"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Ev-"

She was cut off of her introduction by a piercing shriek.

"Yang! Hurry up already! I want to get this over with!"

Yang winced. "Calm down Weiss. I'm just trying to make this interesting for all the fans."

Weiss scowled at her. "We don't need to make this interesting; we just need to get the message across!"

The blonde shrugged. "I live for the flair, but whatever floats your boat. Anyways… Welcome to the Official…" She looked down at the notecard in her hand. "Of Embers and Ashes PSA…?"

Weiss rolled her eyes. "He's ripping off RvB even more."

Yang continued. "I am Yang Xiao Long of the wonderful Team RWBY! This is…"


Yang ducked, trying to avoid Weiss's onslaught of words. Suddenly, a small voice chimed from the left of Weiss.

"I… um… wanted to introduce myself Weiss…"

Weiss whirled around to face the other voice. "Oh no you didn't Ruby Rose! Because if you did, we would have an issue!"

Ruby yelped. "I mean I definitely did not want to introduce myself! Yang that was a silly idea!"

The girl sitting in between Yang and Weiss was simply smiling at the squabbling that was happening.

"Weiss, I think you need to calm down a little."

"Calm down? CALM DOWN? Blake, do you know how long we have been sitting here, doing nothing!?"

Ruby offered a response. "About five months…"

"Five months Belladona, five months! Five months of doing nothing! It was horrible!"

Yang scratched her chin. "Has it really been five months? Didn't seem that long…"

Weiss glared at her. "That's because you slept through it all!"

Yang made an "O" with her mouth, and then smiled and pumped her fist. "Hibernation rocks!" She leaned as far as she could to the left and gave Ruby a high five. They had both been hibernating during their absence.

Blake giggled. "It wasn't that bad."

Weiss was fuming. "That's because you were constantly reading books that popped out of nowhere! I couldn't read them because they constantly disappeared!"

Blake looked a little nervous. "You wouldn't want to read them anyways, trust me."

Before Weiss could continue, Yang interrupted.

"Uh… So! Yes! We've been gone for a little, and without any explanation! A little rude, I'll say, but we have to trust that datAHguy had a good reason for not being there!"

A notecard floated down from the ceiling and landed in Blake's lap. She quickly read it.

"According to this, he was having a… sort of writer's block? What does that even mean?"

Another card floated down into her hands.

"Ahh… says here he was halfway through what was supposed to be his next chapter, but he just couldn't continue after that. Seems that while he couldn't really write, he didn't want to either. Not because of any person, his interest had waned and he couldn't find any motivation…"

Yang frowned. "Seems kinda selfish to me."

Ruby shook her head. "My guess would be that he wished he could write, but he literally could not muster anything within him to write. That's actually a little sad."

"It's not sad at all! He left us here for five months! He probably doesn't care anymore!"

Blake titled her head. "If he didn't care, what are we doing here?"

Weiss looked away. "We got lucky…"

Yang waved her off and continued. "So the author has a message to say. He would like to say that he has sort of been… lurking, you could say, around the website for the past few months. Not very often, but he would check to see some of the stories he followed. Now, he would like to mention that he is back!" Another card appeared which Yang read. "Well, back sort-of."

Weiss looked like she was about to blow a gasket. "Sort-of!? SORT-OF!? I'll show him sort-of!" She stormed off to the door, which had been locked, and kicked it down. The heiress began to prowl the building, looking for the author.

Yang began to laugh. "Her search is going to be in vain though, for he's not… well he's not here. I don't know how to explain it."

Weiss appeared at the door. "I'll show you vain Xiao Long! I will find him, and I will teach him a lesson he'll never forgot!" She quickly dashed off.

Yang began to sweat a little. "She wouldn't hurt me right? I'm going to be her future sister-in-law after all."

A voice was heard from the hall. "Doesn't matter Xiao Long. If you get in my way, I will crush you!"

A few seconds of silence passed and a notecard fell into Ruby's lap. She read it.

"According to this, sort-of back means that he'll be around the site more and you can maybe expect a chapter for this story, but that won't be very likely. Expect the possibility of another story being created because he's had an idea in his head. The author has had trouble coming up with something for this story."


Blake yelled to her. "Trust me Weiss, he's trying his best."

"If he's trying his best, why didn't he respond to the audience himself!? Why have us do it!?"

They all pondered this for a second, before Ruby responded. "He probably feels guilty for not doing anything and not leaving a reason for doing it, so he can't face them himself."

Blake and Yang both nodded. It seemed reasonable enough.

Blake decided to finish the message. "So, to sum all… this, up the author is basically trying to say this. He's sorry that he hasn't done anything and said nothing about it, but he just couldn't write even though he did want to. And he just wanted you to know that he is still here, and might start writing again."

Yang smiled. "If you've made it this far, thank you all for reading this and hopefully you stick around and wait patiently for more!"

Ruby began waving at nothing. "See you all next time!"


Blake sighed. "She needs to calm down."

Yang continued waving. "Bye-bye!"