollably. The light in the room visibly darkened as the whole temple shook from Arthas' shout. Lightning slowly began to crackle around Arthas' free fist as he glared daggers at these pathetic creatures.

Every inhabitant in the room began to immediately regret their hostility. Akama looked over the blood covering Arthas and his Val'kyr and sighed, "You killed your way in here I take it? Ashtongue, stand down…we are no match for him."

One of the warrior's eyes visibly widened at Arthas as the man continued glaring, "By the light, what power was that?!"

"Enough! This spirit is too powerful to banish. We will agree to his terms. I will show you forge, Lich King…but would you mind answering some of my questions?" Akama spoke somewhat politely.

He seemed to be the only person in the room who wasn't pissing their pants at Arthas' outburst. The silver haired prince nodded his head, "Okay…I'll humor you, but would you mind answering some of mine as well?"

As Arthas began to calm down, the light slowly returned to the room, and the temple was no longer shaking.

"How did your sword get broken?" Akama asked deeply interested.

Arthas shrugged, "The Ashbringer shattered it…"

"Why did you come all the way to Outland? How did you learn about the Soul forge in the Reliquary of Souls?" the deformed Draenei continued.

"Somebody told me…and I came here to escape the people trying to kill me," Arthas answered.

Akama held his head down sadly, "I see…so you and Illidan aren't so different. Only he didn't run away from his death."

"I prefer to think of it as moving on…but sure go ahead and imply that I'm a coward. Everybody else does…" the man said carelessly.

"What do you intend to do once you fix that blade?" Akama asked worried. It was extremely evident that Akama knew about what Frostmourne truly was.

Playing dumb for the moment, Arthas simply chuckled, "Probably create a whole bunch of martyrs…there's practically an army after me."

"You said you had questions, Lich King? You may ask them now," Akama nodded.

"I understand that this used to be Illidan's Palace from what I've heard…so what was it before then?" Arthas asked curiously.

"This was once the mighty Temple of Karabor…the greatest sanctum of light in all of Draenor. It was conquered long ago by Gul'dan and his orcish horde. The warlocks polluted its majesty with their foul magic. Eventually, the legion took over…and Illidan claimed it as his palace. His reign ended several years ago," Akama answered.

Arthas examined him curiously, "I can't imagine this weak rabble could stand a chance against him…how did Illidan die?"

"It took an army of heroes to liberate Outland from the Shadow of the betrayer," Akama answered.

Arthas frowned at his comment, 'Maybe we weren't on such different boats after all…it's practically my fault he ended up like that. I wonder if they know where the Skull of Gul'dan is…'

"Did I ever mention that I hate the word 'hero' to anybody? You know very little of Illidan…as did I. I think the word 'betrayer' is thrown around too loosely these days," Arthas spoke disapprovingly.

Akama seemed uncertain as he eyed Arthas up and down, "Dark spirit, who are you exactly? Do you have a name, or are you simply the Lich King?"

"Wow you want to know my name? Before you know it, we'll just be kicking back with a couple of fresh ales like old time pals…" Arthas responded with a sarcastic insult.

The Ashtongue leader didn't seem to fully understand Arthas' joke, "You seem quite erratic for a dark spirit. It is unusual to think that you are the same Lich King who battled Illidan. He spoke of a Lich King to us once. Claiming him to be a foe without equal."

"Everybody likes to talk about that battle as if they were there…Illidan is no pushover. I find it hard to believe a bunch of so-called 'heroes' had the power to take him down. That is assuming…you didn't just ambush him right?" the silver haired death knight said callously. He did not like talking about Illidan, because in a way he felt bad about leading the night elf on to claim the Skull of Gul'dan.

Before Akama could offer a response, a cloaked figure entered the hallway. Arthas eyed the newcomer up and down. The cloaked arriver was quite an interesting sight to him sporting a tall and slender physique, covered in armor with a full face helmet.

Long curved blades came out of the shoulder pauldrons, and a glorious white plume flowed behind the gold and silver helmet. Upon closer inspection, Arthas noticed it was a high ponytail. The figure's cloak was a pleasant green and the mysterious warrior carried a ring blade, the likes of which he had only seen once before.

"I was the one who delivered the killing blow…" the figure spoke proudly. Arthas took a few steps closer and stood several feet away from this unusual arrival. He quickly recognized the voice as feminine, but pushed those thoughts aside when a green glow caught his eye.

Upon her back rested two curved, double-edged, and glowing green war glaives. The Warglaives of Azzinoth…the iconic symbol of Illidan, was now in the possession of this mysterious armored woman.

"And who might you be?" Arthas asked interested.

"By the light! Maiev…why are you here? I thought you returned to your home in Azeroth?" Akama looked bewildered by this woman.

"Maiev? Never heard of you…" Arthas said.

The woman turned towards Akama and shook her head, "My reasons for being here do not concern you, Akama…I come on behalf of Elune in search for him."

"Who me?" Arthas asked surprised.

Every Val'kyr immediately tensed up as they reached for their weapons. Arthas quickly waved them down, "Stand down, Val'kyr…this intrigues me."

Maiev turned towards Arthas and threw her ring blade to the ground right at his feet. The insanely sharp weapon had no trouble impaling the stone. Arthas glanced down at it and back up at Maiev curiously, "Umm…you missed."

"I was not aiming for you, or you'd be dead," the armored woman stated calmly.

Arthas simply shrugged, "Right…like I haven't heard that before. Listen, lady, if you're here on behalf of the Alliance to kill me then I feel sorry for you."

"No, that is not it…Elune wishes to speak to you. She sent me to find you after Icecrown fell," Maiev replied factually.

The man raised a brow skeptically, "Elune, as in your moon goddess? Forgive me if I find that a bit hard to believe…"

"I'm surprised an evil human barbarian such as you would know the name of our great lady," Maiev replied matter of fact like.

He crossed his arms, "Barbarian huh? Where does everybody keep getting that from?" He was speaking more to himself.

Nevertheless, Maiev answered, "Have you even looked in a mirror lately?"

Despite her emotionless tone, Arthas couldn't help but laugh, "Hahahaha, I guess you got me there…Maiev. So, I'm guessing if you serve Elune, then you must be a night elf?"

The huntress wasted no time removing her helmet, revealing the face of a pale, long-eared beauty. Her face was emotionless, but her eyes seemed to sparkle like glistening starlight. Much to her disbelief, Arthas whistled, "Wow, I wasn't expecting you to be so good looking, Maiev. You might be the prettiest night elf I've ever seen."

Akama, and all of his warriors seemed to almost choke with disbelief at Arthas' comment. This man, this dark spirit that literally just made the temple shake was hitting on the infamous Maiev Shadowsong.

The huntress didn't seem to approve of his comment, "I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual…and would you stop using my name? We aren't friends…you may refer to me as Huntress."

"Oh, so we're breaking up then?" Arthas faked despair. Akama could barely believe that this oddball human was the Lich King.

"Excuse me?" Maiev's emotionless tone quickly shifted to a dark threatening one.

The death knight sighed, "I'm sorry, I should have asked to meet your parents first right? I forget how night elves get together…we didn't see many of you in Lordaeron."

"I am over ten thousand years old human…you are but a child in my eyes," the white haired beauty stated simply.

"So you're admitting to robbing the cradle now? What kind of person are you? I think I can see how you got the name, 'Huntress' now," Arthas continued joking.

"Stop being obnoxious you arrogant child!" Maiev outburst. It took her a moment to realize what she had just done.

She cracked her fists and huffed with disapproval as Arthas started laughing again. "Cute, very cute…this is why I can't deal with humans. Your sense of humor eludes me."

"You think I'm cute huh? Now you're just playing a double fault game here…Maiev," the man replied.

"STOP using my name! Just stop talking alright!" the huntress demanded. She could barely believe how easily Arthas was getting under her skin. She was used to dealing with all manner of annoying races and people, but something about this man was simply driving her mad already.

Maiev immediately decided to put her helmet back on after Arthas winked at her.

Finally, deciding his fun was over, Arthas changed the subject, "So, you killed Illidan then…that's a shame."

"What? Why would you say that? He was a cruel power-mad demon by the end of his life…" the night elf stated.

Arthas shrugged, "Yeah, you can blame me for the whole demon transformation thing…just add that onto my long list of infamous deeds."

"I don't care about who you are or what you've done…I answer to the High Priestess Tyrande and the moon goddess Elune. Your deeds in the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend are not really my concern," Maiev said.

"Well, here's the deal, 'Huntress,'" Arthas spoke the title with overemphasis, "I'm not leaving until I fix Frostmourne and I find out what the hell you people are hiding beneath this temple."

Akama's eyes shot wide, "No…you know of the doorway?!"

Arthas turned his gaze towards the deformed draenei, "Why yes I do in fact…and I intend to go through it."

"NO! You can't…that is why I am here," Maiev cut in urgently.

"Really? How did you know I was going to be here?" Arthas asked skeptically.

Maiev sighed, "Elune has prophesized much…now come with me, we must return to Kalimdor."

"Woah, hold on a second…you want me to go to Kalimdor? Are you crazy? Last I heard the horde owned two thirds of the continent…I don't really feel like fighting a legion of orcs if you know what I mean," he wasn't too thrilled with her suggestion.

"You can't walk through that gate, human…if twilight passes into shadow then darkness will fall. Only the moon can truly light the shadows of night. You MUST see Elune," she persisted.

He simply shook his head, "No, I don't think so…it was nice chatting with you, but I need to go now. Alright Akama, show me to the Reliquary…"

The broken draenei regretfully nodded his head, "Follow me, spirit…the forge is down this hall."

"Nice…" was all the man could say as he shook his head at the irony.

Much to Arthas' annoyance, Maiev began to follow them, "How do you intend to pass through a door with a broken key? You wish to repair that sword, but do you even have the materials to repair it?"

Arthas simply decided to ignore her as he followed Akama further. Many of the Ashtongue decided to return to what they were doing, but a large number were still keeping a watchful eye on Arthas and his company.

"You won't be able to repair that sword without the lost pieces," Maiev spoke up again.

Much to her disapproval, Arthas was still ignoring her, 'What's with this human?! Why is he so stubborn?'

"Do you have any idea what's on the other side of the doorway? Do you even realize what will happen when you go inside?" the night elf continued ranting.

Arthas did his best to tune her out, but finally he turned towards the woman, "I don't care what happens to me…not like I have anything to lose anyways."

"Not only are you arrogant but selfish as well…how do you know this won't affect everybody in Outland? It's happened before…with Ner'zhul," she whispered only loud enough for him to hear.

"Not my problem…I don't care about this place either," he shrugged carelessly.

Maiev shook her helmeted head, "I saw what you did to that blood elf girl outside…I suppose worrying for her safety doesn't count as caring right?"

His eyes widened with disbelief as he leaned in and whispered, "You were spying on me?! When and for how long?!"

"I've had my sights on you since Terokkar…granted I had a bit of a headstart over the Alliance and Horde thanks to Elune's guidance. You've demonstrated some interesting behavior in spite of your infamous reputation…" she said analytically.

"So you've been following me for THAT long without me catching on? Damn…you're pretty good. I guess Illidan must have had his hands full with you after him. You could sure give Sylvanas a run for her money," Arthas noted.

"I analyzed you during pursuit in order to determine if you were a threat…Elune wanted to know more about you personally," the huntress explained.

"Well I'm sure you'll have a lot of random facts to tell her…" the man sighed.

"Your favorite color is blue, you have a fetish for other races…primarily elf girls, you supposedly have a silver tongue, you enjoy blood thistle, you put on a false façade for the world, and you play with your hair more than a teenage girl," the night started naming off random facts.

"WOAH! Hold on a second, only one of those things is true," Arthas defended himself.

Maiev cocked her head, "The elf girl fetish?"

"What? No…hell no. It was the thing about my hair…" Arthas replied somewhat guiltily.

The night simply shook her head, "It's annoying to be on the receiving end isn't it?"

He simply shot her an amused look, "Touché, though I wouldn't mind being on your receiving end." Maiev huffed in annoyance as Arthas flipped the tables.

She shook her head with irritation, "You're impossible."

He twirled his hand in her ponytail as they continued to follow Akama, "You want me to braid your hair? I used to be pretty good at it."

She instantly drew her ring blade and held it to his throat, "Don't touch my hair…"

Much to her surprise, Arthas traced a gloved finger down the razor sharp edge. It slowly started to freeze over with dark ice.

The woman pulled her weapon back annoyed, "Stop that, you're going to ruin the edge!"

"Babe, nothing could ruin your edge…" Arthas chuckled.

"Don't think I won't kill you if you keep this up…" her agitation was hard to suppress now.

"What's the matter, 'Huntress?' You're not letting some simple 'child' like me bother you right? I mean after all, you have countless generations of wisdom over a witless, airhead barbarian like me," Arthas mocked her.

She turned her helmeted head towards him, "I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish by annoying me…but its not going to work."

"Thanks for the advice…you'll be a tough girl to crack," Arthas nodded.

Maiev shook her head, 'What's this whole demeanor of his even for? What's he doing trying to get a rise out of me? How can humans just casually say indecent things like that for no apparent reason?'

"You're inappropriate, and extremely immature…I feel sorry for you," She stated.

"Blue isn't my favorite color…it's my second favorite," Arthas changed the subject. The Huntress raised a brow curiously at his change in tone.

"What's your favorite then?" she asked for some unknown reason.

'Wait why did I ask him that? I don't even care…' she thought to herself confused.

"Silver…it reminds me of when I used to be a paladin during a happier time in my life," he replied deep in thought.

"Why are you telling me? I don't really care…" Maiev said calmly.

"Silver is your favorite color too…" he said as he turned his gaze towards her.

The night elf gripped her ring blade tightly, 'What?! How the hell would he know that?!'

She managed to hide her surprise thankfully and cocked her head, "What makes you think that human? How do you know it's not green?"

"It's pretty easy to figure out given enough exposure to somebody's background and what not. Silver is the color that represents Elune…and is most commonly what night elf priestesses are adorned in. Since you appear to be a zealot, then it only seemed logical," he answered.

'Wow…I didn't expect a logical answer from a dim-witted warrior like him. What an unusual person…' Maiev thought to herself.

"I see…so you could correctly guess anybody's favorite color?" she asked curiously.

Arthas nodded, "Theoretically yes…"

"Prove it then…what is Illidan's favorite color?" she asked.

"Green, probably because it's the only color he could see hahaha," the death knight chuckled.

"That one was too easy…what about Kael'thas?" she asked.

He gave her an amused grin, "Are we really doing this? Alright fine…gold."

"You sure it's not red?" she asked.

Arthas shook his head, "No that's too obvious…he loves the color gold for three reasons. One, his entire family had gold hair. Two, everything he owned had gold on it. Three, he loves the sun and anything associated with it."

"Interesting," was all she said as she focused her attention forward again.

The mood instantly shifted as Akama announced their arrival, "Here is the Reliquary of Souls…beware, spirit…those who dally too long in this place become enslaved. The Ashtongue will not bother you, but please, conduct your business and leave immediately."

Without another word, Akama left, but not before sending a disapproving glare at Maiev for unexpectedly arriving.

Arthas examined the Reliquary of Souls with fascination. This room glowed an eerie blue with many runic stones covering the wall. In its center a large cage like structure hung low to the ground. Beneath a massive stone face lay shattered on the floor. However, behind this he saw a soul forge the likes of which even he found impressive.

Its size rivaled that of the one he built in Icecrown, but this one appeared far more archaic in design. Much to his approval he noticed a nearby smithy hammer. The warrior waved his Val'kyr off to stand guard down the hallway as he slowly approached the forge.

Maiev ghosted his steps and was quick to voice her opinion, "How are you going to fix a sword without the proper metal?"

He turned towards her annoyed, "I'll improvise…I can just melt pieces of my armor."

"No, you don't have to do that…I have what you need," She boasted. Once again Maiev removed her helmet and placed it now nearby the forge. Her twinkling eyes were glistening with eagerness.

"Is that some sort of clumsy come on?" Arthas asked. His reply instantly killed Maiev's anticipation causing her jaw to drop with disbelief, "You're lewd human…I would never imply as much! You need to keep your filthy elf fetish under control around me."

"Again with this elf-fetish crap? I really don't see where you got that interpretation from…" he responded.

"Then stop eyeing me up! I'm trying to be serious about this…here I thought you were downright determined to fix your sword, but you're quite quick to get side-tracked. Or are you simply dim-witted?" she said.

"Poor Illidan…to have died to this bitch," Arthas muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" She asked icily.

"Oh, I was just saying thank you for taking an interest in me, Maiev. By the way do you have a surname or is that only for important people in elven societies?" he changed the subject.

"Shadowsong…Maiev Shadowsong is my full name," She stated calmly.

"Well, anyways, you said you had what I need?" Arthas asked interested.

"Stop saying it so lewdly…I have the broken shards of your sword, Arthas," she said.

"What? You do? How though…" He wondered aloud.

The woman reached into her pack and pulled out and showed many different fragments of his broken sword, "It wasn't easy getting these…Icecrown was all but plundered when I arrived. I had to track several people down to get the pieces."

"Yet, you did all of that and still had time to stalk me for two weeks? Talk about getting things done…" Arthas seemed impressed. This didn't go unnoticed by the huntress who eyed him suspiciously.

"I'm the best at what I do…" was all she said in response.

An awkward silence passed before a huge blush crossed her face, "Don't even say it!"

"Say what? I wasn't even going to imply anything of the sort…though judging by that outburst, maybe you were…" he shot back wittily.

"Moon Goddess, please spare me from the indecencies of this foul man," Maiev prayed.

"Well, I assume you're not just going to hand those shards over are you? Those must be your bargaining chip," Arthas sighed.

The night elf looked at him and for the first time smiled, "Yes, that is correct…if I give you these it comes with a certain set of conditions."

"'Conditions' huh? Oh I can't even wait to hear this…" he knew exactly what she was going to say.

"If I agree to give you these shards, you must agree to meet Elune immediately after you fix your sword," she stated.

"Umm…no," Arthas had a serious look on his face clearly emphasizing that he was not joking.

"Well then, I guess you won't be getting these shards the-" Maiev began, but before she could finish, Arthas was already trying to grab the pack out of her hand.

Unfortunately for him, the woman was almost too swift to keep up with.

Her superior agility gave her distinct advantage as the woman practically played keep away with him. Finally, Arthas stopped and sighed, "You've got to be kidding me…"

"Like I said…you're not getting these shards unless you either kill me, which I doubt you will, or unless you agree to go see Elune," Maiev declared almost victoriously.

He took a step closer and simply gave her a long stare.

"No need to get all upset just because you can't get your way now…why are you staring at me like that?" She asked worriedly.

Arthas took another step towards the woman. She nervously backed away, "What are you doing? Don't even think for a second that you're fast enough to take this fro-"

Much to her disbelief, instead of reaching for her pack, Arthas pinned her against the wall. She felt a cold tongue slowly lick her cheek. Her eyes went wide with shock as Arthas' emerald gaze focused on her, "Would it help if I said please, Maiev?"

She immediately kicked him and let out a low growl, "Your breath in rancid human…how dare you invade my personal space."

Much to her astonishment, Arthas was holding the pack in his hand with a smile, "You let your guard down…has nobody ever licked your face before?"

"You're disgusting…how does something like that even cross your mind?" she muttered.

"I have to say…flashing you bargaining chip in front of somebody is not really the smartest idea. For that matter…I'm surprised you even brought me these pieces. This whole Elune thing must be a pretty big deal…in that case, how's about we change the 'conditions.'"

A vein bulged from the woman's head as she drew the two emerald war glaives from her back. Arthas simply crossed his arms with the pack still in hand, "Don't hurt yourself now…those are demon weapons."

"You're coming with me to Elune, do you understand?!" She demanded.

The woman immediately felt several spears mere hairs away from her body as many Val'kyr surrounded her. Olrun had her halberd's tip pointed at the woman's neck.

Two of the Val'kyr quickly grabbed her arms and held her in place. The woman looked surprised by their sheer strength, "Ugh…I see these pets of yours are for more than looks. And here I thought you were just some lecherous maniac…"

"I'm going inside that doorway…you can tell Elune that I've got better things to do. Whatever she wants from me must be a pretty big deal if she's willing to risk you helping me for it. You care to explain the details?" he smiled suggestively.

"Those questions you were asking your Val'kyr…about the Old Gods. The Moon Goddess can answer them. She can also explain the titans should you wish it…that and so much more. It is a great honor to be summoned by Elune…your refusal to even acknowledge her is despicable," Maiev pleaded in a last effort.

Arthas raised a brow, "Really? So she's physically in Kalimdor then? Waiting for me…how romantic. Well she's just going to have to keep on waiting."

"Please…if you refuse reason, then at least take this ring. It is called the Moonlight Ring. It can help you if you get lost in there," Maiev sighed in defeat.

The Val'kyr finally released her much to the night elf's relief. She walked over and begrudgingly handed a silver white ring to Arthas. He eyed it curiously, "Was this your intention all along? Too give me some stupid ring? What good will this do me?"

"Elune shines her protection upon all…even dark creatures such as you. For her to offer you one of these could only mean one thing…" Maiev explained.

"And that would be?" he hung on her last words.

"If you pay her a visit in Moonglade, then I'm sure she can help you find your way." the woman answered.

She watched him intently as Arthas examined the ring. The death knight couldn't help but find it beautiful and enrapturing in both design and touch. He slipped the ring over his gloved finger.

"It's magical…and changes to fit the shape of the wearer's finger," the night elf stated the obvious.

"I noticed," Arthas said.

"She told me to give you that ring if all else failed…" Maiev sighed.

Arthas didn't really seem to be listening as he reached into her pack and retrieved the fragments of Frostmourne. Arthas slowly and methodically laid out the pieces over the forge and shaped them up to his broken blade.

The warrior then applied great heat and started pounding the pieces back together. As he did his work, Maiev casually leaned against the wall staring at him.

The night elf appeared rather unhappy about the current situation. Who could blame her though? Several hours passed as neither one spoke to the other. Finally, deciding that he had enough with her awkward stares, Arthas turned towards the woman imposingly, "So, why are you still here exactly? I got your ring…so what are you doing hanging around me still?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out myself…I am not going back there empty handed." she sighed.

"So you're just going to follow me around then?" he asked annoyed.

The night elf thought for a moment and nodded, "Good idea…that way I can make sure you follow through."

"You won't be able to follow me into the doorway…that is unless you'd like to die," Arthas stated as he continued to pound the hammer.

She shook her head and sighed, "I can wait for you to come out…you're pretty easy to track."

Arthas briefly stopped his work as he turned to face her curiously. His eyes quickly caught sight of an interesting accessory. The woman was also wearing a silver white ring.

"So you've got one of those rings too?" Arthas changed the subject.

Maiev seemed surprised by his awareness and nodded, "Yes…it is a great honor to wear a Moonlight Ring. There are only three according to legend. Lady Tyrande is the High Priestess of Elune, and possesses one. I have one, and now you have the third…"

"Look, I'll go see Elune, later okay? But seriously…what the hell would she want with somebody like me?" Arthas asked with a genuine tone.

The huntress looked away, "I couldn't say…humans don't pray to her, so I have no idea why she would deem you worthy of her time. Your kind are all light worshippers like the blood elves…though you aren't really like other humans."

"What do you think will happen when I go through that door to death? You said something about Ner'zhul doing it before…what did he do?" Arthas asked her.

Maiev frowned, "There's a reason night elves wish to be immortal…the spirit world is a place of great suffering. It has its places of refuge for those that worship the light or the elements, but our kind do not have that luxury."

"So when a night elf dies…" Arthas began but didn't really want to finish the sentence.

The woman nodded, already knowing what he was implying, "Yes…and when one such as Illidan dies, I can't even imagine the darkness his spirit now wallows in."

"For somebody that killed Illidan, you don't seem to hate him all that much," Arthas noticed.

She sighed, "Yes…his life is a pretty sad story. I almost pity him…he was forever in Malfurion's shadow. He was willing to do anything to prove himself to our people. I wish I could call him evil, but it's hard to draw that line, when you know your enemies so well."

"You're right about that…" was all Arthas could say.

Maiev focused her pale, twinkling eyes back up at the death knight, "I've heard a lot about you and the things you've done…you remind me a lot of Illidan in some ways."

"How so?" Arthas tested. He already had a guess about what she was going to say, but figured it was worth hearing anyways.

"Your noble intentions were consumed by your own pride. You accepted all responsibility and put the weight of the world on your shoulders because you didn't want to be out-shined. Your desire to be a hero ended up backfiring…" she explained.

Much to her surprise, Arthas simply shrugged, "It's easy to see things the way you want…"

"Poor Illidan was mad with envy…his one true love, Tyrande, did not love him. She loved his brother, Malfurion…I wonder, Arthas, is there anybody you ever cared about?" Maiev seemed to be in a much more talkative mood now.

"There's no point of me dwelling on things that could have been…the difference between me and Illidan is he simply accepted defeat because he couldn't move on. I will move on…I will live on. I will do something better with my life than I have previously," the man replied.

"Interesting…" was all she responded as she continued to stare at him with a hint of curiosity.

Another awkward silence soon followed. This was Arthas' cue to continue his reforging. Another long silence passed until finally, the blade was completely reconstructed. Making his final preparations, Arthas placed his sword into the back end of the soul forge and started to imbue runic magic back into it.

However, much to his surprise, the moment he gripped the hilt, a colossal surge of power erupted throughout the room. Frostmourne was glowing its familiar runic blue, but now, a coat of elemental energy was beginning to form around it.

'What the hell is this?! Wait, could this be Ner'zhul's gift? My runic imbuement has far more elemental power now.' he wondered in awe as his blade appeared to be charging itself.

The Reliquary of Souls was soon engulfed in energy as the ceiling shattered open. "What are you doing?!" Maiev demanded shocked.

"You will succeed where your master failed…his power and his spirit live on through you. Make use of them! They are yours to command, LICH KING!" a strange unknown voice sounded within Arthas' head.

'Where did that voice come from? That wasn't Ner'zhul…' Arthas thought shocked.

Some unknown force seemed to drag Arthas away from the forge and into the center of the room. Frostmourne's blade pointed upward towards the broken ceiling and began to absorb the spiraling energy outside of the temple.

Something similar to an earthquake followed as well as erratic lightning storm. Maiev's eyes widened with disbelief, as Arthas began to levitate off the ground, "Human what is happening?"

Arthas' Val'kyr quickly formed a circle around the now floating Lich King and began to chant in their native tongue.

Each of them channeled dark energy towards Arthas enchanting him even further with necromantic power.

The chanting from the winged women continued to amplify as did the bizarre earthquake and energy surge. Time all but seemed to stop as Arthas floated higher.

"All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured! Embrace the darkness of the abyss, and together we shall quell the flames of the legion, put out the light, and consume all! Let us work wonders together…you and I. Guide me into the hearts of your enemies." The voice spoke again. Once it finished, Arthas immediately dropped to the ground.

The armored death knight slammed into the ground creating a crater in the oddly designed floor. Lightning crackled around his body which was now glowing pure runic blue.

"Arthas…a-are you okay?" Maiev asked as slowly approached him from behind. The Val'kyr all bowed low as they stopped chanting.

Dead silence followed as the man stood up and looked around the room with a dark grin, "Frostmourne…Hungers."

Maiev looked terrified as the man turned around. The runic energy radiating from his body began to freeze everything in the room. She shivered fearfully as he met her gaze.

"W-what have I done…" she muttered to herself in disbelief. The woman immediately drew Illidan's war glaives and held them up defensively.

"Now, Maiev…don't do that," Arthas laughed.

"Prove to me that you're still you…" she demanded fearfully.

Much to her relief, Arthas simply walked past her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Chill out, woman…I'm still me. Not that you would know anways..."

"Bu- but what the hell was that just now?!" She exclaimed worried.

"Bad news for everybody after me," he laughed.

She frowned in disapproval as the man beamed proudly at his restored blade. "I have a favor, Maiev…can you find the Skull of Gul'dan for me? It's somewhere in this valley. It'll give you something to do while I'm taking care of other business."

"You…you speak as if I work for you," she said softly.

"Don't you?" he smiled suggestively. His wicked grin sent a shiver up her spine. She nodded, "I suppose I could help you…you did agree to see Elune after all."

"Don't plan on keeping those glaives…" Arthas stated as he began to leave the Reliquary. She looked at him shocked, "What? Why not?"

"You'll see," he laughed.


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