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As Clara's body crumbled to the ground, Chip's eyes widened and hurried over to stand near her body, peering down at her worriedly. "Mistress?" he asked with concern.

Slowly, Cassandra in Clara's body started to stir on the floor. "Moisturize me…" she muttered to herself. Her eyes opened up, noticing her arms first since her head was laying on them. "How bizzare!" she exclaimed breathlessly as she explored her new body while still on the floor. "Arms…legs…hair! Let me see! Let me see!" She sprung to her feet and raced over to a nearby mirror. It was strange to see Clara's face staring back at her. Instead of being pleased with how she looked and seeing all the good things about her new body, Cassandra was horrified.

"Look at my nose, it's so tiny and ugly!" she cried out, touching her nose. "And my height, I look like an elf!"

As soon as those words left her mouth, Cassandra felt a sharp pain in her head, earning a gasp from her. Clara was trying to fight and take back control of herself. Cassandra tried to force her down, but it didn't work because suddenly she heard Clara's voice in her head.

"Let me out! Let me out!" Clara yelled over and over again.

Cassandra gritted her teeth. "Shut up in there!" she yelled right back, but out loud, earning a look of concern from Chip.


"Hush!" Cassandra hissed. Chip flinched, which she ignored, so she could pay attention to Clara. "Get back down." She growled lowly and she managed to push Clara away for a little bit. "Annoying little twit. I see nothing changed there." She shook her head before she eyed her form through the mirror. Though she didn't like how her nose look or how short she was, she did like how her body looked.

Cassandra smoothed her hands down her sides. "Mm…she does have curves…I give her that…" she mumbled to herself. She grinned at Chip, then all of a sudden, her hands flew off of her body, nearing whacking her in the face. Cassandra gasped in surprise. Clara was the one who did that.

The young girl obviously didn't like her touching like that. The older woman rolled her eyes, annoyed by her and her ability to manage to break through her control. Maybe she should have picked Rose to take over, at least she would have been too weak to take control.

Cassandra sighed. Too late now.

Her eyes shifted away from the mirror and caught sight of her old frame. "Oh look…" she said.

A sad look crossed Chip's face. "Oh! The brain lead expired…my old mistress is gone…"

"But safe and sound in here." Cassandra tapped her head.

"What of the Clara's child mind?"

Cassandra frowned at the question and it took a moment to answer. "Somehow, she's managing to take control but not completely. I'm managing to keep her down…as for her memory…" She tried to search for something recent. She hit a wall though, but she tried to break through it. Clara didn't like this at all.

"No! Stay away from there!" she cried out.

Cassandra, of course, didn't listen to her and managed to break through it. Sad memories hit her. The sadness was so intense that it nearly brought Cassandra to her knees and it hurt her head.

"Ohh…" she whimpered, holding her head.

"Mistress…" Chip stated worriedly, stepping towards her.

Cassandra ignored him. Memories of an older woman, in bed, filled her head.

Clara was sitting beside the woman, holding her hand and crying.

"Mum…please…don't leave me…" Clara in the memory whispered through tears. "I need you…"

The memory ended as soon as it started as Clara managed to push Cassandra out of the memory.

"Leave it alone!" Clara growled at Cassandra.

"I…I'm sorry…" It was the first apology Cassandra gave in a long time. Who knew a memory like that would bring out an apology… Cassandra shook her head, mentally shoving Clara away again. Then she went to look for what she was looking for. She found it and was appalled.

"She's with the Doctor…a man…he's the Doctor…the Doctor with a new face! That hypocrite!" Cassandra growled, annoyed. "I must get the name of his surgeon." She then mused as she turned on her heel to look in the mirror again. "I mean, I might like how her body looks, but it could do a little work. Especially in the bosom area." Knowing how Clara would react to her putting her hands on her body again, Cassandra turned around to look at her backside. "Bum looks good though, I'll keep that." She faced the mirror, lips pursed together in thought. "Mm…I wonder if I could seduce the Doctor in this body…" A flash of Rose entered her mind, which was probably Clara's doing, and she frowned. "Maybe not, seems the Doctor's interested in her…" Then she shrugged. "Oh well! The least I can do is try!"

Just then, Cassandra heard a buzzing in her pocket and she jumped, reaching back and feeling her one of her back pockets. "Oh…it seems to be ringing…is it meant to ring?" She pulled out the buzzing thing and stared at it in confusion.

"A primitive communication device." Chip explained.

Cassandra's mouth formed an 'o' shape as she pressed a button before holding up the phone to her ear. A British voice spoke over the phone.

"Clara, where are you?"

Cassandra pulled the phone away, covering speaking with her hand to whisper to Chip. "How does she speak?"

"Old Earth Cockney." He whispered back.

She returned the phone to speak but no words came out as Clara tried to take over her voice this time.

"Doctor! Help me! I need help."

Cassandra had to force the words down from getting blurted out. In the process, it made her voice sound choked up as she finally spoke. "Um…wotcher."

"Where've you been? Did you get lost?" The Doctor asked, sounding a bit concerned.

Cassandra didn't respond for a moment, the words of help that Clara still was crying out tried to get out again. Once again, she had to force those words down.

"I'm on my way, governor." Cassandra managed to get out. "I shall proceed up the Apples and Pears."

"Well, hurry up! There's someone I want you to meet!" The Doctor said excitedly. "His name is the Face of Boe, that's who sent the message to me on the psychic paper, he'd love to meet you!"

Cassandra laughed, a forced one. "And I'd love to meet him…"

"Brilliant!" Then there was a pause. "I'd better go…see you in a minute. Come on, Rose." These were the last three words she heard before he ended the phone call.


"This Doctor man is dangerous." Chip said and he watched Cassandra as she flicked her brown hair back, fixing herself up in front of the mirror.

Using the hairband around her wrist, Cassandra pulled her hair up in a ponytail and smirked at her assistant's comment. "Dangerous and clever." She added. "I might need a mind like his. The Sisterhood is up to something. Remember that Old Earth saying…? Never trust a Nun. Never trust a Nurse. And never trust a cat." She turned towards Chip, holding out her hand and gesturing for him to give her something. "Perfume?"

Chip handed it over to her and Cassandra slipped it into her cleavage, or what she had of it. Clara might have a nice bum, but her chest wasn't much to look at. Like she mentioned before, if she was gonna keep this body, Cassandra was going to need to fix that. Speaking of Clara…she had been keeping silent ever since Cassandra got off the phone with the Doctor. Cassandra wasn't complaining, of course. It would be easier to get away with her plan if Clara kept quiet. Who knows how long this silence would last though. Hopefully it lasted for a long time.

With that, Cassandra strided out of the room with purpose while Chip stayed behind.

She managed to find the Doctor at Ward 26 and he was with Rose. Cassandra glared at the sight of the blonde, unable to help it. You wouldn't be able to either if someone had killed you.

Neither of them had taken notice to her yet, and Cassandra didn't bother making herself know straight away. However, Clara had different ideas. She had managed to push herself out of the place where Cassandra had hidden her at and took her body over to yell out,


Said man whirled around at the sound of her voice and grinned, "Clara! There you are!"

Before Clara could think about revealing her, Cassandra took back control, forcing her back.

"Stay back, you stubborn girl." Cassandra growled, under her breath as the Doctor ran over to her, taking her hand.

"Come and look at this patient!" With Rose behind them, he tugged her in the direction of the patient, who had skin that was completely red, and he took his glasses off. "Marconi's Disease. Should take years to recover. Two days! I've never seen anything like it – they've invented a cell washing cascade – it's amazing! Their medical science is way advanced. And this one!" He led her to another bed, sporting a man who was completely white. "Pallidome Pancrosis. Kills you in ten minutes, and he's fine." He waved cheerily to the patient. "I need to find a terminal. I've got to see how they do this."

They walked away, Clara walking rather strangely. Rose took notice to it, narrowing her eyes.

"Why are you walking like that?" she asked.

"None of your business, Blondie." Cassandra sneered, and Rose looked taken back. What was that for?

The Doctor didn't take notice to their interaction. "Because if they got the best medicine in the world…then why's it such a secret?"

Cassandra stopped. "I can't Adam and Eve it."

This got a strange look from the man beside her. Though he hadn't known her for long, Clara didn't seem like she would say something like this.

He frowned at her. "What's…what's…with the voice?" he asked, confused.

Cassandra looked up at him, taking notice to how short Clara really was. "Oh, I don't know…just larking about New Earth…my first alien planet…" Then she started to look him up and down. He was rather nice looking…full head of hair…a rather tight suit too… He was much more attractive than the one she had met previously.

The Doctor looked down, taking notice that a few of her buttons were undone. He did look away rather quickly. Clara was a young girl. He couldn't be staring at her for too long. Especially in that area.

He cleared his throat then. "Yes, I know the feeling." He smiled.

"Mm…I bet you do." Her next move was to throw herself at him and kiss him passionately. However, Clara wouldn't let her do such a thing. Cassandra gritted her teeth, ugh. "Anyway…" she forced out through her gritted teeth. "I think the terminal's this way." She stomped her feet in the direction she was talking, missing the confused looks the Doctor and Rose shared at her sudden anger before following her.

A few minutes later, all of them stood in front of a screen, reading over the details of the hospital.

The Doctor frowned. "Nope…nothing odd…surgery…post op…nano-dentistry…no sign of a shop…" He sighed with a pout. "They should have a shop."

Cassandra rolled her eyes internally. Though this Doctor was attractive, he was getting to be a little annoying.

Rose patted the Doctor's shoulder. "Well, maybe nothing's going on here." She suggested.

It looked like he was about to agree, but Cassandra quickly cut in. This blonde bimbo wasn't going to ruin this.

"No." Cassandra threw Rose a glare as she went around the two of them. "It's missing something else. When I was downstairs, those nurse cat nuns were talking about Intensive Care. Where is it…?"

The Doctor stared at her. "Mmm…you're right. Well done."

Cassandra deeply frowned. "Why would they hide a whole apartment?"

In response, the handsome Doctor took out his sonic thingy. Cassandra wasn't sure what it was exactly called, but she didn't care at the moment.

"It's gotta be somewhere. Search the subframe." Cassandra told the Doctor, or rather demanded him.

He rose his brow at that. "What if the sub-frame's locked?"

She rolled her eyes, not internally this time, at what she thought was a stupid question, and here she thought, the Doctor was smart. "Try the installation protocol…"

The Doctor looked sheepish as he scanned the screen with his sonic thingy. "Yeah, of course. Sorry. Hold on." He clicked off the sonic and the entire wall moved downward, revealing a secret corridor behind.

Cassandra smiled widely and walked straight into the corridor.

Rose paused, looking up at the Doctor. "I know we don't know her that well, but something's not right about, Clara." She voiced exactly what the Doctor was thinking. She did that rather well.

The Doctor just nodded before he followed her with Rose right behind him. There was definitely something wrong with Clara Oswald, and he would figure it out.



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