I knew I was writing a Yullen thing. And I am a huge fan of Yullen... but I also think Laven is really adorable depending on the story.

So, I thought, why not write a Yullen and a Laven and see which one gets the most reviews?

But, personally, I haven't read much Laven, so I have to go back and remember how Lavi and Allen act towards one another.

To avoid confusion: Lenalee and Allen are siblings, Koumi had died in an accident, and Road is a close family friend. Dunno if I'm going to have any other Noahs.

I don't own D. Gray-man!

Lavi sat on his balcony, looking out over the gardens. They had been his mother's, before she died. Now servants carried for them in her memory. All it ever did was bring back painful memories, so he wasn't sure why his father had them kept. Perhaps it made the castle look a bit more lively.

People were walking back and forth across them, hurrying to do their daily chores. They were so lucky to have a purpose; something to do each day. A job. People replied on them to do things, even if they didn't notice. Even the smallest servant and the tiniest job made a big difference in a life.

Everyone had something they were required for. However, being a prince, Lavi only had to help his father sometimes and be there for his kingdom. He had no mission as the servants did. He had nothing to do. His mind was not filled with a need he must tend to, as their's were. It was empty. He had nothing.

"I'm bored," he complained. The servant that had been cleaning his room had heard and approached the prince, wondering if Lavi was speaking to her.

"I'm sorry, your highness?" she questioned.

"I said I'm bored," he repeated. "I have nothing to do. Nothing to make me smile. I need entertainment. Perhaps a wife. Yes! That's it. I need a wife."

"A wife, sire?" she asked. What had brought this on? She'd heard the prince had little interest in finding a wife and always turned down invitations to other kingdom's to search for one.

"Yes," he said. "A wife would do nicely. Would you go inform my father?"

"Of course, sire," she said. She rushed back into the room, making sure to pick up the sheets that were in the floor, and left to go do as Lavi had asked.

Lavi stood before his father. He was sitting at the end of a long table, looking over some papers. He'd asked for his son to come find him, yet he'd been reading for at least twenty minutes. Lavi had been doing his best to stay quiet during that time, but he wasn't known for his patients.

"Father," he said. Pan looked up from his papers and waited for his son to continue, giving his full attention now. Lavi needed to be tested on how long he could last without breaking, and Pan loved to give that test often. "I've decided it is time for a wife."

"I heard," Pan told him. "Which of the princesses have taken your eye?"

"No princess, sire," Lavi told him. "I think my match would be better suited in one of the noble families. They're more untamed, aren't they?"

"Certainly," his father said, "but they are not wild as you would like. They've been raised and taught manners, Lavi."

"I know," he replied. "However, I would still like to marry into a noble family."

"Very well," Pan said. He motioned for one of the servants on the other side of the room to come to him. As soon as he did, Pan brought him closer so he could speak in a low tone. "Find me six of age women from noblility."

"Right away, your highness," the servant replied. He went from the room and so did Lavi. Pan didn't normally enjoy father-son time, so there was no more reason for him to be there.

"They can't do this," Allen protested as he paced back and forth in front of his sister's bed. "There must be something that says they can't do this."

"He is the prince," Lenalee said. "We can't deny him."

"You're only sixteen," he said.

"You know that is of marraige age," she told him.

"There must be some way around it," Allen repeated.

"Allen," Lenalee said, "calm yourself."

"I can't," he said. "I don't want you as my queen, Lenalee. You're my sister. I want it to stay that way."

"I may not even be chosen," she told him.

"It's still possible," he huffed.

"Will you two quit that?" Road said. She got up from where she had been reading on the floor and stood before the two of them. "Allen, if you're against it so much, why don't you go in her place?"

"What do you mean?" Lenalee asked.

"I mean, you two are siblings," she explained. "You're not identical, but you do have similar traits. Besides, they've never seen your face. They'll just look for the family crest."

"But I'm male," Allen reminded.

"You have one of the most feminine faces I've ever seen, Allen," she laughed. "Plenty of men want to kidnap you because they think you're actually a girl in disguise."

"Don't remind me," he groaned.

"So?" Road asked. "How about it?"

Allen looked to Lenalee, then back to Road. "Yeah," he agreed. "I'll do it."

"Wonderful," Road said with a smirk. Allen gulped. Why did he feel like he'd regret this? "Let's get you ready, then."