Just Missed the Train

Summary: Kairi is dissatisfied in her relationship with Sora at the moment and turns to Roxas for a temporary fix. However, they struggle to keep their affair from everyone and soon it proves to be way too much for both of them. What will happen when Sora finds out?

Adult themes, but will have a T rating.


Tag line:

~Why don't you pretend we were just a dream?~


Chapter One


If there was one thing that Kairi Hikari hated, it was doing the dishes.

But even more so, it was doing the dishes at her boyfriend's parent's house.

She did it to be polite, but her efforts were not in the least appreciated by a certain devil woman, as she referred to her as, known as Sora's mother. This woman acted like the entitled teenagers of generation Y and Z... when clearly she was from X. That should give an idea of how incredibly old she was, despite how hard she tried to hide it through various surgeries, creams and the like. Mrs. Yamada was Kairi's worst enemy.

"Why do you keep the water running when you're washing dishes? Do you know how much water you're wasting? And why don't you act like a proper lady? Where are your manners? Didn't your parents teach you anything? Turn off the damn water!" Mrs. Y amada pushed Kairi aside. "We have a maid for this. Just go away."

Did Kairi mention that Sora's family was freaking rich?

So rich in fact, that they had a beautiful three story home by the sea. The only people able to afford such houses on Destiny Islands were millionaires.

Kairi was often accused for wanting Sora's money.

Sora started working when he was sixteen years old at a deli downtown, eventually graduating to a pizza parlor, then a doughnut shop and then finally made it into retail. He worked at one of the most snobbish stores (yes, stores can be snobbish) and hated it, but he became assistant manager completely on his own nevertheless. Sora paid for his own college, got a degree in business management and is now the assistant manager at one of the biggest corporations ever: Destiny Corporation. They handle sales of... baby clothes and stuff. Actually, Kairi wasn't quite sure.

However, she was a waitress at the busiest Italian restaurant in town.

This did not go over well with Sora's parents... particularly his mother.

"Yuffie Kanagawa is so much better for my baby. She has a stable career, her head on her shoulders and on top of that is rich and sophisticated. Should have done an arranged marriage. I don't know why he's wasting his time with you." She scoffed; a small laugh followed.

Kairi didn't want to argue with Mrs. Yamada. She really hated idiots like her.

Sora came into the kitchen with an empty glass. Just as he was about to reach into the refrigerator and pour himself a glass of fresh orange juice, Mrs. Yamada just had to say something.

"Kairi, get over here and be useful. My baby would like some more to drink."

"Mom, that's not necessary. I can do it myself." Sora said. "And would you quit calling me that?" He seemed a bit embarrassed.

"Don't argue with me." She slapped his shoulder, causing him to flinch. "Isn't this what she does for a living?" She smirked.

Kairi ignored the demeaning comment. "Yes m'am. I'll do it." She sighed and took the carton of orange juice from Sora, as well as his cup, set it down on the counter and poured the orange juice for him. Much to her surprise, Sora didn't try to stop her. She put it back in the refrigerator and tried to leave the room. Just before Sora was about to drink it, his mother took the cup and threw it into the sink, nearly shattering the glass.

"Mom! What the hell?!" Sora yelled.

"She didn't wash her hands."

"She was just doing dishes. Are you mad?!"

"Kairi, come clean this."

"You said you had maids." Kairi slammed the back door.

"That's it. We're going home." Sora ran off after her.



Kairi quickened her pace. She didn't want Sora to see her cry. His mother always went too far. She was tired of it.

He caught up to her and grabbed her arm. "Kairi... I'm really sorry about her-"

"When are you going to stop apologizing for her and realize that she's nothing but a psycho bitch?!" Kairi yelled. "What the hell did I do to her? Hm?"

Lately things had been really stressful for Sora and Kairi and this only made things worse.

Sora let out a big sigh and turned his head away from her. He felt ashamed of his own family. Kairi sniffled, then began to cry some more. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't his mother understand? Why couldn't she just leave them alone and accept it?

""Let's go home, Kairi. We can catch the next train."

"I never want to come back!" Her fists shook at her sides.

Sora embraced her in his arms and just held her as she sobbed on his shoulder. He knew that he was asking a lot of her to come to his parent's house. However, he wanted his parents to like her- well, his mother to like her. This was the girl he wanted to spend forever with. His family was important and he wanted to make Kairi a part of it someday.

But maybe he was being too selfish and wasn't considering her feelings...

"Okay. I won't bring you here anymore, Kai. I promise."


Sora and Kairi lived together in a one bedroom apartment on the other side of the island. Destiny Corporation was just a few blocks over so it was an ideal spot for Sora. Kairi had a little ways to go to get to work but that was okay. All she really had to pay for was the food and sometimes she would pay when they went out together. (Which wasn't often). Sora made about five times the money that she did, and that included health benefits that she didn't have.

Sora never complained about Kairi's job like his mother did. He was just happy that she was working. He knew that not everyone grew up as privileged as him. Kairi's mother was a single parent for half of her life, until finally remarrying when Kairi was a teenager. She didn't really like her stepfather. There was a lot of fighting when she was growing up. Although Sora wanted someone with great family values, he was attracted to her for other reasons. Kairi was mature for her age. She was independent, and still is in a way. She stood up for what she believed in. She helped those in need whenever she could. She had patience like no tomorrow. She was beautiful. He could name a million reasons.

Sora was always afraid to give his opinions on anything. For a long time he was dependent on his parents. They gave him whatever he wanted. However, when Sora turned thirteen, he met Kairi and unbeknownst to her, she really changed his perception of things. She inspired him to work for himself, so he got a minimum wage job and started earning his money. He refused to take money or other things from his parents. Bewildered, they finally accepted his decisions and his father thought it was good for him to experience a low paying job. It taught Sora a lot of discipline and if he never met her who knew where he would be today.

Honestly, probably in a higher position by now, but it was okay. It felt a lot better because he earned it.

They had been living together for about two years now. Sora and Kairi were so used to each other than she could fart in front of him and they would just laugh about it. She could wear almost anything—or-nothing at all, if you know what I mean. It was no secret—everyone knew these two were meant for each other.

But under the surface, it wasn't as perfect as it seemed. Like any other relationship, they had their share of problems.

It was always the little things—Sora would leave his clothes on the floor and this would annoy Kairi because she likes cleanliness. Sometimes Kairi would stay in the shower for over an hour and that would get on Sora's nerves. Sora liked opening the curtains in the morning and staring out the window as he sipped his coffee, Kairi liked it being dark as long as possible. Living together was not easy for them at first.

They always found a way to get over it, but lately things were getting a lot more difficult for the young couple.


The next morning, Sora got up bright and early for work. Kairi didn't work until four, so she wanted to be as lazy as possible until then.

Sora kissed her and left. The apartment was quiet, with the exception of the busy traffic out the window below them. Kairi slept for about two more hours before finally getting out of bed.
After a nice, warm shower, she walked around the apartment wearing only a towel for a while. Kairi halfway watched the morning news as she played around on her laptop. She was quite used to this routine. Sora would leave early and come home late. She didn't really like her days off unless he was home. She was by herself most of the time.

It got a bit lonely, actually.

Sora would often take business trips that would span from a few days to two weeks. Even though they talked on the phone every day, it still felt pretty empty without him there. It really took a toll on their relationship.


It finally came time for her to go to work. She wore the standard restaurant service attire; white button up shirt and black pants with her hair in a ponytail. Nothing special. Preparing herself for a busy Friday night, Kairi locked the apartment and made her way down two flights of stairs.

"Hey Kairi!" A familiar voice echoed. It was Wakka, a neighbor of theirs.

"Nice to see you. Sorry, but I'm heading out to work." They waved to each other and she left the building.

When she got there, they were unusually packed. It didn't get like this until after six, of course, but what was the occasion today? She could already tell that it would be a long night. She clocked herself in, got her notepad and a few pens and checked her section for the day.

"Tables 6 – 15..."

The majority of these were booths that seated up to 6 people. With the flock of customers coming in, Kairi took a deep breath. The hostess brought a group of four over to her section.

"Uhh, long island ice tea for me, babe. And put a little extra rum in there."

Kairi was often hit on at work. Since the majority of her money came from tips, she just laughed it off most of the time and rolled her eyes when they weren't looking. She never went as far as to spit in a customer's food or drink though.

"I need to see you ID, please."

"I don't have it on me. Come on, don't I look old enough?"

"Nice try. I'm sorry, I can't serve you alcohol without ID. I can just get you some coke if you'd like." She smiled at him. He wasn't the least bit attractive and kept scratching his rear end.

"Hey, Demyx... you don't need alcohol." His friend said from across the table.

Kairi hated it when customers couldn't make a decision quickly. "I will give you a little more time." She went over to the next table.

Dinner time came and the restaurant got so crowded that the waiting times were pushed to an hour and a half wait. Customers and waitresses alike were on edge. Managers were just as busy as they observed the staff and everyone in the restaurant, making sure everything was going okay and in some cases they weren't.

Particularly, at one of Kairi's tables.

Kairi had been running all over the place getting drinks, food, refilling drinks, cleaning tables, washing her hands, getting more food, taking orders... you get the point. So when a few customers in her section complained about their drinks being at the half mark and needed a refill, they told the manager, Mr. Trenton, for Kairi's lack of service.

The manager informed Kairi in a very rude manner about these customers, who currently was busy carrying three plates at once. Unable to argue, she just nodded and delivered the plates to the table.

"Could I get a refill?"

"Me too?"

"I would like more breadsticks."

Nobody really understood how stressful being a waitress could be unless they did it themselves.

"Yes sir... yes m'am. I'll get that for you."

"Hey! What about our drinks?" The customers with the cups half full yelled.

Kairi memorized the drinks they had and went to get a pitcher. However, all the pitchers were being used so she reached for a tray so she could carry six drinks then bring them back.

When she came back out, the entire table of the complaining customers was gone. They could not ALL have gone to the bathroom at the same time? Kairi had to check. "Dine and dash" customers were very common on Friday nights like this.

They were nowhere to be found.

The hostess sat more customers down in her section.

This was getting to be too much. Kairi just wanted to cry. She had forgotten to put in the order for the breadsticks. Since she was looking for the customers that disappeared, some food had been sitting out in the kitchen for a little bit. She was so behind.

"Kairi! What are you doing?" Mr. Trenton, the manger yelled. "Hurry up! There's customers waiting!"

All she could say was 'okay' and keep going. Struggling to put a smile on her face, people could obviously tell she was stressed.

Luckily, the customers were her best friend Namine, Namine's boyfriend Riku and their one year old son. Riku was carrying a high chair over to the table, which originally was Kairi's job.

"Kairi, you don't look too good." Namine said worriedly.

"I'm... I'm fine! You want some water and some Pepsi for Riku, right? Orange juice for the kid?"

"You know us." Namine smiled.

Kairi was glad they were here. She felt a little better, but it wouldn't last long.

"Kairi, what happened to those customers? Did they pay?" The manager was getting onto her again right in front of everyone.

"I... don't know where they went..." Kairi admitted as she got Namine and Riku's drinks and put them on a tray.

"What do you mean? They just left without paying?!"

"I... guess..."

"Well... you will have to pick up their tab."

"What?!" Kairi nearly dropped her tray. "That was a $126 tab! Are you insane?"

"How else are we going to make up for the loss? This comes out of YOUR paycheck!"

"You can't do that!"

That was it. Kairi couldn't take it anymore.

On the verge of tears, she gave Namine and Riku their drinks.

"Kairi! What's the matter?"

"I'm quitting... right now... after I put in your orders and bring it to you... I'm quitting..."

"KAIRI!" Mr. Trenton yelled at her from the kitchen. Customers looked up at the distraction. Kairi was completely embarrassed. Namine gasped.

Really not wanting to make a scene, Kairi tried to brush it off as nothing in front of the customers and hurried to the kitchen. When she got there, the manager pointed to the mess on the floor. "Clean it!" He demanded.

It was either do what he said or lose her job.

Although she knew Sora would be understanding and that he would probably file a report on her manager for abuse of some sort, she didn't want to lose her job when she really thought about it. She liked having her own money, even if it wasn't much. But was it really worth it?

Another waitress popped her head in looking for Kairi.

"Kairi... your customers want their tab... and some are ready to order..."

"Aerith, take it for her." Mr. Trenton said. Aerith gave him a crazy look.

"I have six other tables that I'm taking care of, including a party of 14. I don't have time!" She went back to her section. Kairi rushed out behind her, completely ignoring her manager.


The night finally calmed down and everyone was cleaning up. Namine and Riku were about to leave. They left a 35% tip for Kairi.

"Thank you..." Kairi told them.

"If he makes you pay that tab, let us know." Riku said. "I'll report him to the Department of Labor or whatever."

"Thanks, Riku..."

"We're always here for you." Namine patted her back.


Despite how busy it was that night, Kairi only made about $60 in tips.

It was just a horrible night in general.

Luckily she didn't have to pay for those customers.

Kairi's feet were hurting like crazy. She decided to get a taxi home, but it seemed like there weren't any in sight. Kairi had two missed calls from Sora. Upon checking her voicemail, she found out that he would not be home for a few days due to work. Sighing, Kairi found a bench a relaxed for ten minutes, nearly falling asleep.


The voice startled her. Looking up, it was only Sora's friend Roxas. He was wearing his work uniform. Roxas worked as a bellhop at a hotel just down the street from where Kairi and Sora lived.

"What are you doing here all by yourself?" He asked.

"Better question, why are you all the way over here?"

Roxas pointed to a building behind her. "I live there." He chuckled and sat down next to her. "Do you need a ride home? You look really tired and now that I'm here I feel obligated to take you."

Kairi didn't know it, but Roxas has had a huge crush on her for years. Although he seemed calm and cool around her, inside his nerves were getting the best of him. He was infatuated with her. Sometimes he just wanted to grab her and kiss her... but he couldn't because Kairi was dating his best friend.

"We can use Axel's car. Come on. I'll take you home."


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