Harry Potter and the Magic of Time.

This is a Harry/Susan story taking place near the end of seventh year at Hogwarts.

Rating is M for later chapters just in case. There will be violence.

JKRowling owns the characters and settings. I only play in her sandbox and make no money from this.

A/N: Almost completely A/U from this point on although reference to canon events and timelines will be made.

Messing with time has unforeseen consequences when Harry Potter and Susan Bones explore a new, untested device from the Department of Mysteries.

Chapter 1: Disappearance

There was a strange ringing in his ears. He'd only become aware of it recently but now it was becoming irritating. Some days he hardly noticed it as the press of his studies bore down on him. Hermione had pressured him to study hard for their upcoming NEWT exams and he realised that she was right. Voldemort could bloody well wait; he'd need all the knowledge he could learn in the next few months. He'd finally learned to apparate, saving Headmaster Dumbledore from the Inferi in the cave last year, only to see him die at the hand of his most hated professor.

The ringing intensified and was almost painful. He lowered his head and brought his hands up to his ears in an attempt to shut out the sound. It didn't work, as he knew it wouldn't; it hadn't before when he tried to shut out the sound. It was driving him mad and he'd consulted with Madam Pomfrey but she couldn't find anything wrong with him. She did notice that his magic was a bit increased from the last time she'd tested it.

Routinely, the students were tested at the beginning of the school year and any major changes were noted. Normally, all students' magic increased, with the largest increases being in the first and second years. Harry's magic had kept pace with the rest of the students in his year, although this year it had spiked sharply from last year. A note to the headmistress had made her aware of the change and Minerva had taken him aside, asking him about it. Harry had no answers and put it down to his increased attention he'd been paying after Albus had died. Some days his anger at Snape and Malfoy was so intense that his magic seemed to get away from him. The new DADA professor was an old friend brought back: Professor Lupin had watched as Harry seemed to overpower his spells and did some serious damage to shields whenever he was paired with anyone. One exception was when he was paired with a certain Hufflepuff; Susan Bones was always able to disarm him and he couldn't quite figure out why.

Susan was still trying to figure out why the messy haired boy was so easy to beat when he faced her. Sure, she had a massive crush on the boy, but so did most of the girls in school. She knew that Hermione Granger seemed to have the inside track so she didn't bother to pursue him, not wanting to be disappointed by his seeming lack of interest in her. Susan was a very pretty girl with a well developed figure and a chest that few other girls her age could match. She was a bit shorter than Harry and had beautiful strawberry blonde hair that cascaded in soft curls down her back, almost to her bum. Her aunt, Amelia Bones, had raised her after her parents had died in a Death-Eater attack a few days after Harry's own parents had died. Her best friend since childhood had been Hannah Abbott and the pair stuck together growing up, both being sorted into Hufflepuff. Hannah was the same age as Susan but was dark blonde and with a decent figure. Hannah was currently dating Terry Boot and Susan was a bit jealous of her friend having found someone to date before her.

The dynamic of Hogwarts students' classes was such that Harry and Susan spent several classes together and while Hermione took Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, Susan and Harry often sat together in the library studying. In their seventh year, they had one other class in common: Wizarding Government. This was a course that Susan naturally gravitated to since her aunt was in government as the Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Harry, on the other hand, was thinking of joining the Auror Department and needed an insight on how the government worked. Susan always managed to sit next to Harry and although she knew it was a forlorn hope, she still wanted Harry to at least notice her. To that end, she would lean forward at strategic times, showing a bit of cleavage, watching Harry's reaction and secretly smiling when his face turned red when she caught him looking. Hermione, on the other hand, tsk tsked quietly at her from the other side of Harry. Harry, being a boy that was oblivious to the obvious flirting, quickly turned back to his studies.

As it turned out, Susan sussed out that Hermione's interest in Harry was more as a sister than a potential mate. Her interest lay with the surprising Neville Longbottom. Neville had come a long way in the last two years and both Harry and Hermione had noticed the shy boy's new confidence. Neville could be seen recently in close conversation with the pair and incidentally sitting close to Hermione. Harry's other close friend, Ron Weasley had also taken notice of Hermione. Harry wasn't paying much attention to that, as he knew Hermione wasn't interested in Ron.

Harry had not had much luck with the fairer sex, having a disastrous short lived affair with the lovely, but short tempered Cho Chang. Lately, he'd considered Daphne Greengrass, but discarded that idea as having too many problems wading through the Slytherin prejudice to properly approach her. Susan, however, seemed to like him. Maybe he should try…

The ringing in his ears reached an intolerable level and he suddenly bolted from the Transfiguration classroom, leaving a surprised Professor McGonagall speechless. She still had not found a suitable replacement for herself and had split her time between the Headmistress office and her old Transfiguration classroom. "Harry?" she called, just a bit too late as he burst through the classroom door, hands clamped over his ears, his mouth wide open in a silent scream.

Hermione was the first to react seconds before Susan and started to rise before Professor McGonagall called both girls back to their seats. "I'll handle this, stay in your seats," the strict woman commanded.

Harry ran. It felt like a thousand sharp needles were piercing his skull and finally he collapsed, moaning in pain.

The first to reach him, oddly enough, was Luna Lovegood. She'd been wandering the halls when she suddenly knew where she must be. She raced to the third floor where she spotted Harry Potter lying face down just meters from the Hospital Wing.

Hermione, ever the one to obey orders stayed in her seat, although greatly conflicted until she saw Susan bolt from the classroom in open defiance of the professor's orders. Hesitantly at first, she rose and throwing caution to the wind stormed out of the classroom in pursuit of her longtime friend. Harry would need her. Susan, however, knew no such caution and raced through the halls in search of Harry.

Minerva knew Harry was in trouble by the look of agony on his face when he bolted. Correctly guessing that he'd run to the Hospital wing, she forgot that she could floo there and instead marched through the corridors down to the third floor, only to be passed by a racing Susan Bones, quickly followed by Hermione Granger, who had much the same destination in mind.

"Girls!" she shouted, but was too late as the pair had already disappeared around the corner and down the staircases. "Damn! I told them to stay in their seats." McGonagall had learned a few tricks of her own over the years and took a shortcut through a hidden doorway that had pretended to be a wall, arriving just as the girls spotted Harry.

Luna was bent over the unconscious boy and was feeling for a pulse when Susan and Hermione arrived breathless. "Don't…" she tried to vocalize a warning but it was too late. As soon as Susan and Hermione stopped and bent down to examine him, something remarkable happened. All three girls and Harry disappeared soundlessly. Minerva gaped at the empty spot where four students had been mere seconds ago. Thinking that they may have somehow apparated to the Infirmary, she ran the last few meters to the door and pushed it aside, only to find it empty.

"Poppy," she called.

"Minerva, what brings you to my infirmary at this time? I thought you were teaching."

"Poppy, four students just disappeared just outside this door a few seconds ago. I had hoped they would be in here."

"Oh? Which four? Need I ask if one of them was Mr. Potter?"

Minerva sighed. "Naturally. The other three are Hermione Granger, Susan Bones and Luna Lovegood. Miss Granger I can understand, but the other two… We'll have to start a full scale search."

Meanwhile, the quartet had issues of their own. Luna seemed to be taking it the best as they were now in a place familiar to her. "Well, that was unexpected, but how we got here and why, is the question." They had suddenly appeared in the Ministry of Magic's Time Turner room on the ninth level, the lowest level of the MoM.

Susan was the next to speak. "I know this room, my Aunt Amelia took me here once."

Hermione chipped in, "But why here? Three of us were here when we battled the Death Eaters in fifth year."

Harry had awoken with a blazing headache. The ringing in his head was slightly less, but still annoying. "What? How did we get here?" he queried.

Three heads turned to him in unison, each had grabbed part of him. Susan had hugged him tightly, Hermione had held one hand and Luna the other. "Harry!" the three girls chorused. "Are you alright?" Susan inquired.

"How do you feel?" Hermione interjected. Luna was the only one to remain calm, but a quizzical expression remained on her face.

A loud voice interrupted their thoughts. "What are you four doing here? This is a restricted area!"

Susan answered for them. "Mr. Croaker, we have no idea how we got here, I think we should see my Aunt Amelia in the DMLE."

"Miss Susan!" Algernon Croaker was the head of the Unspeakables and was upset that unauthorized persons were in the restricted room. "Don't move, any of you, and I'll have someone escort you to her office. There are dangerous items in this room and beyond. He quickly went to a communications panel inset in a wall and pressed a button. In seconds, a man entered and after a quick conversation with the head Unspeakable, motioned for the quartet to follow him. The man, for it was only his voice that identified him as male, commanded them. "Don't touch anything and keep close." He was tall and completely covered in a grey robe with the hood up, his face obscured and his hands tucked into his robe. Doors opened for him magically without any incantation or wand. The circular room that they had passed through on a previous adventure led them, strangely, to the main atrium where they were led to an elevator that finally deposited them on the second level. The wizard knocked discretely on a door partway down the hall and entered. "Follow me," he commanded.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement office was a busy series of offices containing the Auror office, Investigative Branch office, secretarial pool, and more importantly the head of the DMLE's office. A sharp knock on the door and they were admitted to an inner office with a witch secretary overseeing a small mountain of parchment.

Addressing the secretary, he spoke softly. "Pamela, these four children are to meet with Madam Bones."

"Do they have an appointment, Unspeakable?" she replied before recognizing Susan Bones and finally Harry Potter. She gasped and rang her boss. "Madam Bones, your niece is here with Harry Potter and two other girls."

"Send them in," was heard and she opened the door to admit the five to the office.

The Unspeakable addressed Madam Bones. "These four were apprehended in the Time Turner room, Madam Bones. One claims to be your niece."

"That will be all, Raven. You may go," she dismissed the Unspeakable and he exited quietly. "Now, Susan, what's going on? Why are you here and more importantly, why in a restricted area?"

"Um, I don't know Auntie. One moment we were at Hogwarts and the next we were here. Harry, erm, fled the Transfiguration classroom and we ran to look for him. He collapsed near the Hospital Wing. As soon as we touched him, we were here. Oh, I think you've met Harry, Hermione and Luna before."

Amelia nodded, looking puzzled. "That should not have been possible. That room is heavily warded, not to mention you can't apparate from Hogwarts."

Hermione nodded in agreement and Luna smiled her dreamy smile but answered in a sing-song voice. "When it comes to Harry Potter, all rules seem to be suspended. I suspect that he needed to be here and his magic made it happen. He is the strongest magical person at school, you know."

Amelia raised an eyebrow and looked at the teen, then addressed Harry. "Mr. Potter, what happened?"

"I'm not sure Madam Bones. I had this strange ringing in my head and ran to the Infirmary to have Madam Pomfrey help, but the ringing became too much and I must have fainted. The next thing I know, we were all here."

Amelia pondered the problem, tapping her fingers on her desk in concentration. "Well, the one common thing seems to be that all of you have been in the Time room before. If I recall correctly, three more members of your little group were also along."

"Yes, Ron and Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom," Harry recalled.

"Any significance to that, Mr. Potter"? She asked.

"None that I can think, Madam Bones. Erm, do you have a pain potion? My head is killing me."

"Does anyone else have a headache?" she inquired.

After everyone else shook their heads, she produced a vial and watched as he swallowed the potion. He grimaced at the taste, but the ringing didn't abate. He staggered a bit and Susan grabbed him before he fell. Then they both simply disappeared.

Pandemonium broke out as everyone looked around. Croaker had just entered to fill Amelia in as Harry and Susan vanished without a sound.

"Check the Time room!" Amelia barked, as Croaked quickly pivoted and rushed out.

"You won't find him, you know," Luna stated dreamily.

Amelia looked at the young teen quizzically. "And why is that, Miss Lovegood?"

"Well, it's obvious," she replied. "He and Susan have left the building."

"How do you know that?" Amelia asked, shocked that the girl seemed positive about that.

"I just know. The Time room was only the first of many stops he'll travel to. Since he's already been to the Time room, he has no need to return there."

"That's… insane. How do you arrive at that conclusion?"

Luna sighed. "Obviously Harry needed to be at that spot for some reason and has what he needed and has moved on."

Croaker had returned without the pair. "They weren't there but a Time Turner is missing," he stated.

"But… but, he couldn't have taken one," Hermione retorted. There wasn't enough time to… Oh!" she paused as she realised what must have happened. "He must have summoned one when he disappeared with Susan. Harry is a very powerful wizard, he must have figured out something and needed a time turner for some reason."

"Not just any Time Turner," Croaker admitted. "An experimental one. You girls are not cleared for this information…"

Luna smiled, as if she knew what was coming next. "You may be able to obliviate Hermione, but not me. My mind isn't like that," she stated confidently.

"Nevertheless, Obliviate!" he pointed his wand at the pair but found that only Hermione was affected. A glassy look came over her as she shook her head in confusion.

Luna, however, smiled serenely. "You see? I still remember everything."

Miles away, Harry and Susan landed with a thump on a barren rocky island. There was a hut on the island that Harry remembered from his first year. Susan was shaking herself from their somewhat hard landing. She could hear waves crashing on the shore that was close by. The air smelled of seaweed and had a salt tang to it. Looking towards the hut, she was confused. "Harry? What happened, why are we here and how…?"

Harry looked at the hut in obvious distaste. "This is where my relatives took me to try and avoid my Hogwarts letter when I was eleven. Hagrid rescued me, but why we are here now, I'm uncertain. Let's go inside, it's freezing cold.

They quickly moved inside the dilapidated hut but found it almost as cold inside as outside. "Brrr! Harry, let's look for something to start a fire; I see a fireplace."

"I once saw Hagrid do this," Harry reminisced, as he cast a quick spell at the fireplace. Instantly a warm fire sprang to life and the two teens moved closer, rubbing their hands to warm them. Susan moved closer to Harry, not wanting to be left behind in case he disappeared again. It seemed that if she was touching him, she would travel where he went. She couldn't bear to be left behind as Hermione and Luna obviously were at their last disappearance.

"What's going on, Harry?" Susan demanded. "It doesn't feel like Apparation and I know of no other way to get here. And what are you doing with a Time Turner?" She had noticed the hourglass-like object that was around his neck that hadn't been there when they'd been in her aunt's office.

Harry shrugged and replied. "I dunno, I just, um, thought we needed it, I guess, so I summoned it when we left."

"You just summoned it?" she asked, flabbergasted. "Harry, we were in my Aunt Amelia's office. You can't summon anything outside her office… wait, we shouldn't have even been able to get to the Time Turner room. It's heavily warded, plus so is the MoM building. And, you can't apparate inside the wards at Hogwarts either! How…?"

"Susan, it happened, and no I don't know how. At least my headache is mostly gone now," Harry smiled at the confused girl.

"What now, Harry? I'm pretty sure this isn't where our final destination is."

"Um, our destination? Susan, I have no idea why I'm here, but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be with me."

"Harry, you are NOT going to leave me here, wherever here is. Where you go, I go from now on!" she stated forcefully.

Harry winced at the finality of her tone. She had moved into his personal space, gripping him tightly, a fierce determination on her face. Her grip was almost painful and he flinched at the unaccustomed contact. "No! You have to return to Hogwarts!"

"Not happening!" she glared at him. "I told you, where you go, I go!" she reiterated. "This is not up for negotiation. You need someone to watch your back!"

Harry was conflicted, he liked Susan, but he had no idea what was happening. It could be dangerous and he couldn't endanger her.

Susan's glare continued and she moved closer, hugging him tightly. Their faces were inches apart and the heat radiating from them was beginning to affect his sense of judgement.

"Please Susan," he pleaded, "I have no idea what's happening and I can't endanger you."

"No, Harry," she finally smiled, "we need to figure out what's happening and why. You'll need me; after all, two heads are better than one. I've been in danger before and Aunt Amelia has taught me a few tricks to protect myself. Get used to it Harry, I'm with you!"

Harry sighed, Hufflepuffs really were loyal and here was a prime example of their stubbornness. "We know almost nothing, Susan. No frame of reference other than where we've been and…" he paused in thought. "The Time Turner. Why would I need that?"

"Look at the Time Turner, Harry. I've never seen one quite like it. For one thing, it's quite a bit larger than any I've seen in the Time room."

Harry pulled the object from around his neck and stared at it. It was nothing like the one Hermione had in their third year. For one thing, it was almost twice the size and there were additional odd runes carved into the top and bottom.

"Look at the glass, Harry," she urged. "It's like one inside of the other, almost time two turners in one."

Under closer examination, he could see she was correct, but had missed the third and seemingly fourth ones encased further inside. In fact, there seemed to be a fair few in diminishing size nested within the outer glass case. The closer they examined the odd turner, the stranger it appeared. Even the encasement for the turner was different, with small indentations that seemed to be made for fingers to fit in. Even the basic configuration of the glass was odd. Instead of the familiar hourglass design, it bulged and narrowed in seemingly random places. The "sand" seemed to be an odd colour as well. Silvery until you looked closely; it had a reddish tinge and shifted throughout the visible spectrum, depending where you looked. From the basic silver, they could discern that each nested turner had a different colour. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet and others that were too small to determine. All the sands were at the mid point, which also seemed strange. Shouldn't they be at the bottom?

Susan was first to grasp the significance. "You can go forward and backward in time, Harry! And, I think, much further than just a couple of hours. This is incredible. I thought that all the turners were destroyed in our fifth year. This must be an experimental one. We must be careful, Harry, we don't really know how it works. What would we need it for anyway; you obviously took it for a reason."

Harry sat on the floor, pondering, Susan close beside him, still maintaing close contact, afraid he would suddenly leave without her. "Hmm, we could maybe change things so people that died, wouldn't," he thought out loud.

"Harry," she warned. "People that messed with time have caused problems that are not intended. You could erase your future self accidentally. It's dangerous, Harry."

Harry nodded in acknowledgment. "Yeah, Hermione warned me about that in third year, we'll have to plan very carefully."

Susan smiled as she noticed that she was now included in his thoughts and plans. 'Good,' she thought, 'he's including me.'

Back in the DMLE office, Luna was attempting to explain why she was immune. "None of the Lovegoods (at least the female side) can be obliviated. The magic just doesn't work against us. We see things differently and while some think of us as seers, it's not exactly the same. We can see possibilities and probabilities a few hours into the future, but not true prophecy. For instance, I "saw" Harry leave the Transfiguration room a few minutes before he did and "knew" where he was probably going. When Susan and Hermione found us, I saw a few seconds into what would probably happen but was too late to warn them to stay away. A few minutes ago I "saw" Harry and Susan disappear but again was too late to do anything about it. Sometimes the shock of seeing is too great for me to form an intent to do anything. I "saw" your intent to obliviate us, but as I said, my mind wouldn't accept that so…" and here she shrugged delicately, "it didn't happen to me. I couldn't protect Hermione though. Now, Harry and Susan are making plans and they involve the new Time Turner. They're far away but I don't recognise the place. Somewhere at or near the sea I think. "Oh! That can't be good! They know what the Time Turner does but don't know how to operate it yet, but they will figure it out. That's as far as I can see."

Algernon Croaker cursed loudly, "Shit! Shit! I can't allow that to happen! That thing is still in the developmental stage and hasn't been properly tested. Never mind that they could destroy this reality and possibly worse. I've got to find them! Miss Lovegood, you will come with me!" he commanded.

Amelia Bones had stood fidgeting throughout this news. This had the possibility of being a catastrophe. "Algie, my niece is with Mr. Potter, be careful not to hurt either of them."

Croaker responded forcefully, "If they operate that device, you may wish that's all that could be hurt. We could lose everything and everybody now in existence." He turned and practically dragged Luna out of the office and down to the Department of Mysteries.

Hermione was bewildered; she had retained much of her memory of the events but lacked key bits of the past few minutes. Piecing together what she knew of time turners and what was discussed after the attempt to obliviate Luna and herself, she was horrified at the implications. "Madam Bones, Harry knows the rules, he wouldn't do anything foolish." 'I hope,' she whispered to herself.

"Miss Granger, this episode is now classified top secret. I demand a magical oath that you will not divulge anything that happened here to anyone," Amelia warned.

After swearing the oath, Amelia escorted her to the floo and called for the Hogwarts headmistress. "Remember, Miss Granger, not a word."

After sending Hermione back to school, she conversed with Minerva for a few minutes, instructing her not to question Hermione about the events. "Minerva, this is now classified Top Secret and nobody is to know what really happened. I've already obtained a magical oath from Miss Granger. Mr. Potter, Miss Lovegood and my niece are currently indisposed and will not return to school until this mess is cleaned up."

"Really, Amelia, isn't that a bit extreme?"

Madam Bones shuddered visibly. "You have no idea, Minerva. This has all the makings of a class A catastrophe. I'm keeping a tight lid on it and you'd be best advised to do the same. Until this is resolved, anything that leaks out I'll hold the person responsible fully accountable. You don't want to know!"

With that, she withdrew her head from the fire and locked down her office communications system. "Pamela," she called her secretary into her office. "This office is now out of bounds for anyone except Unspeakable Croaker, myself and Miss Luna Lovegood. Anyone else is barred from entering. NO exceptions!"

"Yes Madam Bones," Pamela answered fearfully. She had never seen the fierce expression on her boss that now promised pain or worse to anyone defying her order.

'What a mess,' Amelia thought. 'I just hope we all survive this.'

Harry and Susan sat studying the time device. They had conjured a table to work at as well as quills and parchment. This wasn't a permanent solution, since conjured items weren't permanent, at least for seventh year students not having taken NEWTS yet.

"We'll have to get some proper writing materials, Harry, these won't last more than a day," Susan reminded him. "And do we have to work in this drafty old hut?"

Harry thought about it for a moment before replying. "Yeah, I think Dobby can get us some. Dobby," he called, and the little elf instantly popped in and looked around.

"Mr. Harry Potter Sir!" exclaimed the excitable elf. "How can I help yous and Miss Susan?"

"Um, Dobby, can you get us some parchment and quills? There should be sufficient in my trunk at Hogwarts. Hang on," he thought a moment, "Please tell Professor McGonagall that Susan and I are alright but don't tell them where we are."

"Dobby will do that Harry Potter Sir," and he popped away.

"Now, I think we shouldn't move from here since no one will think to check here. Only Hagrid has ever been here and there's no reason for anyone to ask him, even if he were to think of this place. Plus, this place seems to have some significance to why we are here. Obviously my deep memories or whatever thought this was the place to start with whatever needs to be done. We can fix the place so the drafts stay out and… damn, I forgot we'll need food!"

"Well, Dobby can probably provide that, but really Harry, this place is a dump," Susan wrinkled her nose.

The wind howled through the cracks and broken window panes and the wooden floor squeaked. There was a definite musty odor and some of the floor boards definitely looked dodgy. The table was quite rough and the two chairs equally so. They had explored the upper floor and found an old bed and mattress but no blankets and no pillows. Deciding to tackle that later, they had descended back to the main floor where the table and chairs were examined for sturdiness.

"Are you a witch or not," he grinned.

"But the wand tracking charms, Harry. Won't they already know where we are?"

"No, I had my godfather, Sirius Black remove them before he died. You, however need to give me your wand for a minute and I'll remove them as well."

Susan handed over her wand and Harry pushed a bit of his magic along the Oak with Unicorn Hair wand. It glowed briefly and he handed it back to her.

"It should be fine now," he assured her.

"You're sure? I'd hate to have old Mafalda Hopkirk send an owl…"

"I'm sure," he replied. "Try it; we can always leave and come back later if we have to."

"Lumos," she whispered quietly and the wand lit with a soft light. As they waited to see if an owl from the ministry would arrive, Dobby popped back bringing rolls of parchment, quills and a picnic basket with sandwiches and drinks, as well as some pastries.

"Thanks Dobby, it was very thoughtful to bring food as well," Harry complimented the little guy.

"Dobby knew that the Great Harry Potter Sir and his Miss Bones would need more than just writing materials. Headmistress was most distressed when Dobby arrived, but calmed down when Dobby told her that Harry Potter Sir and his Miss Bones were safe. Dobby left before Mistress Minnie could question any further. Dobby also brought Harry Potter Sir's trunk as well as Miss Bones'." He un-shrunk the two trunks that he had squirreled away in some hidden place on himself and placed them on the floor.

"Dobby, you're the greatest!" Harry praised the small elf.

"Dobby is always happy to help Master Harry Potter Sir," he replied, blushing.

"Now Dobby, you know that I've told you not to call me Master, you're my friend."

"But Dobby needs a master, Harry Potter Sir, House Elf magic fades if they's not bound to a master."

Susan looked at Harry and nodded agreement. "He's right, Harry. They depend on our magic to stay alive and magical. Without being bonded, he'll die in a few years. How long have you been free Dobby?" she asked.

Dobby twisted his hands nervously and looked away. "Dobby hopes that Harry Potter isn't angry," he pleaded. "Dobby had bonded with Harry Potter as soon as he freed him from bad master. Dobby has never been truly free."