RWBY: A push in the right direction

Chapter 3: Lady Luck

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The kingdom of Vale was considered by its residents to be one of the most beautiful in the world, and this wasn't untrue: Area's like the Emerald forest left people breathless, both residents and tourists alike. The forever falls was also a particularly stunning location, unsurprisingly popular with couples of all ages because of its reputation as an incredibly romantic place.

However despite its beauty, it was also incredibly dangerous. Despite the fact that out of the four kingdoms of Vytal Vale was considered a safe haven from Grimm, the kingdom still needed its protectors. This was why it had the academies Signal and Beacon, places where hunters and huntresses could be trained to fight against the growing tide of monsters. Only the best of the best could train to become defenders of Vale. Beacon was especially strict with its recruitment program. It was said that you'd have to be incredibly lucky to get into Beacon. Professor Ozpin Beacon's headmaster disagreed. Luck had nothing to do with it; it came down to pure skill. In one of his speeches to the students of his school he had said "You must learn to forget this notion of being lucky, luck will not save you on the battle field, only through rigorous training and working together with your teams can you hope to survive. Luck is all well and good," Ozpin had paused for effect "Until it runs out."

Ozpin had made it very clear that he did not want his students relying on luck, and for the most part his students listened.

Of course there were always exceptions.

Unfortunately for Ruby Rose, luck was all she had. Her entire plan would fall apart unless things happened exactly the way she hoped they would. She was taking a great risk and there was a good chance of failure. However despite the risks she couldn't afford anything but complete and utter success. Her life depended on it.

Because she was pretty sure Weiss would kill her if things went wrong.

Ruby dipped her cloth into a bucket of soapy water and ran it along the length of the rapier. The rapier called Myrtenaster, Weiss' weapon, the weapon that no one was supposed to handle but her, and the weapon that she would most likely use on Ruby if she found it in her possession.

Satisfied with the state of the blade, Ruby moved onto the chamber that housed the weapons dust crystals. She once again dipped her cloth into the soapy water and began cleaning the dried blood and dirt off of the weapon.

Ruby's latest scheme to gain the affection of a certain heiress was in her mind pure genius. It was simple, she had two hours off of lessons during which she would grab the weapon from Weiss' locker, give a quick clean and return it to the locker without anyone noticing. Ruby had decided to wait to see Weiss reaction to finding her weapon spotless before revealing that it was her that had cleaned it. If the heiress reacted positively then Ruby would tell Weiss that it had been her, and maybe earn a hug from the heiress. Ruby momentarily paused in her work and sat staring dreamily at the floor as she imagined hugging Weiss. Her daydream was interrupted however by the thought of Weiss reacting negatively, if she got angry then Ruby would keep quiet and hope that Weiss didn't find her out, she shuddered as she imagined all of the ways that Weiss could punish her. An image came unbidden into her mind of Weiss pinning her up against the wall and glaring at her, their faces inches apart. The idea made Ruby turn bright red and hastily go back to her cleaning.

Ruby started to hum as she cleaned and was soon lost in her work. Eventually she held the weapon up to the light to inspect it for any remaining blood or dirt, and found none. She smiled and got up from the stool she'd be sitting on. She was in one of the storage rooms where the cleaning staff kept their supplies, reasoning that it was the best place for her to work since it had all of the supplies she needed and no one ever came in here during the afternoon.

Ruby winced as her bones creaked when she stood up, her back ached and her legs were stiff. Ruby frowned and pulled out her scroll to check the time.

Ruby whimpered as she saw that she'd been in the storage room for over an hour. She'd only planned to take ten minutes cleaning Myrtenaster, but she must have lost track of time.

The only way that Ruby's plan would work is if Weiss didn't go looking for her weapon while Ruby cleaned it. This why her plan relied so much on chance, she needed to be lucky and hope that team RWBY wasn't called away on a mission before she could return Weiss' weapon.

Ruby burst out into the corridor, which was mercifully empty. She activated her semblance and took off in the direction of the locker room leaving behind a trail of rose petals as she ran. She blurred past students standing around chatting or walking to their lessons. Ruby came to the entrance to the locker room and skidded to a halt, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Weiss was not there and everything was in one piece. There was no doubt that if the heiress had discovered that her weapon was missing she'd have torn the room apart looking for it. Ruby dashed over to Weiss locker cradling Myrtenaster. Her eyes darted around the room to make sure that no one was watching, satisfied that she wasn't being watched she punched in the sixteen digit emergency override code that allowed her to access any member of team RWBY's lockers. She'd used the code to get the weapon from the locker in the first place and she felt a little guilty using it for her scheme, but right now all she cared about was getting the weapon back where it belonged before Weiss found her.

"Ruby, what's going on here?"

Ruby froze with her hand in mid-air having just placed the weapon back in the locker, she turned around slowly, only to sigh in relief when she saw that it wasn't Weiss that had spoken, it was Blake.

The faunas girl stood with Gambol shroud held loosely in one hand, no doubt having just come back from her training session. She peered at Ruby with her usual disinterested expression, her head tilted to one side.

"Um, well you see…" Ruby trailed off as she tried to think of a believable lie and came up blank, she fidget with her cloak as tried to appear innocent.

Blake sighed and rolled her eyes "Let me guess, you wanted to do something nice for Weiss to get her attention so you decided to clean weapon for her."

Ruby grinned sheepishly at the faunas girl "Yeah, I was just putting it back."

"You do realise that Weiss will kill you if she catches you?" said Blake as she opened her own locker and placed Gambol shroud inside of it.

Ruby shrugged dismissively "Well she won't catch me know, I've put it back. There is no way she'll find out…"

Ruby was interrupted once again by someone yelling "Ruby what the hell are you doing in my locker!"

Ruby flinched and turned to see Weiss standing in the doorway glaring at her. Ruby's gaze shifted to the still open locker and the gleaming weapon inside, and then back to the heiress who was stalking towards her.

"Blake helps," Ruby cried as Weiss stopped in front of her, fire in her eyes and her hands on her hips.

"Sorry Ruby, you're on your own with this one," said Blake, and then shut her locker and left the room.

Ruby was left alone in the locker room with her partner who was giving Ruby a look that could've melted a glacier. "Well?" she snapped "Explain."

Ruby shrank away from the heiress with her hands held out defensively in front of her, her back ended up pressed up against the locker next to Weiss'.

Weiss growled and leaned in close "Ruby, I'll ask one more time," she hissed though clenched teeth "What were you doing in my locker?"

Ruby's current situation caused the image of Weiss pinning her up against a wall to come crashing back into her imagination, Ruby once again went bright red and tried to shift away from the angry heiress, but Weiss slammed her palms into the surface of the lockers either side of Ruby, effectively trapping ruby between her outstretched arms. This caused Ruby to turn an even brighter shade of red, her face matching her name. Weiss appeared not to notice as she continued to stare menacingly at her teammate.

"I was…. I wanted to do something nice for you, so I cleaned Myrtenaster for you," whimpered Ruby her voice shaking.

Weiss blinked in surprise and slowly stepped back from her partner, removing her arms and releasing the trembling girl. Weiss seemed to notice how clean her weapon was for the first time. She removed it from her locker and inspected in closely. Ruby hovered at her shoulder wringing her hands, she considered running but dismissed the idea, knowing that Weiss would only hunt her down. Ruby decided to remain and face the heiress wrath rather than delay the inevitable.

Weiss however, was having an internal debate. Part of her was furious that Ruby had taken her precious weapon without seeking her permission, but another part of her was impressed with how good a job Ruby had done with her cleaning. The weapon was completely spotless and gleamed brightly, even the dust crystals sparkled. Ruby had done almost a good job cleaning it as Weiss did when she maintained her weapon.

Weiss glanced at her partner who was looking back at her warily. Weiss could see the worry in her partners eyes, but there was home hope in there too, hope that maybe she was happy with her work. Weiss tried to think of a time where someone had done something similar for her, an act of kindness for no apparent personal gain. Usually when people where nice to her they wanted something from her.

"Why did you do this?" asked Weiss, and Ruby flinched as the heiress broke the silence. Weiss watched as her partner shifted from foot to foot for several moments before she answered.

"Well you've been working really hard lately and I just wanted to show you that I appreciate it." Said Ruby "You've been training really hard and you've been helping me study, I thought maybe you'd appreciate not having to clean you weapon for once. I know I should have asked you first but I wanted it to be a surprise." Ruby broke eye contact with Weiss and hung her head.

Weiss stared at her partner, her previous anger fading. Ruby had tried to do something nice for her, because she felt that Weiss had been working hard recently. Weiss would rather that Ruby didn't just remove her weapon from her locker, but Weiss couldn't find it in herself to stay angry at her partner. She placed her weapon back in her locker and shut it, the sound causing Ruby to jolt. Weiss faced her partner and sighed.

"Ruby, look at me," her partner continued to avoid meeting looking at the heiress, so she reached out and gently placed her hand under the girls chin and slowly lifted her head so she was looking at her. She gave Ruby a small smile to show her she was no longer angry.

"Ruby, while I'd prefer that you didn't just raid my locker whenever you feel like it, I'm willing to overlook it this time." Ruby's face lit up at the heiress' words and Weiss felt had to hold back a laugh at the girl's sudden change of expression. Her partner could be close to tears one moment, and suddenly be laughing her head off.

"So you're not mad?" she asked her.

Weiss shook her head "No I'm not mad, you were only trying to do something nice for me, so I can forgive you."

Ruby squealed with joy and before Weiss could react she had flung herself at the heiress and was hugging her. Weiss stiffened, but after a few seconds she relaxed and tentatively placed her own arms around her partner and awkwardly returned the hug. Weiss felt her cheeks heat up as Ruby sighed and hugged her tighter.

Ruby smiled internally as she considered how her plan had turned out: She'd cleaned Myrtenaster and Weiss hadn't reacted badly, and now she was hugging her. Looks like she'd been lucky after all.

Ruby was interrupted for the third time that day by a voice at the door to the locker room.

"Well that's just too adorable," said Yang, she was leaning against the door frame holding up her phone. Her camera flashed and Weiss shrieked and pushed Ruby away from her, the fire returned to her eyes as she stalked towards her blonde teammate. Yang winked at her and took off running down the hall.

"YANG GET BACK HERE NOW," yelled Weiss and she too ran out of the room yelling death threats as she went. Ruby was left standing in the locker room looking slightly dazed. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that she should probably get something to eat before her two hour break from lessons ended. Ruby walked out of the locker room and cast a glance in the direction that her teammates had run off in, shrugged and made her way towards the cafeteria humming cheerfully to herself with a small smile on her face. For once, lady luck had smiled at her today, and everything had turned out as she'd hoped.

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