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The Tryst

The Revelation Series

A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction


Perhaps it was all a bit strange to leave things like that, don't you think? Just as when you thought you knew it all too well, you find out that it was, in fact, not what you thought at all. You then realized you've been fooled – utterly fooled, all this time. As your jaw dropped with your mind somewhat needed some recalling, you ask, "What?" And then, as you finally fully absorb the information, outrage gushed through your veins…

I could only imagine his initial reaction. To think it all off, it was indeed, downright unfair. And I do say so myself, seeing it as to be the one who have caused such deed. But that was how it was meant to happen. To be left hanging in the air like some sort of a sentence that had been blurted and had been heard, only to be ignored in the end, was how it was supposed to happen. But I could also imagine his fury with his scrounged nose and his piercing icy blue eyes gleaming with rage. I just know that he hated me right now, but it was easier that way, don't you think? I know that I come off as selfish with that statement, but there's no reason whatsoever to explain myself to you. Besides, we both know that there were far more important reasons other than my selfish ways. Let us not pretend to ignore them, although I do know that it's easier to put the blame on me.

By the look of confusion in your face, perhaps you are wondering what and who the hell I'm talking about. Most of all, you're curious just who the hell I am... Oh don't look so surprised. Considering the fact that it's so damn obvious, and the fact that I know what you're thinking, really wasn't that strange, let alone, surprising. But perhaps when I unravel it all to you, you would be, because what was left there? Well... Let's just say that that wasn't all.

And so, I guess I should finally introduce myself. I mean, just because I was neutralized for quite some time (for five hundred plus years – but who's really counting?), does not mean that I've forgotten my manners. Niklaus might have, but I have not. Besides, I wouldn't want your brain to exert too much effort. But if you haven't figured it all out by the clues I've been dropping – seriously, it's not all that difficult to figure out – then perhaps you're more of an idiot than I thought. And your brain does need its exercise. No offense, of course, since I might have hurt your little human feelings – and please take note that I did not say that with much sarcasm and mockery as I usually do. Although, I do admit I'm lying... Anyway, to not make you wait any longer, since I know that you're dying to know, I am Elizabeth Rousseau. If you already knew, then I must say kudos to you – and again, I do not say that with much sarcasm and mockery. And yes, I just lied yet again, but perhaps aside from telling you who I am, I should probably say a couple of things about myself. Out of formality's sake, that's all.

I am a member of the Original Family of Vampires – a cousin of Elijah and his siblings on their father's side. My cousins and I met during the 1400s, since I ran away from fright after my horrid transition and from Mikael back in the Old World, and have never met them during my human life. In the process, I met Niklaus, who was not my blood relative, and became my lover when I gained his trust by revealing to him that I know where the Petrova doppelganger was... And long story short, I was daggered for five hundred years only to be awoken in this century. You already probably know all about that and my skill in telepathy either. If you don't then I suggest you start doing so right now. There are too many stories to tell, and frankly, I do not have the luxury of time for a little bedtime story.

What I am here about, though, was because I feel some nagging emotion from the pits of my stomach. It's like a sensation I've had since my family and I left from Mystic Falls... Oh, how wonderful. It seems as if you're just dying to know everything that you seem to question in your head. And can I just say that that information satisfies me? I mean, you do want to know why all of a sudden, my family and I were suddenly united. You do want to know why a certain vampire was on vervain. And you do want to know if what I said was true, and somehow you want sufficient evidence if it really was. If only you could see the smile on my face right now... But alas, you must be patient! Why would I possibly reveal it all to you now when we're just getting started? So shall we go back now to that nagging sensation that I was talking about earlier? Yes? Alright...

As I was saying, ever since I left Mystic Falls, somehow that's what I felt. It was strange at first, but now I know. I knew, right from the very beginning of the consequences of my actions, and I now found out that I was right about what I said in the end after all. I know the nagging sensation was from him. It was him and his obsessive thoughts that somehow affected me. He was frustrated, utterly frustrated and impatient even if he hid it under his hard exterior. And although, he's had an awful lot of time in his hands, he was now coming for me. He's coming to find me – to get me. Probably to punish me and my awful actions during the last time we've faced each other. Probably to punish me in his own sadistic, vengeful satisfaction. Or probably to punish me out of his own fury and his hurt ego. And that was why he was somehow running across my mind all this time. The mere thought of him was eating me alive, and I wondered how he was considering the nagging sensations I've been feeling. But if he does come to find me, to punish me, I won't run away. What should I be afraid of? Some of the truth had already come out after all. Besides, he couldn't kill me even if he tried.

Somehow, just the mere thought of seeing him again, in his own glorious element, I felt a tad excited. It does not matter whether he wants to kill me or he's fuming with rage. I shall accept the consequences; I shall accept things as they come. And I definitely would want to see him again. After all, we did have fun together. We shared precious memories that I know neither one of us will ever forget in our entire eternal lives. And even if I was the one who broke off our ties, I still would want to hear his voice... To look at him straight in his icy blue eyes that seem to unravel me, that seem to strip off every layer of my complex exterior only to be left with my sheer shed of humanity right from my very core. It would not only be extremely pleasant – again, regardless of how he felt about me or how differently he would look at me now – but it would also keep the depths of my soul calm and at peace.

I know you're wondering who he is, but I assure you that you do know him. If not, then it's for me to know and for you to find out... After all, my life's far more interesting than yours will ever be.

Until then...