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SUMARRY: Iris Potter gave up on her life as a witch. She was no longer the Girl-Who-Lived, now she was Dr. Iris Potter, an accomplished astrophysicist who works independently. One day, Jane Foster asked her to take over her project since she could no longer dedicate her time and efforts in it. Accepting her friend's request, Iris Potter did not expect a Thunder God to fall on her truck.


"Next time you decide to taser somebody," Erik grunted as he pulled the unconscious man's body into the truck "Make sure he's already in the truck, okay?"

"What are you doing with a taser gun, anyway?" asked Iris as he helped Erik drag the man's body into the truck's floor.

"Oh this?", Darcy asked "I always bring it with me, this is the first time I used it though."

Erik, Iris, and Darcy stared at the man that they dragged. He is built, that much was obvious. His body is pure muscles judging by the bulges in his arms and hinted by the tight-fit of the t-shirt he was wearing. He is tall as well, maybe somewhere around 6 feet 4 inches, give or take a few. He has blond hair and if their memory serves them right, his irises were blue.

"Do you think he needs CPR?" Darcy asked after a few moments of contemplation "Cause I totally know CPR."

"Darcy, he was tasered not drowned." Iris said as she and Erik went inside the truck.

"I was just putting it out there." Darcy said before getting behind the driver's wheel "But in more important matters, is that a hint of jealousy I hear, Iris?"

"Darcy! I told you that I was just joking when I said that I'll date the first guy to fall from the sky!" Iris said exasperatedly

"And I told you I was serious!" Darcy replied as she started driving away "Besides he is hot, did you see those biceps?"

"I don't care even if he is the pinnacle of masculine perfection, I still won't date a total stranger."

"But you don't deny that he's hot?" Darcy said with a grin

"Look Darcy, that guy over there" Iris said pointing to the man's unconscious form "is without a doubt, insane. You tasered him because he was acting all cuckoo remember? I would be content to watch miserably as my one true love dies in front of my eyes as you so carefully put it."

"I tasered him because he went all crazy on me" Darcy replied "If he just left me alone then I would have been content admiring his well-shaped backside."

"You do realize that you just called him your one true love, right?" Darcy added after a few seconds of silence.

"Erik, a little help here!" Iris complained

"I'm a guy Iris, girl talk has never been included in my areas of expertise." Erik shrugged.

"And that is why it is so hard for you to get laid." Darcy said

"Please tell me we are near a hospital." Iris said, trying to find a way to stop the conversation.

"Just a second," Darcy said as she took a left turn "Here we are at County Hospital!"

Darcy, Iris, and Erik got off the truck and asked some of the male nurses for assistance. They lead the nurses to where they stashed the man at the back of the truck. The nurses placed the man's body on a stretcher before wheeling him off to a room to get examined. Iris and her friends, on the other hand, where lead to the main counter to give some information.

"Name?" the nurse at the counter asked.

Iris looked at her friends before thinking quickly and answering the nurse's questions.

"Uhhm, Blake, Donald Blake." Iris said

"Donald Blake," the nurse repeated as she entered the name into the computer "And your relationship with him?"

"I've never met him before." answered Iris

"Until she hit him with a car." Darcy added

"She was the one driving," Iris quickly added "and she tasered him."

"Yes, I did." Darcy said unrepentantly

Erik took the two of them away after Iris finished answering the questions of the nurse.

"Did you really have to tell them that we basically hit the guy?" Erik asked Darcy

"What? Withholding information might prove detrimental to his immediate recovery." Darcy replied with a shrug.

Iris and Erik were looking at Darcy oddly.

"That is the second time today that you actually made sense." Iris told her "God, this day is getting weirder and weirder."

"I can definitely say something smart every now and then you know."

"Trust me Darcy, the fact that you are suddenly making sense is more troubling than meeting a parachute-less skydiving guy." Erik said as he went passed the two girls and into the truck.

Darcy grumbled a bit before taking the wheels of the truck.

"So, where are we off to now?" Darcy asked

"Back to our research HQ, Darcy." Iris said, plopping down on her seat.

The entire drive back to their base was silent. Only the sounds of Darcy humming some song she was listening to through her IPod and the turning of pages as Iris read Jane's journal were permeating the silence.

Once they reach their destination, Iris immediately asked Erik to print some of the readings they got and also ordered Darcy to print and pin the images they got from their scans. While the two of them were working on what they were told to do, Iris cleared a desk and placed all her notes on wormholes along with Jane's journals.

While waiting for her friends to finish what they were doing, Iris grabbed a box on top of her assigned desk. She opened it and took a treacle tart to eat while waiting. She was munching on her third one when Darcy and Erik came back with the printed scans.

"Oh, can I have some?" Darcy asked as her hand reached towards the box of treacle tarts on Iris' desk.

"Sorry Darcy" Iris said as she slapped Darcy's hand away from her food "but you won't like me when I'm hungry."

Iris and Erik looked through the printed readings as Darcy pinned some of the printed scans on their board. The two astrophysicist exchanged papers and opinions about each and every thing they would find unusual about the readings.

"You don't think this was just a magnetic storm, do you?" Erik asked Iris

"Look, the lensing around these edges" Iris said gesturing towards the paper and then to her computer screen where an enlarged copy was on full screen "is a characteristic of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.:

"A what?" Darcy asked

"Aren't you a science major?" Erik asked, his brows furrowing at Darcy's question.

"Political Science." Darcy replied with a shrug

"She was the only one who signed up when Jane was looking for interns." Iris explained to Erik

Erik released a sigh before turning his attention to Darcy.

"An Einstein-Rosen Bridge is a theoretical connection between two different points of space and time-"

"It's a wormhole", Iris said interrupting Erik's explanation

Erik gave an unimpressed look at Iris' direction

"You're making it way too complicated than it should be." Iris explained taking one of the scans on the table "Erik look, what do you see?"

"Stars." Erik replied

"Right stars, but look again" Iris said while giving him another scan "this one is not our stars."

Iris pointed to the one she just gave to Erik and explained her observation.

"See here? This is the star alignment of our quadrant for this time of year." She then pointed to one of the star formations "and unless Ursa Minor decided to take a day off, these are someone else's constellations."

"Hey guys, look at this." Darcy said her stare on one of the scans they managed to take.

Erik and Iris went to Darcy and looked at the image she was pointing to. The image Darcy was referring to was one of the few they were able to get a scan of when the sudden pillar or the wormhole formed in the clouds. They stood dumbfounded as an imprint of a man's figure was clearly seen in the scan.

"No, it can't be.", Erik breathed out

"I guess he was not some adrenaline junky who decided to take skydiving with no precautions." Iris said.

Iris looked at the scan for a few moments longer before giving some small circular metal contraptions to Darcy and Erik.

"Here, help me place them on our equipment." Iris said as she went to one of their computers and placed it on the CPU.

"What are these for?" asked Darcy as she and Erik helped Iris place the contraptions on their apparatus.

"It's a tracking device slash self destruct chip." Iris replied as she finished with her share.

"I understand the tracking thing but what is this about the self destruct thingy?" Darcy asked as she bent down and placed the chip under their scanners.

"Iris is a bit paranoid," Erik grunted as he stood up from where he knelt after he finished placing the last of his chips "In case someone steals her work, she destroys it before they could even use it."

"Wow," Darcy said, looking at Iris appreciatively "Did you ever get to use it?"

"Yeah, once." Iris replied "Remember Thompson, Erik?"

"Ah, poor Thompson." Erik sighed shaking his head

"What happened?" Darcy eagerly asked

"He tried to get some of my files from my PC back when I was working on my degree, I destroyed the files the moment I saw him trying to steal my work." Iris said as she searched through her drawer.

"He also got a bald patch because his hair caught fire." Erik added.

"Aha, there you are." Iris exclaimed as he rummaged through the unopened boxes surrounding her desk "Here Darcy, catch."

Iris threw the device to Darcy's outstretched hands.

"What is this?" inquired Darcy as she turned the device on her hands

"Press the button on that and the chips would cause the equipment to go boom." Iris explained

"Cool!" Darcy said

"are you sure it's wise to give her the switch, Iris?" Erik asked her "You know she would be too excited to not press the button."

"That's why I gave it to her," Iris countered "because she would be too excited that she would not hesitate to press it when I ask her to." Iris took a piece of treacle tart and stuffed it in her mouth before turning to her friends "What are you waiting for? Come on and hurry up!"

"Why? Where are we going?" asked Erik

"I think we left something at the hospital."

"We should never have let him go." Volstagg said, while he was caressing the burn in his arm.

"There was no stopping him." Sif said solemnly

"Well, at least he's only banished, not dead." Fandral added "Which is what we'd all be if that guard hadn't told Odin where we'd gone."

A moment of silence passed along the Warriors Three, Sif, and Loki as the thought of what might have happened if the Allfather had not stepped in crossed their minds. The silence was only broken when Volstagg hissed in discomfort as Hogun wiped some heated salves on his burned arm.

"How did the guard even know?" asked Volstagg, careful to not disturb Hogun's ministrations to his burns.

"I told him." Loki softly said

The remaining warriors looked at Loki in shock and confusion.

"What?" Fandral said, confusion clear in his voice.

"I told him to go to Odin after we'd left" explained Loki "He should be flogged for taking so long. We should never have reached Jotunheim."

The others did not notice the silent communication that passed between Sif and Hogun as their eyes met.

"You told the guard!" Volstagg exclaimed, his voice growing louder

"I saved our lives." Loki countered, his voice remaining calm "And Thor's."

"I had no idea Father would banish him for what he did." Loki added

"Loki," Sif said, standing up from where she was seated "You must go to the Allfather and convince him to change his mind."

"And if I do, then what?" Loki told Sif

"I love Thor more dearly than any of you, but you know how he is," Loki said, letting his eyes meet theirs "He's arrogant. He's reckless. He's dangerous. You saw how he was today! Is that what Asgard needs from its king?"

Loki looked at all of them before walking out of the chambers, leaving Sif and the Warriors Three behind.

"He may speak of the good of Asgard but he has always been jealous of Thor." Sif stated once Loki was out of their sight.

"We should be grateful to him," Volstagg admonished Sif "he saved our lives!"

"Laufey said that there were traitors in the House of Odin" Hogun said, his gaze not lifting from the flaming embers he was staring at "A master of magic can bring three Jotuns into Asgard."

"Loki's always been one for mischief," Fandral countered "but you're talking about something else entirely."

Unknown to them, Loki was merely outside the doors, listening to their conversation. Loki leant away from the wall and walked away, not wishing to hear any more of their speculations.

Loki lifted his hand and gazed at it. He remembered how his skin turned blue when one of the Jotuns managed to grab hold of his bare skin. Volstagg was burned by the touch of the Jotuns yet he was not. There was a connection between him and the Jotuns, he was certain of it. He just needed to find a way to discover what that connection might be.

Luckily for him, the thing that could answer his questions is within the halls of Asguard. The Casket of Eternal Winters, the source of the Jotun's power holds the key.

Loki turned, heading towards Odin's Vault swearing that he would get his answers.

Thor felt his consciousness start to return to him. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself to be in a small room filled with different kinds of apparatus. He tried to sit up but a man suddenly fell in his line of vision.

"Hi," the man greeted him "just taking a little blood."

Thor felt his blood boil as the man tried to stab him with a small, thin, unconventional dagger.

"How dare you attack the son of Odin!" shouted Thor as he threw the man away from him.

"I need some help!" the male said as he got up.

Thor's eyes narrowed as several other men wearing the same clothing as the one before him entered the room. They grabbed hold of his limbs and tried to restrain him from the bed. He flailed in their hold and managed to throw the one holding his right arm away from him.

"Call the security!" Thor heard one of them shout.

Thor leapt up from the bed, trying to fight his way through.

"Security to ER 3! Stat!" one of the males he managed to throw off shouted.

Thor grabbed the man and threw him towards the side causing the man to crash and break the medicine cabinet. Another one tackled him from the back and pushed him towards one of the tables. Thor twisted his body and used his body's momentum to shake the man off.

More men came through, each grabbing a hold of him but he continued to fight. Throwing them away from his person or throwing them towards their allies to keep them off balanced.

It wasn't until nearly all of them took hold of his limbs did he struggle. He felt them push his body towards the doors of the room. He tried to shake them off but this body was not as strong as his Asgardian form was.

"You're no match for the mighty..." Thor began to shout before trailing off when one of the men managed to stab him with the unusual dagger.

Thor grunted lowly before he slowly slid into unconsciousness.

The remaining nurses on shift called the police and took their colleagues so that they could tend to their wounds. None of them cleaned up the room in case the police would want to investigate it.

When the police came, they were lead to the room and they asked for some of the nurses on duty to answer some questions.

"He was on drugs or something," said one of the nurse " he just went nuts."

And so the day continued with the nurses cleaning up the destroyed room and the police asking for more statements.

On another room, the effects of the drug injected into Thor's body slowly faded away. Thor slowly opened his eyes and felt himself tense when he could not move his arms or legs. His limbs were bound to the bed, restricting his movements.

He struggled against the binds for a while but all it did was tire him out.

"This is not possible" Thor hissed through his clenched teeth.

He decided to take a different approach and slowly twisted his hands in their bindings. Feeling the rather soft bindings loosen a little, Thor continued his actions.

Outside the hospital, Iris, Erik, and Darcy were running. They saw the police officers outside and heard that the man they took to the hospital was isolated. They ran inside the hospital and gazed at the destruction that the man managed to do to his once pristine room.

"Excuse me, miss?" Iris asked one of the nurses on duty "Where is the patient in this room?"

"Are you a relative of the patient?" asked the nurse

"We were the ones who took him here," clarified Erik.

"Just go to the front desk and ask for his new room number, he was isolated since he reacted violently against some of the nurses." The nurse said to them

The three friends hurriedly asked the nurse at the counter for the new room assignment but it was all for naught. They went to the room assigned to the man they brought but they were only met with an empty bed with several loose bindings on its side.

"Oh my God." Darcy whispered

They searched for him in the entire hospital but he was nowhere to be found.

Iris and her friends returned to their truck without accomplishing their task.

"I can't believe it." Iris said "We just lost our most important piece of evidence."

"I told you that when a man comes into your life you must never let him go." Darcy said to Iris in a matter-of-fact tone.

"And we are not talking about my currently non-existent love life." Iris said as she sat behind the wheel.

"So now what?" Eric asked Iris

"We find him." Iris said

"That's the spirit girl! Go get your man!" Darcy cheered

"And I told you that we are not talking about my love life!" Iris exclaimed.

"Did you see what he did in there?" Erik asked Iris "I'm not sure finding him is a great idea."

"Yeah, he must be some sort of animal," Darcy added "Just imagine what he did to the hospital bed, think you can handle him, Iris?" Darcy said, wiggling her eyebrows at Iris direction.

"And we are definitely not speaking about my sex-life!" Iris said, before she took several deep breaths to calm herself "Well since our data can't tell us what it was like to be inside that wormhole and he obviously can. So we are gonna find him."

"Okay." Darcy said as she took out her taser gun from her pockets.

"So we're gonna look all over New Mexico, right?" asked Erik

"Exactly." Iris said as she started the truck's engine.

Iris looked at back as she drove the car in reverse. She was about to get out of the parking spot when the man they were searching for walked behind the truck. Iris was too late to hit the breaks and succeeded in hitting the man once again. The truck suddenly stopped and Erik and Darcy swayed in their seats.

"Bloody hell!" Iris exclaimed as she removed her seatbelts and got out of the truck.

"I'm so sorry!" Iris said as he approached the man with Erik and Darcy behind her "I swear I have no grudge against you and that I am not doing this on purpose."

Iris knelt beside the man and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt a steady pulse.

"You know, this is the second time he laid himself on your feet." Darcy told Iris.


"I was just trying to relieve the tension." whined Darcy.


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