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Pyrrha and the Idiot - Mission One: To Beacon

The door slid open and the teenaged girl entered, coming to a stop in the centre of a lone light – the only source of illumination the room had to offer. Heels clicked together and hands held behind back, she was the very textbook definition of discipline, completed by a pristine black and navy blue uniform.

She stood in silence and waited to be addressed.

''Welcome,'' a voice greeted from within the shadows.

''Agent Pyrrha Nikos, reporting for duty.''

''I've called you here because of a rather interesting piece of information we have discovered. Here take a look.'' A circular panel on the floor next to her feet opened and a small table rose. It came to a stop, nothing but a small picture occupying its flawless surface. She picked it up and examined the image. A blonde male looked back at her, an awkward grin on his face, eyes brimming with a poorly concealed nervousness.

''And who is this meant to be?''

''His name is Jaune. Jaune Arc.''

Her head bolted up to the disembodied voice. ''Arc? As in the Lost Family of Arc?''

''The very same. He recently appeared as an applicant for Beacon Academy and has subsequently been accepted. Your mission is to infiltrate Beacon and confirm the validity of this report. If it is true and he is a member of the Arc family, you are to watch over him until further notice.''

''Understood, Sir.''

''I cannot stress the importance of his safety if he is indeed a member of the Arcs. Do I make myself clear, Agent?''


''Very good. Your equipment for this mission, as well as the full briefing, will be delivered to your room. Tomorrow at 0700 your ship will depart. For Sanctum and the glory of Mistral.''

Pyrrha saluted ''For Sanctum and the glory of Mistral,'' she repeated, as she had countless times before. She turned on her heels and left. The second she left the room she released a wistful sight before, as always, following orders and returning to her room.

A name and a face.

That was all she really had left at this point. Everything she was, everything she had accomplished was constructed for her – or rather, for their needs. In their eyes she was just another agent, picked from a number of candidates and given the mission of protecting her kingdom.

But why should she complain? It's not as if there's ever been anything more to her life.

An orphan from the slums of Mistral's capital city taken and then given the best training, care and attention. A place to live. Peers to stand beside. How could she ever complain?

Her whole life was meant to be used in service of Mistral, something she had mindlessly accepted for the longest time. Doubt only began to creep in when it was selection time. One by one, friends whom she had grown up with disappeared. She had no idea what happened to them. All she could do is hope that they found some semblance of freedom.

Then she was all alone. Just her: Pyrrha Nikos, agent of the Sanctum Special Forces. Not Pyrrha, top of her class, or Pyrrha, winner of the Mistral Regional Tournament. Her true identity was one that she would take to the grave – a highly plausible destination given the nature of some missions.

All that made missions like this one all the more endearing to her. She could just stand on the bow of a ship as it ploughed through the ocean waves, the cool breeze flowing through her hair, and let everything wash away...

''Miss Nikos? We're almost there.''

''Yes, thank you.''

… if only for a little while.

She stepped off the boat and was instantly packed into a car which would deliver her to the airport. From there it would be one short airship flight to Beacon, something she was rather excited by. It had been some time since she had travelled by airship, given how rare they were in her homeland. Despite the shortness of the car journey, her attendant still managed to talk her ear off about the importance of the mission, something she was fully aware of.

It was as though the shackles were finally released when she landed at the academy; no more attendants jabbering constantly, no more other agents looking down on her because of her youth. Just her and the student population, as well as one special individual.

A special individual who she had to wait three hours in the assembly hall to even catch her first glimpse of!

The second she caught sight of that messy blonde hair though, she didn't let it out of her sight. The key to a successful mission is to first gather information and then make a preliminary assessment of the situation. That meant Jaune, Beacon and other notable students whom she might come into contact with, including...

''So Pyrrha, have you given any thought as to whose team you would like to be on? I'm sure everyone must be eager to unite with such a strong, well-known individual, such as yourself.''

''Hmm, I'm not quite sure. I was planning on letting the chips fall where they may.''

Playing the part of a polite and professional young woman was in no way difficult to Pyrrha. Behind the smile and carefully measured words though, her mind was always at work.

Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. There was nothing for her to learn given the file the organization had on her and the Schnee Company as a whole; just another production company that took advantage of cheap Faunus labour so far as she was concerned.

As the heiress continued prattling on, Pyrrha gazed to the side, towards two other girls in the locker room.

Ruby Rose: fifteen years old, apparently invited to Beacon for her exceptional abilities. That remained to be seen.

Yang Xiao Long: seventeen years old, former student of Signal Academy. 'Xiao Long...?' The name rang a bell, but Pyrrha couldn't quite place it. She would be one that would need closer observation.

There were many individuals who had caught her eye in just over twenty four hours at Beacon, but there was still her primary objective to consider... who was now attempting to flirt with Weiss. Poorly. Watching him you'd think that he had never had a conversation with a girl his own age before.

'Still, it might just be nerves.' Until she had seen him in action there was no way to be sure if he was the real deal or not. Fortunately the upcoming initiation test would afford the perfect opportunity for observation.

''The first person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the next four years.''

With that rule in place, Pyrrha would have to be quick to locate her target, something that would be much easier if he wasn't on the move. Following their launch into the Emerald Forest, she landed on a branch overlooking the vast green sea of trees. She peered through the scope of her rifle to quickly locate Jaune, although the scope wasn't required as even a blind man could have seen the blonde tumbling through the sky like a bird with its wings clipped.

Throwing her arm back, Miló transformed itself into the form of a javelin. She raised her other arm. Lined up the shot on the boy with flailing limbs. Synchronise the breathing and… The javelin whistled through the sky. A twang, followed by a cried 'thank you' confirmed the hit.

As she ran through the abundant forest, Pyrrha reflected on what she had learned so far. All in all, the report seemed to be a wild goose chase. There was no way that someone like him would be a member of the Arcs.

The image of him dangling in a tree, pinned by her javelin, did not help alter this evaluation.

They carved a path through the plant life on the way the temple in which they would find a relic to retrieve. Had she been on her own she would be able to tear through but with Jaune the going was slow. When he got smacked down by a branch she was damn near breaking point. He got back up with a small cut on his cheek.

''Why didn't you use your Aura?'' she asked.

''My what?''

Her mind whispered to itself, 'He can't really...'

''Your Aura?''


'Don't say it...'

''Jaune, you… do know what Aura is, right?''

''Pfft, course I do! Do you know what it is?''


At least back at Sanctum, everyone knew the basics of combat and the skills that every human being was capable of using! There was no way that this person was a member of the Arc family – of that she was now sure. There was no way There was no reason for her to stay at Beacon, but she would have to keep up appearances until command could sort out an official reason for her to leave.

That included getting through this test - and sticking with Jaune. It was obvious that he hadn't had any formal training in being a Hunter but until she could leave, she was still his partner - and thus her responsibility. Protecting him would be more difficult if his Aura wasn't even unlocked... She placed her hands on his cheeks. ''Close your eyes and concentrate.''

An idiot with Aura would be better than an idiot with no Aura.

''For it is in passing that we achieve immortality, through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in wisdom and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder protect thee.''

She spoke the mythic words that unlocked a human's Aura, channelling her own power to unlock his. Then she felt it. An overwhelming surge of energy, unlike anything she had felt before. From the depths of his soul, an incredible Aura radiated that left him glowing a striking gold. Her own paled in comparison to what he was emitting.

Pyrrha's vision blurred for a moment and her knees buckled. Jaune kept her from falling.


''I'm okay... I used my Aura to unlock your yours. The energy that protects you now is your own.'' The meagre cut that adjourned his cheek faded in the blink of an eye. She smiled. ''You have a lot of it.''

And just like that her plans had changed, having been resoundingly proven wrong.

Bonus: Penny For Your Thoughts (Penny)

(Vex is still slouched back in his seat as the door slams, signalling Nora's departure. Penny, still standing, smiles at Vex.)

Penny: How are you this fine day?

Vex (glaring, but the meaning behind the gesture is lost on her. Sighs): Just great…

Penny: I sense sarcasm in your voice… have I done something to anger you? (She asks this with great curiosity, almost like a child)

Vex (sighs again): No… no you're fine. Where did Nora take you then?

Penny: Oh, it was the most amazing place! (She sits in the chair opposite Vex) Apparently it's called a pet store. (Vex phases out at the end of the sentence. His left eye twitches in barely controlled rage, mostly directed towards Nora, as Penny continues talking to herself) – there were even creatures from as far away as –

Vex: Penny… (Breaths deeply) how did it take the two of you a whole DAY to go to the pet store?!

Penny: Twenty nine hours, thirty two minutes and fourteen seconds to be exact. And Nora insisted she knew where we were going but we got lost – seventeen times to be exact! Anyway, we ended up going to a number of other places besides the pet store in the end. Would you like to hear about it?

Vex (gripping the arms of his chair, speaks through gritted teeth): No! No, thank you… Penny I think I'll be just fine. I'm… glad you enjoyed yourself.

Penny: Are you feeling all right? I could go get some medicine if that would help?

Vex (smiles): No thanks, I'm okay. (Shakes off his frustration towards Nora and focuses on the present) Anyway, there's actually been a question for you.

Penny (mouth agape): Truly? Oh, I'm so excited! What is it?

Vex (grabs sheet paper): yojimbio89 asks: ''Penny, what do you do on your down time?'' And you're not allowed to talk about the places that Nora drags you off to!

Penny: Well… education is a large part of my daily life, so much of my free time is dedicated to enriching my learning. But I do enjoy going for walks and observing the environment.

Vex: Really? I never really thought of you as a nature lover.

Penny (leans in, her voice insistent): Oh, but I am! Nature is so beautiful; everyone should be able to appreciate it. I cannot understand why people choose to abuse such a thing.

Vex (leans forward and pushes her gently back into a normal seating position): Okay, I get it. I guess everyone has something that they're passionate about. Well, I hope that answers your question. Now, I think it's about time we head home Penny.

Penny (tilts her head to the side): Home?

Vex: Didn't he tell you? You're staying with me for the time being. Something about improving social interactions. It was part of the deal to get you to help me with this.

Penny (stands, throwing her arms up in the air): Mag-nificent! This is going to be such fun! We'll paint our nails and try on new clothes and talk about cute boys!

Vex (stares at her with a deadpan look): Yeah… I can see when he meant now…

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