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The sun rose or did it fall, casting the sky in a rosy pink with blurs of reds. Sundown. Clouds rolled slowly across the sky, shadowing those below. His eyes redden due to the unstopped tears the fell from them, gazed hollowly in front of himself. He couldn't stop the pain that felled his soul, turning it fearful. He had just watch. Watched! He wanted to kill himself for his mistake, but something deep within held his hand frozen. The power that held his hand was something he didn't know. He couldn't comprehend what it was, what it was called. He tries, really he does, but for some reason he just couldn't reach it. It's like something is stopping him from reaching within and taking ahold that slight hope that lay dormant in his soul.

He cries. He doesn't stop. The tears stain the ground below him, his clothes, and his soul. His cheeks redden, eyes red and puffy. He tries to stay quiet, but he couldn't keep the sobs discreet even if he tried. The sobs shook his body viciously.

-It's like I never grieve.-

They stopped one day suddenly. The tears. His eyes, still red, were less puffy and on their way to a full bill of health. The self-inflected wounds on the other hand, only grew deeper as his troubled thoughts became darker. Nothing seemed to work to get him out of the depression. The sorrowful look that was held in his gaze only grew darker as his eyes became duller.

-I knew, they knew. They couldn't keep their eyes off me. It only made me want to dig the blade deeper into my thighs, dig freak into my skin. Someone was always there with me.-

Slowly the dull look in his eyes grew brighter. The dullness disappearing all together. He was slowly healing, slowly remembering who he was. It wasn't long before he felt his heart beat flung itself against his rib cage like a humming bird beating their wings. The mix feelings, the slow ache that he felt drove him closer to the older demon. The pain just a bee sting, clung to the inner most of his heart that he could move on, faded away. He grew closer to the older demon, watching the demon, engaging in conversation with the other.

-It was a few months after this that we renewed our mating. Deep within myself I knew that it was okay, that my silver eyed lover would be okay with this.

It was months after that I confronted the creature that took my memory away.-

Cancri gazed hotly at the wrapped body of the creature that had once taken his memories. His green like gaze watched a thin blacken webs grew lighter, letting the creature move about. The creature's breath rushed into its lungs as it fought against its restraints. Cancri chuckled as he watched.

He had caught a fly in his web.

Once the thin web like threads fell from the creature's body, a woman appeared before him. A dark woman that had a strange glow like barrier around her stood attached to the middle of the web with her hands bound above her hand and her feet tied tightly together. Her thighs were warped in the same thread and tied to the web, with along her neck.

Cancri looked at the creature with hunger that danced into his gaze. The creature's eyes held his without flinching. They stared at one another, judging the other.

"You are not worth much." Cancri muttered. He could fell his fangs lengthen at his desire to sink them into her tender flesh. To fell the blood coat his mouth flashed before his eyes had him moaning in delight. She couldn't speak.

"You are the Halla that the half breed recruited." He states with narrowed eyes. He could see the large spider leg that was hidden under the other's skirt. "I bet he promised you a life time of freedom." Again she couldn't speak even though she struggled to open her mouth.

"It's sad to see such someone so young throw away their life." Cancri whispers as he walks up to the Halla. Her scent making his mouth water. "Sad indeed." He states as he slips onto the web with thin fingers. He slowly makes his way towards the Halla and smirks. Her blood ran cold in her veins.

"I'll make this quick." He sank his fangs into the creature's throat without a second thought. The second her blood rushes into his mouth and down his throat, he moans. The sweet taste of apples and cinnamon played against his taste buds.

~Line Break~

Cancri walks up to Kagome with a smile. Kagome only looks at the other with a raised brow. Cancri bows deeply, showing his thanks. Her eyes widen. She looked back and forth; she didn't know what to do. Cancri pulls himself back into a standing position before turning his back on her and started to walk away.

He walked up to Ronald with a smile. They gazed deeply at each other before Ronald nodded his head. He understood. Cancri's smile brightens as he turns around and walks away.

Next he walks up to his mate and takes a seat next to him. The others didn't deserve his thanks. They didn't do anything in the process of helping him heal. He leaned his body against his mates and snuggles into the warmth.

"I am sorry for worrying you." Cancri whispers as he closes his eyes.

-It wasn't until several months later, almost a full year before we ran into Naruku. It was a harsh battle. I thought we wouldn't make it, all of us. Somehow, just somehow we made it. We had, no Inuyasha had killed Naruku and all we did was stand around in the battle field. It was Kagome who moved first before we were all screaming, jumping up and down, crying, doing anything to show our happiness.-

"We did it!" I heard someone call out. I didn't look over; my eyes were only on the pure blood demon that held golden orbs in his skull. My smile broke across my face when our eyes meet. Cancri knew that his mate was proud of him, of everyone. Cancri jumped into the slightly opened arms, smashing his lips against the others.

Pulling away, Cancri gazed deeply into his mates.

"We did it!" Cancri whispered against the other's lips before capturing his mate's into another enchanted like kiss.

~Several Years Later~

Kagome walked down the sidewalk with her head hanging with a frown upon her lips. She was trying to study for her entrance exam at the local college, but for some reason she couldn't focus. Sighing in defeat, Kagome's gaze drifted upwards.

It's been three years since I fell into the well. I wonder how everyone is doing. Kagome thought as she stood, waiting for the street light to change. Once it did, Kagome crossed the street while pulling her shoulder bag closer to her body. Her muddy brown almost black eyes froze onto a figure that stood in the middle of the sidewalk watching her.

She lifted her brow in wonder. She watched as the figure pulled the black styled jacket closer to his body as he draw his scarf tighter around his neck. She could have sworn that at the edge of the scarf was a spider. A spider she should recognize from a mile away. Before she knew it, she was running to catch up with a young man.

She found the man standing under a willow with a book in his hand. She stood there looking at him. Watched him turn a page, but knowing that he didn't read a single word on it, if the smirk is anything to go by with. Slowly, very slowly Kagome walked closer to the taller male.

Green eyes turned to her.

"Cancri." She whispers in hearing range. His smile grew even wider as his eyes soften even more. Kagome had crushed the spider demon into a hug. Cancri held her body close to his and chuckled.

"How are you, Kagome?" He asked as he pulled away from her. Kagome smiled big towards him as she spoke.

"Good. Really good, finished high school. Trying to pass the entrance exam to the local college, though, but How about you?"

"I'm glad. I was worried that something might happen between then and now." Cancri whispers softly like when they had first meet. "Good. After you left, Sesshomaru and I returned to the Western Lands."

"I'm glade. How is Sesshomaru?"

"Better, he had fallen ill and now just getting better."

"I'm sorry to hear that. How long has he…?" Kagome trilled off.

"Last hundred years."

"I'm sorry."

"It is alright. Everything is better. How is your family?"

"Mom and everyone are happy that I'm no longer in danger." Cancri chuckled lightly. "You should come by sometime."

"I should." Cancri agreed. "But, I do need to take my leave. I have to meet Ronald before it gets any colder or god forbid he starves."

"Of course. Goodbye, Cancri."

"Not goodbye, Kagome. I'll see you soon." Cancri said before he disappeared altogether. Kagome smiled brightly before turning around and started her walk back to the shrine.

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