Transformers: Generations

This is a fictional version of the Transformers franchise. Familiar characters from Generation 1, Beast Wars, and the Unicron Trilogy are used to create a new Transformers universe for this story. In other words, it does not count as part of Generation 1, Beast Wars, or the Unicron Trilogy.

Part 1

The planet Cybertron was a smoldering mess. The continuous war between the peace-loving Autobots and the power-hungry Decepticons waged for millions of years with neither side showing any sign of defeating the other. Until now.

A red sports car with flames along the sides sped towards Iacon, the capital city of Cybertron, where the faction known as the Autobots resided. The car swerved into the city entrance, then approached a stretch of wall blocking a secured area of the complex. The car skidded to a halt, then changed shape, transforming into a humanoid robot with the car's hood for a chest, the front wheels and headlights becoming its arms, the rear wheels and taillights becoming its legs, the car's roof, along with the windows and spoiler, rotating to become its back. Then hands, feet, and finally, a head protruded from the arms, legs, and separation point of the hood and roof respectively.

The robot, an Autobot warrior named Hot Rod (Classics Rodimus model), walked toward the wall and opened a panel in the wall, revealing a key pad. He pressed a secret code into the pad, which then beeped a few times in acknowledgement, as the wall split open, revealing the secret entrance to the Autobot's headquarters. Hot Rod walked inside as the wall slid shut behind him.

"Optimus!" he shouted, "I have news!"

He turned a corner and entered the control room, where two other humanoid robots were standing. One of them, a tall, red and blue colored robot that looked as though it had truck cab parts on it, turned to face Hot Rod.

This was Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, and representative of their cause (Classics Optimus Prime).

"What is it, Hot Rod?" asked Optimus Prime.

"Sir, the Decepticons are constructing something near grid 56. I think it's another attempt at a time portal, sir."

Prime nodded.

"I see. We should have one of our scouts monitor this device just in case it turns out to be a genuine success."

"Psh." snorted the third robot in the room, which clearly had parts of a green and black 1970's sports car (Cybertron Downshift), "Those creeps couldn't build their own scanning laser, let alone a time portal."

"Don't underestimate them, Wheeljack." said Optimus Prime admonishingly, "Just because we've managed to create a time portal doesn't mean that they can't too."

Wheeljack, the Autobot's chief engineer, snorted again.

"But they don't even have access to the right components! Transwarp technology is only developed in Autobot labs."

"Maybe." said Prime, "But until this war is over, we must keep out guard up." He turned to Hot Rod. "Send Mirage out to spy on them."

"Mirage?" questioned Hot Rod uncertainly, "Are you sure, sir? He's still not fully trained."

"He needs to have some experience in the field. This is a good opportunity for him. Besides, he doesn't need to fight the Decepticons. All he has to do is keep out of sight and watch them. One of Mirage's best skills is stealth, after all."

Hot Rod nodded.

"Of course, sir. I'll let him know."

Wheeljack turned to Prime as Hot Rod left the room.

"Do you actually think that they've found a way to work a time portal?"

Prime's mouthplate twitched as he comprehended his engineer's question.

"I wouldn't put it past Megatron to come across some stolen information or get lucky. If there's one thing I always dread about the Decepticons, it's that Megatron leads them."

Meanwhile, outside their base, hovering over the secret hideout, a helicopter with a black and grey camouflage color scheme (Energon Cyclonus) observed the red sports car speed out of the base again. A small back tank trailed after it at a distance (Energon Crumplezone). Then the tank transformed into a miniature cockpit and flew up to attach to the front of the helicopter. Cyclonus observed his Mini-con's audio recording from when it sneaked into the base behind Hot Rod.

"Hmmm? HA HA! Megatron's plan is working! Better go tell him! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Cyclonus rotated around and buzzed away toward the other side of the planet, toward the Decepticon headquarters.

Since the Decepticons were in control of most of Cybertron, their base was not hidden. Cyclonus descended down toward two other robots standing next to a big, metal ring type thing. He transformed to his robot form, which basically consisted of the helicopter bending between the cockpit and the propellers, to reveal his head, while his arms folded down from the helicopter's wings, and his legs twisted and stretched out from the copter's underside.

"Well?" asked the larger of the two robots that greeted him.

This was Megatron, commander of the Decepticon army. He could change into a white, blue and green colored Cybertronian space cruiser. The wings of the cruiser stretched out from his back on either side, giving him a very bat-like appearance. The ship's cannons formed on his shoulders, the ship's front rested on his back, while the ship's engines formed his legs (Energon Megatron).

The Mini-con drone attached to Cyclonus popped off of him and transformed to its robot form, which basically looked like the tank standing up. It replayed the audio feed it had recorded between the three Autobots earlier.

"So, Prime thinks that we are successfully building our own time portal? Excellent! Now we can put our real plan into action."

Megatron turned to the robot 'working' on the faux time portal. "Demolishor, contact Starscream."

Demolishor, a red and sand colored robot who seemed to change into a missile tank, saluted (Armada Demolishor).

"Right away, sir!"

He pressed a button on a communications device that did work, next to the fake time portal. The image of a severe looking robot that seemed to have fighter jet parts on it appeared on the screen (Classics Starscream).

"Yes, Megatron?"

"Cyclonus has finished his scouting mission. The Autobots are sending Mirage into their time portal to find a planet that has Energon on it." Megatron said.

"But, Mega-mmrph!" Demolishor was cut off by Megatron's hand covering his mouth. Ignoring Demolishor's struggling, Megatron continued to Starscream as though nothing had happened.

"Go and head him off. I know that you can handle one weakling Autobot on your own."

"Of course, sir. He will not get the Energon before us. Starscream out."

Megatron turned to Demolishor once Starscream's image had faded away, and uncovered his mouth.

"You had something to say?"

"Megatron, that wasn't what Cyclonus discovered!" Demolishor blurted out, "The Autobots were sending Mirage to spy on us, while the others go to find the Energon!"

"I am well aware of what was reported, thank you, Demolishor." said Megatron severely, "The wanting of Energon is a secondary requirement. First, we take over the Autobot's base. With everyone distracted by our 'potential time portal' scandal, nobody will be around to guard the base. I am going to sacrifice Starscream in order to distract Prime and gain the base. Afterwards, when the Autobots have nowhere to go, we annihilate them and have access to all their Energon."

Demolishor looked horrified.

"But what did Starscream do to deserve this?"

"Somebody had to take the fall. Would you prefer to be sacrificed instead?"

Demolishor spluttered, apparently trying to rearrange his thoughts, then admitted, "Um, yes! Starscream deserves to be sacrificed!"

"I'm glad you agree." said Megatron satisfactorily, turning around, "Now move out, men!"

"Coward, hehe!" whispered Cyclonus to Demolishor.

"I'm surprised Megatron didn't want to sacrifice you, considering how annoying you are." muttered Demolishor angrily as they accompanied their leader.

In the meantime, Starscream snuck toward the Autobot's time portal. He was surprised that nobody was guarding it, considering how much Megatron wanted it. He activated the portal using the control panel next to it, causing the opening to shine and shimmer with energy.

"Better get this done." Starscream muttered to himself.

He leapt into the air, transforming to his fighter jet mode, and shot into the portal.

At that moment, Optimus, Wheeljack, and Hot Rod approached.

"Was that Starscream?" asked Hot Rod.

"Yeah. Wonder what he's up to?" said Wheeljack suspiciously.

"Megatron must be aware that we have access to Energon." said Prime grimly, "Starscream's going into the portal to claim it for the Decepticons."

"I TOLD YOU we should have had somebody guarding it!" said Wheeljack hysterically, "Something that valuable right at their fingertips!"

"It's okay, Wheeljack." Prime said, "It's only one Decepticon."

"What if this is a trap, though?" asked Hot Rod.

"What do you mean?" asked Wheeljack.

"Why would Megatron only send one guy to retrieve Energon? What if Starscream is a ploy to drive us away while he takes advantage of our absence and claims our base?"

Prime looked thoughtful.

"You know, I think you might be right." he said finally, "Let us go back to base then."

"What about Starscream?" asked Hot Rod.

"I'll follow him!" shouted a voice from behind them.

Turning, they found Mirage speeding toward them. Mirage was a blue and white, lanky robot who could change into a Formula 1 race car (Classics Mirage).

"What are you doing here?" asked Wheeljack.

"Hot Rod said Prime told me to spy on the Decepticons, but they weren't there, so I came back." said Mirage simply.

"We know where they are, or at least, where they're going." said Prime, "To attempt to take over our base by having Starscream lure us away."

"So what do we do?"

"If you want, Mirage, you can follow Starscream and make sure he doesn't find the Energon we discovered, while the rest of us guard the base from Megatron."

"Yeah, I can do that!" said Mirage eagerly.

Wheeljack and Hot Rod looked less enthused.

"Prime? Are you sure that this is something Mirage can handle?" asked Wheeljack pointedly, "The kid's got no experience."

"Then this will be a great chance to test him." Prime said, "Just like I said before, this does not require fighting from him, only stealth. Besides, I'm sure that if it comes down to fighting, Mirage can handle himself fine."

Mirage looked pleased.

"Thank you, sir! I'll do my best!"

"I know you will. Go on, then. We'll meet up with you once we stop Megatron."

Mirage transformed to his race car alternate mode, then sped through the portal as well.

"Come on, you two." Prime said, changing to his truck cab form and driving away, "Let's roll out!"

Upon arriving on the other side of the portal, Starscream observed his surroundings. The planet was very organic and lush. There seemed to be only organic life living here, but nothing Starscream had ever seen before.

He wandered around for a while, then activated his scanners, trying to locate any Energon, assuming Megatron was right in thinking that there would be any here. After a few minutes, he noticed a vague energy signal coming a few miles away.

"All this work just for a tiny sliver of Energon?" he thought to himself, "Urgh. Megatron doesn't appreciate me at all."

Just then, a portal appeared in the sky above him. He looked up eagerly, expecting Megatron to arrive, but it wasn't Megatron. It was an Autobot.

"Oh, here he comes."

Mirage landed hard on the ground, then staggered and fell over clumsily.

Starscream chuckled to himself.

"This should be a piece of cake."

Mirage regained his footing, then looked around warily for Starscream.

"Hey, Star-Jerk! I know you're here!" he shouted into the distance.

Starscream fumed. What a nerve that kid had.

He jumped out from his hiding place.

"I thought Saintimus Prime taught you not to name-call." he taunted.

Mirage raised his weapon (The front of the F1 car's nose) and aimed it at the Seeker. Starscream in turn aimed his shoulder cannons at Mirage. They stood facing each other, weapons trained at the other for a long moment.

"You going to make a move, or-?" began Mirage. He was interrupted by Starscream's shoulder cannon suddenly firing him point blank in the chest plate. Mirage toppled over in pain, smoking unfurling from his chest.

"Foolish Autobot." Starscream smirked, "You know nothing about fighting or, well, anything do you?"

Mirage winced, but glared up at the Decepticon, who raised his cannon again, this time, aiming for his face.

But then, another cannon blast knocked Starscream backward. Mirage lifted his head gratefully, expecting to see Optimus, or one of his comrades. What he saw was . . . not what he'd expected.