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Josephine Keller was in pain.

Pain she felt in her abdomen, the splitting pain that was caused by glass shoving into her stomach and ripping it a part. She couldn't even cry out for help. Even if she could, no one would hear her. She was near the outskirts of Philadelphia coming in from the south were her grandparents lived.

Josie was coming home when she swerved to not hit something that had come onto the road; she didn't get a good look at it but thought it was a deer. She had flipped the car a few times till it hit a tree and spread glass all over.

Bleeding out and feeling her heart slow, Josephine had only a few thoughts.

How she loved her Mother, Father and her younger twin siblings. How she would miss them. She could feel the tears running down her cheeks and down her neck, but couldn't move her arms to wipe them away.

Rustling had brought her foggy attention away from her thoughts and to the outside. It hurt to move her head but didn't think of the pain. She heard something ripping the door out from her side and reached around the get her out of the seat. Josie felt freezing cold arms and hands tug her out of the seat.

The stranger that was carrying her had set her softly on the ground but it felt like it was sharp knives being implanted into her back. Josie squeezed her eyes tight because the pain was so intense. She felt a cold hand on her cheek, making her open them to see the most beautiful women on the earth.

The women had caramel hair that went to her shoulders, had the palest skin and the most golden eyes. She was beautiful.

"Hello." The women said. She sounded like an angel, like she was singing instead of talking. It also sounded soothing, like velvet wrapping around you.

'This was a nice thing to see and hear before I die.' Thought Josie.

"My name is Esme. I'm going to help you." 'Esme' said to me and retracted from my vision.

'Help me? How's she going to help me?' Josephine thought confused. She hoped that whatever Esme would do would take her out of her misery.

"Do you wish me to help you?" Esme asked but Josie couldn't see her because she closed her eyes, waiting for death to take her.

Josie gave a weak nod but clear enough for Esme to see. She could hardly feel Esme move around her anymore.

"I'm sorry." Esme whispered before Josie felt even more pain than she did when the car crashed.

She first felt it on her throat then both of her wrists. It felt how Josie burnt herself on the stove when she was 10 but this time more concentrated. Josie couldn't scream even if she wanted to, she didn't have the strength. So she accepted the pain.

Josephine didn't even feel Esme pick her up and started to run.

Esme was out hunting alone. Carlisle thought she was strong enough to go by herself and to only hunt animals. Esme was grateful and wanted to get away from Carlisle and Edward for a little while.

She had just finished her 2nd deer when she smelt blood, smoke and gasoline. Being curious, she went to go see what it was. To say Esme was shocked was an understatement.

It was a car crash site. The passenger was a girl about 16 or 17, Esme couldn't tell. She also couldn't tell how long the girl had been bleeding. But she rushed over to her, ripped the door off its hinges and gently lifted the girl out of the car to the ground.

As Esme looked at the girls face she could see the face contorted into pain when she set her down. Esme looked down to the girls' stomach to see a piece of glass sticking out of her.

Esme could clearly see some broken bones in her legs, arms and everywhere else. She was horrified at the sight. She looked back at the girls' and gently put her hand on her face. The girls' eyes opened and looked up at Esme.

The girl had the big brown eyes that looked like a doll in someone else's eyes, but to Esme it looked like her dead sons' eyes. They looked the same, exactly. Esme felt immediate sympathy for the girl.

"Hello." Esme said, but the girl only stared.

So she continued, "My name is Esme. I'm going to help you." With that she moved to rip off some of her long sleeves that were around her wrists so that she could get to them at a better angle. She also removed the hat she was wearing, even though it was already almost off of her head. Esme watched as her long brown hair came tumbling out of the hat and onto the ground.

"Do you wish me to help you?" Esme asked. She couldn't bear the thought of changing her if she didn't want to be. She saw the girl close her eyes again also hearing her heart started to beat slowly. Esme was beginning to panic a little; she had felt a connection with this girl and wanted to do something for her.

Thankfully, the girl nodded her head weakly but that was all Esme needed to changed her.

"I'm sorry." Esme whispered and bit into her neck and then into her wrists, hoping that she was in time to save her.

With that Esme picked the girl up after she was done putting the venom into her body, picked her up and raced her to the house to be checked by Carlisle. Esme tried to run fast enough but didn't think that the girl shouldn't be flopping around too much. The house was quite the distance but it shouldn't take Esme that long to get there.

'Edward get Carlisle. I need some help.' Esme sent to Edward as she was close enough for Edward to read her mind.

Getting closer Esme saw Edward and Carlisle waiting for her outside the house. Carlisle rushed up to Esme when he caught sight of her. He could smell the blood from a mile away. He gently got the girl from Esme's arms and took her the rest of the way inside, taking her to the kitchen table.

"What happened, Esme?" Edward asked. Esme had the girls blood on her clothes and a little around the mouth.

"A car crash. She was injured-"

"And that makes it okay to change her?" Edward asked, cutting Esme off. She opened her mouth to defend herself.

"Edward." Carlisle said sternly, briefly looking up at the young looking boy then going back to the young girl on the table.

"Of course not. But she wanted help." Esme said replaying what had happened in her thoughts.

Edward concentrated on Esme's thoughts. Experiencing what Esme had.

"I would have done the same thing." Edward said when he finished with Esme's thoughts.

"There isn't much we can do now except wait for the injuries to heal and the change to be completed." Carlisle interrupted. He knew that her injuries would heal themselves by the venom that's running in her veins. He had already took out the glass that was imbedded into her stomach and put some bandages on it.

"Esme," Carlisle said. Esme turned to her husband, "You should go change." Esme nodded although a bit numbly and walked upstairs.

Edward walked up to the table and looked down at the girl.

"I recognize her." Edward stated. Carlisle turned his head to look at his son, "She goes to the school. Her name is Josephine Keller; she's around 17 years old." Edward felt terrible for interrogating Esme on changing Josephine. If he was in her situation than he would have done the same.

Carlisle touched Edwards shoulder, "Come on. There isn't anything for us to do now." Both of them going to the living room where Esme was waiting for them in a new outfit that wasn't covered in blood. The fire place was roaring and the dress she was wearing was the fuel. The dress couldn't be salvaged because how much blood was on it.

Esme was staring that the fire. Doing nothing but staring.

"You did a good thing, Esme." Carlisle said gripping her shoulders.

"Then why do I feel so guilty?" Esme's quite voice piped up. She sounded a bit chocked up and was visibly upset about what happened.

"You saved a girl who was dying, Love. We don't blame you." Carlisle said soothingly, rubbing her arms up and down.

"You saved a really nice person Esme." Edward said. Esme looked over at her son, "Josephine Keller was a good person and didn't deserve to die that way."

Esme felt a bit better after Edward said that. Only a little though.

Carlisle kissed his wife's head and headed up to his study, sensing that she wanted to be alone. Edward followed in tow, reading Esme's thoughts and headed for his room.

With both of them gone, Esme got up from the chair and to the kitchen were Josephine was lying at. She still had blood everywhere. Esme went to go get a cloth and a bowl of water and began to wipe of some of the blood that was almost everywhere on Josephine's skin.

Esme got curious on the type of person Josephine was. Was she like Edward said? She didn't think Edward would lie to her but she wanted to be certain. Esme guessed she would have to wait till the change was done till her curiosity would be satisfied.