title: Synchronicity part 1
author: cheebs!
email: chbkamen@optonline.net
rating: R
characters: Willow/Tara
summary: Accessing the Nether Realms from "Who Are You?" ;)
improv # 51 - Sting/Police song title
disclaimer: Joss' idea, I'm just smutting it up. ;)


In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Repeat 'til your
breath slows. Your eyes close, and you are dead to the world.

Pluck her strand from the Weave. Follow it through the mess
of threads connecting this and that, to a tangle that shines
so brightly you cannot bear to look, yet you can't take your
eyes off of it either. Lose the trail; start again.

In. Out. In. Out.

Feel the power flow through you. Rich and sweet like dessert
wine, it suffuses the blood in your veins, making you giddy.

In. Out. In.Out.In.Out.

Sweetness and love enter with a velvet touch, taking you
higher with each stroke. Blonde/brown silk glides over your
abdomen, moving ever downwards as it follows her puppy-eager
but talented tongue. Her breath, in time with yours, tickles
your mons. Hold her seductress' gaze for a moment before she
lowers it and her mouth.


Separate from the world and float above it. Ride the slow,
rolling waves that flare from your womb; so different from
the fierce explosions he'd given you. Drift; fall back to
earth with a wail, eyes wide at the splendor of it all.



to be continued in Synchronicity part 2