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Chapter 1 – The end of the war

On littered by corpses battlefield kneeled two people. One of them was none other than Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō, the yondaime Hokage and Naruto's father – Namikaze Minato.

Next to him, his now last living student, Hatake Kakashi known as man, who copied over 1000 jutsus, and Jōnin sensei of Team seven.

Right now they are looking with sadness at lifeless body of Kakashi's former teammate, Uchiha Obito.

"I failed so badly. I failed as a sensei. I couldn't protect my students when they needed me the most. It was all because of me, that Obito became who he became. I failed as a father… I wasn't there for my son. I couldn't protect Naruto from this burden. I wasn't strong enough" – Minato berated himself.

"But at least Naruto is doing better than his old man, he will be great Hokage one day. You would be proud of him now, Kushina – chan." This single thought brought small smile to Minato's lips.

Meanwhile Kakashi was lost in his own thoughts.

"Why must it end like this Obito. This is so unfair. When I finally got back my teammate, I have to loose him again." – Thought Kakashi.

He wanted to give Obito another chance. After all everyone deserve it. He knew that his former comrade wasn't really bad. He was just lost on the road of life. How ironic, that one of Kakashi's lame excuses described this situation so perfectly. But then Uchiha Madara destroyed everything. Seeing as Obito was significantly weakened after loosing all bijū chakra,he tried to control now former Jūbi jinchūriki for the last time, and sadly, it was success. He forced Obito to revive him with Gedō: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu, which ended with Obito dying.

After Madara's revival Naruto decided to go and confront the Uchiha by himself. Many shinobi tried to stop him, or go and help him in fight.

The one, that wanted go with blond Uzumaki was his teammate from the very first team seven – Uchiha Sasuke. But Naruto was to stubborn to listen to anyone. He was pissed at Madara for many reasons. He blamed him for death of countless people, including his parents. After all, it was because of Madara, that Obito summoned the Kyūbi to destroy Konoha on the day he was born. He blamed him for tainting Obito's mind with his insane plans. He wanted to kick his ass so badly, to make him suffer. Even after Nagato destroyed Konoha, Naruto wasn't as mad as now.

He decided to fight Madara alone, reasoning that any other people would just get caught in a crossfire, if they would go with him. So he used kage bunshin to sneak up on Sasuke and knock him out from behind with quick chop to the neck. Sasuke didn't expect such a thing from Naruto, so he wasn't on guard. He didn't notice the clone, until it was too late. After knocking his friend out, Naruto simply took off without another word. When Sasuke regained his consciousness, The orange clad shinobi was gone already. With his use of bijū cloak, he was to fast to follow, so nobody really tried to go after him.

Everyone thought about Kyūbi jinchūriki with worry. After all, he did the most fighting and was rather tired. And now he decided to go alone after the madman himself.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" – Asked Sakura. "That idiot was as stubborn as always. Going after that man alone, just like the situation when Pein destroyed Konoha. That's insane, he is totally exhausted. And we all have seen that Madara could control Obito with ease, so there is no telling what he will do with Naruto."

"We have to believe in him, Sakura – san. Naruto – kun is stronger then anyone. He won't give up until he wins, I'm sure of it." – Hinata immediately replied.

"She's right Sakura." – Tsunade joined their conversation – "I know that Gaki long enough to tell that nothing is going to stop him. There is no way in hell that Madara wins. He doesn't know who he's dealing with. If anyone is able to stop that bastard, it's Naruto. Now all we can do is wait. Come with me Sakura, we have wounded people to help."

"Hai, Tsunade – shishou!"

And two best medics in whole Elemental Nations started healing battered and bruised shinobi.

About 2 hours after blond knucklehead's departure, sounds of explosions stopped, indicating, that the battle was over. The only question was: who was the winner?

Kakashi decided to go and search for Naruto. He was sure that if his student was alive, he needed help. So he did few handsigns and shouted: "kuchiyose no jutsu!"

In a puff of smoke appeared small pug known as Pakkun.

"What do you need Kakashi?" – the dog asked his summoner.

"I want you to help me find Naruto. He went to fight Madara, and I have a feeling that he might need some help."

"Do you have something with Naruto's scent?" – The pug asked the Cyclops.

"Yes, I have a piece of his jacket" – Silver haired Jōnin replied. Pakkun sniffed the piece of clothing and in a few moments he managed to catch Naruto's track.

"Allright then, follow me Kakashi." And they took off.

Few minutes after Kakashi went to search for Naruto, earth suddenly started to shake. People started panicking and some of them screamed that Madara was after them. Then giant statue with kanji for "king" on its forehead and Rinnegan eyes appeared from the ground. Some people already knew what was going to happen. The statue opened its mouth, and started spitting countless beams of green light. Some shinobi from Konoha thought it was déjà vu. Just like after Pein's attack, those who died were being revived. Hinata had tears in her lavender eyes, when she saw that her cousin Neji was alive again.

"Neji – niisan! That means Naruto – kun really did it! He really defeated Madara!" – she thought happily.

After few more minutes the jutsu ended and King of Hell disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Everyone was waiting for their hero to come back. After another hour or so they could see two figures appear on the horizon. One of them had silver, defying gravity hair, the other one was blond. There was no mistaking, Kakashi was back with bruised and extremely tired looking Naruto.

"I did it…" – Naruto mumbled tiredly.

"BAKA NARUTO!" – Yelled Sakura, and punched him in the head rather hard."What were you thinking you Idiot?! Going after Madara like this? You could take Sasuke – kun with you, he was willing to help you. Everyone was worried about you, especially Hinata. But it was just like you… Always playing freaking hero…"

"Ouch, Sakura – chan, you don't have to hit me –ttebayo! I'm alive and well…" Before Sakura could hit him again, Hinata decided to save him.

"Naruto – kun, I knew you could do this. I believed in you this whole time. I'm so glad that you're allright. If you died… I don't even want to think about it. But thanks to you Neji – niisan is alive again."

She looked at him with puffy, but somehow happy eyes.

"Thanks Hinata, that means to me a lot." – He replied with his trademark foxy grin. – "You also did well. You're really strong Hinata! And you even healed my shoulder when I needed!"

"Arigatou, Naruto – kun" Hinata blushed, but retained eye contact with him. Before the war it could be different. She would probably faint, or at least turn her head away from him, to not look him in the eye. But now Hinata really has changed. She was no longer that shy and timid girl. She could be proud of herself. And she really was. On top of that, Naruto was praising her in front of everyone, including his childhood crush, Sakura.

Everyone was cheering for their hero. Well, everyone who still had strength to do so. Even Kurama couldn't deny that Naruto did great job. He also knew the whole truth, about what happened after the battle with Madara. Something that his host wasn't eager to tell anyone. At least not yet…

"You woułd be proud of him, Rikudō – jiji. He really is the one you were talking about. Im sure he will use IT well when the time comes." The giant Kitsune thought with a small smile.

"Hn… You know that we will have rematch sometime in the future. Usuratonkachi…" Guess who said that.

"Anytime Sasuke – teme! I can kick your ass right here and right now!" Shouted the foxy blond.

"Naruto, Sasuke – kun, stop it right now…" Sakura said threateningly.

Naruto knew it wasn't wise to piss of her. Hell, even Sasuke shivered slightly. After all, Sakura could destroy a building with her fist. He wasn't going to test her strength on his face. Even if he was really angry, that Naruto used such a cheap trick, and then left him behind.

Naruto wanted to see his other friends, but he suddenly started to feel dizzy. Right now it was one of this rare situations when even stamina freak like Naruto was on his last legs. So his world went all black and he lost consciousness. His last thought was:

"I did it! Now finally I can become Hokage." If only he knew, what fate has planned for him…

And that's end of a first chapter of my story. I know it was short, but it's only a prologue. I skipped the fight with Madara on purpose. It will be covered in next chapters. Konan will enter in 3rd, maybe 4th chapter. Then I will explain, how she's alive after her fight with Obito. So if you think that I should continue, then let me know. Ja ne!