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I slowly made my way back into the living room with the first aid kit in hand, as I sunk to my knee's along side Damon's sagging body. Looking down at his knuckles I let out a loud sigh, as I studied the damage that the wall had done along the top of his fingers. A few of the cuts where bleeding so I carefully lifted his hand into mine, before pulling a alcohol wipe from the content of the bag and bringing it up just inches from his fingers.

"This might sting a little bit", I whispered lifting my head after a few seconds, as I watched Damon's expression but he seemed to be in his own little world with his eyes solely focused on the door. Carefully I brought the swipe to the open wound, as I waited for hisses of discomfort that never came.

Once I'd finished cleaning his cuts I opened a bandage, as I lightly smoothed it down over the skin of his damaged knuckles. My eyes slowly lifted back to his startled to find him starring straight down at me watching my fingers, as they lightly moved back and forth over the bandage covering his fingers with an unreadable expression covering his features.

"What are you thinking about?", I ask softly, as I continued my little touches across his knuckles which caused a tiny smile to form at the corner of his lips which caused my lips to turn up in return.

"The past."

"That's all I get?", I tease gently which caused the smile to fall from his face and I immediately regretted asking the question.

"Trust me", He answered after a few moments of silence, his voice dropping into a dark whisper "That's all you want to know."

I thought over his words trying to link them to Klaus' early but then only thing that seemed to stick out was that Damon had a past and according to Klaus, Damon was doing everything in his power to make sure history didn't repeat it's self...

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and without Klaus, which left me excited for some quite time with Damon but that's all it has been quite. Not one word has left his mouth in the last hour and I was starting to worry that his silence was me being punished for lying earlier about Klaus. So I left him alone trying to wait it out, as I prepared something small to eat for dinner.

Another 10 minuets pass and I can't stop myself from looking over at him on the couch. His eyes seemed to disappear into the walls like he is stuck in a memory, but I quickly tear my eyes away from, as I opened the microwave pulling the tv dinner from the container pouring the content into a small bowl before I began to make my way next to him on the couch. Sitting down I watched him out of the corner of my eye look down at me, as I begin to eat away until I've finished the bowl and turn to him catching him off guard.

"So what are we watching?", I ask smiling up at him, as I pointed towards the tv screen but again I am met with a silent answer. Just a bank stare that I didn't know what to do with "Is this some kind of punishment?"

"What?", Damon asked, his brows creasing together. Obviously that's not a question he was expecting.

"Are you ignoring me as a time of punishment for lying", I said bluntly, as I watched his expression closely.

"I was thinking more along the lines of sex until the end of the trip."

Now this had my attention.

"Don't get me wrong", He continued "Even though I knew what you where saying was in deed a lie, I'm extremely glad you choose to tell me and trusted me enough to admit truth but it won't go without punishment", Damon explained, as he picked at a spot on the knee of his jeans "So now would you like to elaborate on what happened... the truth this time."

Caught off guard I tried to calm my nerves, taking a few long deep breaths before I got into the events of this morning.

"I woke up around normal time", I said looking up to find him watching me intently "Klaus and I where talking when someone came to the door looking for you", I continued watching, as Damon sat up straighter at the mention of someone coming in search of him "Klaus told me not to listen in but I did, the man he had a very strong accent... it didn't sound English but it could have been and he said you'd told him you where in town so I has just dropped by for a visit."

"I think Klaus had him by the throat half way through the conversation, or at least that's what it sounded like. But I guess I didn't get in my room fast enough when they where done talking because he didn't seem to like appreciate me ears dropping", I explained suddenly nervous to finish the rest.

"Finish the story Elena", Damon said his tone hard and not up for negotiation.

"Then I don't know what happened, ever since I've came here I've been doing things that are so out of character but seen so familiar to me it was like I couldn't say no to him", I whispered turning away from Damon's gaze ashamed of my behavior, before continuing "He told me my mind was going to say no and my body was going to say yes and that's what happened and I couldn't stop myself from obeying him even though I know his personality and character doesn't appeal to me especially when he's mean to you. B-But I..."

"But you loved it", It wasn't a question but I found myself nodding anyway, as a fat tear dropped down my face before falling in my lap.

"Your not the first to who we've taken in who's fallen to Klaus' feet if that makes you feel any better", Damon whispered and to be honest it didn't make me feel better to no there had been more girls before me, had Damon fucked them too? "He likes domination and he is extremely good at it, he can make any man or woman fall to their knee's and obey him whether it's sexual or not. So it doesn't surprise me that you couldn't stop yourself and he took full advantage of that."

"Anyone except you...", I whisper which causes him to chuckle and ran his non injured hand through his hair.

"When you hate someone so much, there are a lot of things you can withstand", He explained, as he brings his hand back down into his lap to run his fingers over the bandage that covers the majority of the top of his hand "Where did you learn to do this?", He asks diverting the subject and catching me off guard with his question, as he points down to the bandage.

"My mother was a doctor", I answer, as I reach out to cover the bandage with my own hand "So when she died my brother taught me all that she taught him and we bonded over that even though she was no longer with us."

"I'm sorry", Damon said, as he smiles sadly down at me "How old where you when she died?"

"I was three", I whisper, as Damon's fingers curled around mine and I was thankful for the connection. I looked up at him, as his eyes look down at me so sincere and my jealous side was tempted to ask if he ever looked at the other girls the way he was looking at me right now. But I held my tongue opting to ask another question what was aggravating me instead.

"I don't understand is why I'm here if you hate Klaus so much...", I ask shaking me head, before I continue before he gets the chance to answer "Why do you work for him?"

"He may have killed many people that I love Lena, but he once saved my life", Damon replied answering one question but creating many more "And even though I will spend the rest of my life hating him for what he's done, I will also spend the rest of my life repaying him and that is why you are here", He continues "Because I owe Klaus my life."

"Will he kill me, once this is all over?", I ask bracing myself, as I gripped Damon's hand like a vice.

A long silence fills the hotel room, before he gives me my answer.

"I won't let him."

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