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"…and they lived happily ever after."

Hazel eyes were wide with excitement, "Wow Tavin, you tell the best stories."

The teen laughed as he ran his hand through his black hair, "You're just trying to get me to tell you another one so that you don't have to go to sleep Raelin."

The little girl giggled, "Please Tavin."

Both children froze when their cabin shook as the front door was slammed open.

"Tavin! Why the hell are the dishes not finished!"

Green eyes danced with fear as a cruel voice echoed up the stairs, he glanced at the little girl who had pulled the covers over her head, "Raelin its ok."

"Where the hell are you! You good for nothing brat!"

"Tavin he's been drinking." The girl whimpered

"I want you guys to stay here ok?" Tavin spoke quickly when another little boy raced into the bedroom his black hair bobbing as he ran and latched onto the teen. Tavin smiled "No matter what you hear stay in here ok."

"Wallace is yelling really loud." the little boy began crying

"Justin, it will be ok." The boy smiled as he knelt in front of his siblings, he hugged them and got to his feet, "Now stay here." Tavin quickly closed the bedroom door, his heart clenching at the soft whimpers echoing as he turned to leave.

The stairs creaked as the teen quickly made his way down them to the living room where a large scowling man stood waiting for him, "He..hey Wallace."

"Where's the rest of you worthless maggots?" the man growled as he grabbed the teen by the arm

Tavin cringed at the pressure, "Raelin and Justin are already asleep." The teen reeled backwards when a fist slammed into his face.

"I thought I told you I wanted this house spick and span before I got home." The man sneered at the teen slowly getting to his feet

Tavin wiped the blood from his busted lip, "Sorry 'sir' but I just got finished with all the 'other' chores and haven't had ti…" a loud crack sounded as the teen was once again knocked to the floor

"Don't you give me lip maggot." The man's eyes glinted, "You're lucky I don't throw your ass out on the street." He laughed when the boy stumbled to his feet, "Now go make me something to eat, that's the only thing your bitch of a mother taught you how to do."

Green eyes flashed, "Don't call my mom that." Tavin cried out when the man grabbed him by his shirt. He was sure his bones shook when Wallace slammed him against the wall.

"Sabrina is dead," a smirk came to the man's cruel face when the teen's eyes filled with tears, "dead and gone."

Tavin slumped to the floor when the man dropped him

"Pick your ass up and go do as your father told you."

"You're not my dad." The boy spoke low as he used the wall to get up

"No I'm not." Wallace grinned, "But you damn well will listen to me."

Tavin fell to the floor again as the man slammed his foot into the back of his leg, he cried out when Wallace began kicking him. The teen curled in on himself, trying protect himself from the blows.

"Leave Tavin alone!"

Wallace glared at the two children at the top of the stairs, "Oh, so you two need a lesson on who's in charge too."

Tavin struggled to his feet, "Wallace don't you dare touch them!"

The man ignored him and began up the stairs, "Tavin I'll finish your lesson in a minute."

The room echoed with a yell

Wallace grunted as he was tackled sideways, a crash resounded as him and Tavin slammed into a table. "You little shit!"

"Run you two!" Tavin chocked when a hand tightened around his neck, he desperately struggled against the enraged man's hold. He was on the verge of blacking out when Wallace suddenly threw him across the room. The teen cried out as he hit the fireplace, he fell coughing to the floor.

Wallace sneered at the teen and then turned to go back up the stairs where the other two children had locked themselves in a bedroom.

"Leave them alone!" Tavin grabbed the jack o lantern that he and his siblings had carved earlier. Raelin had placed it near the fire saying that it needed to stay warm. The teen chunked it as hard as he could at the man.

Wallace grunted as the gourd slammed into his back, a rage filled him "Fine! I'll finish your lesson first!" Wallace turned and rushed back over to where the teen stood shaking in terror

Tavin grabbed the first thing he could find and swung it forward

A loud sickening sound resounded in the house

"Wha…" Wallace stared in disbelief at the iron poker that was now embedded into his chest. The man stumbled backwards, catching himself on a table.

Tavin stared up at him in horror, "I…did…I didn't mean to!" the boy began shaking as the man in front of him began coughing blood.

"You…little…brat…" the man snarled, with the last of his strength Wallace stumbled forward.

The teen ducked under the man's weak swing

A loud scream filled the air as Wallace lost his balance and fell into the flickering flames of the open fireplace.

Tavin filled with terror as he watched the flames begin to dance upon the man that had tormented him and his siblings for almost three years.

Wallace screamed again as the flames burned through his flesh and down to the bone, the man flailed wildly trying to get the flames off himself.

Burning coals scattered across the wooden floor from the man's thrashing. Within seconds fire began to run across the furniture, raging across the wooden floor and up the wooden rafters.

Tavin began coughing from the smoke that was quickly filling the entire room, the teen struggled through the growing smog, "Justin! Raelin! Fire!" he ran to the stairs

A moan and a snap filled the air, a scream ripped from the teen as a wooden beam fell from the fire revenged ceiling. The boy strained to get the heavy beam off himself, tears of pain fell as the fire burned across his back. Tavin's cries of agony filled the air as more of his home fell on top him.

"Sam. Sam, wake up!"

Crimson eyes shot open as the voice woke him from his dream. The teen filled with fear when he caught sight of the bright colored fairy hovering next to him, "Please don't hurt me!"

"Sam, calm down! No one is going to hurt you." Tooth was shocked by the boy's reaction to her.

The teen tried to move, but stopped when pain washed over him. He lay back panting from the sheer amount of it.

The fairy spoke gently as she grabbed a cup from the nightstand, "Here drink."

Sam glanced at her warily, "Who are you?"

"I am Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy."

"I know you now…" he grimaced, "Your fairies are constantly scolding me about the fact I encourage children to eat candy."

Tooth smiled as he slowly drank the water she held to his lips, "I'll have to speak with them."

Sam sighed as the liquid cool his throat, he whimpered slightly when he tried to shift his body.

"Don't move, you'll make that wound on your side start bleeding again."

Crimson eyes glanced down, he cringed as he caught sight of the white plaster casts that covered his legs. Tight bandages covered his entire torso and arms, a small red spot of crimson was starting to seep through where Bones had slammed the staff into his side.

"How's Jack today?" Sam glanced at Tooth who was flitting back to the bed with a fresh roll of gauze

"Jack is recovering nicely." The fairy giggled, "Though he swears he is going to go crazy if he has to spend another day in the bed

Sam sighed with relief as he sank back into the bed, he grinned, "At least he didn't have to have itchy casts on him."

Tooth smiled, "Well you may not have to wear them too much longer Sam. Iris is coming by soon to check on you."

The teen flinched when the fairy went to help him sit up

"Sam, I promise I'm not going to hurt you." Tooth spoke gently, Jack had explained to all of them how Sam had spent the last hundred years being beaten and hunted by other spirits.

"I…I know." The boy began to shake slightly, "It's just that…"

Tooth placed her hand on his shoulder, "Sweetie, it's ok, you are safe here." She spoke gently, "Now I have to change that bandage but I promise I will be as gentle as possible."

Crimson eyes filled with tears, he whimpered slightly as Tooth preceded to help him sit up. A cry escaped him as the bandage was unwrapped, the fabric pulling on the wound.

"Sorry Sam." The fairy spoke with sympathy, "I will get you something for the pain in a moment."

Sam clenched his teeth as the pain wound its way through him, "Moon that looks horrible." He shuddered as he caught sight of the wound that was slowly oozing red, the skin around the wound had turned an angry purple with spots of yellow, "Bet it will leave one wicked scar though."

Tooth laughed, knowing that Sam was trying to distract himself from the pain, "I'm sure it will."

Sam grinned, "Jack will be jealous."

"I'm sure he will." She spoke as she applying ointment to the wound. Tooth watched in sympathy as the boy shuddered again, obviously in extreme pain.

"Are…you almost…done?" the teen whimpered as the fairy wrapped the clean bandage around his torso.

Tooth nodded, "I am." She helped him lay back, "Now hold on I'm going to give you something for that pain." The fairy carefully pressed a button on the machine beside the bed

Sam glanced at the iv in his arm he watched the medicine as it flowed into his veins. "Man…that stuff…works…fast." He sank slightly as the medicine in the iv traveled further into his veins the teen's head bobbed then it fell to the side as he went out.

Tooth the Guardian gently positioned his head in a comfortable position. She then flitted around the bed checking the boy's other bandages.

"How is he?"

"Patrick? I thought you weren't coming back?" the fairy glanced at the Leprechaun as he walked into the room

"I just thought that I'd be able to make some money here." He smiled, "You know you guys may need to purchase more medical supplies."

Tooth smiled, she could see right through the spirit's ruse, "We're good right now but would you mind watching over Sam till Iris comes? I need to help my fairies get ready for Halloween Tooth Madness."

Patrick nodded as he pulled up a chair, "No problem, I know you're busy this time of year. What with all the candy and all." Mismatched eyes glanced at Sam, "Anything I need to tell Iris when she comes?"

"He woke up about ten minutes ago, I gave him water. The wound on his side was still bleeding a bit so I changed it. Then I gave him more medicine to help him sleep because of how much pain he was in."

Patrick nodded, "Yeah, Iris said that wound is going to take longer than all his other injuries to heal. Oh how's Jack by the way? I haven't had time to go see him yet."

Tooth giggled, "Jack is doing better, though he's mad that Pitch won't let him up yet."

Patrick laughed, "Jack might as well give up, Pitch won't budge when he thinks that it will affect someone's health.

Tooth sighed, "Yes, but Pitch is going to make himself sick if he doesn't let someone else take care of Jack."

Patrick chuckled, "Might as well forget that Tooth. Pitch is stubborn like that, hell he once stayed awake for a whole week solid just to make sure I got over the flu."

"The flu?" the fairy stared at him, "I thought you couldn't get sick, luck and all."

"I can if I was out of luck at the time." Patrick waved his hand, "Though that's story for another time."

Tooth chuckled, "You just don't want to talk about it."

"You know me too well!" he shouted to the fairy as she left the room. Patrick then settled into the chair to watch over the sleeping teen till his wife got there.

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