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Recap: Two voices answered at once, "Whatever your heart desires." A cold smile played across Mask's face, and he turned around, no longer looking drunk, "Well then, you can definitely expect to hear some tragic new that will postpone any press conference for at least 2 days. Oh by the way did I mention the G-Wing boys would be there? Hmm I must be going, or you'll never have your postponement. Have a nice night ladies." The man pressed a button, and then turned around a smile that would have froze hell ten times over graced his face. He picked up another glass, and raised it towards the TV as if to toast it, in one large swig he drained the glass, picked up a briefcase and left the bar, closing the door firmly behind him. ************************************************************************

Chapter 4: (with the girls)

Serena growled, anger lashing through her cerulean blue eyes. She clenched her fists, and gritted her teeth, and then all at once a chilling calm took her over. An icy smile hovered over her lips, she slowly turned to her comrade. Rei was frowning, a cold glint sparkled off her eyes, and her lips curled upwards in a rueful grin. The two girls turned towards each other, and without warning laughter peeled from the two girls, insane chillingly cold laughter. All at once they stopped, the humorless sound echoed off of the silence. Rei and Serena looked at each other, each looking like schoolgirls getting ready to go down and meet their prom- dates.

"Lets go Serena..we have.." She chuckled softly, a harsh sound to the ears, "business to attend to.after all we can't possibly let those.boys get away with .the fun.can we?" It was a rhetorical question and so Serena didn't say anything, the passive façade had once again slipped over her. The laughter which had died down a while earlier had sounded almost natural, hinting at a lighter more fun-filled life. Rei's own façade was also up, and though the façade was rather natural looking on her harder set features, the laughter had sounded like it belonged there, riding on her lips, and glinting off her eyes. The two seemed normal to the normal person, but they weren't, they were anything but normal.

Without anything else to say they turned to the roads, and started off; each with one thing set in her mind, 'How to kill 6 birds with one rather large and explosive boulder.without being caught.'


(With Dr.J)

Dr.J looked at his gundam pilots, he was prideful of them; he knew there would come a point when he would have to destroy them, and didn't think much of it, but they were still his pride. It would be a long time before such raw talent ever found their way into his claws again, but that was nothing for him. 'It'd be such a pity to have to waste such strength, but that's not problem, and I already have a couple of well suitable young ladies who seem to be far more superior to them.all's well that end's well.' His thoughts trailed off as he met the gaze of his soldiers, and gave them a cryptic smile. "Boys, your missions are to protect Relena Peacecraft, as usual, and not to mention look good for the public. You are all important figures in the politics now." Trailing off he watched as his soldiers all stood up, assuming that was their mission.

"However!" He paused as the five turned back to him, waiting for the 'however' part to start. "there is a problem with that one little Mission. The corporation in which you will be. guarding her against is also after you. Therefore it would be absolutely impossible for you to guard her." Hirro's jaw twitched, his muscles tense, as was Wufei's, and even Trowa and Quatre. Duo was the only one who was attempting to hide his tenseness, and immediately questioned, "So why send us? We aren't going to be any help to her." Hirro grunted his agreement, while the others remained silent. Everyone was thankful to have Duo around for once, his asking all the questions that came up in their minds.


(With Serena and Rei)

Serena and Rei had walked some 4 miles away from their campout, neither was tired, and both looked dangerous. Rei looked at Serena, who was paying strict attention to the passing, and honking cars; once in a while waving to drivers who winked and catcalled at the pair. Rei frowned, and somewhat angrily she punched Serena's shoulder, "WILL YOU PAY ATTENTION MEATBALL HEAD!? AND NOT TO THE CARS!!! Did you set up the stuff?" Serena grabbed at her bruised arm and scowled at Rei, "DUH!!!!!! SHEESH! FIRST OF ALL YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMIND ME, ITS NOT LIKE I'D TOTALLY DITZ OFF ON YOU, AND SECONDLY DO NOT CALL ME MEATBALL HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ignoring the catcalls, and her angry partner, Rei came to a halt, turned around pretending to admire the scene, even as Serena came up beside her and also looked out towards the horizon, a look a pretended anguish filled both eyes. Rei slipped her hand into her pocket and secretly pulled out a small black compacted powder, and flicked it open. Inside instead of powder there was a button, she pressed it with her thumb. Both girls looked at each other, turned and walked down with quick sure steps. 30 seconds later, a loud piercing BOOM filled the air. Neither girl looked back, continuing on their way.


One minute after the explosion a police car sped up to the scene. A blonde cop stepped out of the car, sunglasses shielding her eyes. Her cropped hair fell just at her ears, and her tall demeanor made her look like a man. Her lips were pursed as she surveyed the scene, a rueful smile flickered across her face, and she muttered a curse. "Damn it" Another cop stepped up beside her, she two wore sunglasses, but was shorter than the other cop, and had aqua-green hair, spilling over her shoulders. Calm waves, seemed to flow through her hair, making one think of a calm oceanic scenario. She two looked displeased as she took in all that she saw, or rather didn't see.

"So what do we do now?" Her soft voice cooled the other's heated anger. Placing a hand to her head the blonde shook her head. "Nothing is going to lead us to them now. We don't know if they went through the woods or what." The aqua-haired girl smiled softly, and placed a hand on the other's shoulders. "We'll take the roads, I'm sure they're headed to the nearest town, they'll need provisions. After all they wouldn't just blow up this place if they didn't leave everything behind." The sandy blonde haired girl smiled, and watched her partner pull of her sunglasses, revealing pretty blue-green eyes. Both of them slid into their car and in moments they sped off.


(With J and the new guests)

Dr.J nodded understanding Duo's and what must've been everyone's question judging by the looks on their faces, "You see the public expects that you be there, and so we can't disappoint them. However, it would be quite impossible to protect Relena, especially since they wouldn't mind taking all of you down with one shot of a I have organized.your own.body guards so to speak." The g-boys blanched, Wufei's eyes bulged out of his head, and anger flooded through Quatre's intense blue eyes. Hirro and Trowa remained passive, and cool despite the bombardment of emotions that flowed through their veins.

Dr.J said nothing more, eyeing the lot speculatively, wondering if maybe he had made a mistake in doing this. Frowning, and shaking his shaggy head, he pushed a small buzzer. At first nothing but static poured, and 2 almost unbearable minutes later, the static ceased. "Send in Small Lady, and Mistress Death."

The all turned, and J looked up as the door was flung open. Duo fell over in shock, Wufie's mouth dropped to the floor, and Quatre looked very indignant. Trowa straightened up so fast, that everyone could here his back bone snap, and for once the Perfect Soldier was not so perfect; his eyes flashing anger and disdain was etched into his skin.


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