Radical Transformation

Prida's mouth opened wide as she inhaled sharply, heart stopping at the sight of the explosion. Without thinking what she was doing she scrambled to her feet, scraping her knees as she did, and began to run towards the fire, her face was now contorting into a horrified expression. She didn't even see Casey running just ahead of her. He glanced back and saw her. He grabbed her shoulders, face expressionless.

"Stay here!" He ordered, and turned and ran towards the burning wreck. But another explosion from the truck erupted and Casey was thrown back, having been only meters from it.

Casey's order had left Prida mind and she now started to half run, half stumble numbly towards the fire. Nothing moved in the orange and red flames. Prida came level with the mangled blue car the truck had driven into only seconds ago.

Casey got back to his feet and grabbed Prida as she was going past.

"No - don't -" he said in a strange voice, and turned around as sirens pierced the air. A few people had come out of their homes and were gasping at the sight. A few punks had also emerged from the alleyway down the street.

Out of the corner of her eye, Prida noticed a trail of fire following a small stream of petrol that was leaking from the truck. Prida didn't even register it properly in her mind. She continued to stare into the dancing red and orange flames.


From inside the burning truck one figure stirred and groaned in agony. He was surrounded by heat, and the lacerations from the shattered window oozed blood down his arms and shoulders. His head was pounding so painfully he could have lain back down and waited for another explosion to finish him off and stop the pain, but Leo lifted his head and opened his eyes, snapping them shut again against the burning orange fire that stung them. He forced himself into a half sitting position, and looked at the mess of the three Foot soldiers opposite him, draped over the steering wheel.

"Donny . . " he choked in a whisper, and slowly and painfully lifted himself up and turned himself around so he was looking through the gap to the back of the truck. The cargo area was in flames. The bodies of the Foot (alive Leo didn't know), were strewn on the floor. One of them was on fire, next to a flaming hole in the side of the truck near Leo. He looked past the mess to the end of the truck. He could only just see the street beyond because the whole of the opening was being eaten away by fire, as though the fire was a door, flickering away and intending to allow no one out.

Leo closed his eyes in the effort he made to climb through the gap to the rest of the truck. His feet hit the hot floor and his knees followed. He put his hands out to stop himself from collapsing fully, and pulled his head up. He saw his brother, along with his other two. How they got on Leo didn't know, but all he wanted to know was if they were alive. The flames from the burning Foot soldiers were too close to Donny, and Leo managed to stiffly kick the man away from his brother.

"Donny . . ." Leo said, his voice sore and quiet. He put his bleeding hands on his brother's shell and turned him over. Donny coughed weakly, and groped for Leo's hand. He grabbed it.

"We gotta . . . get outta here before . . . it explodes again," Donny whispered, coughing. He lifted himself a few inches up, and looked at his other two brothers.

Mikey opened his eyes. He was facing the opening of the truck, and looked beyond the flames to the street. He saw flashing blue and red lights, and he saw two close figures. Casey was making his way over to the truck.

"No . . . Casey . . ." Mikey tried to call, but it came out a whisper. He lifted his front up, and stared past Casey to Prida. Mikey looked to the side of him and tapped Raph, who groaned.

"C'mon guys," Leo said, his voice getting a little stronger. "We gotta get out . . ."

"Casey and Prida are out there," Mikey said, feeling so tired. His eyelids drooped, and almost closed.

Raph put a weak hand on his brother's shoulder, and shook him, keeping him awake.

"Don't fall asleep . . . Mike," Raph said. The fire from the opening was scorching hot, and Raph and Mikey were sweating. The heat made them sleepy.

All four brothers looked up suddenly as an explosion in the street lit up.


The blue car exploded, and the person who had been leaning on it was blasted into the air, thrown until she landed fifteen feet away, on her stomach. Prida lay still, she didn't move. There were clear scorch marks on her face and her clothes were torn and frayed.

Casey was blasted off his feet and he had covered his head as he hit the floor, keeping low as the fire grew into the air.

A part of the car, covered with the fire that was still eating at it, came down from being blown twenty feet in the air, and smothered the unconscious girl.


The four conscious beings inside the flaming truck stared with horror written in their faces. Their breaths became sharper and faster.

"NOO!" Mikey cried.

Leo and Donny caught their brother as he started to scramble towards the fire that surrounded the door, trying to get out of the flaming truck. He struggled against them.

"No Mikey!" Leo cried, his voice full of grief. His brother stopped struggling and stared at the flaming ball of fire on the road. Tears started to fall down his hot cheeks, stinging his wounds.

Leo and Donny stared, eye ridges furrowed upwards. Leo shook his head in heartrending disbelief, and had to turn away. He pulled Mikey backwards to the hole in the side of the truck, and with a numb mind started to kick the hole in, making it big enough for his brothers to get through. He wanted to go out there and run to Prida's side. He wanted to go out there and lift that burning rubble off her. He wanted to make sure she was alright - but he couldn't. He couldn't go out into the open with humans any more. The police were out there, and so was an ambulance and people from their homes. His feelings and thoughts were not working; they were dead with shock. But a voice in Leo's throbbing head told him Prida was dead.

Leo pushed Mikey through the hole, and looked back at Donny, who was shaking his head, eyes on Leo's.

"Donny -" Leo pleaded. The truck might explode again any second. There was absolutely nothing they could do now.

Donny took one last glance over his shoulder at the scene outside the truck, and turned back with his eyes closed. He opened them and climbed out of the hole.

Leo turned to Raph, who had not moved in the last few seconds, apart from when the explosion happened and his shoulders had dropped in disbelief and his eyes had widened. He was still staring.

"Raph -"Leo began, but another small explosion rocked the truck and the top of the flaming opening came crashing down. Leo pulled his brother out the way of the fire. He turned Raph around.

"C'mon - we gotta get out!" Leo said urgently. He pulled Raph to the hole and pushed him through. Leo gripped the scorching hot sides of the hole, about to climb through, but he looked back at the ambulance people and police running up to the burning wreck. One single tear rolled down his cheek, and he climbed through the hole and dropped to the ground. His feet collapsed under him and he fell to his knees. He got back up again, physically and mentally drained, and looked up at his brothers. Donny had Mikey in a hug, and Raph was staring at the floor, frowning as though he was seeing a confusing picture in the ground. Leo grabbed his and Mikey's arms, and they limped into the shadows, desperately trying to find a manhole before they all collapsed.

Leo dropped to the floor next to a manhole, and tried to pry the lid off. Donny collapsed next to him and helped, while the other two remained silent, watching. The lid came off, and they pushed it aside. Leo held an arm out, motioning Mikey to go down. Leo grabbed his brother as he lowered himself down, and then motioned Raph to go quickly. Donny followed and then Leo himself went last, trying to shut the hole after him. He had no strength left, but somehow he managed to get the lid over the hole, and after he did, he collapsed on the ladder, one arm over the rung, breathing heavily with his eyes shut. His world felt like it was spinning, and he felt sick. His head swayed every so slightly with his heavy breathing. He felt like he could do nothing else but breathe. He didn't know where his brothers were, or what they were doing. He couldn't even hear them; his ears were invaded by his loud heartbeat. He didn't know how long he was on that ladder, but he felt hands lifting him down, and they carried him for Leo didn't know how long. Through his eyelids he saw dim light, and that was all he saw before he blacked out.


"Donny? Donny can you hear me?"

Donny opened his sore eyes, and looked into the kind, worried face of April, who was looking down at him. As soon as he saw her, another feminine face appeared in his mind, and before he knew it tears had started to trickle slowly down his face.

"Donny . . ."

His friend cuddled him, and he wrapped his arms around April, burying his face into her shoulder. She rocked him gently.

"Where are . . . the others?" Donny asked, wiping his eyes and pulling away. He saw that he was in his own room, on his bunk bed he shared with Leo. His wounds and burns had been treated and dressed.

"Leo's in your lab," April said softly, smoothening out a small gauze bandage taped to Donny's cheek. "Hooked up to an IV drip; he's still asleep. Raph and Mikey are in their beds. You're the first to wake up."

Donny breathed deeply. "How long have I been out?" He remembered dropping down into the sewers and watching Leo struggle with the manhole lid. Then he blacked out after that. He guessed his brothers did too.

"A day," April said quietly, watching him with her head tilted. She looked tired herself, as though she had gotten no sleep. Donny guessed she hadn't, but had stayed up most of the time looking after him and his brothers. He noticed her cheeks had slightly more color in them than usual, and her eyes looked as though they had been red recently. He knew she had been crying, and he knew what about.

"Master Splinter . . ." Donny said, squinting at the figure in the doorway. His Master walked forward, his old cane clicking as it touched the floor; he had something in his other hand.

"Donatello," Splinter said, walking towards his son, stopping at his bedside. "How are you feeling my son?" The thing in his hand was a small tray with food on it.

Donny looked down at his bed sheets. "Sore . . ." he said quietly.

Splinter made a quiet 'hmm' noise. He knew what his son was feeling. The old rat handed his son the tray of food.

Donny looked up at it, then looked at his Master. "I'm not hungry, Sensei."

"You must eat to regain your strength, if you are to recover properly," his Master said wisely.

Donny looked back at the tray and took it. He looked at the steaming soup and warm bread, but his appetite did not return. He usually loved the soup his Master made. Don swallowed, looking at the soup, and then looked up at April.

"Is Casey okay?" He asked.

April nodded. "He escaped the police and found you and your brothers unconscious. He brought you all back here. He's gone back to my place to rest . . . He had thought you were dead . . ."

Donny nodded slowly, and stared back down at his soup.

Raph and Mikey woke hours after Donny did, and they had no more of an appetite than Don. They still looked tired, and by the looks of their expressions they had many thoughts running through their heads. Leo had woken soon after they did. His arms and shoulders were covered with small gauze bandages.

"We're home . . ." Mikey said to himself when he was allowed to get up out of bed. He walked numbly into the main room, and looked at the TV. He glanced to his right and looked at the counter tops and the fridge they had dubbed the kitchen. Mikey found himself thinking that he was going to show Prida around, and make her something special in the kitchen when she came down for her first visit. Tears flowed down his face as he walked over to the counter, sliding his fingertips along it. He was so glad to see his home again, but yet he wasn't happy at all. His feelings were too much for him, and he went back into his room where Raph was laying awake on his bed, and went back to sleep, away from cares and emotions.

Leo's wounds were being redressed by April. He watched her work on his arms with drooped eyelids. He couldn't think of anything except that Prida's death was his fault. It was they: He and his brothers. Because of what and who they were, innocent people suffered and died. But Leo blamed himself more. If he hadn't kicked that driver they wouldn't have drove into the building, and the car wouldn't have exploded and killed his friend. But, those were the consequences of being a Ninja. Leo knew they should not befriend people, for their own sake, and for the sake of their fates that might happen and cause he and his brothers' pain.

Later, when night came, they were all feeling stronger than when they had woken; but they were still full with sorrow. They all sat spaced out in the room, the TV was not switched on and none of them spoke, except to answer to April when she asked them if they wanted drinks, or food. But none of them ate or drank at all.

Finally, after the sad discussion of their friend Prida, April put down her mug and said, "I will find out what I can . . . about what will happen to her now . . ." She put her hand on Leo's shell who she was sat next to, and rubbed it comfortingly. He managed a small smile for her.

"The Foot are still out there," he said after a few seconds silence. "We haven't yet put a stop to Shredder's evil. I will make sure I see him fall . . . I promise . . ."


It had been five days since the explosion of the truck and the car. The hospital had many bodies brought in that were killed in the accident. They were all wearing black, and the police recognized them as the gang of ninjas that prowl around and disturb people in the 'bad' neighborhoods.

In one room of the hospital, nothing had changed for the five days since the patient was brought in, except the flowers on the bedside cabinet, brought in by the patient's family member. This patient wasn't expected to have survived the night they brought her in. Barely an inch from death she had been rushed into casualty where she had to endure hours of pain as doctors and nurses worked endlessly to save her life. She had not been awake when they brought her in, nor had she been unconscious; she was somewhere in-between, where a bright light summoned her to its depths. She had resisted this light, and from there she fell into total unconsciousness . . . into a coma . . . from which she was never expected to awaken from . . .

Prida was alive. But she was also considered dead. The doctors had told her devastated sister that the chances of Prida to awaken from the coma were extremely small, and there was nothing more they could do. Her 3rd degree burns that scarred her back were never expected to heal properly, and the long scar on her shoulder blade would always remain. It had shocked Mai so much to see her sister like this that she cried for days. She had barely recognized her sister when the nurses showed her. Prida had been covered with wires, drips and tubes, and an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth to supply her with the oxygen she needed to live. The life-support machine had been hooked up to the girl for the first two days, but had been taken off, and now only the heart monitor made any noise, with it's steady, continuous beeps.

On the fifth day after the explosions, on a rainy day, Mai walked into her sister's hospital room with a fresh bunch of purple flowers in her hand, tears in her eyes, still, after five days of visiting her sister three times a day. She replaced the flowers and laid the old ones on the table; ready to be taken out when she left. Mai sat down on the bed by her sister and stroked her hair. She looked, if Mai could say it, better then when she was brought in: the tubes were gone and only one IV drip remained taped in her hand. Her sister looked so peaceful, laying there, breathing soundlessly, her chest rising and fall gently, looking as though she was only sleeping, and not the victim of a permanent coma. The tears fell down Mai's cheeks, as she tilted her head and watched her sister, wondering, if it was possible to dream in a coma, what her sister would be thinking of.

Korey appeared at the door, and saw Mai with her back to him. He sighed quietly and sadly, and walked up to his fiancée. He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them gently.

"You haven't eaten all day," he said softly.

"I'm just not hungry," Mai said quietly.

Korey walked over to the chair against the wall next to the door and brought it over to Prida's bedside. With one finger he traced the strand of hair on Prida's temple, and sighed again as he watched her. He then picked up Mai's hand and cupped it in his.

"You can't waste away, she wouldn't want that," he said gently. He wanted to say to Mai that he believed the doctors were wrong, and that Prida WOULD wake up; but he couldn't. He didn't want to tell Mai something if it might not happen.

"Yeah . . ." Mai whispered, looking at the white sheets.

"I'll go get something," Korey said, knowing she wanted to stay with her sister. He got up and left the room. The room was silent again, apart from the steady beeping of the heart monitor.

Mai sighed and watched Prida's face, feeling sad to think she might never see her sister's pretty smile. She wondered just then what ever happened to Prida's four friends. The last time Mai saw them was outside the school building after the disco. She would have thought they would have visited their friend . . . unless they couldn't. What happened to Prida was confusing; what had she been doing outside at that hour in the morning, and did she have anything to do with the explosion of the truck that was only meters from her? So many questions, but Mai didn't want to think about anything except to hope and pray that her sister might miraculously wake up.

Mai lowered her eyes to the sheets again. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, unsteadily from the strain to keep from crying again. She got a hold of herself and steadied her breathing.

A small, barely audible sound reached her ears, and the soft, quiet rustle of material made Mai open her eyes. She lifted her head and looked at her sister. But Prida did not move, and Mai glanced at the corridor outside. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back, so she was looking at the ceiling. She stayed like that for a few seconds, wondering when Korey would get back, and then another, slightly louder, sound made its way to her ears, and it was recognizable as a small moan. Mai opened her eyes and slowly looked at her sister in the bed, who did not move. Mai frowned and looked back at the door to the corridor, but a movement from the bed made her look back - to see Prida shifting on the big pillow she was laid on. Mai's mouth opened and she drew a breath, moving closer to her sister.

"Prida . . . ? Prida - sweetie can you hear me?" Mai whispered frantically, eye dashing over Prida's face for some sign that she was about to open wake.

Somewhere in the comforting darkness of unconsciousness the muffled and distant voice of someone speaking broke into the dormant mind of the coma victim, and even quieter was a beeping noise that was emitting a constant beep in an irregular pattern, growing quicker and then once slow, and then speeding up again. A feeling like fire spread through her body at light speed, running through her veins. Then a blinding, scorching pain ripped her from the comfortable darkness she wanted to stay in forever - and through her eyelids she saw light; light that stung her eyes. She gasped in agony, and her throat seared in pain. She arched her burning back off the surface she was on and contorted her face into lines of suffering. The beeping in the background was going haywire, and she could hear the panicked shrieks of the voice calling her name, and then calling away. The pain was unbearable, and she desperately tried to sink back into the darkness - but the pricks of more pain, and the feeling of many presences stopped her. She fought them; she didn't want to stay like this. The feeling of hands holding her down - pushing her back down onto her agonizing back - scared her. But there was a familiar voice she recognized, and through the feelings of torture she felt some safety. Prida snapped her eyes open in pain as the hands finally stopped her thrashing and pushed her down onto her back, and she saw in the second she opened them, four blurred figures in white, and another stood behind in blurred blues and purples. The colors reminded her of something, but she shut her eyes again and felt her body start to calm down on its own. The pain remained though, and it felt worse when she was not moving. She felt an uncomfortable tugging on the top of her hand, and a small, throbbing pain there. She didn't know what these people had done to her, but she wished she could go back to the darkness. She heard another voice, deeper and more serious than the first. She didn't recognize this voice, but it spoke for a few minutes before another male voice interrupted, a confused and panicked tone to it. This one she recognized. Another while later the unfamiliar voice disappeared, and the other two remained, speaking quietly; one was crying noticeably.

After that Prida didn't know how long she was in semi-consciousness for, but she did know every second was agonizing. The pain throbbed away unmercifully, and Prida felt things small and warm slide down her cheeks from her closed eyelids every time she thought about the pain. The voices visited her often, and she wondered just how long she was there . . . in fact, where WAS she? Semi-consciousness didn't allow purpose thinking, but she did know she would find out soon. Very soon.

It was, after those five days of peaceful unconsciousness, another four days until she woke from this new dormant state. It was early in the morning, and Mai had already been at her sister's bedside an hour, having had no breakfast, and not even phoning Korey before she left the house. Mai had been so shocked and happy when Prida had started to move and make signs she was awakening, but then it had turned bad and she had started to thrash around and cry in pain, as though she was having a fit. Mai had been totally panic stricken, and when the doctors had stopped her sister from thrashing, they told her that Prida was now in a state between consciousness and total unconsciousness, something they had not predicted and would never have thought would have happened. But it did, and the doctors had solemnly told Mai that her sister would sink back into total unconsciousness in a maximum of five days; they told her Prida would not awaken. Mai ran through their explanation in her head; they had said something like part of Prida's lower brain lobe had swollen in the accident, and caused more problems in her body, something about not being able to send messages to some specific internal parts of the body. Mai hadn't understood a whole lot of it, and she hadn't been giving her full attention to the explanation; she had been too distraught.

It hadn't been just Mai and Korey that visited Prida. Roxanne had shared a load of tears with Mai at Prida's bedside. Roxanne had visited the second day Prida had been in the hospital, as had a few other friends of hers. Jo Tooks had visited, though he hadn't been his usual, smug self; he had actually passed for a kind-hearted kid, in love with the girl who's fate had been sealed as a coma victim. He was, as everyone knew, in love with Prida, and seeing her asleep on the bed had an impact on him, and he had not been so smug and cold-hearted as usual. He had brought a single red rose for Prida, and a card, in which he had forgotten his hard -ass reputation, and poured his feelings into. No one said anything about it, and even passed him a small smile; though inside they were shocked. But, even though she had all of her friends visit at least twice, four certain people did not, and everyone wondered why they hadn't. They had disappeared completely, as they had not turned up at school since that Friday, and no one had seen them. The atmosphere in Prida's hospital room was double the gloom because of it.

On Sunday, a week after the explosion, it started the day with rain and dark clouds. Mai was already in the room, and was sat by her sister's bed. A noise from behind Mai made her look around to see Roxanne walk in, a large card in her hand. She gave a very small smile at Mai, and handed her the card she had brought in. Mai took it and looked at the many notes and names written down. She gave a sad smile at the card, reading the messages everyone had written to Prida.

"I managed to get the whole grade to sign it," Roxanne said softly. "And a few of the teachers Prida had."

Mai looked up. "Thank you, I'll - I'll put it with the rest." She made room on the bedside table and stood the card on it.

Roxanne moved over to the chair and brought it next to the bed, where she sat down.

"How's school?" Mai asked quietly. She had not spoken right since the accident.

"It's . . . not the same," Roxanne said, staring at the white sheets. Mai nodded and looked back at her sister.

"Heard anything about . . . Prida's four friends?" she asked.

Roxanne shook her head. "No . . ."

Two nurses walked past the door pushing an empty bed along. The noise of it echoed down the corridor. When it disappeared the room was left in silence, apart from the heart monitor, and apart from Roxanne rustling the bed covers as she changed position . . . but wait, Mai looked up. Roxanne hadn't moved.

"Mai . . . ?" A weak, sore, child-like voice whispered.

The beeping of the heart monitor quicken every so slightly.

Mai and Roxanne looked down at the girl in the bed. The girl who opened her mouth and inhaled shakily, eyes blinking as the light met them. Prida closed her eyes again and rolled her head on the pillow. She moaned quietly in pain.

"Prida -" Mai froze for a second, staring at her sister, mouth open in shock. As soon as Prida rolled her head and groaned, the memories of Prida's fit snapped into Mai's head and she turned her head to the door.

"Nurse!" She yelled, and turned back to her sister. "Prida - Prida, honey, stay awake, okay, sweetie please stay awake -" Tears ran down Mai's cheeks as she stroked her sister's cheek.

Prida rolled her head again, not even knowing she was doing it. It was an action caused by the pain.

The nurse and the doctor ran into the room, and Mai and Roxanne got off the bed. Roxanne's brow had furrowed inwards and upwards. She hoped desperately that this time Prida would remain awake.

The doctor started calling Prida's name, asking if she could hear him, and he opened one of her eyes and shone a light in it. Prida turned away from the light.

"Go away -" She moaned, not liking all this poking and prodding the doctor was doing. The nurse was fiddling with the drip.

"Prida, Prida listen to me -" the doc said.

"Mai!" Prida called, eyes still closed.

"I'm here sweetie," Mai choked on her tears, grasping Prida's hand. "It's alright . . . I'm here . . ."

Roxanne watched from at the end of the bed, tears down her face. But on her face was a smile; she knew Prida was going to be alright now. She watched as the doctors ran a few tests later on, and it all came back positive. Prida was going to be okay.

It was shocking, as the doctors told Mai later when they finished examining their patient and finished their tests. They were all happy and shocked, and Mai didn't stop crying of happiness until an hour later, in which time Prida had been brought back from wherever they had taken her and Mai and Roxanne were allowed to see her again. Prida had been confused, and in so much pain she herself was nearly crying. But the doctors did not want to give her any painkillers, afraid the sedated affect would cause her to fall back into the coma. Prida had tolerated the pain for four days, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The doctor had come back into Prida's room at the same time as she did, and told Mai, with a smile, that Prida would be okay.

Mai now turned from the doctor to look at her sister, and Roxanne who was on the bed.

"How long have I been like this?" Prida asked Roxanne, still weak. Roxanne noticed that Prida spoke as though she were very sad, sad about something else. Prida managed to half sit up.

"A week," Roxanne said quietly, smiling.

Mai turned back to the doctor and thanked him. He went out smiling, and Mai walked over to Prida and knelt down, taking her sister's hand.

"I'm sorry Mai," Prida started. "I -"

Mai was shaking her head. "Why are you sorry? I'm so happy you're awake, I don't care about anything else." A tear fell down each cheek.

Prida watched her sister, thinking. "I've . . . been in a coma for a week . . . ?"

"You was in a coma for five days," Mai said softly. "And then you, I'm not sure, but you had a fit, and fell into semi-consciousness . . . and woke up."

Prida looked down at the sheets. "I remember that . . . I heard a voice, and then I could feel nothing but pain . . . it was awful . . . the pain didn't go away and I couldn't do anything."

Fresh tears fell down Mai's face again. "You could feel the pain?" She whispered. "Oh Prida, honey . . ." She knew now why Prida had been crying in her sleep.

Prida managed a small smile for her sister. "It doesn't matter now." She hugged her sister. Roxanne smiled. Just then Prida began to cry.

"Sweetie," Mai whispered. "What's wrong?"

Prida pulled away from Mai. "The night I went into the coma, I -" Mai was shaking her head, not wanting her to continue, but Prida did. "- I was with my friends, the identical brothers - and before the car next to me blew up - the truck they were in rammed into the b-building and -"

She was sobbing now, and Mai hugged her again, tears down her own face at seeing her sister like it.

"- and it - it," Prida pulled away and inhaled, trying to control her tears. ". . . It blew up . . .

Roxanne's opened slowly in shock.

Prida looked at Roxanne and then at Mai again, sniffing. ". . . They're dead . . ." she whispered.


Prida's amazing recovery spread through the school like wildfire, and around outside friends such as Laurence. But it never reached any further. She quickly grew back her strength faster than the doctors thought, and a week before the predicted time she was given to have fully recovered, she was allowed to go home, at full strength. The burns on her back that shouldn't have healed disappeared, leaving only a faded mark. The scar on her shoulder blade disappeared before the burn; doctors were amazed.

**** **** **** ****

The turtles were still mourning, though they continued their patrolling at nights, but for smaller periods than usual. Some of their injuries were a little more serious than they thought. Leo's concussion acted up on several times. April spent more time down there than she ever had, as well as Casey. And every night, Mikey would go to the sewer grate that gave a peaceful view of the moon to sit and watch it, thinking about his friend, and whispering, as they all did, 'Goodnight, Prida.'

**** **** **** ****

Prida got many phone calls from her friends, and cards through the post, but even though these put a smile on her face, she was heartbroken inside. Every night she would look out of her window and think about her four friends. She told people on the phone that they had gone back to LA, but she knew they were dead. Prida dared not go to April's to talk about them. She knew the pain would be too great for her and April, but she also had the idea that April probably spends so much time down in the sewer now with Splinter that Prida wouldn't be able to get hold of her. But one day, when Prida has gotten over the memories of her coma, she promised herself she would go over and visit . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~THE END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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