Kasumi let out a tired sigh, she couldn't believe how heartless her family was, her father didn't care for Ranma's wellbeing then again neither did Genma, even Akane though, her little sister, she had tried to murder Ranma and for no reason and her other sister, she'd do anything for money, was she truly the only one with a heart in the family, the demon who feeds on lust is the only one who can show love and compassion.

Kasumi was currently in the market, buying some diapers as well as the weeks groceries, Ranma wearing a small pink sundress that made her look absolutely adorable, Kasumi made sure to keep a good grip on Ranma while putting items into her basket, keeping an eye on the small redhead, constantly having to stop her from grabbing items from the stalls, it was then Kasumi heard the familiar sound of a bicycle bell, Kasumi stopped and glanced in the direction she heard the sound to see a familiar Amazon come to a stop.

"Niaho nice girl" Shampoo greeted in her usual perky tone.

"Hello Shampoo" Kasumi greeted, noticing how Ranma had started trying to his in her bosom since the sound of the bell, Shampoo's eyes widened and she looked closer at the baby as if only just noticing her.

"Who baby?" Shampoo asked.

"She is my baby" Kasumi replied, knowing that it wouldn't do well to let the Amazons know that Ranma was a baby and wouldn't be able to stop them from taking him by force, but she also knew that soon it would be common knowledge thanks to Akane's little problem with ranting in anger and telling everyone what's supposed to be kept secret.

"Oh when nice girl get pregnant, who the father?" Shampoo asked.

"I'd rather keep that information private Shampoo" Kasumi replied, a slight growl in her voice.

"Oh, ok…nice girl know where airen is, he no at school today or yesterday" Shampoo asked.

"Ranma isn't very well at the moment" Kasumi replied, her gaze narrowing slightly.

"Oh maybe Shampoo come over and help take care of him yes?" Shampoo proposed.

"Ranma needs rest not a horny amazon" Kasumi replied, Shampoo blushed at Kasumi's bluntness about such a…private topic and in public too.

"Shampoo, no know what nice girl talk about" Shampoo replied, averting her gaze.

"Good luck there amazon you can't deny that to Kasumi" said a new voice, the duo turned and Kasumi grew a warm smile at seeing one of her friends from college.

"Hana" Kasumi greeted, Hana was a tall woman a couple years older than Kasumi with long purple hair and purple tinted eyes, she wore a fairly revealing outfit that consisted of a black low cut shirt and grey jeans that hugged her curves.

"Hey Kasumi, I see you're finally making use of your heritage" Hana praised with a teasing smirk as she nodded to Ranma, Kasumi grew a faint blush.

"No it's not like that…it's a long story" Kasumi sighed.

'Kasumi, the only succubus that will blush at any indication to sex' Hana thought to herself, she used to love teasing Kasumi about it and how easy it was to make her blush.

"What you mean Shampoo no can deny something that no true?" Shampoo asked.

"Because Kasumi here is full of surprises…call it a little gift, she knows when anyone is remotely aroused" Hana teased.

"Yeah…well…what's been going on with you?" Kasumi asked rather quickly determined to leave this subject behind and hoping her blush would fade.

"Not much, other than having this little devil" Hana chuckled tilting her head to the side, Kasumi followed her gaze and grew a small smile at seeing the little girl hiding behind Hana's legs, peeking out from the side, when she saw Kasumi looking at her she dove back behind Hana.

"Kasumi, this is my daughter Keito, she's only five years old" Hana said "Come on out Keito and say hi" she said, Keito peeked out once again, giving Kasumi a small wave before diving back behind her mother, causing the 'adults' to giggle.

"Shy little thing isn't she?" Kasumi giggled.

"Yeah, though when she isn't she's a right little trouble maker aren't you Keito" Hana chuckled.

"How you know nice girl?" Shampoo asked.

"We went to college together" Hana answered, turning back to the amazon.

"Shampoo don't you have a delivery to make?" Kasumi asked, indicating to the box at the back of the bike.

"Oh right, Shampoo forget, bai bai" Shampoo replied, blushing slightly before cycling off.

"Okay now that the horny amazon is gone, care to tell me the whole story about your little one?" Hana asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Kasumi asked feigning ignorance.

"Kasumi I haven't felt demonic energy like that in a long a time, it's almost like she's adapted your own demonic energy, adapted to it and I only know of one creature that can do that, so come on spill" Hana persisted, Kasumi let out a tired sigh.

"I don't know what you mean but, this is Ranma he was my younger sister's fiancé until she turned him into this with some mushrooms before trying to kill him so I've been protecting him from everyone…Ranma deserves a second chance at life and I'm going to make sure he gets it…curse or no curse he will be happy this time" Kasumi replied, a determined look in her eye.

"Curse?" Hana asked.

"Jusenkyo, switches genders" Kasumi explained.

"Ah, been a while since I've heard of that place, can't believe it's still around" Hana muttered.

"You and me both…so what did you mean about the demonic energy?" Kasumi asked.

"Another time Kasumi, I don't think we should talk about it when humans could over hear" Hana replied.

"I guess that's understandable, Hana how would you like to come over for some tea so we can properly catch each other up to speed?" Kasumi proposed.

"Sounds great, as long as you don't mind this little monkey causing mischief the second she gets chance" Hana giggled.

"Oh I'm sure she'll behave, you always did have a firm hand when it came to behaving in the homes of others" Kasumi giggled, recalling how over the top she had been the last time she came over a during summer break, she was so stiff for lack of a better phrase.

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