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Chapter 13:

Within the space of a week Bella and Alice were back together and closer than ever. They held hands in the corridors, they passed notes in class. They lingered in the showers till after everyone else was gone, smiling and sidling together under the same showerhead once they were alone, giggling and stroking their hands all over their slippery bodies.

At lunch they sat so close their knees brushed together under the table, causing them to smile each time, and one particular afternoon their eyes caught one time too many and they found themselves making out right there at the table. Jessica and Angela were sitting opposite and they cringed a little at the display, sandwiches in their hands. They shared an awkward glance and turned back to the happy couple. Bella and Alice moaned, arms wrapped around each other. Other girls had noticed and none seem very approving. Angela and Jessica gave them a moment and then they had to say something.

"Gee," Angela said, a rare hint of sarcasm in her voice. "It's so great to see you guys back together again."

"Yeah," Jess added, in an equally deadpan tone. "But do you think you could, like…stop?"

It took them a moment to break the kiss but they did. They were smiling and their eyes were twinkling like stars. Bella was blushing and Alice giggled.

"Sorry," she said.

Bella's arm was still around Alice's shoulders and Alice was leaning into the other girl cozily. Lunch was almost over and the cafeteria was already beginning to empty. Bella looked about and reluctantly retracted her arm from the other girl's shoulders.

"It's almost time for class, anyway," she said. "Me and Ange have Home Ec, what about you guys?"

She was mostly asking Jess but both Jess and Alice rolled their eyes.

"Math," they groaned at the same time.

Angela giggled and Bella smiled.

Alice heaved a sigh and took Bella's arm, not willing to let go just yet. "I didn't want to take Home Ec because I hate cooking, but now I wish I did. It's gonna be hours before I see you again. I don't know if I can wait…"

Their eyes had caught again and Alice trailed off as she placed a kiss on Bella's mouth. Bella smiled and kissed her back. Alice kissed her again and they were close to making out again when Jessica interrupted.

"Okay, okay, don't start any more of that crap," she said, then she got up and grabbed Alice by the collar of her blouse, almost yanking her to her feet. "Come on, we're gonna be late. Let's get out of here before you start making out again."

Alice blew Bella a kiss as Jessica dragged her out. Bella blew one back.

She watched Alice until Alice was gone with Jessica and then she heaved a sigh and turned to Angela. Angela rolled her eyes playfully and gave her a smile.

"Seriously, though," she said. "It's nice to see you guys happy."

"Thanks," Bella said, chuckling, nodding, glowing.

Then she saw Rosalie.

The tall blonde was crossing the cafeteria several tables away, alone, without any friends. Bella hadn't talked to her since that day and she'd only seen glimpses in the corridors. Usually she would just glance and glance away but this time their eyes met. Bella's heart stitched a beat. Rosalie saw her sitting there and gave her a small smile, as if to apologize for something, and then she turned away and went on.

Angela had been looking over her shoulder to see what had distracted Bella. Now she turned back to Bella, her face cautious and sympathetic.

"Miss her?" she asked.

Bella shrugged and didn't answer.

Lunch period was soon over and Bella and Angela went to class together. Friday afternoons was a double period in the Home Ec room. They didn't always cook in Home Ec but when they did it was Bella's favorite subject. The girls were clad in aprons and paired off behind sinks and stoves, the room filled with a din of chatter and chopping knives, things frying in pans, laughter, complaining. Bella and Angela were working together on some kind of fried rice dish. They both had a knack at it, moving deftly about their task and with genuine enthusiasm.

Once they were finished the teacher, Miss Cullen, came by to admire their work. Miss Cullen usually taught English but she was also the Home Ec teacher for sophomores and freshmen. She seemed to always have an eager interest in Angela's work and Angela enjoyed the waft of perfume as the older woman came up behind her.

"Good work, Miss Webber," Miss Cullen said, patting Angela's shoulder and smiling at the steaming plates of rice sitting on the counter. They were cooked perfectly and garnished with sprigs of parsley. "You've been improving a lot lately."

Angela smiled brightly. "Thank you, Miss Cullen."

Miss Cullen nodded, still smiling, and went away again. She hadn't even glanced at Bella—much less acknowledged her efforts in the cooking—and Bella snorted at Angela playfully.

"You're such a teacher's pet," she said.

Angela blushed primly. "Shut up."

Bella smiled as they sat down at a table with their plates. One of the perks of cooking in Home Ec is that you get to eat what you make. It was only little portions but Bella loved it. She only wished Alice had the same class. It would be great to do something like this with Alice, to cook for her and to sit and eat together. Like a date.

Bella was tapping her fork against her plate thoughtfully. Angela was bent slightly over her rice and ladling it up like prison gruel, making little moans at how good it was. Bella was thinking about something, something she'd been thinking about for a while, and she decided to mention it.

"Hey," she said. "Do you think you could do me a favor?"

Angela nodded vigorously, her mouth full. "Sure, what is it?"

Bella proceeded a little shyly. "Well, I was thinking about doing something special for Alice tonight," she said. "You know, a date. Like a real date. With candles and dinner and stuff."

"That's sounds so romantic! How can I help?"

"Well, I was thinking about doing it back at our dorm, but now I'm thinking; what about here?"

Angela didn't seem to get it. She looked about the classroom. Most of the girls were sitting down and eating, some still cooking, others hanging up their aprons. She turned back to Bella.


"Yeah," Bella said, nodding. "I mean, it's got a kitchen and everything."

"We have a kitchen in the dorms."

"Yeah, but it's not really private. Anyone could walk in. I want it nice and private. Plus, it'll be after curfew, so…"

"But it's a classroom. It'll be locked up."

"That's why I need your help," Bella went on. "I need you to ask permission from Miss Cullen for me."

Angela's eyes went wide and she balked a little bit. "Oh, I don't—"

"Please, Ange," Bella pleaded, quietly so no one overheard. "Me and Alice only just got back together. I want to show her I'm serious. I want to take control, and you know…trap her into a real relationship, with real dating and stuff. I don't want her to think she can take advantage of me again."

Angela nodded at all that but she was clearly thinking of a polite way to refuse. "That's great, Bella," she said, "it really is, but I'm not sure if I can help. I mean, the school has rules."

"Can't you just ask her for me?"

"What if she says no?"

"Come on, everybody knows you're her little pet."

Angela blushed hotly. "No, I'm not."

"Ange, come on," Bella said, serious now. "Why can't you just ask?"

Angela's shoulders slumped. She looked like she didn't even know why she didn't want to ask. Miss Cullen was at the front of the class, washing something at one of the sinks there, her apron tightly wrapped around her breasts, her caramel colored hair falling in wisps about her glasses. Angela bit her lip and turned back to Bella.

"Well," she said anxiously, "what if she says no? Just because she likes me a little bit doesn't mean she's gonna break school rules for me."

Bella sighed heavily. "Well, I guess I could come up with something else," she allowed. "But you can ask, can't you? She won't get mad at you."

"I could, but…"

"But what?"

"I don't want her to say no to me."

Angela admitted this with a heavy blush. Bella didn't really know what she meant but she could tell Angela really cared about Miss Cullen. The bell rang while they were silent and Miss Cullen started clapping her hands from the front of the class.

"Okay, girls," she called out, "time to clean up."

A clamor rose as girls stood up, chairs scraped back, plates rattling and put away, taps running. The last aprons around the room were being hung from hooks. Bella and Angela cleaned up their work space quickly and took up their bags, hesitating behind while the rest of the class began to file out.

"Please, Ange?" Bella asked her one last time. "Just ask her, okay? It would really mean a lot to me."

Angela nodded bravely. "Alright," she said. "I'll try, okay?"

"Thanks," Bella said, flashing a smile, and then she hurried out with the rest of the class.

Angela watched her go and lingered by the stove, as if she'd forgotten to turn it off. Soon the class was empty. Miss Cullen was standing at the white board, erasing the day's recipe from it. She was wearing jeans and a blouse with a floral print, a more casual attire than the skirtsuits she wore for English classes. Angela looked at the back of the woman's jeans, biting her lip, her stomach twisting, and then she gulped and went over.

Miss Cullen was surprised when she heard her approach—and delighted when she saw who it was. "Angie," she smiled. "What can I do for you?"

Angela blushed at the pet name. In class she was Miss Webber but when they were alone she was Angie. No one called her Angie but Miss Cullen.

"H-hi," she gushed, and then she quickly snapped herself out of it. "Actually, um…I wanted to ask a favor. It's for my friend."


"Yeah," Angela said, and went on a little more reluctantly. "See, this friend of mine just got back together with her girlfriend and she wants to do something romantic. Kind of like a candlelit dinner."

Miss Cullen smiled and chuckled once. "How sweet."

"Yeah," Angela said. "Thing is, though; she wants to borrow the classroom."



"You mean, here?"

"Yeah," Angela said, almost cringing from feeling like an idiot. "Would that be okay?"

Miss Cullen chuckled in surprise. She seemed as perplexed as Angela had been when Bella first suggested it. "Well, no, Angie, I'm afraid it wouldn't be okay," she said. "I'm sorry, but we have very strict rules. I can't leave students alone after curfew in an unsupervised classroom where there's dangerous equipment laying about."

Angela was deflated. She looked about the empty classroom. She looked at Miss Cullen.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

Miss Cullen chuckled again, as if maybe this was just a joke. "Well, yes," she said, "those are the rules."

"Oh," Angela said, looking down. "Okay."

Miss Cullen watched the girl for a moment, realizing she had been serious, and changed her tone a little. "It just seems like an odd place for a date, that's all," she said. "Can't your friend use the kitchen in the dormitories?"

"Nah. She wanted it to be private and romantic."

"Well, that's very sweet, but…"

"That's okay, you don't have to," Angela said, shouldering up her bag as if she was about to go. "I shouldn't have asked."

"No, no," Miss Cullen said quickly, "you can ask me anything. It's just…"

She gestured with one hand. It was basically a shrug, as if to say she'd love to help but really couldn't. Angela appreciated it and gave her teacher a smile.

"I understand," she said. "It's okay."

Miss Cullen nodded, slightly flustered. Angela adjusted the strap of her bag, offered one more smile, and went to go. But then Miss Cullen sighed and spoke again.

"Listen," she said, calling the girl back. "I don't like to play favorites, but…"

She looked at Angela, glanced about the room discreetly, and then gave Angela a special smile.

"…well, I guess you're my favorite," she said. "Can you promise that your friends are going to behave themselves?"

Angela's heart had given a big thump and now she nodded energetically. "Um, yeah. Of course."

"And you promise they won't make a mess and they'll clean up before they leave?"


"Well," Miss Cullen said. She had her arms folded and she was regarding the girl with a certain sparkle in her eyes behind her glasses. "Okay."

Angela lit up. "Really?"

Miss Cullen unfolded her arms and nodded. "Yes," she said. "But only because it's you asking, normally I'd never—"

Her words were cut off as Angela threw her arms around her. Miss Cullen backpedaled a step under the force of it and chuckled. Angela hugged her tightly.

"Thank you, Miss Cullen," she said. "You're amazing."

Miss Cullen chuckled again and pried the girl away gently.

"Yes, well," she said. "Only because it's you."

Angela, swept up in the moment, giggled and stood on her toes and placed a kiss on her teacher's mouth. Time stopped for a moment. Then Angela rocked back on her heels slowly and stood terrified at what she'd done. Miss Cullen blushed and adjusted her glasses. She still had the whiteboard eraser in one hand and she gestured with it feebly.

"Well, I'd better…"

She trailed off and turned back to the whiteboard as if nothing had happened. She went to finish erasing the last few lines of the recipe there but her hand fumbled and dropped the eraser. It landed on the tiles with a loud clatter. Miss Cullen cleared her throat awkwardly and bent to pick it up.

Angela watched her ass and tried very hard not to giggle.

Alice hadn't seen Bella since lunch period that day and now she was getting anxious. She was studying in her room with Jessica and Jessica was getting annoyed how she kept checking her phone for texts or calls.

"Alice, focus," she said. "We need to get this assignment done."

Alice put her phone down and pouted. "Where's Bella? I thought we were gonna hang out tonight?"

"Did you text her?"


"And what'd she say?"

"That she's got something special planned."

"Then shut up and be patient, jeez."

Alice pouted and checked her phone again. Jessica rolled her eyes and focused on the notebook in her lap. They were sitting on Alice's bed and after a while Alice looked down at her notebook too. But then the door opened and she looked up quickly—only to deflate when she saw it was Angela.

"Hey, Angela," she said. "Where's Bella?"

"She's waiting," Angela said, and she was visibly excited until she saw that Alice was still dressed in her uniform. "How come you're not even dressed?"

"Dressed for what?"

"Didn't she tell you?"

"She said it's a surprise."

Angela groaned at Bella's poor planning and snatched Alice's arm to drag her off the bed. "Come on," she said, "hurry up and take off your clothes. Quick, quick!"

Alice was unbuttoning her blouse and kicking off her shoes. Angela threw open the doors to Alice's closet and started flipping through the clothes hanging there.

"We need something really nice," she said, "something—ah ha!" She plucked a pretty red dress off the rack and brandished it with a flourish. "Perfect!"

"I wore that to the dance last year," Alice said, dropping her skirt.

"Bella never saw it," Angela said, nodding at the dress. "She'll love it, and it'll match hers perfectly. Does it still fit?"

"I think so."

"Well, quick, quick! Put it on!"

Jessica was still sitting in the bed with her books in her lap and she watched the proceedings with mild interest. Angela composed Alice's entire outfit for her, even down to the little red leather shoes she hadn't worn since she wore them to that same dance with that exact same dress.

They even broke out the fancy underwear, no bra, just sexy panties—red like the dress, lace and silk.

She was getting changed right in front of Jessica and Jessica had to smirk at the displays of skin, ass, tits, slim little legs. Sometimes it was cool to have sexy roommates.

Alice had wriggled into her panties and now she was wriggling into her dress, adjusting the fabric with her hands to make sure it clung to her body properly. It was a simple dress, almost a sun dress, and the skirt came to mid-thigh. She looked at herself in the mirror with her shoes on and nodded. She still looked a little girlish—not quite a woman, but pretty close.

"Okay, now some makeup," Angela said. "Come here, come here, come here."

Angela had whipped out the makeup next and she insisted on doing Alice's face herself. Alice let her, although the closeness was a little…close.

Angela didn't seem to mind. She was grinning and applying the mascara to Alice's eyelashes with careful little flicks.

"Just hold still," she was saying. "Need to be nice and pretty for your big date."


"Well, yeah. What did you think it was?"

"I don't know. I've never been on a real date before."

Jessica grinned from the bed. "Nervous?"

Alice glanced at her from the side of her eyes, not moving her face, and gave a little shrug, butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

"A little bit," she admitted.

"Don't worry," Angela said, "it's gonna be awesome. Me and Bella made it really special."

Alice looked at her. Angela was doing her lips now, painting them with a glossy red lipstick, and Alice waited patiently with her mouth open slightly. The waxy stick on her lips almost felt like a kiss and when she could speak she said:

"You as well?"

"Well, she needed a little help," Angela said, and then she capped the lipstick and admired Alice's face with a bright smile. "There," she said proudly. "You look amazing."

"T-thanks," Alice stuttered.

Angela didn't seem to notice the awkward moment. She was still gazing directly into Alice's face, smiling. Jessica raised an eyebrow and cleared her throat. Angela snapped out of it and realized she was close enough to almost kiss Alice. She chuckled and backed away, blushing deeply.

"Well, you better get going," she said. "She's waiting in the Home Ec room."

Alice smoothed her dress one last time. "Why there?"

"You'll have to find out," Angela urged and flapped a hand at her. "Go, go, go!"

Alice nodded quickly and hurried out. Jessica watched her go, books still in her lap, and then she turned back to Angela.

"You still kind of got a thing for her, huh?"

Angela was packing away the makeup and she waved a hand meaninglessly. "I just want her to be happy, that's all."

Alice hurried to the Home Ec room, climbing the stairwell in her heels, glancing over her shoulders to make sure she wasn't seen. The room was 2A and she stood outside the door for a second, taking a deep breath and making a few last adjustments to her dress, making sure the soft red fabric was perfectly smooth against her torso. The lights were off and the corridor was dark. There was only a thin orange glow at the base of the door. Alice took another deep breath and straightened her back and set her shoulders. Then she knocked on the door.

"Just a second!" called a voice.

It was Bella. Alice nodded, as if to actually reply, and shuffled on the spot her heels. She didn't know why she felt so nervous. Was it because it was a date? A real date with dinner and dresses and—

The door opened. It opened slowly and behind it stood Bella, smiling and clad in a simple black dress similar in design to Alice's.

"Hey," she said, a blush moving over her face.

Alice couldn't reply for a second. Her mouth dropped open. Vaguely she recognized the dress as the dress Angela had worn to the dance last year but it looked better on Bella. It was the perfect accent to her rampant black hair and the long milky length of her legs. She wore heels as well and she was standing slightly pigeontoed as if she wasn't used to them. Alice had never seen Bella dressed up like this and her heart went a little wild.

"Wow," Alice breathed. "You look…"

"Thanks," Bella said, smiling, and stepped back with the door open.

Alice entered and was blown away again by what Bella had arranged. She had spread a tablecloth over one of the tables and there were two candle holders each with a tall white candle burning brightly. Between them stood a vase with a rose in it. There were no lights and the room was suffused solely in the soft orange glow of the candles. A rich smell of roast lamb mingled among the perfume they both wore and a strange chuckle escaped Alice.

"Wow," she said again. "This is…"

She was at a loss for words. Bella smiled. "You like it?"

"It's amazing," Alice said. "You did all this?"

Bella nodded with a little shrug. "Angela helped," she said, "but I wanted to do something special. I even made dessert. Chocolate mousse. We haven't even learnt this stuff in class, it's all very advanced."

Alice chuckled again, still gazing about in wonder. "Wow."

Bella smiled shyly and looked at Alice's dress. She hadn't taken her eyes off it since Alice entered. It fit her perfectly, the fabric dark red in the dimness and hugging her tiny waist. Her eyes drifted down over her slim little legs and her little red shoes and back up again.

"You know," she said, half a giggle coming out of her, "you look really cute."

Alice turned to her, as if surprised. She looked down at her dress, as if she couldn't recall putting it on, and then she smiled at Bella.

"Oh," she said. "You too."

But she had already said that and for a second they stood there blushing in the candlelight, neither knowing how to proceed. Then they giggled and Bella came forward and gave Alice a romantic kiss on her mouth. Alice's foot popped up off the floor as she enjoyed the kiss. Bella relinquished her lips and smiled.

"Come on," she said. "Let's eat."

Alice giggled and nodded.

The first thing Bella did was sit Alice down and then she put on an apron and fetched the roast from the oven with ovenmitts. She bought it to the table and set it down. Steam rose from the casserole dish in the candlelight and the small leg of lamb was garlanded by a sprig of rosemary and surrounded by roast potatoes and carrots. She had made gravy as well and she set the gravy boat beside it and told Alice to dig in.

They ate and Alice had a little extra and then Bella served the dessert. It was a chocolate mousse with chocolate covered strawberries and Alice had a little extra of that too. She moaned with each spoonful, her face crumpled in something close to ecstasy, and when she was finished she ran her finger along the inside of her bowl and licked her finger as well.

"Mmm," she said. "That was amazing. You must breeze Home Ec."

Bella had finished a while ago and she was just smiling and watching Alice. "Well, it's more than just cooking," she said. "I've always been good at cooking. The other stuff is harder, though. And boring."

Alice nodded and licked her finger one last time. Then she sighed and looked about, still slightly in awe. The candles were half burnt down and everything was just so romantic.

"I still can't believe you did all this for me," she said. "It's incredible."

Bella reached across the table and put her hand over Alice's. Her finger was a little sticky but she didn't let that spoil the moment.

"I didn't do it just for you," she said. "I did it for us."

She put a certain emphasis on the word us, as if there was something the other girl was supposed to understand. Alice looked down at their clasped hands and blushed. Then she turned her hand slightly and entwined their fingers. She smiled and lifted her blush to Bella.

"I guess it's pretty cool to have a real girlfriend," she said.

Bella glowed inside; that was exactly what she wanted to hear. But she didn't want to drag it out and ruin it so she let go of Alice's hand and pushed her chair back.

"And it's not even over," she said, rising to her feet.

Alice blinked innocently. "It isn't?"


"Is there more dessert?"

Alice looked back at the stove, her eyes alight with chocolate-want. Bella smiled and came around the table and took Alice's hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Kind of," she said. "But it's a special dessert. We have to have it in bed."

Alice grinned and pawed Bella's waist. "In bed?"


"What is it?"

"A surprise."

"Can we go have it now?"

Bella regarded her for a moment in the candlelight, as if considering if Alice deserved her surprise. Then she smiled and placed a kiss on her lips.

"Okay," she said, and then she leaned over the table and blew out the candles. "But you have to help me clean up first. Come on, get those plates in the sink."

Alice giggled and started fetching up the plates.

They giggled all the way back to their dorm, scampering through the empty corridors and peeping around corners for hall monitors. Bella tripped in her heels and Alice had to cover her mouth to keep from bursting into laughter. Bella muttered embarrassedly and slipped off her heels and they went on with Bella holding her shoes in one hand and Alice's hand in the other. They seemed almost drunk but all they'd had was water.

They made a quick stop in their room to deposit their shoes and then they were out again. They made it to the showers where they took off their dresses and flirted with each other in their underwear, giggling and laughing at the lacy scraps they wore before taking them off and huddling together under the same showerhead, soaping up their hands and doing each other's backs and breasts, kissing each other, making out, driving each other crazy with desire.

Finally they wrapped themselves in towels and scuttled back to their room. Instantly they were on the bed, Alice on her back and her legs wrapped around Bella. Bella kissed her and stroked her face and neck. Their hands began to move over each other's bodies and soon they were giggling and wriggling out of their towels. They threw them on the floor and got under the covers and made out some more, petting each other's waists and thighs and finally the wettening areas between each other's legs. Bella's tongue was dancing in Alice's mouth but then Alice remembered something and broke the kiss abruptly.

"Hey," she said. "What about the surprise?"

Bella chuckled breathlessly. "Woops," she said, getting out of the bed. "I almost forgot."

"Where are you going?"

"Close your eyes, close your eyes," Bella urged her. "I have to put something on quickly."

Alice smirked and let her eyes roam Bella's naked body. The only light in the room was the bedside lamp and the other girl looked soft and lovely in the lamplight with her large breasts and long legs.

"Whatever it is," Alice said, "you'd be sexier without it."

Bella smiled and flapped her hand at Alice shyly. "Just close your eyes, okay? It has to be a surprise."

Alice sighed and closed them.

"Okay," she pouted.

She was holding the covers at her chest and she was propped up on one elbow. She heard Bella giggle and then she heard a drawer open. Alice waited but she was a little impatient. She sighed again and spoke with her eyes closed.

"Why bother putting something on, though? I'm just gonna take it right off again."

"Not this."

"I still think you'll be sexier naked."

"Oh yeah? Then open your eyes."

Alice opened them. She thought she had been prepared to be sufficiently unimpressed with whatever Bella was wearing but she was wrong.

Bella was wearing a strap-on.

Alice's mouth dropped open. She had been holding the covers at her chest and the covers fell as her hand loosened, revealing her perky breasts and hard nipples. She stared at the rigid black shaft protruding from her girlfriend's hips and her eyes went wide in the lamplight. Bella stood shyly, fiddling with her hands, knees tilted together. Finally she giggled and made a welcoming gesture with her arms.


Alice's breath rushed out of her. She hadn't realized she'd been holding it in. Bella was standing there, pale and naked, with her breasts and her long hair and her—penis. Alice gulped. A raging throb began between her legs and it took her a second to remember how to speak.

"Y-yeah," she stuttered. She took up the covers again and eyed the thing doubtfully. "What are you going to do with that?"

Bella grinned. "What do you think?"

Alice chuckled dazedly. Bella was climbing into the bed, lifting away the covers and kneeling there on the mattress. Alice sat up as well. Her eyes kept darting from Bella's face to Bella's strap-on and her throat felt tight.

"What do you think?" Bella asked.

"I don't—I mean…"

Alice shrugged helplessly. She was staring at the plastic cock in Bella's lap. Black and shiny in the lamplight. Slowly she reached with her hands to feel it. She gripped it with both hands, her fingers wrapped right around it. It was hard. It felt weird to touch it but exciting too. She gave a strange giggle and stroked it a little. The idea of the thing inside her sent waves of giddiness rolling over her and she looked up at Bella.

"I don't know," she said. "We've never…"

Bella nodded as if she agreed. "I know, but…well, it's up to you. I just thought it would be special, you know? We don't have to if you don't want."

"Do you?" Alice asked.

"Yeah," Bella said, trying not to smile. "I've thought about it a lot lately. I think it would be fun."

Alice was still holding it. She looked at it and breathed out and then she lifted her eyes to Bella's breasts and to Bella's beautiful face. She blushed and gave a shrug of her bare shoulder.

"O-okay," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, of course. Why not?"

Bella giggled and kissed her, wrapping her arms around her. Alice felt their breasts mash together and she felt the strapon poking her belly. So weird and strange and exciting. She moaned and stroked Bella's back. Bella broke the kiss and smiled at her.

"Just relax," she said, cupping Alice's face. "I'll make sure you're comfortable, okay?"

Alice nodded. "Okay," she said.

Alice smiled at her and kissed her again and then she laid her down on her back. Alice went willingly, shifting her head on the pillow, getting comfortable. Bella pulled the covers up around them and then reapplied the kiss. Alice moaned softly. Bella's hand cupped her breasts and stroked them and moved down between her legs. Alice shivered as Bella touched her, stroking her entrance, preparing it. She could feel the strap on poking at her tummy and the throb between her legs was getting very intense. Alice moaned again and finally Bella broke the kiss breathlessly.

"You're really dripping," she said. "Are you ready?"

Alice nodded tentatively. "I think so."

Bella grinned and shifted between Alice's legs. She was reaching under the covers to align the strapon into Alice's entrance. Alice flinched as the head of the shaft nudged into her folds.

"Is this good?" Bella asked.

Alice nodded and opened her legs a little more, spreading her thighs as wide as they would go for best access. Bella began pushing it in with her hips and Alice bit her lip as her vagina stretched around it. Bella was watching her face and she stopped quickly.

"Are you okay?"

Alice nodded feverishly, her heart pounding. "Yeah," she panted, her lower parts throbbing. "Keep going. Keep going."

Bella pushed a little more with her hips. Alice groaned as more of the shaft slid deeper insider her. She had never had anything so big inside her and her vagina clenched down on it automatically—which made it feel even bigger.

"Does it hurt?" Bella asked curiously, still watching her face.

Alice was still biting her lip and there was a little smile on her mouth. "A little bit," she said. "But in a good way." She opened her eyes and looked at Bella. "It feels good."

Bella smiled. "I thought you'd like it."

"I do—ah!"

Bella had made a little tentative thrust. Alice flinched and giggled. She had her arms around Bella's neck and Bella was right there on top of her.

"Mmm," Alice murmured up to her. "That felt kind of good too."

Bella touched her face. Her cheek felt like it was on fire. "Let me know if it hurts," she whispered. "I'll go slow, okay?"

"Okay," Alice panted softly. "Okay, just—Oh god."

Bella made another little thrust. Alice hitched her breath. She had never felt anything like this, so stretched, so strained, so…filled. She groaned and looked up at Bella. Bella smiled at her face and stroked it with her hand.

"You're so cute," she whispered.

Alice chuckled, her face heating even more. "This is kind of embarrassing."


"Usually you don't see my face. Not so close."

"I'm glad I get to see it. You're gorgeous."

Bella leaned down and captured Alice's lips. Alice moaned and wrapped her arms around Bella's neck. She moaned at the entrance of Bella's tongue and moaned some more as Bella pushed the strapon deeper. Bella left the strapon sitting inside her a while, letting Alice get used to it, before she started moving—slowly at first, little pokes and thrusts. Alice was losing control and soon she couldn't even sustain the kiss. She broke it and panted up at Bella.

"Oh god," she said, squirming her hips for an extra bit of friction. "It feels so good."

Bella smiled. She was extremely wet herself but for now it was all about Alice. "Just let it come," she whispered, touching the other girl's blazing face. "Don't rush. I can keep going forever."

Alice nodded and focused on the pleasure between her legs, the pleasure and the penetration and the tiny bit of pain. She looked at Bella. Bella was holding her face and rocking back and forth with each soft thrust. The soft mounds of her breasts swayed from the movement. Alice watched them for a moment with her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. She lifted her eyes to Bella's. It was really special, more special than anything she had done with anyone else. Her feet were planted in the mattress and she gave a buck of her hips in response to Bella's thrust. Bella smiled and began thrusting a little faster. Alice met each thrust as it was coming down with a lift of her hips and she kept her eyes on Bella's, wanting her, needing her, her arms wrapped around Bella's neck. The heat of Bella's body was radiating onto Alice and it almost felt like they were melting into each other. Alice was panting loudly and moaning. She could feel the orgasm approaching and finally she climaxed, connected to her girlfriend with her arms and her eyes and with her vagina clenching around the strapon.

Bella had watched the whole thing, mesmerized, and she waited for Alice to recover, still watching. She smiled and placed little kisses on her face, brushing her hair back. Alice finally opened her eyes and smiled. The strapon was still sitting inside her and she gave it a couple squeezes as the orgasm ebbed away.

"Did you like it?" Bella asked, smirking down at her.

"Yes," Alice wheezed, exhausted. "That was amazing. Best surprise ever."

"Was it special?"

"More special than anything," Alice said, gazing up into her eyes. "Thank you."

Bella cupped her face and kissed her. "I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me."

Then she shifted off Alice and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Alice sighed as the strapon slipped out. Her vagina felt nice and loose and it felt good to draw her legs together and press closed her thighs. The sweat on her body had turned slightly cold and she drew up the covers and smiled as she watched Bella unbuckle the strapon.

"Don't you want me to use it on you?" she asked sleepily.

Bella shook her head and dropped the wet toy on the floor. She turned back to Alice, grinning, and climbed back under the covers. "Not tonight," she said. "Tonight is all about you."

"I thought it was about us?" Alice teased.

"It is," Bella said, and placed a kiss on Alice's nose. "But mostly about you."

Alice smiled as more kisses descended on her face, on her lips and cheeks and a couple on her eyelids. She opened them and sighed. Bella stroked her hair.

"Are you tired?" she asked.

Alice grinned, a spark lighting up her eyes, and shook her head. "Not even close," she said, grabbing Bella's face and pulling her down. "Come here."

Alice rolled her over and deposited Bella on her back, applying her lips at once to Bella's mouth. Bella moaned and Alice reached under the covers. The area between Bella's legs was soaked and soft and begging for attention and Bella whimpered at the touch. Alice broke the kiss with a grin and spoke while stroking Bella's entrance.

"I think I'd prefer eating you out anyway," she said, and then she disappeared under the covers.

Bella smiled and stretched out on the pillow comfortably and a long luxurious moan came out of her as Alice's tongue flattened against her saturated pussy and licked completely across it.