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Lucy hadn't been expecting this when she left her apartment this morning.

She had thought she'd walk into the guild, hang out with her friends for a while, maybe even look for a new job so she could have some extra spending money. All in all, a normal day for the Celestial Mage.

Instead, Lucy walked into No Man's Land.

"What theā€¦" the blonde said softly, looking in confusion at all the mages who were sitting by the door or on the stairs. As far as she could tell, all the tables on the main floor were empty, and there was a low rumbling coming from somewhere in the guild.

"Hey Lu!" Levy said from her spot on the stairs, waving and patting the empty spot next to her. Lucy had to shimmy her way through the tightly packed crowd, but it didn't take her very long to get to the Script Mage's side.

"Hey Lev," she greeted, waving at Jet and Droy who were both sitting behind Levy, "what's going on?"

Levy sighed, gesturing to opposite sides of the guild. "Those two happened," she said wearily, and Lucy looked where she pointed.

The tables that she had thought were empty were actually filled, but only by two people. On opposite sides of the guild sat Natsu and Gajeel, both glaring at the other with their arms crossed. Gajeel blended right into the shadows, which explained why Lucy hadn't seen him - not that she really wanted to look; she could still remember the ting of the daggers he threw at her embedding themselves in the wall, outlining her body in sharp iron - but Natsu's behavior baffled her.

Typically he couldn't stay still, always running around and shouting at anyone who would listen to him. He caught everyone's eyes because he was constantly moving. But now he was practically invisible, sitting still and silent with a look of unmasked contempt as he glared at the other Dragon Slayer.

It was a little scary, actually.

"So... they're glaring at each other? Why is everyone on the stairs?" Lucy asked, looking back at her friend. Levy simply pointed again, this time at a guild member that Lucy didn't recognize as he shakily made his way to the bar.

Which just happened to be on the opposite side of the guild. Past the two glaring Dragon Slayers.

The second the man stepped into their line of sight, the low rumbling grew louder and both Gajeel and Natsu bared their teeth at the poor sap, the air charged with magic. Lucy realized with a shock that the rumbles were actually the two mages growling at each other, and at the mage who ran with a sob to the bar and away from the two Dragon Slayers.

The second he had moved out from between the two, the growling quieted back to a low rumble and the Dragon Slayers went back to their staring contest.

"The hell?"

"They've been like that all day," Levy said with a sigh. "They only do it when anyone walks between them, but no one wants to risk setting them off." Lucy just gaped as Natsu shifted in his seat, his chest puffed out as if trying to look bigger. Gajeel did the same, but it was slightly more intimidating seeing as he was broad, thick muscles where Natsu was more lanky.

"What are they even doing?" she asked, bewildered. "I've never seen Natsu like this!"

"Juvia agrees," the Water Mage cut in from where she was sitting next to Gray towards the bottom of the stairs, her eyebrows furrowed in concern. "She's never seen Gajeel act like this before!"

"They're like two wild animals," Gray grouched, his chin resting in his palm.

"That's actually pretty close," Levy said, and most of the guild members siting by the door turned to look at her.

"Did you find something?" Erza asked, and Lucy noticed the book in Levy's lap for the first time. She held it up and the Celestial Mage took note of the dragon painted on the back cover of the book.

"According to this," she started, flipping through a few pages until she found the passage she was looking for, "what they're doing now is typical dragon behavior when someone new is introduced to a dragon's territory."

"But they aren't actually dragons," Jet said, looking confused. "Why would they do that?"

"They were both raised by dragons, so it makes sense that they would adopt some of their behaviors. Plus, Dragon Slaying magic seems to affect the body of the mage," Levy explained. "Heightened senses, stronger bodies, faster absorption of the etheron in the air. Would it really be so odd if the magic affected them mentally as well? They have all the instincts a dragon would, heck, they could practically be half dragon-"

"Go back to the territory thing, please," Erza said from her spot, shoving Jet and Droy carelessly out of the way so she could look at the book over the younger woman's shoulder. All the mages surrounding them shook their heads at the Requip Mage's absent-mindedness, and Levy just shot each of her teammates a concerned glance before looking back to the book.

"Well basically, when Gajeel joined the guild he entered Natsu's territory. Now they're just trying to show each other who's in charge." There was a collective "Ah" as everyone finally realized what was going down.

"Gajeel's trying to make a place for himself in Natsu's territory, and Natsu isn't cool with that," Lucy summed up for Gray, who had only grown more confused at Levy's explanation.

"So this is the dragon version of whipping it out and measuring?"

"If you want to be crude about it, yeah."

Gray scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Idiots, the both of them."

"Ain't that the truth," Cana grumbled from where she was sitting on the rail. "I need my beer, damnit!"

"Cana's right," Era said, standing. "There's been quite enough of this." With that, she stepped over all the mages that were on the steps and started towards Natsu. The whole guild seemed to collectively hold their breath as she stepped up to his table, a dark aura around her as she stood tall, arms crossed over her chest.

Natsu and Gajeel growled louder at the intrusion, but both abruptly cut off when the Requip Mage yanked Natsu out of his seat by his ear. Everyone looked on in shocked silence as she dragged him towards the other Dragon Slayer, the only sounds being the metallic clanking of her armor and Natsu's loud complaining at being manhandled.

When she reached Gajeel, she dropped the Fire Dragon Slayer on the opposite side of the table, glaring at the both of them. "You two have disturbed everyone's day long enough," she said lowly, her voice threatening. "You're free to have your territorial stare down, but either have it in a way that does not disturb the rest of the guild or take it outside. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am!" Natsu said quickly, shaking in his seat at the quiet show of authority and anger. Gajeel, who had only glimpsed a hint of the Titania's fury during the battle between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail and thus did not know the explosiveness that her anger truly contained, simply huffed.

The huff turned into a yelp - which had several of the mages on the steps sniggering and the others staring in shock - when Erza grabbed Gajeel's head, pulling roughly on his hair until he was forced to look her in the eye.

"Am I clear?" Erza repeated, tightening her fist until Gajeel choked out a "Y-yes!"

"Good," Erza said calmly, releasing her grip on him and walking away without another word. Gajeel stared after her, still in shock, until Natsu laughed at his frightened expression. They were back to growling and glaring within a heartbeat, but most of Fairy Tail was ignoring them now as they went back to their tables. Levy and Lucy stayed on the stairs as the crowd pushed past them, watching Erza as she sat at the bar next to a relieved Cana and ordered a slice of cake.

"I don't think it matters who wins their little glare-off," Lucy whispered to Levy with a grin, gesturing towards the table that everyone was giving a wide berth to. "We all know who's really in charge."

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