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Chapter 1

"Could I - could I say good-bye to him, sir?" asked Hagrid. He bent his great, shaggy head over Harry and gave him what must have been a very scratchy, whiskery kiss. Then, suddenly, Hagrid let out a howl like a wounded dog.

"Shhh!" hissed Professor McGonagall, "you'll wake the Muggles!"

"S-s-sorry," sobbed Hagrid, taking out a large, spotted handkerchief and burying his face in it. "But I c-c-can't stand it - Lily an' James dead - an' poor little Harry off ter live with Muggles -"

"Yes, yes, it's all very sad, but get a grip on yourself, Hagrid, or we'll be found," Professor McGonagall whispered, patting Hagrid gingerly on the arm as Dumbledore stepped over the low garden wall and walked to the front door. He laid Harry gently on the doorstep, took a letter out

of his cloak, tucked it inside Harry's blankets, and then came back to the other two.

For a full minute the three of them stood and looked at the little bundle; Hagrid's shoulders shook, Professor McGonagall blinked furiously, and the twinkling light that usually shone from

Dumbledore's eyes seemed to have gone out.

"Well," said Dumbledore finally, "that's that. We've no business staying here. We may as well go and join the celebrations."

"Yeah," said Hagrid in a very muffled voice, "I'll be takin' Sirius his bike back. G'night, Professor McGonagall - Professor Dumbledore, sir."

Wiping his streaming eyes on his jacket sleeve, Hagrid swung himself onto the motorcycle and kicked the engine into life; with a roar it rose into the air and off into the night.

"I shall see you soon, I expect, Professor McGonagall," said Dumbledore, nodding to her. Professor McGonagall blew her nose in reply. Dumbledore turned and walked back down the street. On the corner he stopped and took out the silver Put-Outer. He clicked it once, and

twelve balls of light sped back to their street lamps so that Privet Drive glowed suddenly orange and he could make out a tabby cat slinking around the corner at the other end of the street. He could just see the bundle of blankets on the step of number four.

"Good luck, Harry," he murmured. He turned on his heel and with a swish of his cloak, he was gone.

- Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Chapter 1, Pages 9-10.

As Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall was walking away from the front of Number 4, Privet Drive, as the roar of Hagrid's flying motorcycle echoed through the street and the hum of the street lights returning back to life a figure slowly came out of hiding behind a nearby picket fence. The man that appeared looked quite decrepit, he wore a set of weather beaten robes that appeared to have been well worn, his open sandals severely worn and not something you would wear in the gloomy weather of England. He had a weathered and liver spotted face and head, long flowing beard and he looked to have only a few wisps of hair left on his head. His hands slightly gnarled but strong looking grasped a twisted looking walking staff that looked like, as his appearance, quite worn and well used. He looked slightly out of place as he surveyed his surroundings, all appeared to be quiet now on Privet Drive.

He made his way to the basket that lay on Number 4's doorstep, the only sound the clicking of wood on concrete as his traveling staff scraped the driveway and footpath. With a creak of joints he moved the baby blanket away from the sleeping face of the infant Potter, lightly tracing the lightning bolt scar on the babe's forehead.

"So my dream events have come to pass, the scar as I saw in my slumber", the ancient looking man whispered, a slight depressed tone knowing this child had lost so much and would lose much more in the future.

"I sense the echo of that abomination within you, we need to get that properly taken care of soon my young friend, as tricky Necromantic Magics are", he whispered as he covered the baby from the cold. With a slightly unnatural amount of strength for someone of his appearance, he picked up the basket containing the infant and turned away from the door step of the Dursley Family.

"I hope Leah hasn't got into any trouble while I have been away, amazing the amount of bedlam a four year old child can accomplish", the old man also known as Deckard Cain wispily stated as he balanced the worn staff in one hand and basket in the other, the click of his staff and shuffle of his sandals the only noise made from him.

"If I remember rightly there should be a open space where I can set the portal away from prying eyes, handy things they are but so inconspicuous", Cain stated with a slight smile on his weathered face.

It is at this point, had Cain not interfered in the placement of the infant Harry Potter that the blight of 'the Freak' and 'Un-Naturalness' would have been placed on the laps of the Dursley Family, followed by years of abuse and neglect afflicted on young Harry; making the boy wizard a 'perfect Gryffindor' as a slimy bat like man would say. This event in time would later ultimately unleash a totally different Harry Potter, savior and martyr, on the Magical World.

It was a slow and sleepy morning the next day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore faced the bright eyed and bleary eyed students as they struggled their way into the Main Hall for breakfast. Dumbledore felt slightly bleary minded himself; having imbibed in a fine 100 year old brandy the night earlier with his colleagues in celebration. All seemed well this morning; the morning was however interrupted by a small piercing shriek from within Dumbledore's robes. Showing alarm he swiftly reached into a pocket and withdrew a small device, silver in colour and pocket watch like in appearance, Dumbledore flicked the catch open showing the face of the device. This device, known to only a few, was tied to wards to a great treasure; the home of The-Boy-Who-Lived, and according to this device the wards of Number 4 Privet Drive had fallen.

Dumbledore leapt out of his chair with haste, leaving the Main Hall in a hurry. McGonagall seemed a bit flustered with the quick retreat of the Headmaster.

"Heads and Prefects please ensure all students leave for their morning classes on time' McGonagall sternly said, leaving the hall and following the Headmaster to his office. Bypassing the gargoyle and running up the stairs, McGonagall arrived just as Dumbledore had finished grabbing a heavy outer robe and a handful of floo powder.

"The wards on Number 4 has dropped, I am going through to the Hogshead and apparating to find out why the wards failed. Can you send a message to Alastor to meet me at the Dursley's as soon as possible?" Dumbledore rushed, throwing the floo powder in the fireplace and leaving through the floo without hearing a response. McGonagall was quick to act, sending a Patronus message to Alistor Moody and strode her way to her office deep in thought.

Dumbledore didn't even stop to greet his brother as he disappeared with a crack; appearing near Number 4 in a nearby alleyway with only the local junkie slumped against a fence, rushing towards the Dursley home as fast as his ancient legs could carry him. Finally reaching the front door he knocked frantically until he heard someone rushing to the door. The door opened abruptly; the face of Mrs. Petunia Dursley, a thin and long necked woman still in her night cap and night dress, appeared with a scowl. Upon seeing the face of the bearded wizard her frown turned into a snarl.

"YOU!" Petunia yelled, she narrowed her eyes and ground out, "What do you want?"

"Where is the boy Petunia?" Dumbledore asked desperately, this just put a confused look on Petunia's face.

"What boy?" Petunia asked, a commotion was going on inside as they were talking and a bellow came from inside the house.

"Pet, who's at the door?" asked a heavy looking mustachioed man wobbled to the door, a tea stain currently on his crisp white shirt. Vernon Dursley, a severely overweight man, was just finishing his breakfast ready to rush for another day at work when the banging on the door startled him, knocking over his leftover tea spoiling his crisp new work shirt. Vernon was already on edge with all the strange folk the following day, all he was looking forward to was a nice normal day. The sight of a strange looking old man at his door and his wife with a frown on her face put him more on edge.

"Your nephew Petunia, where is your nephew?" Dumbledore asked, getting more desperate by the second.

"My freak of a nephew, why don't you ask my freak of a sister?" Petunia stated with a snarl on her face. Dumbledore was silent for a second then frowned.

"Lily and her husband passed away yesterday, I explained it all in the letter I sent you with your nephew in a basket on your doorstep last night. So I ask again Petunia, where is Harry Potter?".

Vernon just snorted,

"We don't know anything about a freak child, disappeared huh? Well good riddance".

"Look the freak isn't here; there was no basket on my doorstep this morning. Now if you don't mind, I have a baby of my own to feed and I would rather be doing that then have your un-naturalness at my door." Petunia said, slamming the front door. Dumbledore just stood there for a minute in a daze, he thought that Harry Potter was not here was a disaster, and to top it off not knowing where the babe could have gone. He tuned away from the Dursley home as he heard the rhythmic thump of a peg leg behind him, the gnarled figure of Alastor Moody appeared as he limped up the sterile looking path.

"Albus, what would be so important that you would pull me from Auror training?" Moody growled, a frown on his scar marred face. The question rebooted Dumbledore's stupefied mind, a serious expression on his aged face.

"Call in the whole Order, let everyone know to come to Hogwarts within the hour" Dumbledore ordered, popping away in broad day light.

"Albus!", Moody tried to say as Dumbledore apparated away, "Dammit Albus, what the hell is going on?" Moody growled as he took a look around then popped off himself, hoping the news was important.

The staff room at Hogwarts was chaos; the room was full of people like such people as the red haired Arthur Weasley, the grey bunned hair of Minerva McGonagall, the thinning hair of Alastor, and the premature graying hair of Remus Lupin who looked rather distraught. They were waiting on the leader of the Order of the Phoenix and Headmaster of Hogwarts who was also 10 minutes late to a meeting he ordered. McGonagall was starting to get rather annoyed, she had been known to be quite punctual and hadn't been late to a class in years and already was 15 minutes late to her 3rd Year Double Transfiguration class for the morning. As she was about to voice her displeasure the anarchy of the staff room was interrupted with the entrance of a subdued Albus Dumbledore.

"Now that we are all here, can you tell us why you have ripped us away from our lives just after the war is over Albus?" Moody growled with impatience. Dumbledore, looking his 100+ year of age gingerly lowered himself in his chair.

"As you know, the war against the evil of Lord Voldemort ended with the tragic passing of two of our friends, James and Lily Potter, last night. It is true that some how, young baby Harry Potter had ended the reign of the most evil wizard of this age. Through the use of some unknown protective magic Lily Potter had protected her child from the Killing Curse, using that protective magic I wove some blood wards in a safe place where Harry would grow up living a normal life." Dumbledore explained, everyone silent in prayer for a couple of fine people who lost their lives too short; Remus Lupin a lot more in thought as he had lost all his best friends in one night. Dumbledore continued after a sip of water, with was popped in by one of the castles many house elves.

"Last night Minerva, Hagrid and I delivered baby Harry to his relatives with specific instructions. This morning, one of my ward monitors connected to the blood wards alarmed that they collapsed. Upon visiting the residence in question the relatives said that they had not received Harry last night." Dumbledore sighed, Remus knocked out of his thoughts at the end of Dumbledore's explanation.

"Wait a minute, are you saying that Harry has gone missing?!" Remus asked his eyes going slightly amber, the werewolf bleeding out slightly due to Remus' anger.

"That is precisely what I am saying Remus" Dumbledore sighed, looking around tiredly.

"Wait a minute, there is just one thing I don't understand." Moody interrupted the subdued group from their thoughts, "You said that you delivered the Potter child to his relatives, yet they say they haven't had the child. How did you exactly deliver the baby to his relatives?" said Moody crossing his arms and leaning back on his chair scowling.

"We left him on the doorstep, in a basket with several warming charms on his blanket supplied with a note explaining everything" Dumbledore admitted, McGonagall scowling slightly at this point.

"Wait, are you telling me you left the hero of the Wizarding World like a bottle of milk on someone's doorstep on a cold night by himself?" Arthur exclaimed in disbelief.

"Whose bright idea was it to drop the savior of our world on the doorstep of some muggles Albus?" Moody growled, not liking the conversation that was happening at the moment.

"I personally decided to drop him off last night to not cause any arguments knowing that the Dursley's were sensitive to the nuances of the Wizarding World." Dumbledore admitted, which elicited a lot of disbelief.

"Dammit Albus, why didn't you use some god dam common sense and use some Constant Vigilance!" Moody growled in annoyance, this tipped Remus over the top and rushed to leave.

"Remus, where you going man?" Moody asked his glass eye swiveling around its socket in agitation.

"I can't just sit here anymore listen to this rubbish, I am going to go out there and find my cub!" Remus yelled, striding out the room in anger and slammed the door shut.

"So what do we do, do we have any leads?" Arthur asked, rubbing his face wearily. There was utter silence for a few seconds as everyone was trying to absorb the news, which the savior of the Wizarding World was missing. The uncomfortable silence was broken by the firm tone of Albus Dumbledore.

"At the present there is no leads, I propose we keep our eyes and ears open to any leads. Arthur if I could ask you to keep an ear out in the Ministry and Alastor if you could ask any contacts you may have with Muggle Law Enforcement. Above all, word must not come out that we are missing Harry Potter, it may cause a panic in the Magical Community" Dumbledore proposed which everyone slowly agreed.

It would be over a decade before the aims of this meeting come into fruition and any signs of The-Boy-Who-Lived would be seen. Little did they know at this time that a different Harry Potter that they expected would be witnessed.