Okay before you read this i am forewarning you! you may want to have a boat load of tissues on standby, you may need them!


Summery- just a simple thanksgiving idea that popped in my head, I hope it's fully cooked like my turkey!

Jack flew past Jamie's house. Jack knew that he wouldn't be able to come outside. Jamie had a Family he needed to spend time with. Boy did Jack miss his family, the one he left behind back in the 1600. Jack flew past his lake and to a certain place.

He flew past the cast iron gate and all the new stones with all the fresh flowers from families that took the time to remember the family members that won't be able to get stuffed on stuffing and laugh at the stories around the table with them. Jack flew past without a second glance. The tomb stones got older as the dates decreased. Some were caked in dirt and compost, their families long forgotten them or laid next to them. He flew straight to the small group of three tomb stones, even though there dates were centuries past they still looked as if they were just placed, this three had a loving son and brother that was still around.

With tears starting to pool and a sad smile on his face, he laid down a wild rose and a sunflower over the tomb stones of Myrun Overland and Emilia Overland. His mother loved the wild roses of America; he remembered when they first came over in that big ship when he was a child. Those roses where the first thing that his mother saw as they landed. And little Emma, his sister he gave his life to save, she loved the sunflowers, they were always bigger than her face, and the bright yellow flower always brought a smile to her face. Jack then laid a sheep's skin and a small shepherd's staff nestled to the grave of Alrek Overland, Jack will never forget when his father taught him the family trade, his father would be filled with joy to know that Jack was still a shepherd even today, and how the winter season is even more unruly that that ram that always gave Jack and him so much trouble. Boy did he miss his family. Ever since he got his memories back he kept thinking about them and how he wished that he could still have his family.

Just as he stood there reminiscing of the past, a gold tendril of sand came up and wrapped itself around his waist, whooshing him of to Sandy's palace. Jack stood in front of the kitchen doors of the palace wide eyed; seconds ago he had been in the cemetery and now he stood somewhere above New York. Jack shrugged to himself and pushed open the doors revealing the craziness of four people trying to prepare a thanksgiving meal.

"What is going on here?" Jack asked

" Ah! Jack you made it! We were afraid you would not come in time to help make feast! " North bellowed

"Well you get places pretty fast when you are pulled by sand" Jack said as he glared at Sandy. Sandy was looking at his feet.

"Jack would you like to help with the desert!" Tooth asked as she held up some form of slime "I made a sugar free pudding!" Jacks face turned an odd shade of blue as he thought of trying to eat that slime.

"Why don't we let Aster make the desert? He probably has a better recipe for pudding." He said as he eased the bowl of slime out of the fairy's hands. "I know why don't you make some bread, I don't see anyone making it and I bet you can make some really soft bread, cause if the kangaroo makes it, it might turn out like hockey pucks."

"Oh,good idea."

"Thanks mate I owe ya one, I do know a good recipe for bread pudding, and I was soo not looking forward to eating that slime" Aster whispered in Jacks ear as he traded palaces with Tooth, and Jack dumbed the bowl into the trash, undenounced to Tooth.

"You and everyone else" North whispered too.

"Hey North can I take over Turkey duty? I make a mean stuffing inside of it." Jack said

"Yes yes, that is good idea" North said. He was glade that Jack was jumping on things and had a smile on his face.

When all the cooking was done Jack looked around him at the table, North sat at the head with Tooth on his right and Sandy on his left, Jack and Aster next to them. Jack had a big goofy smile on his face as North set down the masterpiece that was the Turkey. Every one complemented Jack on the good job he did.

"It's nothing, I always did the turkey for my family when I was human", Jack said and trailed off.

Everyone was silent for a moment, and then Tooth said "do you miss them?"

"Of course they were my family, but… I…I…I-I have you guys now." He said as he quickly shoved cranberry sauce into his mouth. All the guardians looked at Jack and then back at their plates. All four of them had a smile on their face as they finished their meal. And Jack realized that what he had just said was the truth. North was his new pa, always teaching him new and amazing things, and Tooth his new mother, always nitpicking him on things, and Aster was like the older brother Jack never got to have always had to be instead. And Sandy… Sandy was the fun uncle that always cared for you and had your back most of the time.

While Jack missed a lot of the things he remembered from his past; He had a lot to be thankful for in the present.

Okay I know I was a little bit of a copycat in this but there is only so many original thanks giving ideas. I hope this made you tear up and think of all the happy memories from past family events; I almost turned into a fountain. Remember to be thankful for all the people that have, are, and will be in your life. You never know when they won't be there anymore. And sorry for the heart wrenching moment, now go hug one of you family members, I know you want to after this. And for those of you not in America, I love ya for still reading this and even though this is an American Holiday, everyone has something to be thankful for no matter where they are in the world. Sorry for the deep thoughts and hope you have a wonderful thanks giving!